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On The Twelfth Anniversary of September 11th

Posted by KingShamus on September 11, 2013

Note:  I wrote this a few years ago.  For a while, I really didn’t know what to say about such a monumental tragedy…at least on the blog.  As I did some digging into the the timeline of the day, I was moved by Betty Ong’s bravery.  I had never heard about her before my research and I felt like I had to talk about her courage.

Betty Ong’s brave actions in the midst of impossibly dangerous circumstances are indicative of many Americans on 9/11.  When challenged by murderous evil, ordinary Americans rose up and challenged al-Qaeda’s scabrous Stone Age monsters in ways both large and small. Contrary to our current President’s apathy about the nation he leads, America truly is an exceptional–and an exceptionally great–country.

Most importantly, please remember the victims and their families in your prayers.  For those directly connected to the people lost on that day, the pain of September 11th will probably never completely go away.  Hopefully the passage of time will bring solace to those who lost loved ones.

September 11th, 2001–Grief and War Intertwined

On September 11th 2001, ordinary Americans were caught in the horror of al-Qaeda’s monstrous sadism.  The victims of the 9/11 attacks were a more or less random sampling of people from a broad spectrum of life in the States.  While none of them could’ve known that they would be murdered by pure human evil that day, many men and women rose up and became America’s first heroes in the war against radical Islam.

One of them was Betty Ong.

The 45-year-old flight attendant was on American Airline Flight 11, the first of two that crashed into the World Trade Center. During the hijacking, Ong hid in the back galley, picked up a crew phone and bravely called the airline reservation desk.

“The cockpit is not answering their phone,” Ong said during the hijacking. “There’s somebody stabbed in business class and we can’t breathe…somebody’s got mace or something.”

The call lasted 23 minutes. Ong spoke calmly, giving important details of the chaotic last moments.

The 9/11 Commission declared Ong a hero.


Here is the phone call she placed–in the midst of the hijacking, with murder surrounding her and in danger of being killed by terrorists–telling authorities what was happening on her flight.

And then this valiant woman was gone.

What did the 9/11 attacks cost us?  We can talk about the trillion dollars that simply evaporated from the American economy in a single morning.  The destruction of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon was meant to be a symbolic demolition of the United States’ economic and military dominance.  But as important as these things are, they pale in comparison to the human price America paid on that day.

Think about the hopes and dreams of the three thousand people who died on that day.  What did Betty Ong want for her life?  Was she saving for a house or new car?  Did she want to get married?  Were children in her plans?  Did she have career aspirations? These are questions that seem so banal, at least for the living.  Tragically, they cannot be answered when it comes to Ms. Ong–or anyone else who died because of Osama bin Laden’s perverse ideology.

Three thousand people are no longer with us, which means three thousand sets of families and friends were victimized on September 11th.  Those people who had a connection to the 9/11 victims not only had a part of their lives ripped away from them, but they had a part of their future destroyed as well; the weddings that didn’t happen, the children that weren’t born, the birthdays became a time of mourning.  When seen from that perspective, the 9/11 attacks take on an almost unthinkably barbaric and inhuman dimension.

It was Osama bin Laden and his followers who decided to make war against us in this fashion.  It was bin Laden, one of the most extreme adherents of a religion that has trouble reconciling itself to democracy, human rights, free market economics and the rest of modern civilization, that elected to use large scale terrorism on the United States.  America did not seek out this fight.  The fight was brought right into our home.  We had no choice but to bring war upon bin Laden and all those that would stand with him.  We have no choice but to continue to fight against all who follow in al-Qaeda’s path.

On this day, we should mourn.  We should mourn for those who had loved ones taken from them.  We should mourn for our country and all that it lost on that day.  But we should also celebrate the men and women that gave their lives in order to save us.  We almost never think of our neighbors and coworkers as potential heroes.  As it turns out, the 9/11 attacks showed us that America is full of people who will rise in the face of unimaginable danger to help others.

At one of the darkest moments in this country’s history, there were many like Betty Ong who put themselves in harm’s way in order to do the right thing.  During the worst attack on America’s soil, there were citizens that sacrificed their own lives in order to save the lives of others.  These folks were not sports icons, blowhard politicians or members of the celebrity class.  Our fallen 9/11 heroes were in fact ordinary Americans who were placed into unspeakable situations and performed extraordinary feats of selfless bravery.

On this day of sadness and pain, we should leave some room in our hearts for wonder.  Hopefully we never stop marveling at the feats of our fallen champions from September 11th.  The valorous dead deserve our remembrance and our reverence.  We owe them far more than we can ever repay.

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Hey, Remember When Rumsfeld Shaking Saddam’s Hand Was A Big Deal?

Posted by KingShamus on September 3, 2013

But stop complaining about Nancy Pelosi’s grip-n-grin with Bashar Assad, wingnuts.

It’s like totally different and stuff.

Two neo-con war-mongers


Completely dissimilar in every way.

Absolutely nothing in common.

Shut up, reich-wingers.

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So We’re Going To War With Syria…

Posted by KingShamus on August 27, 2013





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World Trade Center Memorial Didn’t Want A Ground Zero Picture

Posted by KingShamus on July 29, 2013

Which picture, you ask?

Don’t get annoyed.  It’s really not a big deal.  I mean, nobody has seen this photo, right?

You Are Not Looking At An Iconic Picture From The Aftermath Of The September 11th Terrorist Attacks

This may be one of the most famous photographs from the immediate post-9/11 era.  Hell, it might be one of the most well-known pictures of all time.  Naturally, that means it was almost left out of the memorial.

Michael Shulan, the museum’s creative director, was among staffers who considered the Tom Franklin photograph too kitschy and “rah-rah America,” according to “Battle for Ground Zero” (St. Martin’s Press) by Elizabeth Greenspan, out next month.

for a moment, let’s take Shulan’s stupidity on stilts at face value.  Even if the picture is just too damn patriotic for the type of dainty chest-waxing liberal who runs around calling himself a creative director, that doesn’t change the fact that the photo exists.  Not only does it exist, but it captures one of the defining moments of that time.  To exclude it from the official WTC memorial, especially for such sniffy taste-specific reasons, would be an act of censorship.  Funny, I thought the vaunted creative community was against putting limits on the truth.

So how does Shulan think the United States should present itself to the world?

“I really believe that the way America will look best, the way we can really do best, is to not be Americans so vigilantly and so vehemently,” Shulan said.

Translation: “Love of country is soooooooo passe.”

Oh but wait, Michael Shulan isn’t done:

 “My concern, as it always was, is that we not reduce [9/11] down to something that was too simple, and in its simplicity would actually distort the complexity of the event, the meaning of the event,” he said.

Showing the US flag being raised over the rubble of the World Trade Center is ‘simplistic’.

I didn’t know the September 11th terrorist attack was such a complicated event.  Quick Recap: Al-Qaeda extremists, enthralled by Islamic jihadism, hijacked passenger planes and flew them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, attempting to destroy our economy and weaken our government.  In the process, 3000 innocent people were incinerated because a murderous butcher named Osama bin Laden hated the United States.

September 11th is only complicated if you perseverate on the the Noam Chomsky-lite ideology of the ‘root causes’ of terrorism.  For these sorts of leftists-, America must forever wring it’s hands.  The only proper thing to do in the face of something like 9/11 is for the US to abase itself in front of the nation’s most virulent haters.  The conversation that begins with ‘Why do they hate us?’ must always be a closed circuit loop that ends with ‘Because we deserved it’.  That what Shulan ultimately means when he wheezes about the supposed complexity of 9/11.

Here’s a hint for people looking for the meaning of 9/11.

The September 11th terrorist attacks were meant to be a direct heartfelt message from al-Qaeda to America–“Die”.

One would think Osama bin Laden’s earnest valentine of hate directed at the people of America would be pretty easy to figure out.  Nihilism is not complex.  Slaughtering people is not hard to discern.  Or at least it shouldn’t be.

It is in our response to militant Islam’s murderous attack on America where one can find complexity.  The self-sacrifice, the heroism and the ultimate survival of our nation is a tale that needs to be told.  It needs to be documented and passed down from generation to generation.  One really good way of documenting America’s 9/11 story would be to include a picture of the three firemen, raising an American flag in the aftermath of the worst attack on our soil.

Unless, you’re Michael Shulan, who thinks that photo is terribly gauche.

The problem is that Michael Shulan isn’t just some random dude on the street with a dopey opinion.  He’s the creative director for the World Trade Center Memorial.  In other words, he’s in charge of shaping our understanding of the most painful tragedy in recent times.  To paraphrase Instapundit, Shulan and the people who seek to explain American culture are just not that into America.

Our elites have, at best, a fleeting affection for the country they seek to lead and define.  Most of the time, the people at the core of our culture have an active disdain for America and the people who inhabit it.  From the campus Marxoids to the Hollywood Limousine Jacobins to the Washington DC/New York newsmedia hub…and, sadly, the World Trade Center Memorial…the men and women who run our institutions cannot hide their annoyance with the civilizational touchstones most Americans enjoy.   This isn’t healthy for our short-term culture wars or our long term survival.

If conservatives want to deal with the effete progressives snobs that man our cultural machinery, they’d better start soon.  If traditionalists focused on being credible counterweights to the Michael Shulans of the world, it would do a lot to restore some balance in our society.  Maybe in a few decades, we won’t have institutions that automatically despise American patriotism.  That would be nice.

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Gun Safety–How It’s Not Done

Posted by KingShamus on June 30, 2013

Brought to you by XBRADTC over at Bring The Heat, Bring The Stupid.

Downside:  Future Darwin Award nominee.

Upside:  Ventilated hat.

More:  I’m very sorry for the long radio silence, homies.  I’m still on Twitter, making fun of liberals and stuff.  But yeah, posting on the ol’ bloggerino has been pretty damn sparse.  Meatspace life has conspired to make me a dull boy on the teh intertubes.

Please forgive me for my spectacular lameness.

Hopefully I’ll get better at time management and get back to rocking out on the blog soon.

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If The Democrats Can Be Rehabbed, Then So Can The GOP

Posted by KingShamus on March 29, 2013

People, listen to Bob Belvedere:

Perhaps the number of people supporting our fight to restore our freedoms and liberties [which is all The Founders wished to do in the 1770’s] is less this time than a third of the citizens of The United States.  Perhaps, as it dawns on more and more people that the Left In America is overthrowing The Republic, more of our fellow citizens will join our cause.  I don’t really care because I don’t think it matters.

What matters, what’s really important, is that we few, we blessed few, keeping fighting those who are waging war on everything America stands for because it is the right thing to do.

We are the good guys, the white hats.  We are the warriors for freedom and liberty, the defenders of tradition, morality, and Free Will — all that is good and decent and honest and true.

Since we represent what is Right, our numbers don’t matter.  Our cause is just.  We are on the side of the Timeless Truth.

Read The Entire Thing.  It’s rousing.

Bob’s post got me thinking about the nature of our political parties and how they fit in the modern American experiment.

The Democrat Party should not exist in 2013.  Look at its history.  This is a group that supported the enslavement of millions of Africans.  When abolitionists had the temerity to question why America was neck-deep in the slavery business, it was the Democrats who pitched a fit and started the Civil War.  During that conflict, many northern Democrats became little more than wily agitators against the Union.  In the post-war period Democrats created and aided the most vicious domestic terrorist organization in US history, the Ku Klux Klan.  When they weren’t busy organizing lynch mobs, Democrats were gleefully enacting Jim Crow laws to make sure black people were completely subjugated.

Lest you think the modern Democrat Party has somehow reformed itself, ponder this:  Which partisan outfit is totally stoked about abortion, a practice that has killed nearly 55 million people?  Which side of the political aisle has more to gain from our broken discriminatory immigration system?  Which party supports the modern bigotry of affirmative action?

In a more just world, the Democrat Party would be little more than a vague memory, like the Whigs or the Federalists.  That the Democrats still thrive despite the malfeasance they’ve perpetrated says some very ugly things about the American political process.  At the very least, the Democrats continued existence is an example of the painfully short memory of the voting public.

But the Democrat’s inexplicable longevity also means there is hope for the Republican Party as well.

The Donkey Punchers carry some of the most awful political baggage in American partisan life.  Yet somehow they’ve managed to reinvent themselves as an effective Leftist platform.  If the Democrats can overcome their support of slavery, segregation, ghettoization, tribalism and mass baby-killing then the GOP can put the failures of George Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney behind them too.

And if it’s possible that the GOP can become a winning party again, it can also be refashioned into a potent force for conservatives.  One could argue that the only way to rehabilitate the Republican Party is for it to move to the right.  It will not be an easy process; for every Reagan, there seems to be a thousand feckless Karl Rove clones.  Nonetheless making the GOP the true representative of American traditionalism can be done, if the Right is motivated to do some heavy lifting.

Hey, it could by that conservatism is fighting a losing battle against statism.  That doesn’t mean right-wingers must give up their principles just to accommodate the evil empire of socialism.  There is no honor in giving in to every single infantile proggtard whim.

More importantly, lets not have it come to that.  The Democrats have thrown their hideous past down the memory hole.  It’s been so successful that today their are very few people who recognize the abhorrent history of the Democrat Party.  The GOP has comparatively few skeletons in their closet.  All this suggests that the Republicans can win and become the political voice of conservatism again.

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National Football League–Okay Guys No More Leading With Your Helmets, Mmmkay?

Posted by KingShamus on March 25, 2013

The ‘crown of the helmet’ in red; James Harrison refers to this as the ‘Concussion Helper-Outer’.

No, really, stop.

NFL owners passed the most controversial rule proposal at the annual league meetings in resounding fashion on Wednesday, outlawing crown-of-the-helmet hits outside of the tackle box.

The rule change applies to offensive and defensive players, but running backs will unquestionably be the most affected by the change. The Bengals were the only dissenting vote among owners.

…The biggest concerns from coaches and players are the ability to teach running backs to no longer lower their head in the open field and the difficulty in officiating the play.

“It’ll certainly make our runners aware of what we expect relative to use of the helmet,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said. “One of the questions I ask a lot is who gains from this? Offense or defense? It’s a tossup as to which side of the ball has the advantage on this rule, if any. The main thing is it’s pro health and safety. That’s the big thing.”

Are concussions a big problem in football?

Over four thousand former NFL players suing the league in a massive class action lawsuit seem to think they are.

Now pro football is trying to do something to keep players from becoming vegetables.  One can argue that the mandate against crown of the helmet hits comes far too late for the athletes who were never afforded this kind of protection.  On the other hand, at least the league is trying to do something to keep players safe, right?

Eh, not really.

The people who’ll be enforcing this new penalty are the referees of course.  Yes, these very same fallible close-enough-for-government-work referees.  So on top of every other judgement call the zebras have to make in the course of a nanosecond–Was that a catch? Was that an illegal hold?  Was that ball going out of bounds because of a forward pass or a lateral in the final moments of the game while the defenders were being held in the endzone?–they’ll now have to discern in the blink of an eye whether or not a ball carrier lowered the top of his helmet and used it as a weapon against another player.  That sounds totally easy.

In reality, this new diktat is going to be incredibly difficult to enforce.  What we have here is not safety.  It’s more like safety rule theater.  Much like the Transportation Safety Administration’s airport security theater, the NFL’s attempt to stamp out crown-of-helmet hits has all the trappings of a rule designed to keep players safe, but nothing that actually makes that goal happen.

Players are already revolting against this farce.  The coaches won’t say anything about it publicly, but they’re most likely not thrilled.  The only person who seems genuinely stoked about banning this type of play is Roger Goodell.

The problem with this rule is that it attacks the problem of player concussions from the wrong direction.  You can penalize crown of the helmet hits until Ben Roethlisberger finally learns that no means no.  It still won’t change the biggest issue, which is the helmets themselves.  NFL headgear hasn’t changed much in thirty years.  They’re still basically the same amalgamation of hard plastic shell and interior foam padding that they were in the Reagan Administration.  In other words, they can still be wielded like a cudgel.

But instead of changing the helmets, the NFL decided to create a whole new unenforceable rule in a league that is already over-legislated.

Makes perfect sense.

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Hugo Chavez Is Dead

Posted by KingShamus on March 5, 2013

Let’s keep it brief.

I snagged this pic from my homie Vermontaigne.  You may know him from media outlets such as the Conservative Commune and his Twitter feed.  Read his blog and follow his tweets.

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Marco Rubio: Hip-Hop Connoisseur

Posted by KingShamus on February 27, 2013

The Senator from Florida, dropping some made rap science on TMZ.

When it comes to early/mid 90’s rap, the stuff that came out of the Biggie-Tupac East Coast-West Coast feud can’t hold a candle to the weirdly endearing Wu-Tang Clan and all their various side-projects and solo discs. And Jay-Z hasn’t put out a decent record since the “Big Pimpin'” days. But that’s just me.

Anyhoo, look at how Rubio is working the media. A Republican isn’t supposed to know anything about modern music, much less have an opinion about old skool and contemporary rapppers. Yet here’s Marco Rubio, talking credibly about urban music. Kinda amazing.

I cannot wait for Harry Reid to tell us of his long standing love of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

UPDATE:  Sorry my post came out kinda janky before.  I stink at teh intertubez.  I got those links and embeds fixed, so you can almost read my yakety-yak now.

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The Ongoing Problem With Karl Rove

Posted by KingShamus on February 26, 2013

The Turd Blossom In His Most Natural Position

Why do I bring him up now?

Because Hugh Hewitt said this the other day on Twitter:

Still waiting for critics of Rove to nominate best GOP strategist…for most it is like hating your starting QB but having no back-up.

Hewitt’s statement got my dander up a bit and then I sorta went on a rant.


Allow me me sorta clean up my tweets for human consumption.

First, I have no other GOP strategerist to replace Karl Rove, so I’ll concede Hewitt a well-earned point.  If I absolutely had to pick someone to run the 2016 Republican ticket, I’d hire the person who ran either Scott Walker’s or Bobby Jindal’s campaigns and then hope for the best.  At least those folks have had success in the last four years.

Like every other facet of the GOP panoply, it’s very tough to have confidence in politicos based in Washington DC.  Choosing somebody outside the Beltway might be the only viable option.

But here’s something I’ve been wondering.  How come nobody–not the slick consultants, the overpriced underperforming tech gurus, or the high-powered campaign honchos–could figure out just how stupid and self-defeating Mitt Romney’s pro-life positioning was?

Think about the journey Romney took to become an anti-abortion presidential candidate.  Homeboy was pro-abortion for most of his public life.  He only started making vaguely pro-life noises in 2005.  He then tried to assure the GOP faithful that he was pro-life.

There were several problems with Mitt’s messaging.  Most pro-lifers were very skeptical of Romney’s rather recent and not completely convincing conversion.  That alone probably depressed social conservative turnout and hurt Romney’s chances on Election Day.

However, Mitt being perceived as an insincere opportunist wasn’t his biggest problem.  Romney never used his pro-life position for anything except winning the GOP nomination.  Once he got that, being anti-abortion was more or less forgotten by the campaign and the candidate.

Funny thing is, Obamaton propaganda ministers David Plouffe and Jim Messina didn’t forget. While Romney was trying and failing to make the election about the national debt going supernova and the sputtering American economy, Obama succeeded in making 2012 about Mitt being a misogynistic piece of dogshit.  Naturally, Team Barry used Romney’s pro-life stance as the convenient hook to slam the former Massachusetts governor as a vagina-hating douchecanoe.  Romney never defended being anti-abortion except in the weakest most mewling ways.  Even worse, the GOP standard bearer never employed his pro-life stance as a club to beat up Obama at all.

For God’s sake, Obama voted against the Born Alive Act when he was an Illinois muckety-muck.  He gave (and continues to give) lots of federal tax dollar love to Planned Parenthood, the same organization that was cool with giving abortions to what it thought were underage sex slaves.  There was plenty of anti-life extremism in Obama’s curriculum vitae that could’ve been exploited by the Romney camp.  But they just couldn’t bring themselves to do it.

So why did Mitt Romney even bother going through the motions to become a pro-lifer in the first place?  His position on the abortion issue didn’t energize evangelical Christians and other components of the social conservative movement.  It didn’t expand the party’s base by getting significant chunks of the Latino vote, a constituency I keep hearing is full of natural Republican voters.  Further, Mitt never employed his pro-life stance as a pivot to attack Barack Obama’s shockingly radical anti-life actions.  Once the primaries were over, being pro-life didn’t help Romney in any way.  It can be credibly argued that being a squishy half-assed pro-lifer hurt Romney because it gave Obama an opening to create the War On Women narrative against the GOP standard-bearer.

This should be an iron-clad rule in politics:  If your ideological positions are not helping you, they will be used by your opponent to hurt you.  This is especially true when it comes to abortion, which is far more emotional and polarizing then an issue like energy independence or entitlement reform.  Mitt and his team forgot this law of partisan warfare and it cost them dearly.

I’ll admit that this post is a lot of gussied-up Monday morning quarterbacking.  On the other hand, the Republican Party consultant class gets paid to figure this out before the election and they still don’t know how to play the game.  If you listen to Karl Rove and his ilk, they still think the GOP’s problems are caused by being too right-wing.  They’ve had just as much time as I’ve had to do a post-game analysis of the November debacle.  Their strongest recommendations involve letting Obama get his way on everything, then lather-rinse-repeat until 2016.

To be fair, Karl Rove won two presidential elections in the last decade, so its not like he’s got no game.  The problem is that he doesn’t understand why Mitt Romney got his ass beat two and a half months ago.  Nor does anybody else who runs anything in the Republican Party seem to get it either.  If Turd Blossom is the best the GOP can do, then they deserve to perish because they suck at politics.

RELATED:  I don’t wanna belabor the point, but I’m going to anyway.

Politics–like life itself–is often not about what you say, but how you say it.  If Barack Obama stated, “I’m going to raise your taxes because I think you’re too stupid to know what to do with all your money”, he’d win 10 states, tops.  If the President declared, “I’m going to obliterate the Second Amendment and incrementally take away your guns because I don’t trust you, the great unwashed bitter clingers”, his approval rating would hover just above herpes.  If Two-Pack Attack Barry admitted that ObamaCare was going to feature death panels to determine who gets what kinds of medical treatment, Romney would’ve won the 2012 election with seventy percent of the popular vote.

But of course, Obama doesn’t do that.  The Duffer-in-Chief believes all those things in his heart, but he never says them out loud.  Instead, he always couches his ideology in nicey-nice pablum:  “balanced approach”, “common sense gun laws”, “Obama does care”.  Even better?  As he describes his own campus Marxism as true-blue Americana,  he’s turns the Republicans into the Ku Klux Klan, the Taliban and the Nazis all rolled into one big slimy ball of extremism.

It doesn’t help matters when prominent candidates on the Republican side completely lose the plot and play into his hands.  The problem with the GOP isn’t that Todd Akin misspoke on the life issue.  It’s that Todd Akin was never taught how to speak credibly and effectively about his political views in the first place.

To stick with the abortion issue, being pro-life isn’t enough for a political candidate.  Being extremely pro-life isn’t enough.  Being pro-life and then turning your position into a cudgel to beat up your opponent is what has to happen if you want to win.  Allowing yourself to get bogged down in some weird rhetorical side street will only get you in trouble.  If you’re not on offense, you’re on defense.  That means you’re getting your ass kicked.

This is true of every political issue.  Why take a stand on any topic if it cannot be weaponized and deployed against an opponent?

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Sorry I’ve Been AWOL

Posted by KingShamus on February 15, 2013

Slacking Off Is Teh Roxxxor

I apologize for the extreme radio silence.  I wish I could say that I won the lottery or was on a tropical island vacation, but the only thing keeping me from blogging is work.  Since nobody has offered me six figures, two weeks vacation and generous health care benefits to crack poop jokes at President Obama’s expense–Hey Richard Mellon Scaife?  Hit me on Twitter, homie–I guess I gotta stick to the grind.

So I guess that means that I’ll be away for a little while longer until I get some things done.  I’ll still be tooling around the Twitterverse from time  to time.  In the meantime, listen to  Boris’ “Farewell” while you read these three great blog posts from people who are not me.

Robert Stacy McCain–Meet @BridgetteDunlap, Fordham’s Campus Commissar of ‘Human Rights’

Charles Hill–With friends like these

John over at The Sentry Journal–America out of scale: Rethinking the Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929

Great work all.

Hopefully, I can get back to actually blogging soon.

Stay sassy, peeps.

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Music Monday Super Bowl After Party — “We Are The Champions” (Live) by Queen

Posted by KingShamus on February 4, 2013

Congratulations to the world champion Baltimore Ravens.




And so ends the 2012-2013 National Football League season.

If you’re a Ravens fan, this couldn’t be a more epic victory.  Ray Lewis got to ride off into retirement as a two time Super Bowl winner.  Ed Reed snagged an interception to tie him for most post-season picks by a defensive player.  Joe Flacco capped his insane playoff run with a well-deserved MVP trophy.  John Harbaugh beat his brother to take home the Lombardi trophy.  The team had to fight off both a momentum-killing 34 minute power outage and a second half comeback attempt by the San Francisco 49ers, yet still managed to score a victory.

For a Super Bowl that didn’t seem like it had the big time vibe of past games, the contest itself had many tense moments.  There were stand-out defensive plays, ridiculous athleticism from both offenses and an amazing kickoff return for a touchdown.  Even though the Ravens never trailed, the 49ers taking advantage of the power outage to slowly reel Baltimore back within striking distance was dramatic.

This is a reminder of something we take for granted.  It really doesn’t matter who’s playing in the Super Bowl.  You could have the Kansas City Chiefs playing the Carolina Panthers.  As long as the teams are roughly equal in skill, the games are going to be pretty fun to watch.

Speaking of that power outage, here’s something schadenfreude-y.

Show of hands if you had ‘Green Energy Fail’ on your Super Bowl Bingo card.

Think about this:  The Super Bowl is a multi-billion dollar game.  Fortunes are spent on 30 seconds of ad time.  Businesses fight and claw each other just to be kinda-sorta attached to this event.  Cities lobby to host the game because they know it’s an economic boon.  There’s some serious crony capitalistic shizzle going on with the American professional sport’s premier night.

And yet, even with all that money and prestige on the line, the efficiency experts couldn’t figure out how to get power to a football stadium.

If you think that’s great,  just think how rad it’s going to be when the Obamatons mandate smart meters for your house.

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Super Bowl 2013–Ravens Versus 49ers

Posted by KingShamus on February 3, 2013

This year’s NFL championship contest is, on paper at least, not all that exciting.  Neither team has been to the Super Bowl in a while.  While both teams have seen some success in recent years, both clubs lack the national followings of franchises like the New England Patriots or the Dallas Cowboys.

Beyond a cursory glance, Super Bowl XXXXLIQ Eleventy Gajillion has it’s share of story lines.  The head coaches for each squad are brothers.  Both teams came painfully close to getting to the Super Bowl last year only to see their seasons’ abruptly end just short of reaching the big game.  All-Universe Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is playing in his final NFL contest.  San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick is starting in his eleventh NFL match.  Seen that way, it turns out there’s a lot to latch onto for casual fans and die-hard football watchers alike.

Besides the human interest aspects, the two teams play decidedly different styles.  Specifically, their offensive philosophies have little in common with each other.  Joe Flacco, the underrated Baltimore quarterback, is a concrete birdbath when he  drops back into the pocket.  He’s not particularly mobile,  but he’s got a Howitzer where his right arm should be.  Flacco can accurately deliver bombs at any time to anywhere on the field.  More importantly, he comes into this game playing the best football of his life.

Flacco is the field general for an offense that relies on talented wide receivers like Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin as well as stand-out running back Ray Rice to make big plays both in the air and on the ground.  While the Ravens attack has guys like Dennis Pitta, a tight end that causes match-up problems for defenders, it is still a more or less traditional NFL system.  Watchers of the game will recognize most of the Ravens’ offensive formations and plays.

On the other side of the field, Colin Kaepernick is for all intents and purposes a rookie playing in the biggest sporting event on the planet.  Although he’s inexperienced, he’s got serious weapons like running back Frank Gore, tight end Vernon Davis and wideout Michael Crabtree.  Kaepernick leads a dynamic offense that employs the read-option and the pistol formation.  The pistol makes it very hard for defenses to understand what the offense is about to do.  Because it can be used for running plays or passing  attempts, the defense cannot simply assume a run or pass is coming at them.

The pistol is even more devastating when paired with read-option plays.  The read-option means that on running plays the quarterback can read the defense to determine his next move.  He can elect to hand the ball off to his running back or keep it himself and take it upfield.  Here again, the key is confusing the defense to keep them from pinning back their ears and attacking whoever has the ball.

As great as these systems are for the offense, all the  misdirection borne from them comes at a price.  By using the read-option and the pistol, teams put their quarterback in a position to take punishing hits.  As the quarterback is by far the most important player on the field, this is the ultimate high risk/high reward strategy.

There is no guarantee that Colin Kaepernick will be able to play the same way next year.  Hell, there’s no guarantee that Kaepernick will be capable of performing at a top level next week.  Mobile quarterbacks are not known for their durability.  Just ask Michael Vick or Robert Griffin III how easy it is to stay healthy when regularly being flattened by psychotic 300 pound physical freaks.

Besides the risk of massive career-ending injuries to the team’s key offensive player, the read-option and pistol are not unknowable puzzles.  Defensive coordinators across the league are already studying it.  Eventually, they’ll solve the riddle as they always do with every new offensive scheme that comes out.  It’s one thing to only have seven or eight days to prepare for the pistol/read-option’s trickery.  It’s quite another to have seven or eight months to study formations and plays.

Realistically, San Francisco better win the Super Bowl today.  This season, the 49ers benefited from having an insanely-gifted athlete playing at the top of his game leading a previously-unknown offensive scheme that few teams have been able to stop.  Next year, it’s very possible that none of those advantages will be applicable to the team.

To me, this year’s Super Bowl hinges on this question:  Can the Baltimore Ravens defense, lead by aging veterans like Ed Reed and Ray Lewis, contain Kaepernick and all the gadgets that San Francisco employs?  I have my doubts.  The Ravens pass rush has been spotty during the playoffs.  I’m not sure they can go after Kaepernick with just their down lineman and get to him.  If they can’t at least put him on ground a few times, it’s going to be a very long day for Baltimore.

Ultimately, this means that Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense will have to match Frisco’s offensive output.  That might be very difficult.  While the Niner’s defense has been shaky in recent games, it’s less flawed than Baltimore’s.  I think San Francisco can get to Flacco.  Perhaps not on a regular basis, but enough to knock him off his rhythm.

That leads me to think that San Francisco will win this game.  I see it ending in something like 30-24 or 28-20 in the 49ers’ favor.  Since I’m so good at predictions, this means you should bet on the Ravens.

From an emotional level, I don’t care for either team.  It’s amazing how Ray Lewis is a beloved figure in the NFL even though he mentions his love of Jesus every five seconds, but Tim Tebow’s much less demonstrative proclamations of Christian faith have made him a divisive figure in sports media and in the larger culture.  Also, I don’t know how the pious spiritual leader act fits with Lewis’ deep involvement in an unsolved double murder.

On the other hand, San Francisco head coach Jim Harbaugh is an unrepentant asshole even by NFL head coaching standards.  When he won against  Detroit, he started a fight with Lions coach Jim Schwartz because he’ had to be a trash talking shit-heel.  When he lost to the Giants last year in the NFC championship game, he refused to do a post-game interview and take his licks like a man.  When things are going his way, Jim Harbaugh is a classless sore winner.  When his team is defeated, he’s a classless sore loser.  Basically, Harbaugh is a younger less likable Bill Belichick with fewer accusations of cheating and no championship rings.

If I had to pick a team, I guess I’d root for the Ravens if only because it would be fun to watch Harbaugh, football’s latest overgrown playground doucherocket, take yet another brutal loss.  Is that petty?  Yes.  But it’s the National Football League we’re talking about here.  If we didn’t have silly small-minded peeves to nurse, we wouldn’t have a league in the first place.

You know what else is great about football?  Cheerleaders.  Lots and lots of cheerleaders.  Let’s take a look at a few, shall we?

The Ladies Of The Baltimore Ravens









The San Francisco 49ers’ cheering squad







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New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez (DEMOCRAT) Being Investigated By The FBI

Posted by KingShamus on January 31, 2013

Veteran Fighter In The War On Women

For what, you ask?

Oh, it’s a big one.

The feds are investigating accusations that New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez had sex with underage hookers on trips to the Dominican Republic, The Post has learned.

“Clearly, they [FBI agents] were pursuing it,” said Melanie Sloan, executive director of the watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, who reported Menendez to the feds last year.

Menendez and his Dominican junkets have come under intense scrutiny in the past 24 hours after the feds raided the Florida office of Dr. Salomon Melgen, a Menendez friend.

Tipsters told Sloan’s group that Melgen repeatedly flew Menendez on a private jet to the Dominican Republic, where the doctor allegedly supplied prostitutes to the senator.

Melgen did not respond to requests for comment.

Menendez’s office said, “Any allegations of engaging with prostitutes are manufactured . . . and are false.”

I quoted the entire article, from the supposedly Republican-leaning New York Post, for a reason.  Do you see what you’re not noticing?  If you didn’t already know Bob Menendez was a member of the Democrat Party, you certainly weren’t going to get that piece of information from Post writer Josh Margolin.

I wonder why the NYPost would neglect to mention that Mr. Menendez is a Democrat.  Party affiliation is a fairly easy way for people to identify political figures.  For the news consumer, understanding where an elected representative sits on the partisan spectrum is a great help when trying to get a grasp on current events.  Yet we never get to know Bob Menendez very well from this article, especially as it relates to his profession.  He must be from the very popular Generic Party.  Tra-la-la, ho-hum, move it along folks.

Isn’t it also strange how this investigation didn’t come out until after Boisterous Bobby was safely re-elected?  I know Joseph Kyrillos, Menendez’s GOP opponent last November, tried to make some hay out this but that tactic was largely seen as a dying campaign’s last gasp.  Most the of the media blew it all off: “These are baseless allegations against this divorced senator from an unknown region of the United States.  Also hookers are notorious liars. Besides prostitution is legal in the DR, so yeah.”

We can all see how Garden State voters were rightfully protected from this unseemly intrusive information.  Nobody thinks it’s important that their Senator is being investigated by the FBI for improperly using a campaign contributor’s private jet to hook up with underage hookers at the same campaign contributor’s private club located in a foreign country with notably lax prostitution statutes.  Citizens would not be at all interested in learning about a situation like this, especially during an election where the Democrat Party was shamelessly moralizing  dutifully explaining to America all the many ways that Republicans want to exploit women.

Media observers, including some conservatives, think that press bias is just a matter of how a news organization presents stories.  Giving a story a left wing spin is a time-honored tactic for the Democrat Party shill working at an MSM outlet.  The media still does this all the time.  But it’s more than just putting a progressive-friendly sheen on stuff.  It’s about guarding  the good guys–ie Bill Clinton, Barney Frank and Bob Menendez–and punishing the evil retrograde Republicans and conservatives.

Here is more:  RS McCain makes this pungent observation.

…you want to tell me that’s not newsworthy? Turn in your press credentials, clean out your desk and find another line of work, because you clearly have no aptitude for the news business.

See, that’s just it.  The media loves a good political sex scandal, when it’s a Republican at the center of it.  When a GOPer does something awful, the press loves to spin it into their favorite narrative–“This latest sex scandal indicts the entire hypocritical Republican party.”

When it’s a Democrat that’s accused of using people like a box of kleenex, suddenly it’s not newsworthy.

Protecting the progressive brand is more important than, you know, actually reporting the news.

Back to the story:  It just keeps getting uglier.

The main source in the Bob Menendez underage hooker scandal sent the FBI the names offour hookers who confirmed they had attended sex parties with Salmon Melgen and Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) in the Dominican Republic. On Tuesday, FBI agents raided the West Palm Beach business of Dr. Melgen who is suspected of providing free trips and even underage Dominican Republic prostitutes to U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J.

I’ll say this.  We live in a country where a person is innocent until proven guilty.  None of this has been found to be true yet.  Menendez might not have done any of it.

At the same time, I don’t see the FBI investigating something like this if there isn’t something to it.  I mean, do they like wasting time and resources on complete dead-ends?  I don’t think that happens too often, especially since the target of the investigation is such a high-profile public figure.

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‘Immigration Reform’ Is Just Another Term For ‘Republican Suicide’

Posted by KingShamus on January 29, 2013

Playing the part of Doctor Kervorkian will be Senator John McCain.

John McCain:  Well, look, I’ll give you a little straight talk. Look at the last election. Look at the last election. We are losing dramatically the Hispanic vote, which we think should be ours for a variety of reasons, and we’ve got to understand that. Second of all, we can’t go on forever with 11 million people living in this country in the shadows in an illegal status. We cannot forever have children who were brought here by their parents when they were small children to live in the shadows, as well. So I think the time is right.

I stole this from The Other McCain.  Why not clicky that linky and read the rest of his post?  Come back when your finished.

Now please forgive me a moment, but I’m going to run a quick multiple choice quiz.  It’s only one question, so don’t sweat too hard.  Are you ready?   Okee-dokee, here it is.

What is the purpose of immigration?

A:  To help white guilt liberals feel good about themselves.

B:  To create a cheap labor source for crony socialist corporations.

C:  To give diversity trainers a reason to exist.

D:  To make the United States stronger.

If you answered “D”, you win a free one year subscription to Blog De KingShamus and an E-High Five!

(Please note–there is no such thing as an E-High Five.  Sorry Tennessee…and everywhere else.)

The only reason why you bring immigrants into the country is to make it better.   Any immigration policy that doesn’t make America a more powerful nation, in observable quantifiable ways, is idiocy soaked in stupidity slathered in mendacity wrapped in a zesty bullshit crust.  Also, score it a total loss if the purveyors of any new policy employ multi-culti pablum like ‘Diversity Is Strength’, ‘Live in the shadows’ or ‘Nation of Immigrants’ to justify the program.

For those who think the GOP congress will get a pat on the back from Hispanic voters for passing an some sort of amnesty immigration reform, I have one simple phrase:  “1965 Civil Rights Act”.  More Republicans voted for it than Democrats.  Senate Democrats fillibustered the thing  as much as they possibly could.  Of course, who got the credit?  Part-time Democrat President and full-time mega bigot Lyndon Johnson, naturally.

So here’s how it’s going to go down:

Republicans desperately want to be BFFs with Latinos, so they lead the charge to get an amnesty bill passed.  It’ll be filled with a lot of tough talk about enforcement and triggers and other folderol that will be nothing more than rhetorical fig leaves meant to fool conservatives.  The amnesty that dare not speak it’s name will blow through both chambers of Congress with massive bipartisan support.  Obama will have an enormous signing ceremony, surrounded by his usual cadre of human props.  Steve Kroft will lead the MSM cheerleaders praising the Democrats for finally solving this decades-long problem.

Meanwhile, Republicans will quickly get swept aside in the media narrative of ‘Barack–Benevolent Guardian of Hispanic Hopes And Dreams’.  Marco Rubio will get emo after he does all the work to get this monstrosity passed and none of the glory.  When Telemundo dutifully points out that many GOPers didn’t vote for shamnesty, the RNC will be shocked to find Latinos still think the Party of Lincoln is populated by racists.

Here’s the real kick in the teeth.  If you want a picture of the future, imagine eleven million formerly illegal immigrants voting Democrat—forever.  Republican permanent minority party status: ACHIEVED!

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Music Monday Major Key — “Nothing Else Majeur” By Metallica (Sorta)

Posted by KingShamus on January 28, 2013

If you know the original version of the song, be prepared to get mildly weirded out.

Played in a minor key, “Nothing Else Matters” is a brooding ‘us against the world’  manifesto.  “Nothing Else Majeur” is relentlessly cheerful.  James Hetfield isn’t a grizzled road dog but a giddy school boy joyously expressing how much he digs his chick.

Metallica’s self-titled black album, where “Nothing Else Matters” first appeared, was a polarizing affair back in the day.  The dedicated metal-heads who made Metallica a platinum-selling act despite a complete lack of media exposure were annoyed by the group’s bid for mainstream success.  Outside of the thrash underground, millions of fans were stoked by the Black Album’s straight-ahead riffs and Hetfield’s arena-god menace.  Depending on musical taste, Metallica’s self-titled disc was either the end of a great band or the beginning of a string of successful grunge albums.

“Nothing Else Majeur” makes that fan dichotomy even more pronounced, which is kinda hard to believe.

I don’t understand the process of changing the key of a song, but no matter how it’s done this is pretty wild.  Even though I’m not a fan of “Matters”, “Majeur” throws off listener expectations in a goofy yet satisfyingly mind-warping way.  You’ve heard the song a million times, but throw in a key change and it goes from an old radio chestnut into something else entirely.  It’s kinda like taking a longer slightly more complicated ride home from work.  You still arrive at your destination, but you can’t just put your brain on auto-pilot to get there.

I snagged this from the Metal Sucks site.

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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Budget Surplus Is Soooooo Big

Posted by KingShamus on January 25, 2013


How big is it?

Wisconsin’s budget picture brightened Thursday, with new estimates that show a surplus will grow to $484 million, giving Republicans and Gov. Scott Walker even more room to pursue their tax cutting agenda.

The estimate from the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau was nearly $137 million better than one Walker’s administration released in November. The numbers will be used by Walker as he puts the final touches on his two-year spending plan, which he’s set to unveil on Feb. 20.

But surely this is not a accomplishment worthy of our adulation. We shouldn’t be impressed by such a meager feat. Governor Walker was just building off a previous budget surplus, right?

In 2011, Walker took office facing a roughly $3 billion budget shortfall…



Look, I know it’s a stretch to make this comparison, but can you imagine if the federal government did anything like what Scott Walker has done? Is it even possible to picture a world where we–and I realize how crazy this sounds–lowered the debt ceiling? Neither Obama or the Congressional GOPers talk about getting to a surplus these days. The fight in Washington is over whether the debt should be unimaginably immense or just insanely massive. Spending less than what you take in is seen as a hopeless anachronism that doesn’t make sense in our enlightened new age.

Yet here’s Scott Walker, scourge of progressives from Berkley to Georgetown, actually getting his state in line with ancient unfeasible common sense.

Hey, conservatives, you wanted a winning right-wing governing model? Walker’s only been serving it you fresh out of the oven for two years straight, surviving a brutal recall election in the process. If that’s not bad-ass enough to at least merit a sniff from the Republican talent scouts, I don’t know what is.

I snagged this link from Ann Althouse’s blog. Thanks.

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The Sexxxiest Pro-Abortion Ad You’ll See This Month (With Update)

Posted by KingShamus on January 23, 2013

I mean, who isn’t turned on by a dude grunting weird sexual innuendos about a Supreme Court case that allows people to terminate their pregnancies?

So it’s weird when Clint Eastwood talks to an empty chair, but it’s totally rad when a man breaks the fourth wall and moans at an empty cradle. Got it.

For those of you without a program to refer to, the actor playing the randiest abortion provider ever is Mechad Brooks.  He’s some really famous guy in that show that’s on one of those channels you watch when you’re fighting off a hangover and an eight hour Law & Order-Criminals With SUV And Trials marathons is running or whatever.  As you can imagine, filming a pro-abortion propaganda video is a big step up for Mr. Brooks’ career.  If this Roe v Wade anniversary tribute thingy takes off, he’ll get a fifteen second cameo in the next Lady Gaga video and a free season pass to Knott’s Berry Farm.

It’s also funny how they got a guy to celebrate legalized baby killing.  Consequence-free sex has been a leftist dream ever since Margaret Sanger was invited to her first KKK rally, but it’s men that have the most to gain from ready access to abortion.  They get all the fun and none of the messy medical complications or the increased risk of suicide  Just don’t accuse them of not caring for women’s health.

After the creepiness has worn off, the ad is refreshing in it’s morbid honesty.  Like the Lena Dunham/First Time campaign spot, the horny nihilists at the Center For Reproductive Rights are gleefully pandering to the lowest common denominator: “Let’s have sex then get rid of the inconvenient kid that results.”

We get no sob stories about women denied access to ‘vital’ ‘health care’.  The pro-abortionists don’t gin up some statistically negligible scenarios to tug at our heart strings.  Nope.  Instead we get the inhuman bump-and-grind brutality at the core of the state-sanctioned baby killer movement delivered to us straight.

The pro-lifers are disappointed that Roe v Wade is still operational.  It’s ugly that such an unconstitutional and immoral ruling still stands.  But there is one thing the anti-abortion activists can take solace in.  Never before has the febrile murderous heart of the abortion rights mob been so visible.  This means those who value human life will no longer have to fight against the shadowy obfuscations formerly used by the pro-‘choice’ movement.

UPDATE:  Matt over at Conservative Hideout did a post on this clip too.  Check it out.

The video is made by a joint called Draw the Line.  They apparently think that $9.00 a month birth control is a “luxury item” that only the wealthy can afford.

The weirdest thing about the last year’s War on Women dance craze was the idea that spending the same money as two McDonald’s meal deals was a serious financial burden.  But Obama won on that bullshit, so I guess it was all just the opening gambit.  Since our government is now breaking the Catholic Church over it’s knee and making them pay for everybody’s rubbers, it’s only a matter of time before the country gets inured to taxpayer-sponsored abortion.

That’s the hope of pro-abortion groups, anyway.

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Music Monday Libertarian Rapper — “So Fresh, So Clean” by OutKast

Posted by KingShamus on January 21, 2013

Featuring the most elaborate church preparation rituals ever filmed.

This is by OutKast, the Atlanta rap duo made up of Andre 3000 and Big Boi.  Before they parted ways in the late 2000’s, Outkast were one of the biggest names in hip-hop.  Platinum records, hit singles, massive tours–you name it, they did it.

But why do I call this post ‘Libertarian Rapper’?  Because Big Boi is a libertarian and he’s a rapper.  Read on.

MINKOVSKI: Did you vote for Gary Johnson?

PATTON: Yes, I’m a Libertarian. I’m liberty, justice for all, liberty for all. I’m really pro-people, pro-freedom, and, you know, this is all about positivity. Like, you know, I have nothing against the president at all, you know, he’s a nice guy, but, it’s just, you know, the things that they’re standing on right now just didn’t agree with me. Anything that benefits the public and not just big banking, that’s what I’m with.

Just how much static got thrown Big Boi’s way from the famously tolerant progressive movement?  I know Big Boi and OutKast haven’t been front and center in the public eye since George Bush’s second term, but still.  A rich and famous rapper from the Derrrty South announcing that he didn’t support President Obama is sacrilege to the left wing thought police.  You let one wealthy black dude start popping off about individual liberty and voting for a candidate not approved by the nanny-staters and the next thing you know, Democrats might start losing elections.

You know we can’t be having any of that.

I also wonder how Big Boi’s actual fans took to his announcement that he’s a Gary Johnson voter.  Do they like OutKast’s music less now that he’s not a Democrat?  Are they burning their ATLiens CDs in protest? I really don’t know.  I’m sure he lost some fans from this, but just how many is impossible to quantify.

Think about the music artists you like.  Imagine if Ted Nugent was a loud-n-proud Obama supporting socialist.  Deleting “Free For All” from your Ipod becomes a little more imaginable.  Or does the man’s awesome musical output overwhelm the Nuge’s partisan affiliation?  

Consider this scenario: In the 90’s, an older pre-American Recordings Johnny Cash goes full-on Michael Moore and trashes America, using every tired Howard Zinn cliche imaginable.  Does “Ring Of Fire” or “Sunday Mornin’ Comin Down” suddenly sound like crap?    

I know when I hear an artist I like spouting off lefty bromides, I get disappointed.  I’m no longer surprised when some doped-up hippie starts whining about Bush or raising tax rates, but it does annoy me.  I’m just curious how a real fan, who may lean to the left but isn’t a hard-core partisan, reacts when their favorite musical artist starts drifting to the right.

As far as OutKast goes, I never really jumped on their bandwagon, but what I liked about them was their defiant weirdness.  Andre 3000 is a hopeless fashion victim, but the man is also an inventive rapper with a unique lyrical perspective.  Big Boi had a more conventional thugged-out rap style and image, but that’s just a macho cover for his own musical eccentricities.  Most refreshingly, OutKast may have been gleeful horndogs but I never got the sense that they actually hated women.

On their later discs the group channeled the dreamy chill of the Pharcyde, Fatboy Slim’s drum-n-bass energy and Jimi Hendrix’s groovier sensibilities and filtered them through their own slow Southern rap sound.  The result was something far more nuanced and interesting than anything going on in hip-hop at the time.  It’s sort of a shame that they couldn’t keep it together, but rap is a brutal Logan’s Run-style game played by ambitious young men for an audience that craves novelty over the long arc of a career.


BTW, I snagged the Big Boi interview from Libertarian Republican.  Check out his piece on the news coming out of Mali.  You have to see it to believe it.

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Conservatives Don’t Have To Fix The National Republican Party (With Updates!)

Posted by KingShamus on January 20, 2013

Since even before Mitt Romney went down to defeat, Drew M over at Ace of Spades has been very down on the Republican Party.  Which is why I was surprised when he wrote this the other day:

A conservative country that claims to support smaller government doesn’t elect Barack Obama not once but twice (no matter how awful Romney was). A conservative country doesn’t run up annual $1 trillion deficits and a $16 trillion cumulative debt. A conservative country doesn’t accept ObamaCare as either good policy or a law within the bounds of the Constitution. A conservative country doesn’t build a welfare state that has unfunded liabilities of “$86.8 trillion, or 550% of GDP” and growing.

I could go on but you know the rest.

Far from being a bulwark against this out of control spending and growth in federal partner, the GOP has been at best an enabler and at worst a perpetrator.

And I don’t blame the GOP one bit.

Political parties and politicians are about winning elections. In the end the best way to win an election is to give a majority of the people in the electorate what they want. What far too many Americans want (even some conservative Republicans in good standing) is other people’s stuff.

How many people who voted for Mitt Romney or actual conservatives for Senate and the House want their Social Security and Medicare left untouched? How many of them give lip service to a flat tax proposal but would freak if their various tax credits and deductions were eliminated? How many of them talk a good game about getting rid of the Department of Education but would freak if aid to their kid’s district were cut?

Of course Republicans are going to respond to these people. But these people who support all sorts of government spending while talking about “the damn government” and taxes are the problem.

It’s a must read, so go ahead and hit that link.  I’ll be here when you come back.

Here’s the slightly weird situation the Republican Party finds itself in circa 2013.  The House of Reprazentin‘s GOP majority is still fairly solid, at least if you’re going by raw numbers.  Many members of the current House were elected in the 2010 anti-Obama wave.  They can cite their ’10 and ’12 elections to credibly argue that the constituencies they represent didn’t elect them to become President Leftist McDreamboat’s rubber stamp brigade.

So there are motivated conservatives in the House.  That’s great.  Problematically, they may only be a slim majority of the lower chamber’s majority.  Given how many of the GOP representatives have voted recently, that may be a wildly optimistic count.  Then, slap the number of conservatives Republicans with the all-but-extinct Blue Dog Democrats.  Add them together and it’s unclear if there is a working right-center coalition in the House that can get anything done on entitlements, spending or tax reform.

The other big hurdle to conservative reform is the fact that the American people just re-elected the most liberal president since LBJ and the most liberal Senate majority since the Oliver Cromwell took over England.  The House GOP could eliminate the income tax and replace it with a 10% VAT at 9:00 am tomorrow.  By 9:01, Harry Reid would’ve killed the bill in the Senate and by 9:02 Obama would be using page one of the statute to fire up his Parliament Ultra Lights.

In Congressional races, when the constituency is often more conservative than the general US population, a Republican can do well selling a right of center message to the voters.  This is why a solidly blue state like Illinois can still elect six Republican congress-peeps out of their 18 seat delegation.  Get beyond the House level and it’s harder for the current GOP to sell it’s message to voters in national races.

So should the Republican Party just pack it in?  Obama certainly wants them broken and divided.  The GOP has been so cowardly that there’s been talk that the National Rifle Association could become the opposition party.

Drew M suggests that conservatives focus on winning back the American culture.  That’s a very necessary thing, but not everyone is a novelist, filmmaker, musician or television director.  Non-artsy conservatives need a role in creating a more favorable political environment for the Right.

The state and local levels of government have a viable blueprint.  There the Republican Party is not just surviving, it’s thriving.  Conservative ideas are winning in Obama-fied blue states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida and Ohio.

Scoring victories in state races and gubernatorial elections doesn’t sound as sexxxy as vaporizing Harry Reid’s Senate majority, but it is.  Our federalist system gives conservatives fifty states to win governorships, mayors’ contests, school boards memberships, town council positions and representative races.  Getting decent people into these spots will foster a saner, less suicidal political culture at the grass-roots level.

Helping right-of-center candidates win local elections doesn’t just have an immediate positive impact on communities.  It also creates a deep bench of conservative political talent.  The Republican Party has the worst congressional leadership since the 1960’s.  The last two presidential elections have seen the party field it’s weakest candidates since FDR was trouncing Herbert Hoover and Alf Landon.  

It doesn’t have to be this way.  You want leaders that don’t cry or cower every five seconds?  Then you have to encourage anti-Boehners and non-McConnells to stand up.  The process of getting them into positions of of national power starts by getting them elected in local contests.    

The R\ght is simply too DC-centric.  We keep saying how the Beltway culture is poison to our values.  Worse, we can see that the federal government isn’t going to get any friendlier to conservative ideas any time soon.  Well, if that’s the case, then it makes sense for traditionalists to go someplace where they can actually do some good.

It’s time we stop caring so much about what Eric Cantor does.  It’s long past time that we start paying very close attention to what our state senator is saying.  Who knows, that person might just get elected President some day.

MORE TO THE STORY:  You know why else conservatives don’t owe the national Republican party jack shit?  The national GOP hasn’t really done anything for them lately.  Forget about how the Tea Party never got the credit it deserved for the 2010 midterms.  Don’t bring up the way the Republican Senate Election dudes can’t pick decent candidates to take back upper chamber.

More damning than all that is the GOP’s last two presidential picks.  They both seem purposefully designed–at least in hindsight–to alienate as much of the conservative party base as possible.  John McCain snubbed religious conservatives nearly every time he could afford to.  Mitt Romney’s pro-life/pro-gun/pro-marriage stances were of a suspiciously recent vintage.  Even more stupid than Mitt’s trying to buy conservative bona fides was his decision to defend those positions in the meekest more apologetic least forceful way possible.  If you’re gonna jump on the pro-life bandwagon, you may as well use it to your advantage.

The GOP is just not that into conservatives.  Republicans  will take right-wingers on a date and hook up with them back at the frat, but that’s as far as it’s gonna go.  Playas are gonna play after all.

It’s just one more reason why the right should forget about the establishment Republicans in Washington.  They suck at politics, they can’t win and they dislike their base.  That’s enough for me.

I hope Reince Preibus is still bosom buddoes with Sheldon Adelson.

ONE MORE THING: Bob Belvedere of the brilliant Camp Of The Saints wrote about this like three days ago.  As usual, my timing is awesome.  Check it out.

…it is time for a showdown between the forces that want to aggregate to the national government more powers than those that are enumerated in The Constitution and those of us who believe that it should be followed to the letter.

‘Legal expert’ Jeffrey Toobin, per usual, gets it wrong:

“A sheriff does not get to decide whether laws are constitutional,” he said. “Unless a court invalidates a law, he’s obligated to enforce it.”

That’s become the practice, but it is simply not the way it is or is supposed to be. All officials who take an oath to The Constitution are individually responsible for assuring that it not be violated. Further, by said oath they are obligated not to enforce any law or regulation that they believe would cause them to violate their oaths. If someone disagrees, the matter may be settled in a court of law, but oath-taking officials do have this power/responsibility. And they should not fear exercising it. It’s their duty.

The national government is beyond hope.

Emphasis mine.

Read the whole thing.

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