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Wanna see a liberal dicknose set himself up for a fall?

Posted by KingShamus on July 29, 2009

Paul Krugman, a former Enron employee, has a full-on New York Times chubby for Obama’s health care plan.  See what happens when he asks a group of Canucks the wrong question about their craptastic nationalized medicine system.

Found over at Vodkapundit.

4 Responses to “Wanna see a liberal dicknose set himself up for a fall?”

  1. mike said

    Nice blog KingShamus. Found you through a fb link by Beth Cleaver. Any foe of Krugman is a friend of mine ;-)

  2. MK said

    But i guarantee you that will not stop them. Everyone in the world can stand up and say socialized health is crap and the left will still push it. The stupid ones know no better, but the clever ones don’t care because they never really wanted to improve health for all, they just want power and control and this is the easiest means to get it.

  3. mike said

    Consider your blog rolled, KS. And thanks for the same. I´ll have to finish this apartment and actually do some blogging again in case I get some traffic now ;-)

    I think MK nailed it. I´m just hoping the stupid and the clever on the right didn´t snap out of their stupor and get back in the fight too late this time.

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