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Iran: A view from the inside

Posted by KingShamus on August 6, 2009

Remember Iran?  That small insignificant country run by a government with a burning desire for nuclear weapons, regional dominance and Jewish genocide?  Well, a former CIA asset has some interesting observations about the past, present and possible future of Persia.

I know because I spent years alongside them as a CIA spy working under cover in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards starting in the 1980s.

The Guards Corps was set up as a check on the regular Army and to serve and secure the Islamic revolution. Thirty years of Western appeasement hasn’t stopped them from terrorizing the West – or Iranians. Today, with Tehran’s leaders caught in a power struggle over the June 12 election and the legitimacy of the regime, the Guards, led by zealots, are calling the shots.

The Guards – and the hardliner clerics they protect – are vulnerable, however. This summer’s grass-roots uprising has put them on the defensive. A strong Western hand now could tip the balance.

We don’t have a moment to lose. If we can’t upend the Guards now, how can we do so once they have nuclear bombs?

Washington could lead the way by refusing to recognize President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who earlier today took the oath of office for his second, four-year term. Instead, the United States should demand the freedom – and the freedom of speech – for all who’ve been arrested and tortured in recent weeks. And we should toughen sanctions to include cutting off Iran’s gasoline supplies.

The people of Iran are desperate for a show of support from the West. By standing with them, we can uphold our duty to defend democracy and take a stand for the security of the free world.

Such a stand would mark a radical policy change. For the past 30 years, the West has tried very hard to appease Iran’s mullahs.

In the 1980s, I helped make known a secret pact between Iranian mullahs and some European governments. Thirsty for Iranian oil, the Europeans gave the go-ahead to Iranian agents to assassinate opposition members abroad without interference, as long as European citizens were not at risk. Hundreds of dissidents were gunned down.

The US has also been guilty of trying to appease the mullahs. Almost every administration after the 1979 Iranian Revolution has tried in vain to create better relations through back channels. Yet those efforts haven’t stopped Iran’s rulers from arming terrorists, taking hostages, and suppressing their own people.

Read the whole thing, naturally.

As ‘Reza Kahlili’ implies, the West and America are missing a golden opportunity to help give the Iranian psycho-regime a good hard push into the shithole of history.  Once the Persians get nukes, it will be much harder to bring pressure on Iranian internal affairs. 

But of course, the smart soft diplomacy-the kind that hasn’t worked for thirty years-will bring the mullahs to heel now that St. Barry of the Sacred Unclenched Fist is at the top of the US government.

4 Responses to “Iran: A view from the inside”

  1. mike said

    I love the facepalm photo.

    You, my friend, are a force to be reckoned with. Quality and quantity here. And when I say quantity, I mean I stopped by about an hour ago to check out the daily posts and before I got a chance to comment you´ve already got two more! Incredible.

    BTW, are you on Twitter. I´ll try to start Tweeting and/or Re-Tweeting your stuff and send some much deserved traffic your way.

    • KingShamus said

      Thank you for that. I appreciate that.

      I actually don’t know where to start with Twitter. I guess I gotta look into it and get into the 21st century.

  2. MK said

    Yes indeed, it would be a great time to push and shove them into the shithole of history, but you know St. Barry won’t do it. Since taking office, hussein has come down on the side of tyrants, he won’t make any exceptions here. The inner, freedom-hating leftist in him won’t let it happen.

    • KingShamus said

      I agree

      Obambi is the leader of a country he is ambivalent about at best. So, to actually do something hard to make it safer-like stop Iran from getting nukes-is just too much trouble. He’ll just vote ‘present’ like he always does when confronted with a difficult decision.

      Meanwhile, Iran gets the bomb. But at least Obama didn’t have to break a sweat.

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