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Iran: Still a problem

Posted by KingShamus on October 1, 2009


Chicago-about to get the Olympics in 2016. Afghanistan-about to fall to shit.  Iran-about to get nukes.   Guess which one St. Barry of the Sacred Time Management Skillz is focusing his attention on? 

I know, it’s great that Chicago will get the 2016 summer games.  Cheers and bully for them.  But really, don’t we have these pesky…you know…shooting wars to deal with?  Shouldn’t existential threats take precedence over a glorified track and field tournament featuring the finest doped-up amateur athletes evah?

Then again, maybe Obambi really boning up on the Iranian question is pointless anyway.  Check out Michael Ledeen’s trenchant analysis.

The Obama administration’s talks with Iran—set to take place tomorrow in Geneva—are accompanied by an almost universally accepted misconception: that previous American administrations refused to negotiate with Iranian leaders. The truth, as Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said last October at the National Defense University, is that “every administration since 1979 has reached out to the Iranians in one way or another and all have failed.”

Thirty years of negotiations and sanctions have failed to end the Iranian nuclear program and its war against the West. Why should anyone think they will work now? A change in Iran requires a change in government. Common sense and moral vision suggest we should support the courageous opposition movement, whose leaders have promised to end support for terrorism and provide total transparency regarding the nuclear program.

In recent times, this has been the most frustrating thing about talking to lefties about Iran in particular and US-Iranian relations in general.  Dubya Bush was supposed to be a crazed warmonger cowboy that refused to talk to the mullahs.  Yet, even with the Iranians funneling money and weapons to the Iraqi insurgency and despite our knowledge of the Persian nuclear weapons program, we never took military action against the Iranian government.  More importantly, we never closed down the various back-channels that we’ve had with the Farsi Fun-Time Squad. In fact there has been chatter going back and forth between the two nations for the last decade. 

Yet Obama and the rest of the super geniuses in the Donkey-Puncher Party foreign policy brain trust insist that we boarded up our contacts with the Iranian thugocracy during the Bush years.  Moreover, the lefties are certain that our Obamessiah can talk his way into the hearts of the mullahs and get them to stop making those naughty-naughty nukes.  How is he supposed to chat up the Khamanei, Ahmadinijad and Co. when no other US president has been able to? 

Furthermore, BO can’t even get his fellow Marxoids in the House and Senate to go along with his health care deform plans.  If he can’t like-minded Democrats to walk the socialized medicine plank, what the hell is he supposed to say to the Iranians that will make them close down their nuclear weapons facilities?

2 Responses to “Iran: Still a problem”

  1. MK said

    Some lefties are so stupid that iran has to get a nuke, blow up israel and another country before they think it’s a bad idea that iran gets a nuke.

    The rest don’t care because the more tyrants and thugs get weapons, the more misery and death they can inflict.

    • KingShamus said

      The lefties aren’t exactly playing with a full deck when it comes to Iran. I don’t know what they think the mullahs are going to do with a nuke.

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