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Military Coup in Iran?

Posted by KingShamus on December 15, 2009

Iran continues to be a hornet in America’s bonnet-what with the threat of nukes as well as the ongoing international terrorist sponsoring dickbaggery of the Iranian leadership-but according to Pajamas Media and Afshin Ellian, something funky is afoot in the Islamic Republic.

Leading commentators and diplomats have been pondering for quite some time why the Iranian leader is not prepared to act against the revolution in a major way. The “China model” could be applied, a brutal, fast, and extremely violent strike against the opposition. According to conventional wisdom, tyrants will use all means to eliminate their opponents. So why haven’t the mullahs adopted Chinese methods?

…There are serious doubts about the military itself. The army and parts of the Revolutionary Guards (abbreviated as RG) would, under those circumstances, choose the side of the opposition and the people. The military power of Khamenei would be broken.


Mr. Ellian relates how a December 10th letter written and signed by officers and commanders within the Iranian army warned the ayatollahs:

 “The army is a haven for the nation and will never want to suppress the people at the request of politicians. We shall remain true to our promise not to intervene in politics. But we cannot remain silent when our fellow citizens are oppressed by tyranny.”

This is amazing.  These officers have obviously risked their careers, their lives and the lives of their families by signing off on this letter.  The bravery to openly defy the regime is inspiring.  It sure would be nice if the leadership of the United States wasn’t so determined to add legitimacy to the Iranian theocrats. 

When General William Sherman made his famous March to the Sea, he wrote about how he had pierced the shell of the Confederacy and found it hollow.  We keep seeing and hearing signs that the Iranian regime is similarly empty.  Yet all we get from the Obama administration is mewling and hand-wringing about smart diplomacy.  I for one think it would be awfully smart of us to do everything in our power to support the Iranian people as they try to resist their asshole rulers. 

What is particularly intelligent about talking up the mullahs and giving them even the hint of American political approval for their ugly offensive government?

3 Responses to “Military Coup in Iran?”

  1. Anybody. Anybody, even Billyjeff Clinton, would have at least raised his voice against the mullahs. Barry has to be the only putz on the planet that thinks these guys are worth negotiating with.

  2. He truly is a weak, appeasing asshole if he doesn’t do something. Even Jimmy Carter tried to do something. Obama? Crickets chirp chirp chirp.

  3. KingShamus said

    Inn: I feel you man. Why does Barry have a hard-on to talk talk talk to the mullahs? Do they have incriminating pictures of Obama hanging out at the Heritage Foundation or yukking it up with George Bush?

    Snark: Don’t worry. Obambi will let this opportunity conveniently slip through his fingers.

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