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Obowma strikes again

Posted by KingShamus on January 31, 2010

This time, it’s Tampa’s mayor that gets the royal treatment.

U.S. President Barack Obama bows to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio at MacDill Air Force Base on Thursday, Jan. 28, 2010 in Tampa, Fla.

I think I know why Obama bows to everybody.  As everybody knows, Barry is a proud member of the Church of Wearing Your Multiculturalism On Your Sleeve.  One of the tenets of the faith is that practitioners have to make outsized gestures not to actually accomodate people from other cultures, but instead to show just how much the diversity-mongers tolerate and accept the Other.  When you’re a multi-cultist, it’s not about respecting other peoples, it’s about making that everyone else sees what a swell person you are when you’re around ‘ethnic people’.

President PantsCrease’s entire foreign policy rhetoric is based on the multi-culti impulse to convince everybody that he’s down with non-white non-American types.  From the unclenched fist yakkety-yak to the way the guy pronounces Pakistan (“Pockeestahn”), Obama makes gestures designed to put his acceptance front and center.  So if Barry runs across some people of color who have a tradition of bowing to each other-or if the President just thinks they bow-well, it’s time for him to reach for his toes.

It really doesn’t matter if Pam Iorio is a recent immigrant to the US or a seventh generation American.  In the eyes of Obama, she’s just an opportunity to show off his mad multicultural skillz.  Pretty pathetic?  Yes.  But then, Obowma doesn’t give a shit about looking pathetic.  He cares immensely about looking cool in the eyes of the multi-cultural left.

Many thanks (Ooops, that’s Muchas gracias…see, I’m super-cool with people with foreign-sounding names too!) to Gabriel Malor over at Ace’s place for originally finding this link.

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The Democrats want to reform college football

Posted by KingShamus on January 31, 2010

Greg Norman took the (sarcastic) words out of my mouth.

So they must have cleaned up all that messy budget stuff, gotten everyone back to work, streamlined the delivery of health care, made sure that entitlements will be funded unto eternity, and provided for the rebuilding and repair of roads and bridges all across the land.

Now, before they rest from their labors, the lords and ladies of the Imperial City are taking on the formidable challenge of fixing the way the number one team in college football is determined.

And not a minute too soon.  Fans have lived too long in bondage to the BCS.  How long, oh Lord, how long must these sufferings – whereby worthy, small conference teams are denied their rightful place in the sun – go on?  How long must they scrounge for scraps of meat and crusts of bread while the big dogs from the SEC & Big 12 feast at the head table on the fatted calf and thick red wine, poured by lissome nymphs robed in diaphanous silks?

On second thought, reconfiguring the college football bowl system might be the only thing Obama, Pelosi and Reid can even sorta hope to figure out.  How’s about this:  The Democrats drop Cap and Trade, Surrendering to Al-Qaeda and Health Care Deform.  In exchange, Congress gets to fuck up…er, ummm, er…fix the national championship format all they want.

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Cleared: Jay Bybee and John Yoo

Posted by KingShamus on January 31, 2010

The hits just keep coming for the thumbsuckers.

an upcoming Justice Department report from its ethics-watchdog unit, the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), clears the Bush administration lawyers who authored the “torture” memos of professional-misconduct allegations.

While the probe is sharply critical of the legal reasoning used to justify waterboarding and other “enhanced” interrogation techniques, NEWSWEEK has learned that a senior Justice official who did the final review of the report softened an earlier OPR finding. Previously, the report concluded that two key authors—Jay Bybee, now a federal appellate court judge, and John Yoo, now a law professor—violated their professional obligations as lawyers when they crafted a crucial 2002 memo approving the use of harsh tactics, say two Justice sources who asked for anonymity discussing an internal matter. But the reviewer, career veteran David Margolis, downgraded that assessment to say they showed “poor judgment,” say the sources. (Under department rules, poor judgment does not constitute professional misconduct.) The shift is significant: the original finding would have triggered a referral to state bar associations for potential disciplinary action—which, in Bybee’s case, could have led to an impeachment inquiry.

Instead John Yoo and Jay Bybee are gonna skate.

Oh dear.  This was not how it was supposed to go down.  Not at all.

Remember how the leftards had this all figured out?  John Yoo was gonna get humiliated by Jon Stewart in front of the Daily Show trained clapping seals audience full of really smart independent thinkers, then thrown into a jail cell.  Jay Bybee was gonna do a perp-walk directly to an Eric Holder show trial, where he would implicate everybody in the Bush Administration for torture.  With Bushitler, Darth Cheney and the rest of the evil right-wing Dubya cabal safely in custody, America would finally be a land of justice, mercy, gum-drop smiles and rainbow farts.  Terrorists would be given warm hugs and gentle self-esteem boosts by peace studies graduate students, which would turn al-Qaeda extremists into Code Pink marchers.  Under Barack Obama’s tutelage, America was going to finally live up to it’s lofty ideals.

Now, that glorious left-wing schadenfreude/fantasy is out the window. Yoo and Bybee are not going to turn state’s evidence against George Bush and Co.  None of the torture-mongers are going to catch jail time.  None of the big fish, and that’s who the liberals really wanted anyway.

I’m wondering what happens now.  The peace-creep contingent voted for Obama in part because they thought they were gonna be able to hang some Bush-era scalps on their trophy wall.  All the big talk about civil rights and human dignity wasn’t supposed to end in a stern lecture for the Bush lawyers.  How many more promises can Obambi break until the America-Last crowd finally kicks his ass to the curb?

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Awww: Ezra Klein is emo

Posted by KingShamus on January 29, 2010

Somebody call the waaaaaahmbulance.

I apologize for being so insensitive.  You gotta be gentle with Ezra’s fragile little psyche lately.  Obama’s been a total buzzkill, Scott Brown drove his truck over Martha Coakley’s political career and now Rahm Emanuel is pushing health reform on to the very far back burner.  Before President PantsCrease gets Klein his socialized medicine lolly-pop, Rahm is talking about a jobs bill, fees on banks and a financial regulatory overhaul.  After all that will come another crack at passing a health care bill.  This does not please our precious little thumbsucker one bit.

It is very, very, very important to be clear on what the death of health-care reform looks like. It is not a vote that goes against the Democrats. It is not an admission that the White House has moved on from the subject. It is continued statements of commitment from the key players paired with a continued stretching of the timetable. Like everything else in life, policy initiatives grow old and die, even if people still love them.

The timetable Emanuel is laying out makes little sense. The jobs bill will take some time. Financial regulation will take much longer. Let’s be conservative and give all this four months. Is Emanuel really suggesting that he expects Congress to return to health-care reform in the summer before the election? Forgetting whether there’s political will at that point, there’s no personnel: Everyone is home campaigning.

Holy shit.  ‘Very, very, very’?  Really, Ezra?  Three ‘verys’?      

Well, let me go very, very, very slow here, sport.  Your dreamy Jesus-figure president spent a year flipping the bird to the GOP and the Tea Party protesters.  He had no time to deal with their piddling concerns and he wasn’t going to put up with any of their sorta conservative suggestions.  He won, after all.  He didn’t need anybody else but his had-left followers to dream up his socialist medicine plan.

Then, the Democrats proceeded to get their asses handed to them in New Jersey, Virginia and Taxachussets.  In the Bay State, Scott Brown beat the Donkey-Puncher by promising to vote against Obama-Care.  For anybody else except for the scary smart Ezra Klein, this is a twenty-foot tall orange caution cone with a neon pink sign saying, “Slow your Roll”.

But not for our precocious leftist scribbler.  Nope.  Klein thinks the Democrats should ignore every poll…including those piddling little polls called elections…and pass the health care deform plan no matter how much the ground has shifted underneath the statists.  The thing is, Klein doesn’t have to face voters in November, so he can bang his spoon on his high chair for all he wants and it won’t change his employment status one bit.  But he’s very, very, very determined to have the Democrats do everything to get the boot in 2010.

So yeah, Obama and the Congressional Donks…please follow the advice of this juice-box guzzling twerp.  Do not moderate.  Do not deviate.  Liste to him and drive your majority right off the proverbial cliff.

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Egregious dickbag moment in last night’s SOTU

Posted by KingShamus on January 28, 2010

Okay, I didn’t watch it last night.  Sue me.  I wussed out.  Yes, I am a weak man. 

My poor blogging aside, I’m catching up on Youtube.  Whoo boy, this speech is like watching paint dry on a car accident.  Boring and infuriating all at once. 

So yeah, there’s lots to dislike here.  But skip ahead to about 3:20 for a good hearty laugh.

Funny, right?

Remember the civil unrest after the rigged elections in Iran?  Well, in Barack Obama, you’ve got a guy who barely acknowledged the Iranian protest movement when it was actually going on.  The President and his various mouthpieces referred to the Persian theocrats…the thugs and bullies and tin-horn Mahdist ball-scratchers…as the rightful rulers of Iran according to the unclenched fist foreign policy of Obambi.

Obama says he’s a defender of the women in Iran.  Tell that to Neda Soltani.

Like I said, there was a lot to be annoyed with in Barry MagicPantsCrease’s rumbling, stumbling travesty.  That particular thoughtless arrogant statement…I dunno.  It really pissed me off for some reason.

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The IPad has lost or destroyed one person’s employment already

Posted by KingShamus on January 28, 2010

You knew this was gonna happen eventually.  But now what will Obambi use for an insurance policy?

(Washington D.C.) – SPN Headlines – President Obama said last night in his State of the Union address that he is focused on jobs. What most people didn’t realize is that he was referring to Apple CEO Steve Jobs. 

Obama terminated Joe Biden as Vice President this morning saying ”That Steve Jobs dude is the smartest son of a bitch on Earth, and old Joe doesn’t know what day it is. I offered Steve the job but he said he can’t stand being around stupid people. 

Obama then named a new Apple iPad as Biden’s replacement, saying “Did you see that frigging thing? It could run the country better than me but I still need the gig.” The iPad will take over immediately and assume the responsibilities of the Vice President, which include doing absolutely nothing. 

Read more of this startling development at da linkage.

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The President says pork is sexxxy

Posted by KingShamus on January 28, 2010

The President of Argentina, that is.

Many people in this beef-loving nation reacted with surprise Thursday after Cristina Fernandez promoted pork in a speech during which she not only said pork is better than Viagra, but suggested she’s personally proven it.

“I didn’t know that eating pork improved sexual activity,” Fernandez said in a meeting with representatives of the swine industry late Wednesday. “It is much more gratifying to eat some grilled pork than to take Viagra.”

She even joked that “it was all good” after she enjoyed some pork with her husband, former President Nestor Kirchner.

“I think they might be right,” Fernandez said to a laughing audience.

Well, okay.

If El Presidente thinks you gotta push the porking angle on pork in order to get her countrymen to eat pig…wow.  Latin America must really be a vast mysterious place.

Anyhoo, the article discusses how pork is a very uncommon culinary item down in Argentina.  If I had any kind of brains, I’d be hanging up this blog and bringing bacon to Patagonia right now.  Once the Argentines get a load of bacon, they’re gonna want that most perfect food all the time.  I’d make a fortune on those people and their sure-fire addiction to salted cured pig.

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Clowns are funny

Posted by KingShamus on January 28, 2010


I stole this off of my man Mike’s Twitter feed.  Check ’em out.

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Howard Zinn-RIP

Posted by KingShamus on January 27, 2010

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon…sorry, Maaaaaaaaaaattt Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaymonnnn…are crying in their cribs tonight.  How do you like them apples?

Howard Zinn, the Boston University historian and political activist who was an early opponent of US involvement in Vietnam and whose books, such as “A People’s History of the United States,” inspired young and old to rethink the way textbooks present the American experience, died today in Santa Monica, Calif, where he was traveling. He was 87.

His daughter, Myla Kabat-Zinn of Lexington, said he suffered a heart attack.

“He’s made an amazing contribution to American intellectual and moral culture,” Noam Chomsky, the left-wing activist and MIT professor, said tonight. “He’s changed the conscience of America in a highly constructive way. I really can’t think of anyone I can compare him to in this respect.”

 Chomsky added that Dr. Zinn’s writings “simply changed perspective and understanding for a whole generation. He opened up approaches to history that were novel and highly significant. Both by his actions, and his writings for 50 years, he played a powerful role in helping and in many ways inspiring the Civil rights movement and the anti-war movement.”

Because the man has passed, I’ll say that he is of a generation of people who truly believed in the socialist project as well as the toxicity of the American nation.  As such, he represents the intellectual zeitgeist of his times.  In many ways, that’s the highest compliment one can give a person.

In the end though, he also represents the rise of the spoiled tenured radical, spongeing off the richness of the American capitalist system while decrying much of the nation’s history.  He also became a darling of the Hollywood kool kid krowd, bringing his brand of snobbish leftism to countless petulant entertainers.  All of this is a stain on his legacy.  A smart person like this should’ve been able to steer himself off of this intellectual coarse.  He instead chose not to.


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When you lose ObamaGirl

Posted by KingShamus on January 27, 2010

You’ve lost…fuck…I dunno who the hell you’ve lost.  I still think this wacky broad is very hot and incredibly naïve.

First, Massachusetts turned on the president.

Now, the bikini-clad “Obama Girl” — who famously cooed about her “crush” throughout the presidential campaign on YouTube videos — admits the thrill is gone.

Amber Lee Ettinger — the buxom sensation who lip-synched about her love for then-candidate Barack Obama — said she wishes he spent his first year in office more focused on fixing the abysmal economy.

“I think he’s doing an OK job,” said Ettinger, whose original “Crush on Obama” video, first shown in 2007, has had more than 16.5 million views on YouTube.

“I know he’s getting a lot of flak for things that he’s not doing,” she told The Post. “In my opinion, I feel like he should be focusing a lot more on jobs and the economy.”

Ettinger, 28, said that even though she doesn’t have health care — “I can’t afford it” — she still thinks Obama should have waited to tackle the thorny legislation that has been blamed for the devastating Democratic loss of Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat.

Yes, I stole this entire post from JammieWearingFool.  Whatevs.

I think it was Mark Levin who said something to the effect of:  If the young voters understood what Obama was doing to them (zillion dollar deficits, unsustainable federal programs), they’d run away from Obama in droves. 

Do I think Ms. Ettinger is turning into a Tea Party gal?  I rather doubt it.  But do I think ObamaGirl’s discontent with the President is real?  Yes. 

I also think the youth voters…of which Ms. Ettinger sorta represents in a way…that went so heavily towards St. Barry of the Worthless Miracle are starting to feel that first really powerful sting of disenchantment, the kind that happens when someone realizes their new husband picks his wedgies in public.  The young supporters that got swept up in Hope-N-Change are now seeing the limits of Obama’s political skills.  They thought universal health care, closing GITMO and cars that ran on carbon-neutral unicorn farts would be a done deal by now.  Instead, their Sexxxy Jesus figure has delivered exactly nada. 

Welcome to the desert of the real, kids.  Get used to it.

UPDATE:  Our favorite jilted lover was on Sean Hannity.  Check it out, ya’all.

“At least I wasn’t the Edwards Girl, right?”



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Is the State of The Union being teleprompted tonight?

Posted by KingShamus on January 27, 2010

I guess Obambi’s big post-Brown speech is tonight.  You can ignore it.  You can play drinking games to it.  And you can make fun of it too.

I found this over at the comments at FloppingAces.  Thanks to tfhr.

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I wasn’t going to post this…

Posted by KingShamus on January 27, 2010

I thought, “Who wants to see another ‘Downfall’ parody clip?

Then I saw it.  I was in tears.  It’s so full of awesome. 

“Bush got C’s.  Obama probably failed lunch.”


Thanks to Track-A-‘Crat for finding this rad clip.

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Miranda Kerr, anyone?

Posted by KingShamus on January 27, 2010

Well, anyone?



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The next Democratic majority? Think again.

Posted by KingShamus on January 26, 2010

There’s been a lot of talk today about Obama’s proposed spending freeze.  Check it out.

President Obama will call for a three-year freeze in spending on many domestic programs and for increases no greater than inflation after that, an initiative intended to signal his seriousness about cutting the budget deficit, administration officials said on Monday.

The officials said the proposal would be a major component both of Obama’s State of the Union speech on Wednesday and the budget that he will send to Congress next Monday for fiscal year 2011 that begins in October.

The freeze would cover the agencies and programs for which Congress allocates specific budgets each year, from air traffic control and farm subsidies to education, nutrition and national parks.

But it would exempt the Pentagon, foreign aid, Veterans Affairs and homeland security budgets, as well as the entitlement programs that make up the biggest and fastest-growing part of the federal budget: Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

So okay, it’s a fake-as-fuck spending freeze.  Given Captain Bullshit’s fabulous first year as President, this is not surprising.  So why is he putting this out now?  I mean, he’s the one who signed Porkulus, the bailouts and his budget.  It’s like that stuff didn’t happen under his watch.

Daniel Foster over at NR’s Corner has an idea.

Though Obama’s proposed freeze would be “aggregate”, meaning that some discretionary programs could see increases while others see cuts (perhaps this is the “scalpel” to which he was here referring) Krugman’s hysterics raise an important question: Qui bono from this proposal? Who does the president win over?

My guess is centrist Democrats in the neighborhood of Evan Bayh, and that portion of the independent electorate who 1) are to the right of Obama on fiscal policy and 2) don’t see this proposal as a calculated political pose. But that leaves the independents who do think this is a calculated political pose—not to mention the centrist and conservative Republicans who know it is—and it won’t win anything more from these groups than the “golf clap” one blogger suggested the president was owed. Worse yet for Obama, the progressives are going ballistic and saying things like “I feel like an idiot for supporting this guy.”

That ain’t exactly a victory coalition.

Remember when everyone thought Barack Obama was gonna unite the entire country?  Well, I think he has.  He’s managed to piss off conservatives and moderates…and he’s about to infuriate leftists.  That counts as united, right?

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Tim Tebow: The pro-life quarterback

Posted by KingShamus on January 26, 2010

Wow.  Homeboy is pro-life.

The doctor tending to the mother of the University of Florida’s Heisman trophy-winning quarterback Tim Tebow advised her to kill him. Medication used to treat dysentery caused placental abruption. The doctor thought the baby would be stillborn, anyway, but Tebow’s mother chose to give him a chance to live.

And he did.

America will see Tim Tebow (who wears “John 3:16” on his eyeblack) and his mother during the Super Bowl next month. They’ll deliver a pro-life message in a commercial sponsored by Focus on the Family. Naturally, pro-aborts are having a collective hissy fit:

Shut up and play ball!”

This country needs more young Christian men like Tebow, men who stand for what’s right and don’t cave to peer pressure. Young people struggling to live the Christian life (yes, Christians do struggle!) could use a few high-profile Christians bucking the system and risking ridicule.

I didn’t really know too much about Tim Tebow before this post.  College football isn’t really my thing.  All I heard is that he is an immensely gifted athletic talent who might not be able to play NFL quarterback, but could probably find his way into pro football because he’s a bad-ass physical specimen.  I didn’t realize just how committed he was to his Christian faith or the pro-life cause.

The fact that this guy can stand up and make a pro-life commercial to air during the Super Bowl takes guts.  So much of American culture…the Hollywood celebutards, the lefty sports journalists, the tenured campus radicals…is pro-abortion.  In the big time media world that Tebow occupies, being pro-life is just not cool.  I’m sure he knows this, and yet he still decided to declare his un-hip opinion to the world.

 He might never be an National Football League star.  There is a chance that his particular mix of skills will not translate over to the pro game.  If I was an NFL GM, I’d still take a chance and draft him.  Why?  Because if this dude can stare down opposing defenses and the vast strident pro-choice movement within our society, he’s got a spine of steel.  That’s a quality you can’t coach into a guy.  He just has to have it.  I’d want a guy like Tim Tebow running my offense and leading my team.

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Mixed Messages

Posted by KingShamus on January 26, 2010


Thanks to Darleen Click over at Protein Wisdom.

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Savor it, numbskull.

Posted by KingShamus on January 26, 2010

Is this sophomoric?  Yes.  Does it coarsen public discourse?  Assuredly.  Do I give a shit?  Nope.

Big ups to Greg Gutfeld at Red Eye and Predictable Hipster over at the Activity Pit.

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Square pegs, Round holes, Hammerheads

Posted by KingShamus on January 26, 2010

Compare and contrast for a moment the first year of Hope-N-Change with what people think are top priorities in 2010.

Let’s see here.  Cap and Trade was supposed to ‘solve’ global warming, an issue nobody cares about.  Barry wants to give us an an immigration amnesty bill, which would address a problem that ranks low on the people’s list of concerns.  Finally, health care reform was supposed to address an epic national crisis…that somehow doesn’t fall into the top five of this poll’s results. 

Instead the people seem to be concerned with trifling little things, like the economy, jobs and terrorism.  I know, it’s crazy to think in a country with 10% unemployment that people would want the government to address getting people back to work.  As for terrorism, well, we had that small man caused near-disaster back on Christmas Day, but that unpleasantness is all taken care of.  Hell, everyone seems to agree that the system worked.    

One wonders why Barack Obama has lost his seemingly magic touch with the people that he had back in 2008.  If you’re a mainstream media lemming, you’re chalking it up to poor communications and the stupid American public who just can’t get the scary-smart uber-centrist policies of President Dreamypants.  I mean, Obama’s only held…what…500 speeches, press conferences, college commencements, sit-down interviews, one-on-one conversations, coffee klatches, bar mitzvahs, sweet sixteens, pick-up basketball games, sewing circles and lingerie parties that centered around some part of Barry’s foreign or domestic plans.

No.  It comes down to something almost impossibly simple.  Every big-ticket item in St. Barry’s policy cupboard has absolutely nothing to do with what concerns the voting public.  Again, this after a year of him yakking ad nauseum ad infinitum in every media outlet across the galaxy.  If Obama hasn’t managed to sell his snake-oil after all that huffing and puffing, the problem isn’t with the public.  The problem lies squarely at the feet of the President.

I grabbed the poll link over at, by the way.  AllahPundit has some sweet tasty Obama hubris at that there link.

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The phatest rap featuring John Maynard Keynes and Friedrich Von Hayek EVAH.

Posted by KingShamus on January 25, 2010

Old dead economists dropping mad rhymes about the markets and cheddah and what-not.  That’s the new hotness in the hip-hop game. 

Watch out for Jay-Z’s next single that breaks down Milton Freidman’s “Free to Choose”.

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Look who’s slipped down on the economic freedom scale

Posted by KingShamus on January 25, 2010

You know, the free-market shit that we invented?  Well, one year of President Barry has made us less economically free than…China-dominated Hong Kong.


Even the People’s Republic of Canuckistan beats us.  Oh for fuck’s sake.  Canada is kicking our ass in economic freedom?  What’s next, Lichtenstein beating us in military strength?   

Take solace in being ‘Mostly Free’, Americans.  It’s sorta like being ‘Mostly Clean from Chlamydia’.  Here’s the worst part. 

 U.S. tax rates are burdensome. The top income and corporate tax rates are 35 percent. Other taxes include an estate tax and excise taxes. Additional income, sales, and property taxes are assessed at the state and local levels. In the most recent year, overall tax revenue as a percentage of GDP was 28.3 percent.

Question for the group:  If we keep spending far beyond our means, what are the chances that those burdensome taxes are gonna go down?

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