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Obama: The Gulf Oil Spill is my highest priority…except when it isn’t

Posted by KingShamus on May 27, 2010

For a guy that seems constantly overwhelmed by the responsibilities of his job, he sure has a funny way of organizing his to-do list.

Today President Obama said that stopping the oil spill has been his “highest priority.”

He seems to have a lot of top priorities; he’s identified several in his remarks since the initial explosion on the oil rig April 20.

President Obama with Mexican president Felipe Calderon, May 19: “We agreed to continue working aggressively on our highest economic priority, which is creating jobs for our people.”

Obama with Hamad Karzai, May 12: “This is a reaffirmation of the friendship between the American people and the Afghan people. When I came into office, I made it very clear that, after years of some drift in the relationship, that I saw this as a critical priority.”

Obama at the Business Council, May 4: “More broadly, spurring job creation and economic expansion continues to be our number one domestic priority.”

Obama at a town-hall meeting in Ottumwa, Iowa, April 27: “I don’t want to close off trade with other countries — I want to open those countries because that’s a lot of where the growth is and that’s where we can sell our products and we’ve got a competitive advantage. But we’ve got to keep on pushing and be tough in our negotiations, and that’s something that’s going to be a top priority.”

Obama in Fort Madison, Iowa, April 27: “And that’s why our energy security has been a top priority for my administration since the day I took office.”

Yeah, I stole Geraghty’s entire post.  Sue me.

Really now, Obamster?  Everything is always on the very top of the inbox?

I know St. Barry of the Sacred Multitasking thinks he’s a sooooper-jeanyus, but this is a president that makes a dispute between a local cop and a semi-famous D-list celebrity professor into a federal intervention/kumbaya session.  Setting priorities is not Obama’s strong suit.  As has been noted before, the president tends to be a reactive fellow.  His leadership model ends up working against him most of the time.  When everything is a high priority, nothing is a high priority.  That might explain why Obama is constantly saying how this or that issue is at the top of his concern menu.

Or perhaps there’s an easier explanation.  Maybe this is just another one of Obama’s autopilot rhetorical tics he puts into nearly every public pronouncement he makes, ala “Let me be clear”.  ‘Top Priority’ might just be Barry’s way of saying that he really really really gives a shit about (fill in the blank for cause/crisis/political issue/dessert topping) that he happens to be talking about at that moment.       

Funny thing is, Obammy hasn’t been particularly strong on any of the stuff he says are his top priorities.  Can anybody point out how Obama has improved the unemployment numbers? Have Barry’s green energy proposals been any kind of successful?  Obama can take pot shots at Bush and keep mashing the reset button in Afghanistan till his thumbs swell up to the size of his ears, but even his own hand-picked general says that the US isn’t winning the war.  Also, please wake me up when Obama wants to get around to thinking about maybe drafting a proposal that outlines a thumbnail sketch of a possible coherent trade policy, much less an effective one.

The pResident sure likes to talk a big game about making various and sundry items top priorities.  His record suggests he’s not really any good at…you know…actually doing anything that would deal with America’s problems. 

Why, it’s almost like our leader is some kind of inexperienced backbench legislator with a paper-thin resume or something.

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