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Pat Toomey GOTV is back on!

Posted by KingShamus on October 31, 2010

Yo, I’m back in the GOTV game. 

I’m headed to Pennsyltucky tomorrow November 1st.  I’m shooting for 12:00 noon.  Here’s the address:

Toomey For Senate HQ
3440 Hamilton Blvd.  
Allentown, PA 18103


I talked to one of the campaign workers and he was stoked to hear I was showing up.  I told him I was even more stoked to do it.

If any of my homies are going to be in the area and want to help get Pat Toomey in the Senate and keep Jerky Joe Sestak out of that august body, e-mail me.  You find my address in the “Contact the Bloggers/Mission Statement” page.

I know it’s during the work week.  I know it’s very short notice.  I apologize.

But, it’s the only time I could work it into my schedule before Election Day.

Truth be told, I’ve thought Pat Toomey was rad for a while.  If not for the gutlessness of the GOP leadership at the time, Toomey would’ve been a US Senator six years ago.  Looking at his Issues page, it’s clear just how good he is on the most important matters of the day.  Even though he’s not going to be my Senator, I just feel that I need to support the man.  

Seriously, if you have time and you’re gonna be close by, please attend.  Like I said before, first round of beers are on me.

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Happy Halloween From President Obama!

Posted by KingShamus on October 31, 2010

Kids:  For your own safety and the safety of your candy, do not–I repeat–DO NOT knock on the White House door.

Spread the wealth!

I found this over at Fleeceme, one of my favorite new blogs.  Big ups, dude.

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Black Folks-Come Back Home

Posted by KingShamus on October 31, 2010

A rad find by the great Smitty of the awesome Other McCain fame.

Because, let’s be honest here–the Democrats haven’t exactly handed African-Americans the keys to the kingdom.

Democrat Party economic ideas under President Barack Obama have lead to a 19% unemployment rate for black males.  Not only that, but the Donks seem to suggest that this utterly unacceptable situation is the new normal for Americans in general, and black males in particular.  ‘Just grin and bear it, brotha’  is the mantra coming out of the Obama Administration.  That’s some stone cold comfort right there.

The Democrat Party has been in bed with Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry for decades.  Ponder the murderous irony of African-Americans aligning themselves with a political party that prays at the altar of Planned Parenthood, a group founded on the vile bigoted population control policies of Margaret Sanger.  Somebody in the Democrat Party needs to explain how a racist eugenicist organization that promotes racist eugenicist policies is going to fight discrimination and help black people get ahead in America.  It’s going to be exceedingly hard for African-Americans to have any kind of future if they’re five times as likely as white people to kill their babies.  

Even worse, the Democrats have not only taken advantage of the black vote on the federal level.  From statehouses to city councils, Democrats have feasted on near unanimous black voter support to ram through a nasty paternalistic agenda.  Case in point:  While urban crime has gone down on a national level, many cities are still cesspools of the criminal element.  Detroit, Camden, East St. Louis; just a few of the most unsafe places in America.  So what do many big-city mayors and councils do?  They impose anti-Second Amendment laws that make it impossible for city dwellers–many of them black–from defending themselves from murderers, rapists and violent gangs.

Consider the back-breaking trade off made by black folks living in cities dominated by gun-grabbing Democrat politicians.  African-Americans fought for decades to get the Voting Rights Act enacted.  That’s great.  However, if you’re black and you want to live in a city, why should you have to throw away your constitutionally guaranteed right to self-defense?  Because some nanny-state Democrat politician thinks he can keep you safe better than you can?  How’s that worked out?      

This is just a small part of the cancerous legacy of black people voting in lockstep for Democrats:  Jobless, neutered and defenseless.

Come back home, black folks.

UPDATE:  Welcome NewsRealBlog Readers!  Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the intertubes.  You’re welcome to roam about the blog freely.

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The Bawney Fwank Commemorative Coin

Posted by KingShamus on October 31, 2010

Hehehee–24 karat fool’s gold.

Found this over at a cool site called The Current.  John Carey and the Right Hand Man do strong work.

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When Barry Wet Johnnie

Posted by KingShamus on October 30, 2010

It’s so sweet when two people, who you just know will be perfect together, finally meet.

I can’t embed the video, so you can go to the link and watch Jon ‘PuppyDog’ Stewart and President Dreamboat fumble with each other’s zippers and try to get to second base.

I watched most of it live, but I just couldn’t finish.  The concentrated amount of liberal lap-dogging done by Stewart was too much.  I had to turn it off and come back to it later online.  When I did, it was still awful. 

Here’s a transcript of one section of the interview:

Stewart:  Barack, you are so pretty and hip, why aren’t you as liberal as I wish you could be?  Also, I find myself getting lost in the depths of your big gorgeous eyes…

Obama:  Shhhh, Daddy will answer all your questions.  Just hush those flaccid fish-lips, buttercup.

Okay, I made that up.  A little. 

For the doe-eyed political noob perspective on the Obama/Stewart date night, read Dana Milbank’s slapping of his little meat-paws on the old keyboardotron.

Stewart, who struggled to suppress a laugh as Obama defended Summers, turned out to be an able inquisitor on behalf of aggrieved liberals. He spoke for the millions who had been led to believe that Obama was some sort of a messianic figure. Obama has only himself to blame for their letdown. By raising expectations impossibly high, playing the transformational figure to Hillary Clinton’s status-quo drone, he gave his followers an unrealistic hope.

“You’re coming from a place, you ran on a very high rhetoric: ‘hope’ and ‘change.’ And the Democrats this year seem to be running on ‘Please, baby, one more chance.'” Stewart observed. “Are you disappointed in how it’s gone?”

Obama replied that he was advised after the election that “two years from now, folks are going to be frustrated” — a prediction he did not make public to his starry-eyed supporters at the time.

Oh. My God.

So Jon Stewart was effective at criticizing the unrealistic expectations that Obama created in the 2008 campaign.  Huzzah and bully for him.  Too bad Jon Stewart–and Dana Milbank–did everything they could to act as goddamn useful idiot enablers for the Bamster’s overblown promises.  They aided and abetted in fooling the American public about the extreme political ideology of Barack Obama.  But now that the lamestream media’s candidate du jour is on the cusp of shitting the legislative majority mattress, I guess it’s safe to be told about these formerly hunky-dory unrealistic expectations.

But it isn’t just the President that confounds left-wing observation.  Some writers seem to be very naive about Jon Stewart’s intensely ideological nature.

Maybe I was deluding myself because I like the intelligence of Stewart’s humor, but I really believed he had a more balanced and centrist take on American life. If the White House was looking for the court jester and mouthpiece of the folks senior White House officials described as the “professional left,” they found him. He was sitting across from the president Wednesday night prodding him with all the White House had not done.

…But he never once seemed to be able to even conceive of a question that would come at the president from right of center — or even center-center. Think how enriched this interview would have been by even one question from right of center asking about unintended consequences or huge federal spending programs that came nowhere near doing what Obama had promised they would.

Dude, really?

Why the fuck would anybody think Jon Stewart was going to be fair?  The man has built a career on being a reliable leftist hack.  Sure, he masquerades as just a simple little comedian.  But that drag act got transparent and tired a long time ago.  Basically, he’s DailyKos with better writers and “The Daily Show” is a snarky progressive blog reconfigured for a television format.

That means that Jon Stewart is never going to make a serious inquiry from a center-right or centrist perspective.  No matter how intelligent his humor seems, and it really isn’t that smart, he’s just not going to do it.  The man doesn’t only believe conservatism is politically wrong.  He thinks it’s illegitimate and evil, closer to Nazism than anything else.  Every now and again, Stewart will throw righties a bone, but these bon mots are an infrequent occurrence.  Moreover, his puny concessions to the other side are the fig leaves he has to throw on his ideological profile to allow his allies to say, “See, he attacks everybody!  He’s non-partisan!”  

As for the interview itself, the best part for me was watching Stewart throw the President one cheesedick softball question after the other.  About 1/4 of every ‘Daily Show’ episode is devoted to the host banging his rattle on his high chair, complaining about somebody in the mainstream media who didn’t ask the correct–that is, the most aggressively leftist–question to somebody in power.  During the Bush years, there was no bigger crybaby about the MSM’s supposedly inept questioning of the Dubya Administration than Jon Stewart. 

Presented with a golden opportunity to practice what he’s been preaching like an obsessive compulsive homeless streetwalking crank for a decade, what does Stewart do?  Kiss President Obama’s ass for 9/10ths of the interview.  Dogshit hypocrisy is rarely this blindingly obvious.          

It’s long been time for conservatives and Republicans to get a painful truth through their thick skulls:  The Left in general, and Jon Stewart in particular, hates us all.  They don’t just disagree with our politics.  They don’t just question our ideology.  They revile our very existence.

We’re never going to get a fair shake from any of them, so we should stop bowing and scraping before the Left in an attempt to curry their favor.  Let Stewart and the rest of his court jester clowns have their vapid anti-Beck Rally To Buck Up The Dear Leader’s Favorability.  It’s going to be an epic socialist/progtard circlejerk.  That’s all you need to know.

While they’re toddling off into the weeds, patting each other on the balls for their irony and congratulating themselves for being hip, we should just prepare our side for wiping the statist political party off the electoral map and permanently castrating Obama’s power.

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Pat Toomey GOTV Stuff (Update-Cue The Sad Trombone)

Posted by KingShamus on October 30, 2010

Depending on what happens tomorrow, I might be able to do some GOTV for the Toomey campaign on Saturday or Sunday.  I called the campaign.  They were very cool, of course, and they said they could definitely use the help. 

Like I said, it depends on what happens tomorrow.  If things go well, I’m going this weekend.

If any of my rad blog audience feels like coming along, e-mail me using the address on my ‘Contact the Bloggers/Mission Statement’ page.  I’ll buy the Yuenglings.

UPDATE:  It’s off.  Damnit to fucking hell.

I’ve got a very full plate this weekend.  I’m trying to sell my old ride and buy a new whip all at the same time.  If that wasn’t enough, there’s like five other things I gotta get done.  Of course, this all has to happen before Election Day. 

Well, that was a bust.

Anyhoooooo, I’ll still be blogging, so you’ll be blessed by my dazzling intellect, stunning good looks and brilliant wit.  And I’ll be sure to start sharing all of those qualities with you any day now.

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RE: The Attempted Bomb Packages Out Of Yemen

Posted by KingShamus on October 29, 2010


TSA has begun searching several planes in the US after British officials discovered a bomb on a Yemen-to-US cargo flight.  The bomb was disguised in a toner cartridge, and the UPS flight was due to land in Chicago today:

Investigators in the United Kingdom found a bomb disguised as a toner cartridge aboard a plane flying from Yemen to Chicago when it stopped in London on Thursday night – one reason for heightened concern at U.S. airports on Friday, a law-enforcement source with detailed knowledge of the investigation said.

Two UPS cargo planes at Philadelphia International Airport and another at Newark International Airport are being examined for questionable shipments, the company said. One of the planes at Philadelphia came from Paris, the other from Cologne, Germany, UPS said. The plane at Newark also arrived from Cologne.

These reports are preliminary, of course, but the Yemen connection strongly hints at al-Qaeda.  The network has tried to conduct a large-scale operation against the US for years, but usually target passenger services like normal commercial flights or subway systems.  They may have decided to test the cargo system to see whether they can penetrate it effectively — and if the bomb made it to the UK, they have at least managed to succeed on the first phase of a terrorist attack.

I have nothing to add right now.

I’ll just say this: If I must die in a massive terrorist attack, please let it be under President Palin because at least I can be fairly certain that my death will contribute to a massive retaliatory strike, hopefully involving nukes. 

If I get turned into cinders with St. Barry of the Sacred Unclenched Fist as President, I’m pretty sure he’ll send a strongly worded apology to al-Qaeda.

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El Maverick McAmnesty Dude Stumping For Sharron Angle-Good Idea?

Posted by KingShamus on October 28, 2010

Rich Lowry reports:

As Elizabeth Crum notes in Battle ‘10, John McCain is coming in for a rally for Sharron Angle on Friday. This is a key moment for the campaign. Angle obviously doesn’t have a problem with the conservative base in Nevada–it nominated her against all the odds and will crawl across broken glass to vote for her on Tuesday. The threat to Angle now comes from moderate Republicans staying home, voting for Reid, or voting for “none of the above.” Reid is working this constituency for all its worth, with “Republicans for Reid” and with advertising directed at it.

To win, Angle needs to blunt this challenge and the Arizona senator is exactly the right guy to try to help her do that. Needless to say, McCain has been giving conservatives heartburn for years, but he’s attempting to help bring Sharron Angle to the senate, where she will firmly anchor the right flank in the GOP caucus. Good for him for doing this, and good for Angle for having the tactical shrewdness to make this move.

Yeah, I stole the entire post. Sue me.

I dunno if Lowry’s correct on this one.

I mean, it’s cool that John McCain is gracious enough to campaign for Sharron Angle. Every now and again the dude has a brainwave that doesn’t completely huff donkey dong. Getting behind a conservative like Angle is–on it’s face–a nice gesture of solidarity and support.

Two caveats:

1-McCain has a weird habit of forgetting to support his friends. The only thing that put any lead in the pencil of the hopelessly flaccid John McCain campaign was Sarah Palin. After the election debacle was over and the Team McCain staffers were busy forming a firing squad for Palin, McCain let his running mate twist in the wind for quite a while. Not cool.

2-Politicians are brand names incarnate and every politician strives to form a winning mark for themselves. Sharron Angle identifies with the Tea Party movement. Her brand incorporates elements of fiscal conservatism, pro-legal immigratation sentiment and support for traditional American religious ideas. Because she doesn’t have a national voting record to go on, she has to be particularly careful about protecting her identity.

What does John McCain represent? Studious bipartisanship, or more accurately, dumping on Republicans when the statist media swells are around. McCain-Feingold campaign finance deform. Policies that would lead to an even more porous border. Kinda meh on the whole Christian conservative wing of the GOP. So, yeah, not a lot to love here.

Worse, McCain is positively reviled in some quarters of the conservo-sphere because of the listless toothless campaign he ran against Barack Obama. At every moment the McMaverick campaign was given the opportunity to really pound Obama (Bill Ayers, Pastor Jeremiah Wright, ‘Spread the wealth’), Team Johnny pulled their punches. There’s a whiff of sad-sack loser to John McCain that could rub off on Sharron Angle if she’s not careful.

Hey, Lowry might be right. Maybe McCain rocking out with Angle helps her win over some moderates and independents. Perhaps that puts her over the top and gets her into Dingy Harry Reid’s Senate seat. That would be rad.

I just worry that a good strong conservative could catch the douchey moderate bug from McCain. I know it’s irrational. But I can’t say I don’t feel it.

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Awesome Observation of the Day

Posted by KingShamus on October 27, 2010

Sissy Willis, take it away.

Does graduate school make you dumb? Consider this, just in:

Graduate students and former graduate students now form the last redoubt of approval for President Barack Obama, according to [a new] Gallup poll.


For a group of people who regularly beat off to the notion of their fierce intellectual independence, they sure seem like a bunch of…what’s the word I’m looking for…oh yeah…brainlessly lockstep morons.

Enjoy being the last to know that Obama is a hapless douche, brainiacs.

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NJ-3rd: Runyan Takes a Lead

Posted by KingShamus on October 26, 2010

How big?

48% to 43% among likely voters.

What does that tell me?  Our get out the vote effort on Saturday was MAGIC.


Okay, maybe that’s a bit much. 

The Monmouth University poll also has Runyan with a sizable 50% to 37% lead amongst independents.

In a flippy-floppy district like the 3rd, where the congressional seat goes back and forth between the two parties often, the way independents vote is key.

Lookin’ good.  We can’t get cocky or complacent, but we can take heart.

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Saturday’s Jon Runyan GOTV Effort: Reactions

Posted by KingShamus on October 25, 2010

On Saturday I went out to Tom’s River NJ to do some get-out-the-vote work for the Jon Runyan. Runyan is running against Jon Adler, a typical douchey Democrat who wants to save the freakin’ world with your money. In covering the race from afar, it seemed like I should get a glove and get in the game.

Ace of Spades organized the event. Tagging along were Mr. Bingley  (who blogs at the terrifically titled Coalition of the Swilling), ThisHeavenlyHell (a frequent commenter at Ace’s place) and several other members of the Moron-Sphere (who forgot to e-mail or text me back with their handles).  We all met at Runyan’s campaign headquarters. At first I thought I’d be doing phone work, but instead the campaign coordinator dude asked us to do some voter canvassing of the district. It was beautiful Indian summer day for walking around the neighborhood, so I was stoked to get out of the HQ and see what the area was all about.

Toms River is actually much bigger than I had previously thought. Socio-economically speaking, it seemed fairly diverse as well. In getting to the neighborhood I was going to canvass, I drove past million dollar McMansions and worse-for-wear 1950’s ranch homes, often within a few blocks of each other.  The area we were canvassing was a middle/working class neighborhood.  Nice homes, but nothing particularly massive or gaudy. 

Better still, the people we talked to were overwhelmingly friendly.  Beyond the very occasional rude jerk, squirrelly weirdo or overscheduled dude on their way out the door, it was all good in the hood.  Granted, the way our canvassing lists were compiled, we were dealing with ‘soft’ Republicans for the most part.  Even with that ideological semi-advantage, I still thought almost everybody was fairly rad to chat with for a few minutes.  Many of these supposedly weak GOPers were not at all weak about expressing their intense dislike for President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  Often times, all we’d have to say to a person was “Jon Runyan is against Obama” and that would be good enough for them.

Afterwards we all gathered back at a local watering hole, scarfed down some tasty grub and quaffed a few hearty adult beverages.  Discussions were made, predictions of Republican congressional gains were bandied about, jokes at Michelle Obama’s expense were tossed around and a good time was had by all.  Ace and the Morons are a great bunch of conversationalists and it was nice to geek out to some in-depth political inside baseball type stuff with all-around cool folks. 

As far as the actual GOTV work, I gotta say it was really easy to do.  I’m a grade-A doofus and if I can do it, anybody can.  I didn’t get on the phones, but it seemed like it would be fairly simple to grasp.  I’d say walking the neighborhood was probably easier than making calls.  You get to talk to people, throw a quick candidate biography/political position list at them and then remind them to vote on Election Day.  QED.

So now you really have no excuse not to do this.  If you’re any sort of interested in conservative politics, you’re 9/10’s of the way to mastering canvassing/phone calls.  The other 1/10 involves you just showing up.  The GOTV link is here again, but if you don’t want to do that just find a candidate you like, call up his or her campaign HQ (it’ll be on the candidate’s webpage) and ask what they need you to do.  They’ll be stoked that you volunteered for the cause and you’ll be amped up from playing a small but vital role in kicking back the statist menace that threatens to kill the closest thing to paradise the Earth has ever seen.

Hey, there are way worse things you could be doing with your spare time.  

Anyhoo, I might be doing some GOTV shizzznit in Pennsylvania this weekend or I may stay very local.  I gotta do some research first, but in any case I’ll let you know.  If any of my vast blog audience (all 26 of you) wants to join me, e-mail me at the KingShamus addy and we’ll rock out.

Be The Wave, fellow conservatives.


Cross-Posted at the great Baldilocks.  Thank you, Juliette.

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Music Monday Thrash-‘Seasons In The Abyss’ by Slayer

Posted by KingShamus on October 25, 2010

After the Perry Como song, I had to take it in the other direction. 

That and I wanted pick something on the creepy side to celebrate Halloween week.  Slayer isn’t really known for being ‘scary’, but I think the song and the video created an ominous atmosphere that the band hasn’t matched since.  The blasphemous pagan imagery, exotic locales and the menace emanating from the music combine to evoke a sense of undefined but palpable dread. 

The weird creepy unsmiling kids are a big help too.

Happy (Early) Halloween everyone. 

Maybe next week I’ll throw a Lawrence Welk tune up on the old bloggerino.

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A Legal Career Ain’t What It’s Cracked Up To Be

Posted by KingShamus on October 24, 2010

Found this over at the totally rad Little Miss Atilla blog.

“I hope an asteroid hits your delapidated house in a bad section of town.”

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Jon Runyan GOTV Update

Posted by KingShamus on October 23, 2010

Awwww shit, it’s on like Megatron. 

I’m gonna head out there in a little while.  I’ll tell you how it goes afterwards.

Again, here’s the info if you want to join in the shin-dig.  And here’s the GOTV/Adopt A Candidate link in case you wanna set up one of these things in your area.

Be The Wave, Homies.


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Sharron Angle Takes No Prisoners

Posted by KingShamus on October 23, 2010

Not only is she pasting Harry “The War Is Lost” Reid, but Obama gets the gas-face too.

I found this over at Ace’s place.  He notes that within less than two years, Obama has become a boat anchor dragging Democrats down into electoral oblivion.

Political soooooper-jeenyuses usually don’t crash and burn quite this fast or quite so spectacularly.

Just sayin’.

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The US Constitution Seen From A Different Perspective

Posted by KingShamus on October 22, 2010

(Note:  I published this over at Baldi’s place a while back, but I figured I’d repost it here for my BDKS homies.  I’d also like to see how ya’all react to it.  Rock out.)

Consider the following scenario:

Let us say that I am an employer and you are a potential employee.  I offer you a job with a generous salary and good benefits.  The work I’m asking you to do is not terribly hard, but there are a few responsibilities that you will be expected to perform.

We agree that you will be hired.  I offer you a contract.  You read through it carefully, asking a question or two about a few details.  After that, you sign your name to the contract and start working for my firm.

For a while, both you and I are quite happy with the contract you’ve signed.  Naturally, it’s not all smooth sailing–patches of financial instability, some serious growing pains as the company expanded, even an inter cubicle turf war at one point–but for the most part the unpleasantness is kept to a minimum. 

As time goes on an interesting thing starts to happen in our employer/employee relationship vis-a-vis the original contract. Almost from the beginning, I do things that fall outside of the letter and spirit of the accord.  I’d neglect to replenish the office supplies closet every so often or ask you to work through lunch for a few days.  As the weeks and months pass, I take more liberties with the terms of our agreement.  Not enough to make you quit, but enough for you to take notice and be annoyed by them.  

What I’m doing isn’t really malicious.  We both look at it as part of doing business.  The contract had some wiggle room here and there.  Certainly, looking back from the present day it seems like some of the contract’s language is pretty ambiguous.  At least, that’s what we both say to justify my…extracurricular…activities.  By and large, my little contractual breaches are not so deleterious that they threaten to shatter our agreement.  You think back to the days when you worked for another employer and see that for the most part, you’re in pretty good shape.  I still pay you a substantial sum, you still perform your duties and we keep moving forward.

The years roll by.  After a time, we reach a particularly nasty patch.  The company has to fight off stiff competition from some cutthroat outside firms.  At the same time, economic instability within the business is threatening to bankrupt the enterprise.  It’s touch and go for quite a while.

Now, there are several courses of action I could take, but what I decide to do is cut your salary and benefits while asking you to do much more work for me.  Of course, these are blatant violations of the terms enumerated in the original contract.  I justify this by arguing that, after all this time, the contract’s language is so outmoded to today’s incredibly difficult business environment that it would be absurd to hold to every jot and tittle of the agreement we made.  

Instead of being bound up with the arcane wording of the contract, I assert that the accord is a living breathing document.  Modern times dictate that we can use a less stringent, more liberal interpretation of the contract to better deal with the desperate circumstances the company faces.  I also tell you that this new look at the agreement will not only save the firm, it will also create new benefits and payment packages that will make the old compensation pale in comparison.  I submit that this cutting edge reading of our contract will make you a happier, healthier and more creative worker while allowing you to work less and have more free time in the process.  We just have to get through this really awful time and then you’ll see how the longer hours and less salary will all pay off.

The scenario is over. 

Consider:  If your boss really acted the way the employer in the scenario did, you’d probably quit right on the spot.  Certainly you’d at least consider hiring a labor attorney or calling a union representative to deal with this matter.  In any case, your time working for that company would very likely come to an end in short order.

Why?  Because the nature of your relationship with the employer was based around the original terms of the contract.  When the boss decided to unilaterally cut your compensation and increase your work hours without amending the agreement, he severed a promise he made to you, thus destroying what you once had with the company.  Regardless, you wouldn’t stand it if the firm you worked for broke your contract in such an egregious manner.  You’d probably laugh in your boss’ face if he played the ‘living breathing document’ line of nonsense.

Now, if you wouldn’t stand for it if your employer did this to you, why do you stand for it when our government does the same thing?  Think about it:  The Constitution is in many ways a contract that the American people signed with our government.  Far from just being a mere “charter of negative liberties” as described by the hapless intellectual midget Barack Obama, the Constitution creates the various branches of government and delegates large but divided authorities to each.  It also defines the roles that state governments play in a federal framework.  On top of that, it enumerates what the government cannot do to individual citizens.

It’s easy to see that the Constitution doesn’t ‘pay’ us in the same way that an employer does.  The US Government doesn’t just hand us money (except when it does, but that’s a different tale for a different time).  However, the contract the Founders granted to us compensates us in a far more enduring manner.  The Constitution pays the citizen by creating the conditions for individual achievement and personal freedom within a framework based around the rule of law, property rights and a divided federated government.  All the Framers’ Constitution asks of us in return is loyalty to those principles so that it can be upheld for future Americans.

Looking at the current government in that light, is it not obvious just how much our leaders–those entrusted with preserving and protecting the Constitution–have broken the contract our ancestors made with us?

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Manhattan Infidel’s Greatest headline-EVAH!

Posted by KingShamus on October 22, 2010

The Infidel has been on a freakin’ roll lately. Check out a chunk of his latest magnum opus:

Controversial Racist Juan Williams Fired by NPR After Making Controversial Racist Comments During Appearance on Controversial Racist Bill O’Reilly’s Show on Controversial Racist Fox Network

Juan Williams, a known controversial racist was fired by NPR today because of the outrage over his controversial racially-charged comments on Fox News.

Williams’ downfall began when appearing on the O’Reilly factor he explained that his favorite variety of Pop-Tarts are the Vanilla Milkshake flavor and that he finds the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor “objectionable” and “poor-tasting.”

Seriously, check out the rest of homeboy’s piece. It’s a must read. His Pelosi/Skynet article is strong too.

Go to Manhattan Infidel if you want to laugh.


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The Left Will Always Stab You In The Back

Posted by KingShamus on October 21, 2010

Matt over at the Conservative Hideout has a great story.

As many of you are already aware, Move On is using some of Soros’s money to attack Target for making a contribution to a group that is supporting a Minnesota Gubernatorial candidate.  That candidate is opposed to gay marriage, but is pro-business.  In the proud tradition of the left, they are seeking to punish Target for this contribution, even though Target did not specify which candidates the money would support.  The biggest irony here is that Target is one of the more “gay friendly” retailers out there, and released the following statement…

Target, which is based in Minnesota, has defended its donations to the group, called MN Forward, by stating that they were tied to Emmer’s positions when it comes to creating a positive environment for businesses, not his stance on social issues.

 “Target’s support of the GLBT community is unwavering, and inclusiveness remains a core value of our company,” Chief Executive Officer Gregg Steinhafel said. The company has also said that its political action committee has split donations evenly between both parties this year. (PAC donations involve money from employees and shareholders, as opposed to the corporate funds used to donate to MN Forward.)

However, that matters little to the petulant children on the left, as dissent is not tolerated, and they will throw a tantrum until they get what they want.  Essentially, compliance with the left must ALWAYS be 100%.  Deviation from the leftist mantra will bring forth punishment.  Even Target, who chose to lie down with the left, is finding that the forces of “tolerance and diversity” are the abusive spouses of the political world-all “sweetness and light” to the casual observer, but over controlling, vindictive, and abusive when angered.

Read the whole piece.  There’s a lot going on in there.

See, Target made a classic blunder.  They tried to buy their way into the Left’s Cult of The Loudly Tolerant by being proudly gay-friendly.  “See, we really are nice and non-judgemental and accepting!  Please like us for having the correct political views!”

What these big companies never get is that the liberal mind constantly grades on a sliding scale that nobody can hope to keep up with.  Worse, when a business has to look out for the bottom line, they’ll inevitably run into the Left’s  impossible standards.  So Target can make all the happy-talk they want about gay rights.  It doesn’t mean shit when they run afoul of some other sacred progressive shibboleth.

Target may wish to be gay-inclusive.  However, they HAVE to be profitable.  Naturally, this means that they will do what they can to support a less punishing corporate environment.  That means they’re gonna want to support pro-business politicians. 

Now what does the Left hate more than politicians who don’t go along with every jot and tittle of the gay rights legislative agenda?  Politicians who favor low taxes and reasonable regulatory regimes, of course.  As soon as Target decided to put it’s bottom line before progressive causes, the liberals were going to bang their spoons on their high chairs.

So what did Target get themselves for being ‘gay-friendly’?  Nothing.  As soon as they ran afoul of the politically correct party line, the Left was only too happy to toss Target over the side of the boat. 


The lesson here:  You can’t run with Stalinists and not expect to get purged at some point.

WHOOPS!: Didn’t put the link in there. Sorry about that. Again, big ups to Matt for the original piece. Check it out.

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Double-Think, Democrat style

Posted by KingShamus on October 21, 2010

Donald Douglas at the American Power blog has a nice find.  Of course, I’m gonna steal it.

But don’t you ever–EVER–question their patriotism.

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Jon Runyan GOTV Event News

Posted by KingShamus on October 20, 2010

Well, I finally figured out the FreedomWorks/GOTV site.  Sometimes the internetz are teh suxxxor for me and my tiny peanut brain.

Anyhoo, turns out there’s some phone bank work to do on Saturday, so I’m there

Details are in the link.  If you’re sorta close to Toms River New Jersey and you’ve got the time, I’m sure the campaign would welcome the assistance.  My vibe is that the Adler-Runyan race is very tight, but that the ex-NFL lineman could win this thing.  He just needs some help getting him over the finish line.  That’s where you could come in very handy.

I realize not everybody in my audience (population-18) is from or near New Jersey.  So here’s the FreedomWorks/GOTV link where you can adopt a race that’s closer to you.  Click on the link and you can use that site to coordinate an event with a candidate.

I truly do think that many of the races around the country are winnable.  I think the Democrats are the weakest they’ve been in a generation.  In my opinion, a lot of these polls that show a Democrat candidate up by a 3 to 6 point margin are actually undercounting people who will vote for the GOP candidate.

But…and I’ll say it again…all these great polls don’t mean dick if we don’t take advantage of the favorable conditions going on here.  We’ve got a winning lottery ticket in our hot little hands, but doggone it, we’re going to have to actually go and cash it in if we want to actually get the prize money.  If a few of us do some GOTV work for a few candidates, it could mean the difference between a just-okay Election Day for the Republicans and an absolutely soul-crushing morale-stomping suicide-watch-havin’ mournful midterm for the Donkey-Punchers.

Be the wave, ya’all.

Be. The Wave.

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