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The Left Will Always Stab You In The Back

Posted by KingShamus on October 21, 2010

Matt over at the Conservative Hideout has a great story.

As many of you are already aware, Move On is using some of Soros’s money to attack Target for making a contribution to a group that is supporting a Minnesota Gubernatorial candidate.  That candidate is opposed to gay marriage, but is pro-business.  In the proud tradition of the left, they are seeking to punish Target for this contribution, even though Target did not specify which candidates the money would support.  The biggest irony here is that Target is one of the more “gay friendly” retailers out there, and released the following statement…

Target, which is based in Minnesota, has defended its donations to the group, called MN Forward, by stating that they were tied to Emmer’s positions when it comes to creating a positive environment for businesses, not his stance on social issues.

 “Target’s support of the GLBT community is unwavering, and inclusiveness remains a core value of our company,” Chief Executive Officer Gregg Steinhafel said. The company has also said that its political action committee has split donations evenly between both parties this year. (PAC donations involve money from employees and shareholders, as opposed to the corporate funds used to donate to MN Forward.)

However, that matters little to the petulant children on the left, as dissent is not tolerated, and they will throw a tantrum until they get what they want.  Essentially, compliance with the left must ALWAYS be 100%.  Deviation from the leftist mantra will bring forth punishment.  Even Target, who chose to lie down with the left, is finding that the forces of “tolerance and diversity” are the abusive spouses of the political world-all “sweetness and light” to the casual observer, but over controlling, vindictive, and abusive when angered.

Read the whole piece.  There’s a lot going on in there.

See, Target made a classic blunder.  They tried to buy their way into the Left’s Cult of The Loudly Tolerant by being proudly gay-friendly.  “See, we really are nice and non-judgemental and accepting!  Please like us for having the correct political views!”

What these big companies never get is that the liberal mind constantly grades on a sliding scale that nobody can hope to keep up with.  Worse, when a business has to look out for the bottom line, they’ll inevitably run into the Left’s  impossible standards.  So Target can make all the happy-talk they want about gay rights.  It doesn’t mean shit when they run afoul of some other sacred progressive shibboleth.

Target may wish to be gay-inclusive.  However, they HAVE to be profitable.  Naturally, this means that they will do what they can to support a less punishing corporate environment.  That means they’re gonna want to support pro-business politicians. 

Now what does the Left hate more than politicians who don’t go along with every jot and tittle of the gay rights legislative agenda?  Politicians who favor low taxes and reasonable regulatory regimes, of course.  As soon as Target decided to put it’s bottom line before progressive causes, the liberals were going to bang their spoons on their high chairs.

So what did Target get themselves for being ‘gay-friendly’?  Nothing.  As soon as they ran afoul of the politically correct party line, the Left was only too happy to toss Target over the side of the boat. 


The lesson here:  You can’t run with Stalinists and not expect to get purged at some point.

WHOOPS!: Didn’t put the link in there. Sorry about that. Again, big ups to Matt for the original piece. Check it out.

7 Responses to “The Left Will Always Stab You In The Back”

  1. White Zin Wench said

    THANK YOU!! I’ve been arguing this with some other (liberal) moms online. You simply cannot be anti-gay and sign on Issac Mizrahi as one of your biggest designers– the boy could set off sprinklers.

    If the leftists are going to make it about social issues, they shouldn’t be surprised when people vote with their dollars *in favor* of Target supporting the “anti-gay marriage” candidate.

  2. I’m not sure but I think it was Ben Franklin that said “When you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.”

  3. The left treats its family no different. Look at what they did to Joe Lieberman. One of the lefties even did him up in black face in order to damage him. There can be no doubt that the left eats their own. Why should they not turn on friends as well?

  4. MK said

    Exactly right Shamus, a similar thing happened here recently. Some of our big corporates aligned themselves with the leftist government and as soon as the opportunity arose, they turned on them and screwed them over. Now the corporates and whining. Suck it, i say, that should teach you not to pander to leftist scum.

  5. Matt said

    Thanks for the linkage, KS. It seems that Juan Williams learned the same lesson just today.

  6. Gee, I’m beginning to think there is just no satisfying the left. But there must be another explanation.

  7. KingShamus said

    Infidel: Right, there has to be some other explanation. Maybe their underwear is a little too constricting.

    Matt: Bingo. Williams got the purge. George Soros wins, the American left wins, free speech…eh, not so much.

    MK: Well said. Never give in to them, never seek their approval and never think they are your political allies on anything.

    William: It’s amazing what they’ve done to Leiberman. The dude is a reliable leftist on most issues. He wins elections. But Markos Moulitsas said he had to go, so Leiberman got shafted.

    CoF: Yeah, and the fleas are bloodsucking parasites. Sorta like…the Left.

    WZW: Isaac is a…flamboyant…character, that’s for damn sure.

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