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You want a perfect summation of the RINO?

Posted by KingShamus on November 29, 2010

Here it is, courtesy of Bob Belvedere.

Here before us is another reason we, the outsiders, the TEA Party folks in action and spirit, must show no quarter towards the GOP Establishment.  Besides living in a collegial and congenial past that no longer is [call it what you will, the Gerald Ford or Bob Michael Era], the GOP and conservative Elites have a track record that is strewn with utter and abysmal failures.  In fact, historians not yet born will label them as the Useful Idiots of the Left who, by their weaknesses and naiveté, help bring about the lamentable situation we now find ourselves in.

Bingo.  Read the rest of his post; Bob’s got some good stuff in there.

This is what kills me when people talk about the Republican establishment and their fetishization of electability.  It’s one thing to acknowledge that RINO’s and moderates can often get elected easier (in certain states/districts/campaigns) than a rock-ribbed across-the-board right winger.  This is a fact that we shouldn’t simply dismiss out of hand.  For instance:  Looking back on the particular circumstances of the race, Mike Castle probably had a better chance of winning the Senate election in Delaware than Christine O’Donnell.

However, what would we–actual factual conservatives–have gained by getting Castle into the Senate?  He would’ve voted for Cap-n-Tax in a potential dead duck congressional session.  He was still going to be pro-choice and anti-Second Amendment.  Knowing his record, his first term in the US Senate would’ve been marked by ArlenSpecterian hands-across-the-aisle moments of capitulation to various facets of the liberal nanny-state agenda.  A hug for Obama would not have been completely out of the question.

Would a guy like Mike Castle, a classic go along to get along DC establishmentarian, have the stomach for repealing Obama-Care?  What makes anybody think Castle would be capable of defunding the utterly wretched NPR or abolishing  the utterly useless Department of Energy?  In what possible scenario would a guy like Mike Castle vote against immigration amnesty?  Could Mike Castle, famous for his chummy clubby attitude towards Democrats, actually go along with his own party on something substantive like real free-market entitlement reforms?  Many signs point to an emphatic ‘no’.

Not only would a potential Senator Mike Castle be a thorn in the side of conservatives, he’d be doing everything he can to damage the already-tarnished Republican brand.  While he was busy building a media-backed Fiefdom of Royal RINOLand, he’d also happily throw monkey wrenches into GOP-backed fiscal discipline measures.  

So conservatives would get lots of drawbacks and almost no benefits from a Senator Mike Castle.  But the Tea Party and it’s allies were supposed to forget all that because Mike Castle happened to have a weak ‘R’ behind his name?  Really?

(Cross-Posted at the great Baldilocks.  As always, thank you Juliette.)

6 Responses to “You want a perfect summation of the RINO?”

  1. largebill said

    You hit exactly on the point I’ve tried to make with folks over the last few weeks. We had almost no chance of getting control of the senate. We are in better shape in a minority well over the filibuster minimum of 40 than we would be with 51 that includes the likes of Castle, Snowe, Collins, etc that would cross the aisle enough for Dems to pass liberal garbage and claim it was bi-partisan. 2012 is the year to clear 50 with room to spare. 55 or so senate Republicans and the liberal Republicans can’t control the agenda like they can with a razor thin majority. All we get with a thin majority is the blame for more spending.

  2. Matt said

    My point about Castle was simple. “A difference that makes no difference is not a difference.” Voting for a RINO us like eating a food to which you have an allergic reaction. You might eat it, but you know it’ll make you sick in the end.

    In terms of the big votes (cap and slave, health care, and he like) there is little to no difference between Castle and the “bearded Marxist.”

  3. […] Please do take the time to click here and read the rest.  It is, perhaps, the best argument I’ve read for rejecting the electability argument utterly and completely. […]

  4. There really hasn’t been an alternative party to the Democrats in 20 years. All the rhinos are filled with self-loathing and judge their worth by how many democrat-elite cocktail parties they can go to and how many Democratic elite will pat them on the back and call them “respectable.’

  5. Excellent post and blog– thanks for linking to it. And your own thoughts are of course spot on. Infidel said it perfectly– “there hasn’t been an alternative party to the Democrats in 20 years.”

  6. MK said

    If you look at the short term, i suppose a rino might have his/her uses. However for the long term, they do more damage to the conservative movement than even leftist scum.

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