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Planned Parenthood-Partners in Crime

Posted by KingShamus on February 1, 2011

You want to know why Planned Parenthood is lower than whale scat?

Watch this.


Amy Woodruff just sorta gave the entire game away, didn’t she?

So much of the pro-choice side’s intellectual argument rests on the utterly vacuous legality defense.  Roe v. Wade supposedly brought the process of terminating unwanted pregnancies from the filthy unsafe back allies into the respectable clinical sterile environment of the modern operating room.  Remember, according to the pro-abortion crowd, terminating a pregnancy has to be legal or women will be put at risk and denied their constitutional rights.

First, a question for the audience:  At what point does the giggling moronic Planned Parenthood hack in the video consider the legality of what she is doing?  After all, Amy Woodruff doesn’t know she’s being set up.  As best she can tell this is a real pimp with a real ho who is peddling 14 year old minors for sex.  In fact, she is doing everything in her power to help a pimp–a degenerate sex trafficker who is selling children–stay out of trouble with the law.      

Human imagination would be sorely tested trying to dream up an ideologically blinkered moral idiot such as Ms. Woodruff.  It seems impossible that a person would allow herself to get so confused that she turns a blind eye towards this kind of extreme child endangerment and exploitation.  Unfortunately, reality is far more inventive than our darkest nightmares.  

Make no mistake-Ms. Woodruff is engaging in criminal behavior.  Moreover, it’s a crime involving the central justification of Planned Parenthood.  That organization breaks it’s arm patting itself on the back for protecting women from abuse.  Yet here we see a gatekeeper of Planned Parenthood making sure that underage girls are kept in sexual bondage.  If the situation in the clip isn’t exploitation of women, what the hell is?

Speaking of rights, what about the right of fourteen year old girls not to be turned into sex slaves?  I mean, I know it’s not like the right to abort a child that is so obviously spelled out in the US Constitution [sarc/] but still.  I’m not a civil rights expert, but I’m pretty sure that if someone is pimping out minors for sex, that is going to adversely affect that whole ‘Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness” equation.  I guess the right of Planned Parenthood to make money off of terminating pregnancies trumps the rights of teenagers to not get used like a box of Kleenex.     

Instead of preventing abuse, the legality of abortion has created the conditions for ever-uglier forms of anti-female assaults.  Better still, the group that considers itself the primary guardian of women’s rights is right there giving aid and comfort to the most vile abusers out there.   Why, if I didn’t know better, I’d think Planned Parenthood was just paying lip service to protecting women while they simultaneously set ladies up for a particularly nasty fall or something.      

Prediction: There will be about a hundred times more outrage from the pro-abortion feminist sob sisters about how this video was obtained rather than the fact that Planned Parenthood put itself in the position of helping out a pedophile-enabling pimp.

I snagged the original link at Instapundit.  Muchas gracias.

Cross-posted at Baldilocks’ place.  Thank you very much, Juliette.

8 Responses to “Planned Parenthood-Partners in Crime”

  1. Her partner in crime? That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? I hope she gets life without parole.

  2. MK said

    “I guess the right of Planned Parenthood to make money off of terminating pregnancies trumps the rights of teenagers to not get used like a box of Kleenex.”

    That’s it in a nutshell, and to add to that, liberals who on the one hand caterwaul about corporate big profits and greed are actually supporting an incredibly profitable and callous organization in PP. Heck they claim to be on the side of women while cheering the abortion of little girls.

    Liberals are somewhere between morally bankrupt and outright bastards.

  3. You’re right about the “outrage” coming from the left about how this poor woman was filmed without her knowledge.

    No outrage about selling underage girls for sex.

  4. Lila Rose is a major hero, she’s been doing these undercover videos since she was 17.

    But yeah, she’s the bad guy, right? Horrible lady shining light on these cockroaches.

    Great post.

  5. It disgusts me how hypocritical people can be. Planned parenthood will tell you they are all about protecting the rights of women, but it is so obvious that they have a different agenda. This video proves it.

  6. Matt said

    Let’s not forget that this same organization was caught taking donations to abort blacks. Also, they were caught be the same group telling minors how to cover for their adult boyfriends. This is not new, nor is it isolated. The real question is this, did the group that released this video go to multiple locations? They did for their other stings.

    Great post man!

  7. I was alerted to this travesty from Red State. While I am not surprised by this bottom feeder’s actions, I am never the less shocked at the casual nature of her assistance and even eagerness to help promote under aged prostitution. The video says that the head of Planned Parenthood is “shocked,” but I have a hard time believing that.

    This type of attitude towards the law comes from the top of the organization and trickles down to the subordinates. Further, the number of people at Planned Parenthood willing to violate Federal and State laws with impunity also belies the “shock” of the CEO. I believe that there is definitive proof that Planned Parenthood is as corrupt as was ACORN and that all Federal funding should be shut off to the organization immediately.

    That is unless President Obama wishes to become the Pimp in Chief.

  8. […] King Shamus tells us about a Planned Parenthood worker helping what she thinks is pimp who peddles underage girls… […]

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