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"When an entire nation thirsted to break free from PC…Andrew Breitbart opened a big bar."–Chris Muir

The Current Iran-America Relationship, Explained

Posted by KingShamus on February 22, 2011

Found this over at The Swash.

Hehehe, nice grab Swash-man.

4 Responses to “The Current Iran-America Relationship, Explained”

  1. He even got the ears right. Excellent.

  2. So much for the 3:00am phone call.No one home.

  3. pjMom said

    ROTFL. I needed that today, thanks. Might have to repost tomorrow.

  4. KingShamus said

    Inn: Hahahaaaaa

    Bunkerville: There really ain’t much going on between Barry’s bulbous ears.

    PJMom: Thank you, my friend. Glad I could give you a chuckle.

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