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Paul Ryan, Herman Cain and 2012

Posted by KingShamus on May 17, 2011

The lovely and talented Pundette expresses an opinion many in the right-o-sphere are thinking.

Ryan looks awfully appealing when compared with Romney, the corporatist candidate, heir-apparent to the nomination, fundraiser extraordinaire, and antithesis of a Tea Party candidate.

Maybe Newt Gingrich’s bizarre, self-destructive attack on Ryan’s ideas wasn’t so misplaced after all? Did he instinctively zero in on his strongest rival?

While we’re fantasizing, imagine the smart, articulate Ryan up against Obama in a debate. One would be armed with ad hominem attacks, distortions, and vague slogans, the other with a keen grasp of the nature of the crises we’re facing, from the details to the big picture.

Here’s a secret the MSM doesn’t want to face: If the debate is about the budget, entitlements or fiscal sanity in general, than Ryan would annihilate Barack Obama in a debate. In the two-plus years of the St. Bambi Admenstruation, the President has demonstrated absolutely no ability to articulate a coherent budget that even sorta addresses the fatal debt spiral America is about to plunge itself into during the next decade. He can talk in sonorous tones about certain things. He does alright when the teleprompter is in good working order and his speechwriters are on their game, but that’s about it.

The lamestream media hacks that run the debates would make sure to stack the deck in their Teen Beat man-crush’s favor of course. But even the chicanery of the liberal press can’t get Obama speak fluently about fiscal policy in an off-the-cuff setting. Barry just can’t be bothered to figure that stuff out. Math is hard after all, and those Titleists won’t knock themselves into water hazards all on their lonesome.

So yeah, Paul Ryan would be a nice guy to have around if Obama could be teased into debating him on equal footing. You know who would do even better than Ryan against Barack Obama?

Herman Cain.

If we have to “go there” with the race issue, I like what Andrew Breitbart said in his Heritage Foundation speech:

Breitbart . . . wants radio host Herman Cain and Freshman Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) on the 2012 GOP ticket. . . .
“The only way to defeat political correctness and cultural marxism and multiculturalism is to aim straight at its head,” Breitbart said.

The beauty of the Breitbart approach is that liberals see a quote like that and say to themselves, “Give me a break. They wouldn’t actually do that, would they?”

Because it’s too damned simple. It’s like the fullback dive on fourth-and-goal. But the fullback dive is the perfect play, if you have confidence in your team. Forget the razzle-dazzle — just give the ball to the fullback and run it right at ‘em.

There’s no point worrying about the psychological symbolism of a Cain candidacy when you consider the likely alternative. What all the clever GOP pundits like Charles Krauthammer want to do is to re-run the Bob Dole ’96 campaign: Find some bland non-entity, hire a bunch of speechwriters and consultants, and run a boring, predictable campaign that ends in defeat so that, four years later, Republicans nominate somebody named “Bush.”

Here’s an idea: Put Herman Cain in a debate with Barack Obama in the last week of September 2012, pop a bucket of popcorn, then watch the former businessman demolish both liberal economic shibboleths and multi-culti canards while Obama gets pissed off because somebody actually challenged his petulant over-entitled ass.

The next week after that, DVR the ‘Jersey Shore’, crack open another tub of popcorn and tune in as Paul Ryan does his sober accountant analyst act as Joe Biden’s two brain cells attempt to bump into each other in the hopes of forming a sentence.

Lather, rinse, repeat a couple more times until President Lightbringer and his Administration of Pure Fucking Fail is revealed as the stale old pinko joke they really are right on national television for the entire electorate to see.

As RS McCain says, “What, too easy?”

You’re right. It’s not quite difficult enough to beat a sitting president. Let’s make this election waaaaay harder than it has to be.

How’s about a dull technocrat like Mitch Daniels. He’ll be freaking great. He wants a truce on social issues, thus giving Christian conservatives absolutely no reason to get excited and vote in 2012. How does the GOP wins without the religious right showing up to the polls? Oh yeah, that’s it…they don’t.

Well, if you have a hard-on for dull technocrats who have even more politically harmful ideas than Daniels, you’ll love Mitt Romney. He was for ObamaCare in Massachusetts before he was against it in America. That’ll be simple to explain to voters looking for a contrast between Obama and Romney. Wait, did I say ‘simple’? What I meant to say was goddamn near impossible.

Not an arduous enough path? Try nominating the Newt-Man on for size. He’ll only shoot himself in the foot once or twice a week, then run the barrel up his leg while mashing his finger on the trigger just for shits and giggles. If Gingrich is the GOP candidate, Barack Obama’s campaign message will consist entirely of posters, flyers, youtube clips and television ads proclaiming, “Hey, At Least I’m Not That Self-Indulgent Doucherocket”.

I swear to Jeeeebus…the GOP is going to fuck up the free lunch Obama will be serving up to them in 2012. And why? Because they’re scared of taking a risk?

For almost 25 years, the Republicans have done their level best to play it nice and safe. What the hell has it gotten them? Bush the Elder, Bob Dole, Dubya and John McCain are all admirable men. They have served their country in war and peace, shown tough leadership during times of extraordinary peril and are proud patriots. They’re also politicians who were anointed by their party leadership not because they were good candidates, but because it was their turn.

The MSM is dying for the GOP to play to that cheesedick type. That way, they can just run one their tried-n-true “Republicans Are Racist Sexist Homophobe Ghouls” narratives. To pile on to RS McCain’s football metaphor, the defense is dead sure it knows what play the GOP is going to run, so they’re perfectly poised to break it up in the backfield for a twenty yard loss.

The Republicans have to shatter the habits that have made them so lame and beatable. One way to do that is to nominate people that don’t fit the Donkey-Puncher Party’s pre-fit election templates. Paul Ryan’s budget is a way of getting America in the right direction. It acknowledges reality and doesn’t kick the can down the road, but instead tries to deal with the federal debt in an honest way. Herman Cain is not the usual Ivy League peckerwood elitist. He’s been wildly successful in a world far different from the ivory tower theoretical egghead labs that created Barack Obama’s ideology.

The Cain/Ryan team is a winner. Yes, it’s risky. But then again, if the GOP is just going to do what it always does, there’s a huge chance they will fail and deliver Obama another term. That would be fatal to the American republic. The Republicans should not consign the US to certain doom just because it cannot get past its pathetic loser traditions.

17 Responses to “Paul Ryan, Herman Cain and 2012”

  1. Yes, a Cain v. Obama debate would be entertaining. Ron Paul v. Obama would be even more so. Paul could launch a bomb like: “Back in 2002 I was warning about the threat that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were posing to the financial industry from the risky mortgages they were underwriting. On the other hand we had a junior Senator from Illinois who, as one of his first acts in Washington, filibustered legislation to do precisely that. If you like this recession, thank the man on the stage with me tonight. I, on the other hand, tried to prevent it.”

    Yeah, I know the GOP establishment is going to make smear Paul. But if the subject is who would provuide the best entertainment value for a debate with Obama, my money’s on him.

  2. “They have served their country in war and peace, shown tough leadership during times of extraordinary peril and are proud patriots. They’re also politicians who were annointed by their party leadership not because they were good candidates, but because it was their turn.”


    Spot on post, and very motivating. It all rides on the GOP not using the same old tired playbook that’s got us where we are.

    Paul Ryan’s got the goods:

  3. I think the key here is… businessman versus academic/lawyer.

    My dog could beat Obugger in a debate… and she wouldn’t need a teleprompter (just some Pupperonis, maybe).

  4. Matt said

    My greatest fear is that the GOP will duplicate 2006. It was a helluva way to give Bob Dole his gold watch.

  5. Matt said

    Opps! I meant 1996.

  6. Ed said

    Pundette, you have nailed it. You eloquently captured the right’s obsession with bringing knives to gunfights. Well folks, it’s time to fire up the Abrams and the Huey gunships, or we deserve the third world s***pile that we will get. Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, and other assorted righties, elect Herman Cain, or get back on the porch and kiss our butts and our Republic bye-bye.

    Run, Herman, Run!


  7. Ed said

    Oh yeah, Paul Ryan also rocks!

  8. Cain is funded by the same people who control Obama. Follow the money.

    • You hit on an important point, Trestin. At its core the GOP and the Democratic Party are built upon the same principle you identified: Follow the Money. The list of donors may vary somewhat between the two parties, but in many cases they are the same.

  9. MK said

    It’s really scary isn’t it, how the coming election should be so difficult for obama to win, but all it takes is for a useless opposition and he’ll take the cake.

  10. KingShamus said

    MK: That is my fear in a nutshell.

    Trestin: I’ll be doing some research before I comment further.

    Ed: I just quoted Pundette in my piece. I’m KingShamus. ;-p Also, I think you’re right about the GOP. They always bring knives to howitzer fights, then sit there and wonder why they lost.

    Matt: Exactly right. I thought Bob Dole was a genuine American patriot and hero, but absolutely unsuited to beat Bill Clinton in 1996. Maybe no Republican could that year, but lets at least put somebody up who has a chance.

    Karen: Hahahaa.

    No-1: I’m pretty convinced that 2012 is an existential election for America. It’s really important that the GOP actually shows up.

    CT: I agree…RP VS BHO would be fun as hell in a debate format. And Paul would score more than Obama, who would just try to bully his way through the debate. I know people dig Ron Paul, but the guy’s ideas are probably best served by handing over the Libertarian mantle to a younger candidate.

  11. A Ron Paul v. Barack Obama debate would be great. For the mere educational value of it would be tremendous for this country. But it’s only going to happen if Paul is put up as the Republican candidate (not happening) since the Obama administration has a image to preserve that would be toppled since Paul would demolish Obama’s claims to fame: peace and good economic ideas. Paul would eat him up on that in minutes.

  12. It would be nice to see Ryan debate pResident Jug Ears but I’m afraid Jug Ears would win. Not really, but since when has the public liked facts? Just give them the same old hopey changey bullshit. They fell for it in 2008 didn’t they? And with the MSM cheerleading on the sides the Dems should win.

    The republicans will nominate Romney and hopefully disappear quicker than the Whig party.

  13. John said

    You all seem to forget that the MSM would control the questions and therefore the questions.

  14. Ed said

    >>Ed: I just quoted Pundette in my piece. I’m KingShamus. ;-p Also, I think you’re right about the GOP. They always bring knives to howitzer fights, then sit there and wonder why they lost.<<
    Shamus: Thx for your note. Unfortunately, I won't be surprised if/when these skirmishes come to a neighborhood near you and me, given that the left is quite effectively torturing the Golden Goose to death, and sooner than later those feeding at the public trough will be reduced to foraging among the unprepared. Pray and work for the best, and prepare (as quickly as possible) for the worst… The food chain will remain in effect- each of us determines our own rank thereon…

  15. mac knives said

    knives mac…

    Paul Ryan, Herman Cain and 2012 « Blog de KingShamus…

  16. […] in the spirit of circular firing squads, let me take aim right back at myself.  I jumped on the Herman Cain train with my heart, but I should’ve given it a little more thought than I did. While I had my […]

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