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Obama Wants To Give Missile Defense Technology To Russia-What Could Go Wrong?

Posted by KingShamus on June 11, 2011

Lightbringer Barry is just a generous soul after all.

President Barack Obama’s administration recently threatened to veto the defense budget, citing “serious concerns” over provisions that limit the U.S. missile defense know-how that the White House is permitted to share with Moscow. This is the sort of information that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, in his earlier days, would have assigned his spies to steal. Through its single-minded pursuit of “resetting” relations with Russia, the Obama administration may simply be willing to hand over this information and, in doing so, weaken U.S. national security.

 We’ve only been working on missile defense since the Reagan administration.  But after decades of research and billions of dollars invested, our super-genius president wants to just give our nuclear shield to our bosom frenemy Russia.  Great.

Read on. 

Only two days after issuing the veto threat — and as Obama tried to warm Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to U.S. missile defense plans at the G-8 Summit in Deauville, France — the House of Representatives passed the defense bill. It included the provision that the president’s team finds so offensive: Section 1228 requires that no funds can be used to provide the Russian Federation with sensitive U.S. missile defense technology.

Wrap your mind around that for a tick.  Obama had to be restrained from giving away our Star Wars program by legislative mandate.  Not by his own common sense.  Not through a cold-eyed assessment of Russia’s capacity to hurt our long-term security.  None of that worked for Prezident SuperGenius.  Nope, it took specific legislative language telling our spectacularly doltish community organizer in chief not to shoot the country in the balls.

Obambi-‘Wait, you mean I can’t just hand over our major strategic nuclear advantage to my new BFF Dmitry Medvedev?  What a congressional buzzkill.’


This act of congressional prudence did not come out of nowhere. The Senate debate over New START raised questions about what the Obama administration may have promised Moscow regarding U.S. missile defense plans. The debate stemmed from the treaty’s preamble, which linked offensive and defensive weapons, and a Russian unilateral statement that stated ratification of the treaty was conditional on whether the United States made improvements to its missile defense systems. In a treaty about reducing offensive weapons, it was clear the Russians required the Obama administration to include U.S. defenses in the bargain.

People on the left like to call Obama a progressive.  Question-how progressive is it that St. Barry of The Sacred One-Sided Olive Branch wants to take American nuclear policy back to the early 1990’s?  Domestic politics, technology and our relationships with the countries in the nuclear club have all changed, but the President is still rocking the intellectual equivalent of Doc Martin boots, grunge flannel shirts and a Soundgarden cassette tape.    

With that issue still unresolved, Congress discovered that the administration has been working on a missile defense agreement with the Russians and that Moscow had requested that the United States share with it loads of sensitive U.S. missile defense technology and operational authority as part of that deal. In the administration’s eagerness to please the Kremlin, it may just oblige.

Just say no, Obama.  Go ahead and stand up to those tough meanie-head Russians.  It’s not that hard.  We’ll all hold your hand and talk you through it.  Better still, once it’s done nobody on the Right will give you any shit about it.  In fact, you might get a few unexpected pats on the back from some conservatives. 

Say, why is giving Russia our missile defense secrets such a bad move? 

Russian assistance has contributed to the progress made by Iran’s nuclear and missile programs. Should the United States share critical information about its missile defenses with the Russians, a Russian entity — official or otherwise — could pass that information along to Tehran, enabling the Iranians to capitalize on the weaknesses in the U.S. system.

The Iranians are long time valued customers of the Russian SuperMarket Of ExplodeyFunBargainBasementKaboomCraters.  Once they get our missile shield technology, what’s to stop them from selling it to the Iranians?  ‘Ya know, we’ve made billions off of you ‘shroom cloud-happy Shiites buying our stuff, but we’re not gonna stock the shelves with American missile defense secrets, because that would be wrong.’

If anybody buys that scenario, they’re just as stupid as our cretin President.

All this panicky talk is aggravating.  I mean, Iran’s nuclear program isn’t really making a lot of progress lately.  Besides, they can’t hit us with an ICBM anytime soon, right?

The sea-based Aegis system is supposed to complement the GMD system in defending the homeland against long-range missiles by 2020, but the intelligence community continues to estimate that Iran will have an ICBM by 2015.

So let me get this straight.  Obama wants to give Russia our missile shield so that they can then sell it to the Iranians, who will then understand our defense systems’ weaknesses.  All of this occurring right around the time that Iran will have made a missile capable of hitting American soil.

Anybody want to draw up the articles of impeachment yet?

13 Responses to “Obama Wants To Give Missile Defense Technology To Russia-What Could Go Wrong?”

  1. It’s isralification of the United States. The way Israel is forced to give up strategic advantage, the US is forcing itself to do.

  2. Obama is Public Enemy No.1 and should be impeached. Unfortunately, that will never happen.

  3. Matt said

    Seems to be a Democratic tradition. If you recall, Clinton gave the Chinese all the missile technology they need to hit us.

  4. Oh what the heck, Clinton gave China our missile stuff, so why not Russia our defense tech? Getting a little picky KS

  5. Ye, gods!

    Every day, there is some new outrage! We can clearly see that the Obama administration is dismantling America on both the domestic and foreign-policy levels.

    I believe that America as it should be will be done for if Obama is elected in 2012. And, for the record, I’ve never before felt this way about any other administration in my lifetime.

  6. Don’t worry. President Barry is just trying to help out a fellow socialist state like Russia.

  7. John Carey said

    This seems to be the pattern with Democrats. Not only do they want to redistribute our wealth to other nations, they also want to do the same with our defense.

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  11. Yep, you’re on a real winner with that clown at the helm…Sleep tight!

  12. KingShamus said

    Patrick: I guess it’s time for another trip to the gun store. Just to be safe.

    Sentry Journal: Thanks for the linkage.

    Conservative Hideout: Muchas gracias por la linkage.

    John: Hahaa–to each according to his needs, from each according to how much it screws over the American citizenry.

    Infidel: What a f(r)iend we have in Obama.

    AoW: I don’t think you’re wrong.

    Bunkerville: I know. I’m so weird about the American left getting a hard-on for giving away our secrets to our enemies. Silly silly me.

    Matt: Which is why I don’t get the conservative nostalgia for Bubba Clinton.

    Cof: Sadly, I think you’re right.

    Edge: We do that while fighting three–or is it four?–wars with crazy stupid rules of engagement. We’re fucking doomed.

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