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Hot Conservatives And Good Dinner Conversation

Posted by KingShamus on June 13, 2011

CG Hill, in discussing John Hawkins Top 2o Hottest Female Conservatives, brings up a very good point.

If you gave me the choice of any of them for a dinner date — let’s not presume beyond that — I’m going with Ann Coulter, #17, because I believe the table conversation, once begun, will never flag, and because there’s not a chance in hell she’ll show up in a peasant skirt. Your mileage, of course, may vary.

That assumes you want to talk at all.  I have a single friend who loves Ann Coulter because if he married her, he believes he would never have to speak another word again.

By The Way: I just started reading ‘Demonic’ by the lovely and talented Ann Coulter. Her first chapter is beautifully cut freshly slaughtered red meat smothered in bar-b-q sauce and served hot off the grill. You can’t get that much unapologetic conservative awesomeness anywhere else. I might review it at some point, but judging by the opening act of this magnus opus it’s well worth just picking it up right now.

5 Responses to “Hot Conservatives And Good Dinner Conversation”

  1. CGHill said

    Well, he could throw in an occasional “What she said.”

  2. Angel said

    I heard the book is great KS! happy Monday my friend!:)

  3. S E Cupp, Andrea Tantaros and Michelle Malkin come to mind as well,,,,,

  4. I love Ann– will have to check out her new book!

  5. KingShamus said

    Karen: It’s worth it. I’m on chapter three and our gal just don’t quit.

    Christopher: All very good choices, sir.

    Angel: Right back at ya, my friend.

    CG: Hahahaaa

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