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Herman Cain and Islam

Posted by KingShamus on July 18, 2011

One thing about Herman Cain–the man does not back down from a fight.

Watch the whole thing.  The great RS McCain (Alyssa Milano Be Upon Him) snags the clip, then says:

Cain’s public opposition to the proposed Tennessee mosque, as well as his March statement that he would not be comfortable appointing Muslims to his presidential cabinet, have been criticized by many liberals and also by some Republicans. However, the Atlanta businessman told his Maryland supporters during a question-and-answer session at a private home in suburban Montgomery County, he considers Islam not merely a religion, but also a political system that does not recognize separation of church and state.


First of all, is this the politically correct thing for Herman Cain to say?  No.  Most MSM pundits will tut-tut Cain’s statement.  That’s not surprising though.  The liberal opinionistas are hopelessly addicted to soft-headed multiculturalism.  Anytime a conservative says anything that deviates from the media’s kumbaya narrative, the reflexive screams of racism cannot be far behind.

More importantly for Cain, is this the politically smart thing to say?  That’s not nearly so cut and dried.  What Herman Cain is expressing is a sentiment many Americans probably share.  The distrust of political Islam and of sharia; it’s likely that many citizens have these feelings.  Cain just has the courage to say what a lot of people are thinking, but are too nervous to speak.

Now there are people who will respond to Cain’s assertions by bringing up the moderate Muslims out there who disagree with the extremist version of Islam.  Okay.  Name ten prominent Muslims who have flat-out rejected the Wahabbist/Salafist/Persian Theocratic view of political Islam.  Can’t do it?  Cool.  Name five.  Still struggling?  You’re not alone.

I would love for there to be a vibrant apolitical strain of Islam to rise.  But sadly Zuhdi Jasser, Irshad Manji, Stephen Schwartz, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Wafa Sultan–as great and brave as these folks are–do not make up a mass movement.  Unfortunately, they are the weirdos within the greater Muslim intellectual orbit, not the extremists.  It’s been ten years since 9/11.  If the moderates were going to show up, they’d have done so by now.        

Others will argue that Herman Cain’s ideas about Islam reflect the candidate’s ignorance of Islam.  In turn, this reflects Americans’ lack of knowledge about Islam.  Since 9/11, Americans have learned on the fly what Islam is about.  They may not be able to name the Five Pillars or tell you what the Eid-al-Fitr means, but they’re sure there are a lot of Muslims that constantly pop a boner at the thought of killing Americans. 

In short, Americans have plenty of real-world experience dealing with the consequences of real-world Islam.  More importantly, when Americans ask supposedly non-radical Muslims to denounce terrorism, what is the typical response?  It sure as shit isn’t the full-throated renunciation of violence that most folks want to hear.  Instead groups like CAIR hem and haw, play the moral equivalency game with Israel and then roll out their lame ass woe-is-me poor victim drag act complaining about the non-existent backlash against Muslims in America.

Herman Cain being okay with communities banning mosques doesn’t sit well with the basic and noble American idea to live and let live.  It’s also true that most Americans are probably uncomfortable with the idea that his standard could be used against their churches or synagogues.  I understand why many voters–including some strong conservatives–would reject Cain’s position.  I know I’m not all that comfy with the implications of Cain’s policies.

But is Cain right about the basic questions here?  Is he right about Islam being a political ideology as much as it is a religious faith?  Is he right that Islamists, in both their overtly violent and politically subversive forms, are a grave threat to the American way of life?

Voters told the pols in 2010 that they were amenable to hearing some hard truths.  Cain might just be the man to educate voters about some more uncomfortable realities.

10 Responses to “Herman Cain and Islam”

  1. John Carey said

    He is absolutely 100 percent correct. I’m totally comfortable with what he has stated on this topic KS.

  2. I don’t think American political system was created to treat any religion different from others, but American political system was not invented for people adhering to religions that don’t recognize separation of church and state. Europe is not doing too hot with mass Islamic migration, and we need to watch them carefully. The best way of dealing with spread of sharia is by rethinking our immigration policies, although it might be a little too late.

  3. Good for Cain. Of course, I now expect him to be character-assassinated by the MSM.

    Oh, and as a Muslim once said, “I’d like to apologize in advance for tomorrow’s terrorist attack and ask all Americans not to retaliate.”

  4. “I does not care”…His grand daddy sounds like he was cool as well!

  5. Let’s face it: If we played a Sesame Street “One of these is not like the others” game and lined up all the major world religions, Islam would stand out. It isn’t like any others. Thus we can treat it differently. Generally I am aghast at the thought of government intruding like this, but I am more aghast at Islam.

    Thanks a lot muzzies, you’re so rotten you make gubbmint look good by comparison. Yeesh.

  6. joetote said

    He also says to Iran and others “Attack Israel and you have attacked the U.S.” In effect he says I’ll wipe you off the face of the earth if you do something that stupid Iran! That’s what I want from my President! God knows this clown in the Oval Office now would throw his own mother (wait a minute, he already has as to the lies about her unable to get insurance) much less any ally out there under the bus to serve his own means!

  7. Trestin said

    Creepy guy, Herman Cain. Creepy guy.
    This logic could be used by Marxist to go after Christian churches. We need to allow the freedoms listed by the Bill of Rights. We can not trade freedom for security.

  8. Matt said

    Whoa Trestin. Cain is correct when he states that Islam is a religion, and a legal system. A legal system, that in it’s very nature, violates almost everything in the bill of rights. People can be Christian, but Christians aren’t commanded to stone gays or rape victims. Jews can practice their religion, but are not obligated by it to behead those that convert, or kill their wives or daughters in honor killings. Cain might well be on to something here. There problem is that he might be so far ahead that folks won’t get it.

  9. Gregoryno6 said

    Well said, Mr Cain.

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