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Hey, it’s a Mark Oxner for Congress Campaign Ad!

Posted by KingShamus on January 25, 2012

Check it out:

Turns out the director of the video is an up-n-coming fellow by the name of Vernon Furniss . If this is his first viral ad, then I’d say the dude’s got some serious potential.

To follow up on the ad, here’s Ladd Ehlinger’s take on this year’s Congressional elections.

What’s important now is to send to Washington, D.C. representatives who will protect us from whoever wins the Presidential election, whether it be Obama or a GOP candidate. Granted, a conservative veto-proof majority in the House and Senate is not perfect protection against a big-government POTUS, but it’s better than nothing.

So if you’re a conservative activist who’s been spending your focus and energy on the Presidential race, gyrating linguistically to defend your candidate, look to your own back yard. Your efforts, heartfelt though they are, have little chance of turning the course of the GOP Presidential Primary. But you can vet candidates in your backyard. Find the one that you believe in most, and fight for him or her with all your heart.


While I don’t think it’s as bad as Ehlinger thinks it is, the truth of the matter is that conservative activists have to have back-up plans for an Obama victory. Getting as many right-of-center people in Congress is a top priority. Ads like Mr. Furniss’ would do a lot to get conservatives elected.

Besides Mark Oxner is running against none other than Alan Grayson. Grayson is such a left-wing hammer head that he got booted out of the House in 2010. But since the prick just won’t take a hint, he’s decided to run in Florida’s new district. Wouldn’t it be lovely to send this massive progtard packing twice within two election cycles?

I’m already starting to get a massive schadenfreude overdose just thinking about it.

7 Responses to “Hey, it’s a Mark Oxner for Congress Campaign Ad!”

  1. Cool video.

  2. Matt said

    That kicks man. Great find. I’ll post it over at my place. This guy will need all of the help he can get against (former) Congressman Shrek.

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  4. Bukko Canukko said

    When you have a subhead about an alleged dunce, you would look less ignorant if you did not misuse an apostrophe in the word “its.” Not to be a grammar Nazi, but seriously, it’s something that stays up on your blog, it’s labelling someone else as stupid, but it’s wrong itself. OTOH, the “it’s” in the “Hey” headline of this post is correct. Overall, though, you confirm my observation that so-called “conservatives” are dimwits.

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  6. […] Blog de KingShamus: Hey, it’s a Mark Oxner for Congress Campaign Ad! […]

  7. Trestin said

    I have no idea who Mark Oxner is, but I like him.

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