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Just Deserts Watch–Soledad O’Brien’s Ratings Crater (Now With Super-Dooper Edited Headline!)

Posted by KingShamus on March 28, 2012

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer lefty-pimp.

Executives at CNN must be in shock at the catastrophic implosion of their morning lineup, as Starting Point With Soledad O’Brien (7-9 a.m. weekdays) recorded the cable network’s lowest ratings for that time slot in more than a decade. Fewer than 100,000 adults 25-54 tuned in to O’Brien’s program on an average day, according to the latest quarterly Nielsen numbers.

Since you probably don’t recall Ms. O’Brien’s claim to fame–and since it’s clear you don’t watch her crappy left-wing political blog disguised as a cable TV news show–here’s a brief refresher.

The hilarity of this clip is an all you can eat buffet of fail:  Soledad getting the Wikepedia definition of critical race theory pumped into her earpiece by her flunkie producer, f-list actor Jay Thomas accusing Joel ‘Ummm, My Wife Is Black’ Pollak of racism, Soledad’s sneering through her ball-numbing stupidity.

The best part is how O’Brien defiantly refuses to get the joke.  She insists that Pollak is trying to make a grand statement about the nature of Barack Obama as a callow youth.  The clip of Obama palling around with deranged racialist Derrick Bell merely confirms what most conservatives already knew about the future leader of the free world.

Instead, Soledad O’Brien keeps taking the bait.  In the process, she proves Joel Pollak’s larger point (and the late Andrew Breitbart’s too).  It’s not really the President that needs to be vetted.  It’s the liberal mainstream media that sorely requires a head to toe examination.

Did O’Brien’s run-in with Joel Pollak have something to do with her slide into obscurity?  Maybe.  It sure as shit didn’t help.

Don’t cry for Soledad, though.

Al Gore can always use a replacement anchor for when Keith Olbermann throws another temper tantrum at Current TV.

UPDATE:  Linked at AceOfSpadesHQ.  Muchas gracias, Morons!

Thanks to RDBrewer, who you should follow on Twitter right now.

16 Responses to “Just Deserts Watch–Soledad O’Brien’s Ratings Crater (Now With Super-Dooper Edited Headline!)”

  1. JJstone said

    Breitbart strikes from the grave again. He picked a great successor in Pollak. This “nothingburger” seems to be having quite the impact.

  2. Don’t cry for me Soledad….you were supposed to have been immortal!

    Congrats on the linkage. Moron.

  3. haha, you can’t get away from RDBrewer’s Twitter feed plugs!

  4. IreneFingIrene said

    Awesome vid! Just devastating..

  5. wte9 said

    It’s spelled “just deserts.” One of those anachronistic oddities in the English language.

  6. KingShamus said

    Wte9: I’m gonna keep it. Because I like dessert. Don’t you?

    Bluesman: To be fair, I’ve seen it the other way too.

    Irene: Thats one of my all-time MSM pwnage favorites. Soledad is so pig-headed and clueless, it makes you wonder how she passed ‘Critical Race Theory’ in college.

    Truman: Nor do I want to! Thanks for stopping by.

    Infidel: Soledad’s epic fail will live on forever in my heart.

    JJ: Right? If it was small potatoes, how come Soledad couldn’t shut up about it?

    • Bluesman said

      Your Majesty, I’ve seen many errors repeated. They remain errors, no matter how many times they are repeated. ‘Just deserts’ is nonsense; not anachronisic, not odd, just wrong.

      • wte9 said

        Bluesman, it’s a special trait to have such a total lack of self-awareness. Congratulations. “Just desserts,” in fact, makes little sense. If it is accurate, what does it mean? That you are justly getting a . . . treat? It doesn’t remotely comport with the meaning of the idiom: to get what one deserves. The reason it is “just deserts” (still pronounced “desserts”) is that “deserts” is an archaic form of saying something along the lines of “something you deserve.” Thus, the idiom “just deserts” means you are justly getting something you deserve.

        KingShamus: Yes. I love dessert. Specifically, banana bread with walnuts. Which is weird. I know. Can’t help it.

      • Gnostic surface said

        Sorry, Bluesman, but that is incorrect. There are 3 words here which are pronounced identically and are spelled nearly identically. The first is “dessert”, which a treat at the end of a meal. The second is “desert”, which is what one does when one leaves his assigned post or illicitly flees his position in the armed services. (Areas of the world which are substantially uninhabited are referred to as ‘deserts’, which is spelled the same but pronounced differently.) Finally, we have the rarest of the three, “desert”, meaning what one deserves. This is the word which is rarely encountered except in the phrase ‘just deserts’, where it is neither anachronisic (sic), odd, nonsense, or wrong, but rather is le mot juste.

  7. LOL I love the way Soledad gets so distraught that she can’t even pretend to be objective. And what the heck was that old actor doing in the mix? That was just weird.

    If this performance is indictative of Soledad’s usual performances, then yes. It’s absolutely the reason for ratings plummet. What an insufferable know it all. If viewers are in the mood for that sort of thing, they can just click on for their fix.

    And yay! Your commenters have educated me about the word “desert.” I love vocabulary lessons. cheers!

  8. KingShamus said

    Wte9: Happy now? ;-p

    Gnostic: Thanks for stopping by the site. Come back anytime…and bring friends too.

    No-1: Exactly. What CNN and Soledad don’t get is that they’re pumping out leftist snark in a media market already oversaturated with it. You wanna get ratings? Maybe give people something they can’t already get at MSNBC, CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, Current TV, The Daily Kos, etc.

    Also, I like learning things too! Heheh.

  9. grace sette said

    despite all the negative comments i like soledad. i like even better some of her guests such as will cain. he is provocative, intelligent and simply adorable!!! work on your format, and you will survive.

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