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Ameritopia and the Fable of The Frogs

Posted by KingShamus on March 30, 2012

No, not that kind of frog

I just finished reading Mark Levin’s “Ameritopia” a few days ago.  I might give it a proper book review, but in case I don’t let me just say that it’s a tremendous piece of work.  If you want to understand how the Left has crafted their gaseous dreamy ideology, you need to read “Ameritopia”.  It’s that good.

As Levin surveys the modern US political system, he makes a remarkable observation.

America has become a society in which the people are wise enough to select their own leaders, but too incompetent to choose the right lightbulb.

Knowing this painful truth, the question becomes:  Is this schizophrenic situation tenable in the long term?

No One Of Any Import has an answer for us with her translation of the old Aesop’s fable of the frogs who desired a king.

  Here is Caxton’s original translation, circa 1484. It’s my favorite version, but man oh man that’s some crazy Olde Englishe. Let me rephrase:

There were once some frogs who lived in liberty, but they wanted a king. They asked Jupiter to give them a king. They asked in one voice–no dissent, so it was all democratic and everything. Now, Jupiter knew these frogs weren’t the smartest bunch. So to placate them, he sent a piece of wood which splashed loudly in the pond.

This commotion scared the frogs at first. They approached their king cautiously, to make obeisance to him. When they realized their new ruler was just an ineffective lump of wood, they weren’t happy. They went back to Jupiter and asked for a better king. Jupiter was like, fine. And he sent a Heron to be their king.

The Heron flew down and began to eat the frogs, one after another. The frogs began to cry, and they begged Jupiter to deliver them from the throat of this tyrant. Jupiter replied, tough. The king which you demanded shall be your master.

There is a significant portion of the US population–like, oh say, 21 percent–that pines for a monarch.  For the most part, rank-n-file liberals are perfectly content to live within the current spongy pliable despotism.  Give them a vote, especially one where the electorate gets to choose between Barack Obama’s moderate pragmatic ultra-leftism or Noam Chomsky’s more ambitious super-mega-insane-o-leftism, and most progressives would cream their jeans.  In return for that, the progs would joyfully accept the State making them buy the Earth First!/politically-correct/militantly-inoffensive/gluten-free/compact flourescent version of everything.

The problem is that the statists are not satisfied with the current arrangement. Everything, even ObamaCare, is seen as merely a stepping stone paving the way for the next massive government usurpation of the citizens’ rights.  At some point, if the American people do not put a stop to this, the socialists who wield power in our government won’t be satisfied allowing the subjects to take part in an election every four years while simultaneously mandating how Americans are to light their homes.

The current arrangement cannot hold for much longer.  America has spent too much money and thrown away too many freedoms and gone too far down the road to serfdom for this situation to continue.  Either we’re the free people the Founders intended us to be or we’re the fat dumb belching frogs waiting to be consumed.

8 Responses to “Ameritopia and the Fable of The Frogs”

  1. We might have been wise enough to select are own leaders once upon a time but i haven’t seen much evidence of that in recent times.

  2. Matt Ross said

    I have to be honest and say that I didn’t really think we’d get this close this fast. It’s frankly scary.

  3. KingShamus said

    Matt: I know what you’re saying. This ObamaCrapSandwich thing has really brought us to the edge of Eurodouche socialism.

    CoF: Not when Peggy Joseph makes up a significant portion of the American electorate.

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  5. The progressives, er I mean the liberals, er, I mean the Democrats will always demand a king. Why do you think their heroes are always strongmen? Why do they keep calling their heroes “American royalty”?

  6. KingShamus said

    Infidel: Truth. That’s why they bought into the JFK ‘Camelot’ myth too. Its a sad commentary on them.

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