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Support Conservative Political Mommy Bloggers!

Posted by KingShamus on March 31, 2012

I like conservatives.  I like mommies.  Vote for them?  Sounds like a plan to me.

Are you a mom blogger who is passionate about politics? We’re looking for moms all over the political spectrum who discuss and debate current events on their blogs.

We are trying to promote and recognize the work of moms who blog with this contest, rather than blogs that are intended for mom readership. Therefore, this contest is only open to moms.

To ensure that votes are fairly acquired we do not allow for any prizes or giveaways in exchange for votes.

Help us find the Top 25 Political Moms – 2012 by Apr 4, 2012 at 4pm PST by voting once every 24 hours for your favorite blog. All votes acquired through bots (or any other unfair voting mechanism), and blogs that do not fit in this category will be removed before the list is finalized.

Okay, peeps.  We’ve got a few days to rock the vote.  Lets do it.  

Who should you vote for?  Several  choices spring to mind.

No One of Any Import has been a blogger homie for a long time.  I steal quote her stuff all the time.

Sitting On The Edge Of The Sandbox, Biting My Tongue has one of the best blog titles ever.  She’s also good for an insightful read every time I click on her page.

The Lonely Conservative, a conservative gal in the People’s Republic Of New York, has been a twitter pal of mine for a while now. 

Zilla of The Resistance resists bonehead liberalism with a deftly wielded beatdown hand.    

The one and only Political Junkie Mom does great work, even if she is hopelessly addicted to her conservative blogging habit.  ;-p

Little Bytes News is another cool right-of-center mommie who I first talked to on Twitter.

Melissa Clouthier is a great blogger who has become a force to be reckoned with in the Twitterverse.

The thing I get out of this is just how deep the right-of-center side really is.  We don’t have a lot of rigid ideologues on our team.  Instead, we have great writers who use their experiences–in the case, as mothers–to inform their conservatism.  That means that the Right gets a broad range of thinking on a variety of subjects, not blinkered dogmatic hammer heads.

In any event, go ahead and clickie on that Top 25 Political Moms linkie and vote for your favorite conservative mommies.  It costs nothing and it recognizes the great ladies who write for the Right side.  That’s a win-win in my book.

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11 Responses to “Support Conservative Political Mommy Bloggers!”

  1. Thank you so much!

  2. pjMom said

    You rock. Thanks! (And yes, it is a problem. But, if being hopelessly addicted to quashing liberalism is a problem, at least it’s a noble one to have, no? My kids need a great place to grow up rather than being saddled by endless debt and taxes to enable them to suck endlessly at the teat of big government. Or something like that ; )

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  4. Wow! Thank you so so much! And you are right, there is no rigid ideologues on this list. We all have different voices and speak from experience.

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  7. You rock, you Royal Shamsey! Thanks for doing your part. I’ve also been fortunate to meet Kira Davis (the chick featured in the viral “sorry, Karzai” YouTube video, and Temple of Mut, and they need our votes too! Would love to see me and Missy Sandbox in the top 25, but the important thing is showing our overall girly conservative might! LOLz.

    We’re gonna sweep this thang.


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  9. KingShamus said

    Zilla: Thank you in return.

    PJ: Hahahaaa.

    Edge: You rule. Thanks for the kind words.

    No-1: You ladies do pretty much rule.

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