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Rick Santorum’s Exit

Posted by KingShamus on April 11, 2012

Well, Karl Rove got his wish.

RS McCain has a nice round-up.  Check it out.

You might’ve wondered how a honky-tonk perpetually cash-strapped campaign like Rick Santorum’s could punch so far above its weight class.

Three words: “Phone from home.”

A comparative handful of fired-up, dedicated volunteers — mostly moms and grandmothers — each made many thousands of phone calls to Republican primary voters in those states. Exactly how many people participated in Santorum’s phone-from-home program, I don’t yet know, but there were a hard-core handful who have spent practically every day for the past four months calling up total strangers and asking them to vote for Rick Santorum.

God bless ‘em, they pulled off a miracle or two — Rick’s campaign manager, Mike Biundo, told me that the top campaign staff didn’t think they could win Mississippi until they saw the votes come in — and those volunteers deserve far more credit than they got.

And now that’s all over.

There have been various reactions to Team Sweater Vest’s campaign suspension.  Joy McCann pronounces Santorum a deeply flawed vessel.  Both Mr. Bingley and the Tree Huggin Sis are glad to see the end of the former Pennsylvania Senator’s presidential bid.

If the end of the Santorum bid has led some conservatives to mourn, Dean L over at the Nonsensible Shoes has almost gotten to acceptance, while the Crack Emcee is still at sarcastic annoyance.

Possibly the most hilarious reaction comes from Newt Gingrich, who thinks he has Mitt Romney right where he wants him, which is akin to the minnow believing it has the upper hand on the shark.

I dunno.  Maybe we were always going to get Romney and we were just too stupid to get it through our thick skulls.

2008 redux to begin again in earnest – with 2010 but a nightmare that “sane” Republicans have thankfully vanquished.

And it’s for the best.  Because as far as ruling class pols are involved, the only thing better than offering the American people a choice between a candidate who supports socialized medicine, TARP, federal minimum wage increases tied to inflation, cap-and-trade, green energy boondoggles, bureaucratic precedence over religious conscience, federal government “stimulus” programs, rising gas prices as a matter of necessity, the wisdom of an individual mandate, and the anti-Reagan sentiment embodied by all big government types who consider a collaboration with Ted Kennedy a great social and political achievement,  and one who doesn’t, is offering them no choice at all while insisting that they actually have one.

There’s a lot to agree with Jeff Goldstein’s analysis there.

But perhaps it’s not all that bad.  Gatordoug has a more optimistic take.  Okay, maybe not optimistic.  How about ‘less pessimistic’?

I know a lot of “political insiders” and pundits were concerned that the infighting of the campaign would hurt party unity, but that was never a realistic concern for me.The Right, all of us, will unite behind Romney, and now it is our duty to do everything we can to get Mitt Romney elected in November.

Whether he was your guy at the outset or not is of no consequence now. It is either Romney or Obama, and Romney is far better qualified than Obama.

Here’s a question I’ve asked in the past, but I’ll throw it out there again:  How many justices do you think will Barack Obama get to put on the Supreme Court if he wins in November?

Antonin Scalia, the best thing to come out of the Garbage State since the 24 hour diner, is 76 years old.  Stephen Breyer is 73.  Clarence Thomas is 63.  Anthony Kennedy is 75.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a rickety 79.

How many more shots do you wanna give Obama to cement ObamaCare, never-ending deficits and all the other freedom-hating individual-loathing assumptions of the nanny state into the fabric of American life?

For that reason alone, Barack Obama has to go.  Which means Mitt Romney must win.

There’s a lot to hate about this situation.  Vast swaths of the conservative movement look forward to resolutely pinching their noses on Election Day.  It’s fucking rad how nobody really has a clue how the GOP nominee would actually govern if elected to the Presidency.  Worse than any of that is how Mitt Romney reminds conservatives just how much the American Republic depends on a judge-centric oligarchy to function.

On the other hand, we’re not really supposed to love our politicians.  I know the Left always seeks to create messianic personality cults for their leaders.  That’s one of the most unhealthy mindsets one can have in a society based on enumerated powers and constitutional norms.  When the other side has completely lost its mind when it comes to the proper emotional distance voters should have with their elected officials, the best attitude might be highly skeptical annoyance.

Still More:  Gabriel Malor over at Ace’s place has this wrap-up of the Santorum campaign.

Santorum started this race last year as a long-shot candidate who was widely perceived as not representing all that many Republicans. He ended the race as a long-shot candidate, still perceived as not representing all that many Republicans, but who indisputably attracted solid, respectable support from a core Republican constituency. That’s not a shot at him. When a “sure thing” collapses (ahem Hillary), that’s news. When a long-shot doesn’t quite make it to the finish line, that’s just the expected outcome.

It’s not like Santorum lost to some upstart that had barely been in politics or anything else before (again, Hillary). Santorum lost to the presumptive nominee, the one everyone thought was going to win. It was, as is typical for Republicans, simply Romney’s turn; he paid his dues in 2008 and, no surprise, here he is in 2012. The good news for Santorum is that next time, whether that’s 2016 or 2020, he’ll have a strong claim for it being his turn.

I think some of the anger at Mitt’s seeming inevitability–which I guess in hindsight looks more like actual inevitability–stems from the frustrations rank-n-file Republicans have with their own party.  The Tea Party and the 2010 midterms were supposed to have ended the “Its My Turn!” style of GOP presidential politics.  The fact that all those new activists joined the party, changed the national debate about the role of government and created a historic electoral groundswell only to have a mushy technocratic RINO be the party’s standard bearer is pretty demoralizing.

FWIW, the danger that Barack Obama poses to the country makes Mitt more palatable.

Okay, GOP grand poobahs.  You win.  You got the man-crush of your dreams.  Lets see if he can pull off the win here.

But…if Mitt Romney can’t win in this incredibly unfavorable environment for the Democrat Party and Barack Obama, I never want to hear the name “Mitt Romney” ever again.  I don’t want to see him on TV posing as a revered old statesman of the Republican Party.  I don’t want to see him write op-eds for the Washington Post.

If Romney shits the bed sheets and loses to Obama, he can get on a plane, shut the hell up forever and promptly fuck off to Massachusetts or Michigan or California or New Hampshire or whatever home state he chooses to call his native land this week.

You wanted to drive the Enterprise, Mittens.  Good luck not piling it up.  If you lose, you don’t get a second act.  You just get to go away.

UPDATE:  Linked by the great Crack Emcee.  Thanks, my friend.

6 Responses to “Rick Santorum’s Exit”

  1. The fact that Der Mittser is so freaking dull is actually a mark in his favor if you ask me. I too am tired of the Democrats and their search for “saviors” who walk on water (probably from lowering sea levels) and raise the dead

    In fact, I think we should pledge that from here on in we will only vote for the dullest candidate out there (excepting John McCain of course who should just retire and slink away.)

  2. bunkerville said

    If we lose next fall, I don’t want to see Karl Rove’s face ever ever ever again.The great circus master.

  3. Interesting bit about call from home. I inquired about volunteering in fall 08, but they didn’t have a program like that, and I was home with a toddler.

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  5. KingShamus said

    Macho Response: Thanks for the linkage.

    Edge: I think they’d make accommodations for you now. The GOP knows…or better know…they’re in a dog fight this year.

    Bunkerville: Me and you both, homie.

    Infidel: Three–subdued–cheers for boring candidates!

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