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President Barack ‘Dog Meat’ Obama Is An Admitted Dog Meat Eater Who Has Eaten Dog Meat

Posted by KingShamus on April 19, 2012

So it turns out that David Axelrod, Barack Obama’s campaign hatchetman, posted a tweet that many folks took as a shot at Mitt Romney.  Specifically, the tweet was an oblique reference to the story of how Romney once transported his dog in a pet crate on top of his car during a family trip.  No doubt it was pretty clever to for Ax to ding Romney with this embarrassing anecdote.  Everybody knows that any tale Gail Collins has made a fetish out of reporting on is edgy comedic gold.

Then the right-wingers on Twitter pointed out in sarcastic detail how Barack Obama has some skeletons in his closet when it comes to man’s best friend.

Let Joe and Mika and some other hapless MSNBC stooges fill you in.

In summation, Romney treated a dog poorly once.

At least Mittens wasn’t thinking about which side dish and wine would go best with his Irish Setter spare ribs.

Not surprisingly, this kerfuffle lit up the twitterverse and the larger blogosphere.  Ace had a laugh at Obama, Devourer of Dogs. Manhattan Infidel posted a great satirical interview with the clearly endangered First Pet.  James Taranto threw his kibbles and bits into the fray.  Frank quipped some quips about the story (sample–“Dog bites man – not news. Man bites dog – news. President bites dog – BEST NIGHT OF TWITTER EVER!!!”).  Jim Treacher has been cracking on Axelrod and Co. for almost two days now, throwing in the inevitable, and inevitably hilarious, ‘Downfall’ clip to boot.

Don’t get it twisted, though.  Not every conservative has been having fun at Blood-Pudding-Hound Obama’s expense.  Newt Gingrich told Sean Hannity that focusing on the “Obama Eats Dog” story is ‘junk’.  He would prefer the Right to focus on big ideas and big issues.

The former speaker is almost impossibly wrong.  First, look at Axelrod’s twitter timeline.  He deleted the tweet that started this fight, which means he knows he screwed the pooch.  Homeboy wouldn’t memory-hole a tweet unless he knew it was a self-inflicted wound.

Another thing to note is that while Americans hate to hear about dogs being mistreated, eating canines is really weird to most people in the United States.  Granted, there is already a liberal thumbsucker defense of Obama eating a dog in Indonesia (“IT IS THIER CULTCHERR, MAAAAAAN!!!!!!!111111111eleventy!!!1!”) but that’s only going to work for people already invested in Team Obama. The rest of the country is going to be deeply creeped out at the idea of the President scarfing down a fido-burger.

Besides all that, why does Newt–or any other conservative–think this is an either/or proposition?  Why can’t the Right offer data-driven substantive criticism of President Obama’s disastrous policies while simultaneously busting on Schnauzer Skirt Steak Barry’s inherently strange biography and ideology?  Thinking that the conservative movement can’t walk and mock progressives at the same time is antiquated.

It’s not 1978 anymore.  There isn’t a monolithic leftist media vice-grip on mass communication.  The conservative movement doesn’t have to carefully craft the picture perfect message in the hopes that a Fairness Doctrine-era news organization will deign to pick up on it.

Let the free-market thinkers think.  Let the libertarian linkers link.  Most importantly, let the conservative stinkers well…not stink per se…but mercilessly mock everything about Obama and the lunatic left.  At a moment when our hapless President would rather talk about anything other than his pathetic failure of an administration, it would be foolish for the Right to put limits on its messaging.

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11 Responses to “President Barack ‘Dog Meat’ Obama Is An Admitted Dog Meat Eater Who Has Eaten Dog Meat”

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  3. Great summary!

  4. And to think it’s not even the dog days of Summer yet! Yes, times are rough. The candidates are barking.

  5. bunkerville said

    Game on! The campaign starts out in fine fiddle. Hit the high points first. Great roundup!

  6. “Hey, Obama. Why do dogs lick their own butts?”

    “Because it tastes like chicken. Duh!”

  7. Too funny. And on top of this now, is the attempt to smear Romney regarding poligamy in the distant Mormon past, meanwhile Dreams from My Father brings another hilarious punchline, hello. Wonder if Obama’s starting to wish he hadn’t written/had that book ghostwritten, LOL

  8. KingShamus said

    No-1: Funny thing is that you know Obambi told Bill Ayers to throw the dog-eating bit into “Dreams” to score some serious multi-culti cool kid points. Guess Barry underestimated America’s gross out factor when it comes to eating dog meat.

    Inn: Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, nice call.

    Bunkerville: Thanks, man.

    Infidel: RIMSHOT!

    Edge: Thanks for the link back to your post. I’m glad you liked my snarkage.

  9. Gregoryno6 said

    This just in! PETA has applied for a cease and desist against new group Presidents Eating Tasty Animals…

  10. KingShamus said

    Greg: Funny thing about PETA–they’ve been oddly supportive of Fido-Chops Barry. It’s almost like they don’t care about animal rights unless they can use them to beat up conservatives or something.

  11. […] President Barack ‘Dog Meat’ Obama Is An Admitted Dog Meat Eater Who Has Eaten Dog Meat […]

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