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Pray For Bo

Posted by KingShamus on April 23, 2012

There’s a dog in peril, after all.

But of course, there is still no way to make fun of Barack Obama.


Stop trying, conservative curmudgeons.

Give up on that wild goose chase, silly reich-wingers.

The well-paid comedy geniuses at Hollywood have tried their damnedest to find an angle by which they can satirize the President.  Boy, have they ever tried.  It’s been a truly heroic effort.  If our media betters can’t make a joke stick on Obama, there’s simply no hope for the rest of us.

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Obama and The Perfect Storm of Misery

Posted by KingShamus on April 23, 2012

Old And Busted:  Getting people off the public dole.

New Hotness:  Getting lots and lots of people back on the public dole.

The Congressional Budget Office said Thursday that 45 million people in 2011 received Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits, a 70% increase from 2007

Political Junkie Mom is right.  Having the Obama administration do stuff to increase employment or oil production is just silly rugged individualist conservative yakkety-yak.  Far better for the government to do the things it’s really good at, like fostering long-term dependency.

But hey, it’s not poor people who are getting pounded by this administration.  The “rich” are about to get their comeuppance as well.

 If you thought paying your taxes was painful this year, get ready for more heartache next year, when taxpayers could be on the hook for almost $500 billion in higher taxes… That’s the size of “Taxmageddon.” 

Taxmageddon is the tax hike set to slam the economy and taxpayers on Jan. 1, 2013. It’s made up of seven different categories of tax cuts set to expire, and six tax hikes from the health-care law set to kick in, as soon as the ball drops on New Year’s Eve.

The Left’s definition of ‘shared’ sacrifice: Make the poor into a permanent underclass so they can easily be exploited for votes while simultaneously punishing anyone who tries to escape the statist suck-hole of fail.

Or maybe I’m being too hard on Obama and the rest of the progressive movement.  Perhaps I’m ascribing a conscious plan to people who really have no idea what they’re doing.   It could be that the President and his administration are just incompetent dolts.

Then again, that would go against everything we’ve been told about Barack Obama for the last five years.  People who identify themselves as conservative think Obama is scary smart.  Scions of the Left have insisted that Barack Obama is a great intelligence.  How many prestigious universities did Barack Obama go to?  Occidental, Columbia and Harvard represent the pinnacle of higher education not just in America but across the globe.  Anyone who wrote not one but two memoirs before the age of fifty has to be pretty sharp.

If President Obama is as smart as his sycophants and enablers insist he is, then he has the intelligence to see how his proposals affect the nation.  That means that Obama is happy to see more and more people on food stamps.  Obama wants to hammer Americans with tax hikes.  The current state of affairs in the United States is pretty much exactly what the community-organizer-in-chief ordered.

Here’s the rub–I think Obama is going to play dumb during this campaign season.  In 2008, dude was supposed to walk on water during a three dimensional chess marathon while simultaneously developing a vaccine for athlete’s foot.  In 2012, everything–and I mean EVERYTHING–will be somebody else’s fault.  Crappy economy?  Damn you, Bushitler.  Wallet-punishing gas prices?  Darth Cheney and his roving band of nefarious petroleum speculators are killing the electric car with their diabolical oil-based superpowers.  Stratospheric unemployment?  John ‘Satan’s Personal Oompaloompa’ Boehner simply won’t let America have the kajillions of eco-tastic green jobs that every US company is just dying to create.

That line of nonsense cannot be allowed to fly.  Obama has constantly billed himself–and actively encouraged others to sing from the same hymnal by the way–as a super genius.  Its time to throw that achievement-free arrogance back in his face.

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Music Monday Cover Tunes – ‘Rocky Mountain Way’ by Godsmack (Joe Walsh Cover)

Posted by KingShamus on April 23, 2012

Let the pummeling commence.

I know I’m going to catch some shit from the holier-than-thou muso nerd contingent, but I can’t help liking Godsmack.

Yes, their first album was basically an Alice in Chains tribute disc.  I also get how a lot of their stuff might be a little testosterone’d up for many music listeners, like 95% of the female population of planet Earth.  The band is so single-minded it might in fact be a single-celled organism. They also have the misfortune  of often getting lumped into the hard rock hammerhead Shinedown/Theory of A Dead Man/Nickelback batch of groups.

Even with all that going against them, da ‘Smack ain’t all bad.  “I Stand Alone”, with it’s hammering riff, pulls off the difficult feat of being fairly heavy and still tuneful at the same time.  The terse simplicity of “Keep Away” is a blueprint that a lot of bands have nicked over the years. Even though “Awake” is over a decade old, it remains the group’s striding declaration of intent.  For all their lack of guile, they’re a band that understands itself and what it wants to do–crank out decidedly hipster-unfriendly unapologetic stadium metal–then goes out and does just that.  Vocalist and band leader Sully Erna, an oddly successful amalgam of James Hetfield, Eddie Vedder and a 60’s-era Hell’s Angel soldier, knows his audience and gives them what they want with admirable regularity.

As for this cover, Godsmack takes a classic riff, drops the guitars down a few steps, shears off some of Walsh’s winking nuance and dials up the amps to the ‘Crush’ setting.  While the tune sounds familiar, it still basically comes off as a Godsmack song.  Overall, it’s a modern twist on an old favorite.


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