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Manhattan Infidel Comes Up With The Best Post Title Of The Month

Posted by KingShamus on May 9, 2012

Even better than the title?  The post.

Lindsay Lohan to Play Britney Spears in the Courtney Love Story

E! Entertainment Television plans to film a biopic of the Courtney Love story. While roles are still being cast it has been announced that the all-important role of Britney Spears will be played by Lindsay Lohan.

Said an executive with E!:

We are proud to have Lindsay Lohan on board for this project.  I met with Lindsay personally to offer her the role.  She had one question:  Why were the helicopters following her around all the time.  And then she offered to suck my dick for some crack before throwing up on me and passing out.  Which I take it to mean she agreed to our price.  Actually I think she’s just happy to be working again.

Britney Spears will also be in the biopic. However she will not play the coveted role of Britney Spears.



2 Responses to “Manhattan Infidel Comes Up With The Best Post Title Of The Month”

  1. CGHill said

    That’s meta on a level I’ve never seen before. :)

  2. KingShamus said

    CG: Hahhahahaaaaaaaa.

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