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DeWayne Wickham: Get Back On The Democrat Plantation, Gay Republicans!

Posted by KingShamus on May 16, 2012

Hey, I don’t know if you’ve heard but President Obama has come out in favor of same-sex marriage.

The Obamatron’s announcement that he now supports gay nuptials–after he was against it which came after he was for it–has led to some strange reactions in the leftoversphere.  Most have been positively proggasmic.  But some have used the occasion to go on offense against their hated enemies.

Here’s syndicated columnist DeWayne Wickham  (D-Obama Stenographer Media), chastising the Log Cabin Republicans for attacking Obama on his newly-found support for gay marriage while not criticizing Mitt Romney for his belief in traditional marriage.

The Log Cabin Republicans are outcasts within the GOP. The marital equality they seek is opposed by Romney and many of the right-wingers whose votes he hopes will help him defeat Obama in November.

The Republican homosexual group seems bent on subjecting its members to an unyielding brand of political flagellation.

It is apparently willing to pay any price, bear any burden and endure any insult to maintain a toehold in the GOP ranks — a political obsession that is as oxymoronic as a black joining the Ku Klux Klan, or a Jew becoming a follower of Hamas.

Of course, he’s correct.

I’m sure you remember the Republican Party’s long sordid history of firebombing Greenwich Village cosmetology schools and orchestrating drive-by shootings at San Francisco antique stores.

Worse than the dickbag moral equivalency ploy is the Wickham’s narrow-mindedness when it comes to gay and lesbian voters.  It simply doesn’t occur to him that a homosexual person could possibly be a Republican too.  Ergo, these freaky-deaky pink elephant GOPers should go back to being good dutiful soldiers for the Democrat Party rather than sucking up to the hate-fueled Republicans.

Let’s flip the script for a second:  Suppose there was a large chunk of union-member Democrats who really hated Cap-n-Trade.  They agreed with almost everything else on the DonkeyPuncher agenda–ObamaCare, tax hikes, the role of government in citizens’ lives–but they really disliked a government-mandated carbon credit trading system.  According to Wickham’s logic, those anti-C&T union guys should stop being Democrats and join the Republican Party.  After all, they aren’t marching lockstep with the Democrat Party on Cap-n-Trade, so union people must be barking up the wrong political tree.

Seen this way, Wickham’s premise starts to look like chicken-fried nonsense wrapped in a flaky breaded crust of illogic and glazed with a zesty bullshit marinade.

Back in the real world, gay and lesbians make political decisions the same way everybody else does.  They base their partisan affiliation on feelings, ideologies, gut instincts and what they generally want out of the government.  There are still a few pro-life Democrats, even though the Dems are overwhelmingly pro-abortion.  Ron Paul and many of his supporters are Republicans who are against the large well-funded US military most GOPers have embraced.  In both cases, the reason why these people remain in their respective parties has nothing to do with some sort of  sycophantic apple-polisher’s desire to be liked that Wickham ascribes to the Log Cabin Republicans.  Instead, pro-life Democrats and pro-military cuts Paulians have all made calculations based on their political priorities.  Why Wickham thinks gays and lesbians are incapable of making the sorts of sophisticated voting decisions that everyone else does is a mystery.

I mean, is it so wacky to think there are gays and lesbians who support smaller government, tax cuts and strong national defense?

Is it all that odd that those same homosexuals wouldn’t make gay marriage the make-or-break issue that keeps them in the Republican Party?

It’s only strange if you’re DeWayne Wickham.

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6 Responses to “DeWayne Wickham: Get Back On The Democrat Plantation, Gay Republicans!”

  1. CGHill said

    I offer as an example former Oklahoma state senator Andrew Rice, probably the only person ever to be elected to that house who actually quoted Antonio Gramsci in public. He got an A from the National Rifle Association.

  2. “[O]r a Jew becoming a follower of Hamas” as opposed to a Jew becoming a follower of the PLO, which would be totally understandable.
    I find it a bit odd that gays made marriage, as opposed to tolerance and general acceptance, such a priority issue to begin with because so few of them seem to be interested in actually getting married. Wouldn’t good economy and safe to visit Amsterdam matter more?

  3. As for gay marriage I don’t understand. I thought the entire point of an alternate lifestyle was to be “alternate.” Oh well. As for the post – those wacky ideological Dummmycrats! When will they ever learn.

  4. “Seen this way, Wickham’s premise starts to look like chicken-fried nonsense wrapped in a flaky breaded crust of illogic and glazed with a zesty bullshit marinade.”

    quote of the week!

  5. Starless said

    “Republican homosexual group”, “bent”–OIC what he did there! High-larious!

    I’ve lived in a small city where at least half of the small businesses in the downtown commercial corridor were gay-owned. I’d guess that at this point in the Obama administration, they would be more concerned with whether their customers have disposable income to spend than whether, for instance, Mittens’ stance on gay marriage is a shade different from Obama’s Cheney-esque stance.

  6. […] DeWayne Wickham: Get Back On The Democrat Plantation, Gay Republicans! […]

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