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National Day Of Blogger Silence

Posted by KingShamus on June 7, 2012

After this post, my blog and my Twitter feed are going dark for the rest of the day.

Listen to Ace:

On Friday, this site will be absolutely dead-silent, which is what Brett Kimberlin and his stalker crew seeks, and what the media and our supposed Representatives in Congress would permit.

The only post on Friday will be a bold-faced Open Letter to Congress, urging them to act and not attempt to pass the buck to others.

They are our representatives; we would like some representation.

They vowed to defend and protect the Constitution; they can honor that vow now.

Instead of blogging/tweeting, I’ll be writing Congress and the media to alert them to this story.

By the way, Robert Stacy McCain is still in hiding because of Brett Kimberlin’s threats.

Aaron Worthing is still getting the lawfare treatment by Brett Kimberlin.

Ali Akbar–and his family–are still getting harassed by Brett Kimberlin.

As bad as all that it, they only form the tip of the Left’s iceberg…or spear.

It’s a spear directed right at our blogs.  Worse than that; it represents an assault on our ability to communicate ideas in anything louder than a hushed whisper.  They just want our silence.  How that happens is inconsequential.

Contact your Congressmen, your senators and the media.

This story has to be spread far and wide, even if the MSM and half of our political class wants it to just go away.

Thanks, everybody.  See you on Saturday.

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Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay, Lisa Lampanelli and Barack Obama Walk Into A Bar…

Posted by KingShamus on June 7, 2012

Hey everybody!  Great news!  The President loves him some fellatio jokes at the First Lady of The United States’ expense!

President Obama, in Los Angeles for a fundraiser, offered this observation on his wife’s exercise routine, via the pool report:

“Michelle outdoes me in pushups as well,” he said, after saying that she’s taken some criticism on her technique “because she doesn’t go all the way down” – a line that he let hang, naughtily, provoking laughter from the crowd.

Of course Hollywood ate it up.  They’re loud-n-proud unrepentant degenerates.  Cracking a crude dick joke is just a casual good morning greeting in that world.

Besides, Obama is a leftist.  He can gleefully humiliate his wife and the mother of his two children in front of a packed house full of rich swells and not have it instantly turn into a Very Serious Commentary On Sexism In The White House.  When the President riffs on his wife’s sexual proclivities, it’s adorable high-jinks from our lovable, unthreatening One-Liner in Chief.

Say, I wonder which women-empowering caring feminist joke writer at “The Colbert Report” furnished Barack “I’m The Next Richard Pryor” Obama with this awesome blowjob bit?  We’ll probably never know.  A knob-polisher gag (Rimshot!  See what I did there!) that funny is just too good for any card-carrying NOW supporting Comedy Central employee to take the credit.

You know how we have Presidential actions that are only problematic under Republican Administrations?  Stuff like indefinite detentions, Gitmo, drone strikes and golf are just a few things that were once plutocratic Constitution-shredding crimes during the American Warlord Premier Bush regime.  Now all those things are totally rad when a Democrat does them. 

Well, being how nobody in the MSM went into a spittle-flecked rage over this, we’ve now got a whole new category of liberal hypocrisy.  President Obama has officially invented the “Joke Only Problematic Under Women-Hating Rethuglican Administrations” rule.  Congratulations Barry.  They’ll be making you a Friar’s Club Life Member in no time.

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