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Barack Obama Calls Miami’s Basketball Team The “Heats”

Posted by KingShamus on June 27, 2012

Because big-time NBA superfans always screw up the name of the team that just won a world championship.

“It would be incomplete if I did not congratulate the city of Miami for having the world champion Miami Heats,” President Obama said at a fundraiser in Miami late Tuesday. Also, I’d be a complete idiot if I didn’t say big ups to Jebron Lames, Wwyane Dade, Bris Chosh, Bane Shattier, Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki, Carmelo Anthony, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Jerry West, Magic Johnson, Julius Erving and everyone else associated with Miami’s Super Bowl winning Olympic lacrosse club.

I might’ve made up that last sentence.


Anyway, this could be just a trivial mistake. Perhaps I’m being a tad harsh. I mean, listen to Chicago sportswriter Michael Wilbon explain the President’s devotion to athletic competition.

We’ve seen sports emerge as a major theme in President Obama’s White House — whether it’s weekend golf outings, courtside seats at basketball games, or public-service announcements touting physical fitness for kids. Is it the real deal? We asked one guy who would know — Michael Wilbon, a co-host of ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption” and a sports columnist for The Washington Post, in an interview that will air today at noon ET on ABC’s “Top Line.”

Well, I know it is genuine — absolutely — and it’s thorough. It’s not just about the sports that are obvious, that people think of all the time,” Wilbon told us. Obama does more than fill out college basketball brackets — he checks in with experts (including Wilbon) to see how they’re doing along the way. “March Madness … believe me, he has brackets and it’s competitive, because I know I’ve gotten a phone call, ‘How’s your bracket?’ ” Wilbon said. “But this goes back — this was all his life. I mean, if politics is one conversation of his life, then sports is the other, and sports probably, probably if I would hazard guess, a lot longer. And it’s everything — it’s professional basketball, it’s college basketball, it’s pro and college football to some extent. I don’t know if they’re all equal, but it’s very genuine.”

That’s just precious, Mike. Really strong analysis there. I’m sure it’ll hold up to scrutiny.

In fact, let us hear more of Obama’s appreciation of sport. Here the President chats with former major league pitcher Rob Dibble, regaling us with his deep knowledge of his beloved Chicago White Sox.

Obama to Dibble on why he wore a White Sox fan to throw out the first pitch in Washington: “I’m a Southside kid, I gotta make sure (White Sox owner) Jerry Reinsdorf doesn’t get to angry with me.

Dibble: “Having played with the White Sox for a short time, I know how the Cubs fans and White Sox fans go back and forth. Who was one of your favorite White Sox players growing up?

Obama: “You know uh ….. I … I thought that … uh …. you know … the truth is a lot of the Cubs I like too! But, uh … I did not become a Sox fan until I moved to Chicago. Because I uh …. I was growing up in Hawaii so I ended up actually being an Oakland A’s fan.

Oh. Okay.

But at least Obama knows where the White Sox play baseball.

“Kaminskey Field”.

Of course its Kaminskey Field, Barry.  Of course it is.

In other news: The president’s purported love of sports is, just like every other thing about this guy, a fraudulent practical joke played on America by a bunch of burnout hippie-era red diaper babies.

MORE, KINDA RELATED-ISH:  Why does Team Teleprompter and the court stenographers in the American press continue to push the notion that Barack is some kind of sports nut?  It’s pretty obvious Obama wouldn’t know the Stanley Cup from a sippy-cup.  Whenever he makes his NCAA Tournament picks, it seems like he just brainlessly chalks the brackets rather than put any actual thought into it.  About the only athletic endeavor that he takes any interest in is golf and that’s only because he’s played 100 rounds of it since becoming our Great Helmsman.

I think David Axelrod and the rest of the President’s flunkies are determined to make Obama a lifetime ESPN Magazine subscriber because they think it makes him look cool.  Most American males are at least sorta interested in sports.  Many women are too.  So naturally, a hep cat like Barack Obama would be a lunatic sports nerd.

The trouble starts when a guy who clearly isn’t into sports is asked to talk about sports.  Inevitably he comes off sounding like a typical know-nothing blowhard that you try to avoid when you go to a bar.  This is obvious to everyone besides doe-eyed morons like Mike Wilbon, who desperately wants his political man-crush to share the same interests as him.  For the Americans who don’t like Obama–which is over 50% as of today–the President’s fake-sports love is just pathetic.  It looks…uncool.

But when you live for hip opinion, you end up getting burned by it too.  This is why anybody who tells Mitt Romney to get a little more sexy are insane.  I know Mittens is a stiff.  I’m okay with that.  After four years of a president who fakes being cool, I’ll welcome a president who is okay with being lame.

5 Responses to “Barack Obama Calls Miami’s Basketball Team The “Heats””

  1. Well, at least our SCOAMF didn’t call them the “Miami Magic.”

  2. bunkerville said

    He is just soooo cool.

  3. “In other news: The president’s purported love of sports is, just like every other thing about this guy, a fraudulent practical joke played on America by a bunch of burnout hippie-era red diaper babies.”

    Yeah, that pretty well sums uo the Prez.

  4. He knows how much I hate his whistling, sibilant esses when he talks. I’m pretty sure he made Heats plural just so he could whistle out another ess and piss me off.

  5. KingShamus said

    Inn: Hissssss esssssessssssssss are intenssssssssely ssssssssstupid.

    CoF: Hey, I try to peg this shitty president as best I can.

    Bunkerville: Cool as magma coming out of a Hawaiian volcano.

    Infidel: The LA Coyotes won the NHL’s Stanley Cup, right? ;-p

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