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Hey Everybody! ‘The Obama Effect’ Is Coming Out Today!

Posted by KingShamus on July 13, 2012

Hey, this flick might not be perfect but I am totally convinced that ‘The Obama Effect” won’t be a complete St. Barry propaganda job.

See, what did I tell you?  Completely non-partisan.

But just for shits and giggles, let’s break this trailer down.

Way down.

:14–Roc insists that America can’t handle another 4 more years of Republicans in power.  I guess that means we’ve gone back in time to the barren wasteland of  2008.

Fuckin’ bummer, yo.  Unemployment was a soul-crushing 6.7% that November.  Unlike our glorious present day employment figures.

:16–Roc ain’t feeling so hot.  Being that he’s a good soldier, I’m sure he’ll be the first to volunteer for the death panels.  IPAB will make it quick and painless, sport!

:21–Roc’s wife is totally shocked her dude had a heart attack.  Really, sweetheart?  Guy is pushing four hundred pounds, his lunch consists of pork-fried bacon with a side of Crisco-infused veal and it looks like he loses his breath if he turns his head too fast.

:31–Roc needs advice.  About getting on a path.  Or falling off a path.  Or taking the right path.  Or blazing a path.  Or staying on a path.  Or catching the PATH.

:39–Roc is watching an Obama speech.  In wonderment.  Naturally.  I’m surprised he didn’t faint.

Uh-oh.  I think Roc found his bike path.

:40–Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.


:43–So Roc has decided to go full retard Obama-drone.  Because this doesn’t look insane at all.

:49–Roc’s wife is juuuuuuuuuuuust a little freaked out because Roc is going gay for a presidential candidate.  She just doesn’t understand the power of Roc’s new flaming bikepath of life.

:53–Roc wants to spread his message of Obama everywhere.  Including hair salons in the hood.  He’s really diving ass first into the lion’s den of ultra right-wing Republican strongholds.

1:01–I have a sign just like this one.  True story.

1:08–Roc is quitting his job.  To prostelytize for the Obama campaign.  Of course, the rich white boss man has no idea why he tendered his resignation.  How could he know?  He’s never heard an Obama speech ever.

I predict this will end well.  I’m positive his wife will be on board right from the jump.

1:09–See, Mrs. Roc is totally stoked.  She’s so happy she’s using a cute nickname to describe her husband.  That’s sweeeeet.

Put yourself in her shoes.  The man in her life just had his ticker go kabloooey.  Can’t you see how this would be the perfect time to stop getting a steady paycheck and medical benefits?

1:17–Adidas jumpsuit emblazened with ‘Hope’?  Check.  Obama-branded red white and blue hat?  Check.  Cluelessness?  Check and mate.

1:27–You know who I think of when I picture a ‘black Republican’?  Allen West.  Thomas Sowell.  Clarence Thomas.  Herman Cain.  Baldilocks.  Angela McGlowan.  Amy Holmes.  Star Parker. And Katt Williams.  Yep.  Katt Williams.

1:45–Zab Judah, everyone.  Zab Judah.

Here we can see this talented young actor expressing the full gamut of human emotions, from ‘Sad yet hopeful’ to ‘Hopeful yet sad’.

1:46–“Anybody who’s with the Obama campaign is gonna be alright.”  Paging Peggy Joseph; Peggy Joseph to the front desk.

1:53–“I’ll work for free.”  Of course he will.  He too has seen Roc’s bikepath of awesomeness.

1:55–I think Cee-Lo’s Crazaay/I think Cee-Lo’s Crazaaay/I think Cee-Lo’s Crazaaaaay/For putting his name on this joke of a movieeeeee!

2:02–Katt Williams’ refractory time gets a workout.  Cool, I guess.

By the way, what is “The Obama Effect” telling the audience here?  All we see the Democrats doing in this picture is looking wistfully at Obama pictures and mooning like prepubescent Ke$ha fans over Hope-N-Change.  Meanwhile, the one GOPer the flick shows us is nailing babes with extreme awesomeness.

According to this movie Democrats quit their jobs, have uncontrollable man-crushes on their presidential candidates and annoy their neighbors.  In the meantime, Republicans get to be rich and have a lot of sex.   Was the script written by Ralph Nader?

2:15–According to the movie, black slavery in America ended in…oh…right around 1983.  With pockets of human bondage frequently popping up during the Pappy Bush and Dubya era.

2:20–Roc is crying in voting booth.  Buddy, I think a lot of us were crying in the voting booth in 2008.  Holy shit, do I really have to vote for John McCain? Fuck you GOP.  Fuck you sideways.  Fuck you for making me even think about voting for this useless assclown RINO.

2:23–Roc gets to meet the new President (sorta).  I don’t think the director of “The Obama Effect” meant to do this, but I think this part of the flick looks pretty realistic.  The St. Barry Acolyte is in the midst of gushing himself to death over Obama winning the presidency.  The new President looks on, with a haughty look on his face, thinking, “What a fucking rube.”  That’s pretty much how that kind of meet-n-greet would turn out in real life.

Conclusion:  What is the point of “The Obama Effect”?  Seriously, what story is this flick supposed to tell?  I think everybody knows Obama won the 2008 election.  We needed a feature length motion picture to fill us in on that?

But let’s ignore all that for a second.  For Hollywood and the American Left (sorry, I repeated myself there), it’s probably very comforting to relive the 2008 campaign.  There are a lot of black folks who would like to be reminded of the thrill they got when they  helped elect a black man to the presidency.  Hope and Change had not yet morphed into the pain of, you know, actually governing the country.  For many people “The Obama Effect” is an emotionally gratifying victory lap.

The trouble is, the movie has bigger problems than the overall plot.  Roc’s character arc is more like a short flat line.  In the beginning of the film, he’s an Obama supporter.  At the end of the picture, he’s…an even bigger Obama supporter.  The heart attack that was supposed to teach him about the importance of the goodness of the key to staying on the footpath after losing the bikepath in your life or some bullshit really doesn’t change anything all that much.  Unless the movie is saying that it was Roc’s tireless efforts that allowed Obama to pick up those key swing states, then the movie’s main character really didn’t do anything that wasn’t going to happen anyway.

I know this is just a trailer.  It’s 2.5 minutes of 85 minute movie.  But if the preview is showing us the basic elements of the story, then it’s hard to see why this film was put together, except as blatant propaganda.

Now propaganda has it’s place in a healthy entertainment diet.  Partisans can’t live on dry facts and research alone.  They need red meat too.  But in the end, it’s still propaganda

Apparently “The Obama Effect” means people should sacrifice their time, money and livelihood so that their dreamy puppy-dog crush can live in a nice house and rule over us all in an imperious fashion.

If that’s the case, then we’ve all been living The Obama effect for the last three years, whether we wanted to or not.

8 Responses to “Hey Everybody! ‘The Obama Effect’ Is Coming Out Today!”

  1. Well, I’M convinced anyway. I’m voting for Barack Obama. I’ve also been inspired to write and direct my own movie called, “The Olivia Wilde effect.” Or is that Affect?

  2. Damn. I was hoping this post would be kinda like how the Barbra Streisand Effect wrecked up things for Brett Kimberlin and his goon squad, you know, like a film about how the “Obama Effect” drove up unemployment for everyone, but especially blacks and hispanics, and how the Obama effect has put the world on the path towards a global jihadi islamic caliphate, and how the Obama effect has record numbers of people who feel they have no alternative but to try to get food stamps and welfare just to survive? Or how the Obama effect has undermined race-relations, and has divided this country to nearly the level of acrimony experienced in the Civil War? I could go on all day…

  3. Great piece of work KS, Senior discounts? They need to see it quickly before he bumps them off the cliff. No time to wait for the DVD.

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  5. CGHill said

    “Pork-fried bacon with a side of Crisco-infused veal”? WANT.

  6. KingShamus said

    CG: Hahahaaaa

    Bunkerville: Here come the caring compassionate death panels!

    Zilla: But that would be reality, and Obama’s dong-huffing sycophants in Hollywood can’t really portray that.

    Infidel: You know the restraining order probably stops you from making that film, right? ;-p

  7. Gregoryno6 said

    That jacket’s a Class One Fashion Crime. He should be condemned to wear it forever – with a Ralph Lauren Olympic beret.

  8. […] Hey Everybody! ‘The Obama Effect’ Is Coming Out Today! […]

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