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Nathan Lane: Prince Barry’s Court Jester

Posted by KingShamus on August 25, 2012

It’s springtime for Obama in the Hamptons.

“I love Nurse Jackie, she can’t get through the day without Vicodin, Adderall, Percocet, Xanax and Oxycodone­—which, oddly enough, also happens to be the names of Mitt Romney’s five children,”

Nathan Lane at a Obama fundraiser…

It’s a good thing the organizers of this rubber chicken dinner hired a first-rate comedic genius like Nathan Lane. Leave it to him to make the hilarious connection between a narcotic-addicted fictional TV character and Mitt Romney’s five grown sons, none of which have ever been accused of having drug problems.  Add to that how Vicodin, Adderall, Percocet, Xanax and Oxycodone sound just like Taggart, Matthew, Joshua, Benjamin and Craig.  Lane simply had to go with such a great bit.


Folks on the right are gonna get mad because a Hollywood liberal made fun of Romney’s sons, who are not running for political office.  The thing is, after the last four years nobody in the conservative movement should be shocked when actors and musicians throw cheap shots at the children of Republican politicians.  As much as the political wing of the socialist movement constantly calls for civil discourse, they can always count on their allies in the entertainment division to blow right through any rules that put family members off-limits.

This is one reason why the progressive alliance with the American media puts conservatives at a huge disadvantage.  Democrat politicians can always stay above the fray.  They can play the high-minded thinker act for the public with the knowledge that somebody from Hollywood will gladly break every rhetorical limit to score a shot against Republicans and conservatives.

But that’s not the worst thing.  I keep hearing how Nathan Lane is a wonderous comedic talent.  Where was that genius for getting laughs when he wrote the ‘Romney kid’s’ bit?  The joke only works if you’re a brainless trained-seal Romney hater: “ROMNEY’S KIDZ ARE NAMED DRUGS!!!!  DRUGS FUNNY!!!!  HAR-DEE-HAR!!!!”

I mean, I guess Nathan Lane should get some credit for understanding the desires of his audience.

Then again, what does it say about the rich Obama supporters that they respond to such a hacky stupid ham-handed joke?

10 Responses to “Nathan Lane: Prince Barry’s Court Jester”

  1. Sam said

    Lane was expected to make these kinds of jokes. On the other hand, if you want to be even handed about this, understand that he also poked fun at Biden (for whom the fundraiser was held and who happened to be in attendance at the event). I seriously doubt that anyone at the event thought Lane was saying that Romney’s kids are on drugs. And when it comes to barbs, Lane threw them at pretty much everyone (including Dems) so don’t be offended.

    • Starless said

      Yeah, because taking a shot at Biden for a self-inflicted gaffe is “even-handed” and exactly the same as showing contempt for people who dare to have more than the number of children mandated by Progressive Hollywood morals. “Look at all these crazy Christianists and their creepy dedication to ‘being fruitful’!”

      To quote Shamus, “HAR-DEE-HAR!”.

  2. ccoffer said

    I wonder if Lane had his electric butt plug in or if he waited till later.

  3. Childish jokes from a chiildish man for a childish audience. It’s to be expected. And….comedy genius? Um. Right. And Biden is a member of MENSA.

  4. Starless said

    So, then, Romney = Palin I guess. Man, they really, really, really, really hate her.

  5. Man, I hate that so many people make a good living being complete tools. Our household has finally opted out of cable and use the Roku, but we still pay the same company, for our internet and phone. I’m not sure how dry the well would have to run before H’wood finally started reflecting actual typical American sentiment. I won’t hold my breath; too many FB friends are all gleeful about junk like Glee.

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  7. bunkerville said

    Get ready to say bye bye to obumer

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