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Why Clint Eastwood’s Republican Convention Speech Worked

Posted by KingShamus on August 31, 2012

I know there are a lot of folks–Republicans and Democrats–who didn’t like Clint Eastwood’s address to the Republican National Convention.  Let’s take a look.

I admit that Clint was kinda all over the place.  Whether the teleprompter died or he just abandoned script, the address was not Clint at his best.  It might not have been Clint at his worst, though.

Check out the sneering annoyed reaction from MSNBC’s lead tedium-dispenser Rachel Maddow.

Even though Clint wasn’t really on point, his mockery of President Obama was by and large effective.  The bit about Bamster getting a smaller plane was great.  Clint’s conversation with an empty chair underscored just how vacuous our Great Dingy Captain really is.  More importantly, most liberal media viewers–to say nothing of the Obama Cult Stenographers–had never seen anything like that.

The Barry-Lover press corps have basically cocooned themselves in liberalism’s cozy blanket of comedic ignorance.  They’ve never watched Red Eye.  Their web browsers have never clicked on Iowahawk, Manhattan Infidel or Jim Treacher.  The only time they hear an Obama joke is when Jon Stewart forgets to take out his tampon and cajoles Saint Obambi for being too damn nice to the evil reich-wing Rethuglicans.  Because the lamestream media all runs on the same premise–Our President Is Not To Be Touched–Clint Eastwood’s barbs might’ve been the first time the socialist media have seen someone make fun of Barack Obama in any sort of sustained way.

Everybody’s second-favorite community organizer Saul Alinksy said that ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.  It works so well because it rallies your troops.  Even better, when a well-played joke lands squarely on target, it causes problems for the other side.  Look at how the Stalinists were so discombobulated by Clint’s mockery of their Saviour.  When they went into Panic Alert Obama Defense Level Five, they spent a lot of time addressing Clint’s speech rather than dealing with Mitt Romney.

If that was the only thing Eastwood’s speech accomplished, it would’ve been enough.  But it did more than that.  Clint’s mockery of Obama was probably a hit with many undecided citizens.  These are low-information voters who don’t pay attention to politics on a day to day level.  A lot of people who watch the conventions get their first looks at the presidential candidates and their parties from these events.

What did these more or less apolitical folks see?  They saw a Hollywood icon laughing at the President.  Here too, this might be the first instance that they’ve watched a media figure of this magnitude actually make fun of Barack Obama.

I’m not saying undecided voters are going to make their decision to vote for Mitt Romney based on Clint Eastwood talking greasy about Barack Obama.  What is happening is that Clint’s derision of the President sends a subtle signal: “Obama is a joke and it’s okay for you to laugh at him.”

Remember that the lamestream media has all but completely embargoed humor at Premier Barry’s expense.  Yet here comes Clint Eastwood on an international stage to cut Barack Obama down a few notches.  CNN, MSNBC, CBS and ABC couldn’t simply disappear Clint down the memory hole like they did to Artur Davis, Mia Love or Brian Sandoval.  They had to cover it.  Once they did, it opened up Barack Obama to the kind of mockery they’ve never allowed to hit him before.

That’s why the leftist media hacks fudged their Depends over Clint.  Even though he wasn’t as strong as he could be, Eastwood’s jokes will turn more than a few undecided voters.  Clint’s speech also breaks the humor blockade that many people have when it comes to mocking Obama.  After last night, St. Barack is no longer a holy messiah figure above criticism from his petty subjects.  He can in fact be mocked.

And, as it turns out, there is a lot to laugh at when it comes to Barack Obama.

Funny how it took an 82 year old Clint Eastwood–a little sloppy, a little doddering, but still strong–to point that out to the rest of  America.

BONUS:  Here are 170 great Clint Eastwood quotes.  Not safe for work; very safe for awesomeness.


“Idiots.  It’s for you.”

That’s the line Clint should’ve dropped on Obama’s head.

Oh well.  Eastwood still rules.

EVEN MORE BONUSEY:  Da Tech Guy’s post on the Clint speech fleshes out a point I was trying…and I think failing…to make.

Take a look at this image from Memeorandum as of 8:31 AM

And here is the stuff on the Romney speech same page:

What is Missing? Attacks on Romney’s speech! Today was the day that the Democrats should be hitting Romney’s speech and trying to counter it a-la Ryan. Instead the readers of the Morning papers, Cable TV and the left blogs are reading attacks on Eastwood. Clint Eastwood is playing the same role as a hero in an old western, drawing all the fire so the good guy could escape unharmed.

While the lamestreamers are scratching their heads and angrily snarling at Eastwood, Mitt Romney comes off looking presidential with little pushback from the progs.

In 2016, the GOP should have Chuck Norris karate-chopping an imaginary Joe Biden while dressed like Lady Gaga right before President Romney gives his speech.

LINKED:  By Obi’s Sister!  That rules.  Thanks!

13 Responses to “Why Clint Eastwood’s Republican Convention Speech Worked”

  1. This was excellent, and I think largely accurate.

    Glad I found you on Twitter, Shamus…..

  2. Red said

    SHAMUS! LOL 3-day weekend ;-) Enjoy it!

  3. An interesting take on the Clintwood performance. I like it!

  4. Starless said

    I admit that Clint was kinda all over the place. Whether the teleprompter died or he just abandoned script, the address was not Clint at his best. It might not have been Clint at his worst, though.

    I saw a highly respected guy who can do pretty much whatever he wants speaking quite well extemporaneously. The media want to make him out as a rambling old coot, but I didn’t see much rambling going on and I would defy any of them to be that coherent at age 82. The speech had direction and a clear message: the current president hasn’t done a good job so we need to elect a new one.

    Maddow, Matthews, and Tampon Stewart would only have been happy if Clint had gotten up there and lectured convention-goers about what bad people they are for opposing The Lightworker.

    • I’m with Starless here. His sort-of-rambling demeanor was the behavior of a man who can, by virtue of his famousness, his accomplishments, and his age, do whatever and say whatever he wants. It’s got to be the biggest plus to the whole aging thing, if you think about it.

      If he had come off stronger, like so many of those characters he is famous for playing, then it would have either been 1)too harsh and thus unfunny or 2)fake and thus unbelievable.

      He used his aged appearance and his seniority, in order to get away with slapping you-know-who around.

      “What did these more or less apolitical folks see? They saw a Hollywood icon laughing at the President.” Bingo, Shamus. With this conclusion, you hit the nail on the head.


      • Starless said

        What I’m having the most difficulty understanding is how someone (like, say, Jennifer Rubin) would come away from seeing the speech and describe it as “weird” or “bizarre”. It’s not like he pulled a Jack Palance or a Crispin Glover. I can only assume that it was “weird” because he didn’t give a cookie-cutter “I am here to solemnly, but enthusiastically, endorse Joe Schmoe as a candidate for the office of the President of the United States”-type convention speech.

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  6. It’s funny how my liberal/former Clint Eastwood fans are now abandoning him.

    Thanks for the linkey.

    P.S. I’m now on Twitter. And I’m following ya. So stay away from Olivia Wilde!

  7. bunkerville said

    I have to say, he had be holding my breath… but it worked big time IMO.

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  10. […] America that he is still a whiny ineffective twerp who lets even the slightest mockery from an 82 year old man rattle […]

  11. […] Why Clint Eastwood’s Republican Convention Speech Worked […]

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