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So It’s A Debate We’re A-Havin’ Tonight

Posted by KingShamus on October 3, 2012

Some thoughts:

Mitt Romney could sneak out a win if he can get under Barack Obama’s famously thin skin.  Prince Barry hates it when the lowly peons, aka everyone who isn’t him, gets lippy in his presence.  Romney has a way of throwing his opponents subtly cutting remarks.  When Obama gets a little frayed by Mitt’s ‘aw shucks, you suck’ jiu-jitsu, Bamster could easily slip into his default snippy dickbag mode.  That’s not a good look for the pResident or his re-election efforts.

While making Barry angry would make for better theater, the more likely way Romney wins is if he cogently restates and sharply elaborates on Obama’s record of economic failure and foreign policy incompetence.  The President is in a full-on Jimmah Carter tailspin.  The only thing keeping him above water is his elite Democratic Guard press corps.  If Romney can go around whatever lefty media hack is running the debate, he has a chance to show America just how hollow the Cult of Obama really is.

The President will naturally get a lot of cover from the moderator.  He will treated like the challenger.  Mitt will be the de facto incumbent who has defend his ‘record’.  It’s annoying that the GOP set themselves up to be roasted by the Donkey-Puncher’s media minions, but that situation can’t be changed now.

Even with all that going against Romney, if Mitt’s on his game, he can strike a serious and lasting blow to Obama’s re-election.

Okay, that’s all I got.  I’ll be on twitter if you need me.  Peace out, homies.

UPDATE:  Ummmm, Mitt Romney won the debate.

It’s hard to say what was the best part of the night.

Chris Matthews pissing his pants in utter panic was pretty cool.

“What is Obama doing? I never know what he’s doing…back there.”

Al Sharpton said that, while Obama lost tonight’s debate, Joe Biden is totally gonna rescue Barry from electoral doom.

In other news, Reverend Al thinks the replacement refs got the call exactly right in the Seattle-Green Bay Monday Night Football game.

Big time right winger Andrew Sullivan, who despite all his conservative bona fides wants to make babies with President For Life Obama, realized  Barry was getting an ass-beating at around 9:16.  The debate began at 9:00.  Heh.

Stefanie ‘Turd” Cutter says Jim Lehrer did a poor job of moderating the debate.  This is the most important narrative the Left can push from tonight.  They’re basically telling their allies in the media to tighten up the next debate’s moderation.  By ‘tighten up’, I of course mean ‘trip up Paul Ryan on every question’.  Watch for Joe Biden to get a lot of leeway to spout his usual bullshit.

In any event, it was a great first debate.  But it was just one win.  The funny thing about that?  You can only win his debate once.  Romney-Ryan needs at least two more debate wins.  Going .500 won’t cut it.

See you tomorrow, ya’all.

3 Responses to “So It’s A Debate We’re A-Havin’ Tonight”

  1. Didn’t watch the debate. I was watching the yankees win the division. But I hear that MSNBC’s anchors heads all exploded.

  2. bunkerville said

    Just waiting for the Biden debate when we will be dazzled once again!

  3. Last night was just…beautiful.

    I’ve haven’t witnessed a beatdown of that degree since I watched “Clockwork Orange”…

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