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If Barack Obama Can’t Be Bothered To Try Winning A Debate, What The Hell Is He Good For?

Posted by KingShamus on October 4, 2012

Robert Stacy McCain hits on a great point.

How decisively did Mitt Romney win Wednesday night’s debate? All you had to do was watch the most pro-Obama network to see it. “I personally do not know who won this debate,” MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said as soon as the debate ended.

She was obviously the only one who didn’t know.

When Maddow brought on her colleague Ed Schultz, he moaned that President Obama “created a problem for himself tonight on Social Security. He agreed with Mitt Romney.… I thought he was off his game.” Nor did the president’s performance send a thrill up the leg of Chris Matthews. “I don’t know what he was doing out there,” Matthews complained. “He had his head down. He was enduring the debate rather than fighting it.”

If ever there were a night when conservatives wanted to watch MSNBC, this was it — an all-you-can-eat buffet of schadenfreude, as one after another of the liberal network’s personalities tried to come to grips with what was perhaps the most one-sided presidential debate since JFK beat a shifty-looking Richard Nixon in 1960. “In terms of debate tactics, Romney was on the offense most of the night,” a glum Howard Fineman acknowledged, while a shell-shocked Chuck Todd admitted that the result “automatically elevates Romney as a credible alternative” and later added, in reference to the Obama camp’s post-debate mood: “They know they lost tonight.”

And now you all know why I watch PMSNBC after big political hootenannies.

Want more liberal tears? Allahpundit gives them to you in ocean-sized servings topped with a healthy dollop of sweaty Stalinist panic. It’s too much to cut and paste over here. Go ahead. I’ll be here when you come back.

Bill Maher, along with seemingly every other leftist, is shocked that Obama fared so poorly. Notice how this is only a terrifying jolt for them; the Right has been calling the President ‘Teleprompter Jesus Man’ since 2007. For liberals, the sinking realization that Obama really is the empty-headed amateur conservatives said he is has to be spectacularly demoralizing.

Then again, that’s the funny thing about living in the progressive’s self-generated ideology bubble. They’re always unpleasantly surprised by uncontrollable events. Stories that they can’t frame in a handy New York Times-approved narrative shock their delicate sensibilities.

But hey, maybe the big gubmint movement has been on cruise control since 2008. They’ve allowed Nancy Pelosi, John Podesta and David Axelrod do their thinking for them for a while, so maybe they don’t really remember the last 48 months. So in the interest of charity, lets forget about the last four years for a moment. Disregard ‘Cinco de Quatro’, ‘Corpse-man’, ’57 states’ and every other brainless Obama verbal gaffe that would’ve been hours of knee-slapping late-night comic fodder had the evil warlord Premier George Bush said them. Just stick to the last six weeks.

The Democrat National Committee and their partners in the lamestream media have rigged every poll they possibly can to make it seem like Obama is beating Romney. Every story that could damage the President–Libya, craptastic job numbers, the vice president’s biker bar lap dance–has been crafted by the Team Barry Palace Guard press corps to either minimize the damage or somehow pin it on Mitt. Hollywood’s Leer Jet Liberal Set throws money and propaganda support behind the President by the bushel. The American Left, from the Workers World Party to CBS News, has done everything it can to create a favorable climate for Mr. Obama to succeed.

So just what has Barack Obama done to reward those monumental efforts by his tongue-bath surrogates? During the Democratic National Convention, he gave a trite listless speech that was upstaged by the orations given by Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton and Joe Biden. The President has been called the greatest public speaker of our age. At the DNC, Obambi could barely hang with Tammy Duckworth and Sandra Fluke.

Fast-forward to last night’s debate. Obama’s prep for the Denver show-down appeared to entail listening to an Ipod full of his old speeches, a breezy round of golf and half a pack of Marlboro Reds. Mitt Romney ran circles around the President, at one point looking at his rival with pity as Obama went through his talking point check list in a lifeless rote fashion. Where Romney seamlessly weaved his message into the debate, the President meandered from one lefty bromide to another like a adjunct English Lit lecturer scratching out a Daily Kos diary during his office hours.

And this is man who the progressive movement has invested so much of their spiritual and ideological capital to prop up–A guy who can barely be bothered to lift a finger in his own campaign.

To paraphrase Captain Queenan in The Departed, a lot of people want to appear to be President. Carry the nuclear football, get driven around in a big car, make pretty speeches, slam a terrorist’s face through a plate glass window…that sort of thing. Not many folks can actually be President in any kind of effective way.

Obama is the dude who wants all the President’s perks, but none of his work.

Last night’s debate was a wake-up call for the Left. Now maybe they’ll understand that being the CEO of America isn’t an entry level position. More importantly, with any luck the rest of the United States figured that out too.

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17 Responses to “If Barack Obama Can’t Be Bothered To Try Winning A Debate, What The Hell Is He Good For?”

  1. Well done, King: A good ol’ fashioned butt-kickin’.

    Obama was never, even in any semi-partial way, qualified for this office.
    A solid portion of the “undecideds” jumped to the Right after last night.
    President Xerxes was made to bleed.

    And he’s gonna have a heck of a time stitching up that wound.

  2. Gregoryno6 said

    I’m guessing that wake up call will be missed and your leftits will be astounded to find a white religious guy with real-world experience in the White House soon.
    Even our national broadcaster senses it. Covering the run-up to the debate this week they said repeatedly that Obama is leading in the polls and Romney’s defeat is practically in the bag. In other words they’re admitting the BHO will be an OTP.

  3. The amatuer was on stage for the world to see what we conservatives have seen all along. Well done, KS!

  4. Great post. O is a heavily promoted one-hit wonder.

  5. Starless said

    Give the guy a break. He’s got a lot on his mind: drives and putts and chip shots and all of that other crap that’s important in golf. Right now he’s probably thinking about how in January he’ll be able to head down to the King Kamehameha Club and see if he can get a foursome together with Magnum and the guys.

  6. bunkerville said

    Yep, a good lean forward. He got his butt kicked good. If Obama thinks foreign affairs will be an easier ride, good luck.

  7. Mr. President, gosh darn it, you’re smart enough. Good enough and people like you! All Barry Oh-bahma needs now is someone from the MSM to hold his hand and blow his nose for him. Maybe read a bedtime story.

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  9. Bingo. We’ve seen how clueless he is all along, and being told that Obama’s the “smartest guy in the room” had been maddening. But after 4 years of protecting this image, the cracks are getting large and wide indeed. Great post–like a more ruthless version of Klavan here

  10. Obvious answer: Nothing.

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  12. KingShamus said

    LaS: Hahahaa.

    No-1: A more ruthless Andrew Klavan? I’ll take that! Thanks, Lin.

    Infidel: I like a President that requires constant MSM babysitting in order to barely function even sorta adequately.

    Bunkerville: Obama has a significant advantage on Romney when it comes to foreign policy experience. Too bad Obama’s experience involves him fucking things up in the international realm..

    Starless: I think he’s pondering how he’ll get the Choom Gang back together. Thanks for the linkage too. Glad you liked the post.

    Edge: Exactly right. If he was a musician, he’d be Vanilla Ice: Yeah, I blatantly ripped off Howard Zinn, Saul Alinsky and Occupy Wall Street’s drum circle…but I like golf, so it’s completely different!”

    CoF: Thank you sir. It’s also nice that Romney is such a pro. I am so sick of watching Obama just make shit up as he goes along.

    Gregory: Hehehee. Our leftist media is still trying to convince America that Obama is gonna stomp Romney, so I guess the Democrat-loving press corps still hasn’t received their wake-up call.

    JustTurnRight: I think you’re right. It turns out that the Left’s Messiah doesn’t walk on water while curing athlete’s foot in the midst of a chess tournament. That’s gonna sting for a while. Hopefully all the way up to Election Day.

    • Starless said

      How do you know he hasn’t already got the Choom Gang back together? Some are arguing that that’s why he did such a shit job during the debate.

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  14. It was fun seeing the MSNBC loons go bonkers.

  15. I might have bought into your assessment had you not said, “Marlboro Reds.” Everyone who follows Snoop Dogg knows the president smokes Newports.

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