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Post-Debate Wrap Up

Posted by KingShamus on October 12, 2012

Well, what did I tell you?

Here, in case you forgot my amazing analysis, let me quote a post I wrote three hours ago.

Quick Prediction:  Paul Ryan is going to do do well, but Sheriff Joe is sure to get a few cheap shots in.  Upon witnessing Biden’s awesome verbal prowess, progressive blogs collectively cream their jeans at the Vice-President ‘getting tough’ on the Wisconsin congressman.  The rest of the leftstream press will play up even the slightest Biden zinger as the second coming of Cannae.  Watch for Chris Matthews talking about his thrilling leg-tingles again.  Try not to watch Excitable Andy Sullypants get thrilling tingles south of his belt buckle.

Watching PMSNBC, the socialists were very stoked that Joe Biden came out swinging.  They loved it when Biden interrupted Paul Ryan 60 some-odd times.  Every Biden zinger was a master-stroke of strategeriffic brilliance.  Every eye-roll was a sarcastic rebuke of those eeeeeevil reich-wing Rethuglicans.

So here, courtesy of the RNC, is the Slow Joe that so captivated the hearts and loins of the statist caucus.

The problem with this awesomely awesome debate performance is two-fold.  Biden’s giggling over things like the Benghazi terrorist attack and Medicare shitting the mattress may seem like zany hi-jinks to the leftists watching the debate.  But contrary to the liberal conventional wisdom, most people don’t respond well to a horse-toothed geriatric laughing his ass off every time somebody speaks.  Only people who are already on Team Obama’s bandwagon will respond positively to Biden’s nonsense.

Furthermore, Biden’s attack-dog act can’t be replicated by Barack Obama.  Likability is the last ace the president has left to play.  The Kos Kooks desperately want Barry to turn the next debate into an MMA slugfest.  They crave red meat, especially now that Obama is getting shellacked in some of the swing states.  However, if Obama starts getting angry, he’ll lose the one advantage–and it’s a fading one at that–he has over Romney.

Don’t get it twisted.  In the right situations, a candidate can look strong and raise their profile if he talks tough against his opponent.  For ultra-partisans, it can be emotionally cathartic to watch their preferred candidate get mad during a stump speech.  The faithful need to see their leaders get as passionate as they are about the important issues of the day.

But Barry can’t treat a televised debate like a campaign stump speech.  He cannot give in to his maniac base.  He’ll turn into an unlikable dickbag, Romney will appear like a grown-up and this race will be over before the debate ends.

The Democrats had a nice night because they will respond positively to Joe Biden’s oafish blustering.  The vice president  probably stopped some of the bleeding in the demoralized Donkey-Puncher base.  That has to count for something.

Paul Ryan did well enough making a pitch to moderates and conservatives.  He wasn’t at his best, but he did pretty good considering he was fighting against Biden and the moderator.

Unaffiliated voters won’t be horrified by Ryan.  They will be very turned off by the Chuckling Joe.  In the next few days, Ryan’s shortcomings will seem less negative.  Biden’s goofy demeanor will stick around and be talked about over the next few days.  It might not hurt the Obama campaign in the long run, but it won’t win them any fans that they didn’t already have.

11 Responses to “Post-Debate Wrap Up”

  1. I think I know why Sheriff Joe was laughing – he’s thinking of Gallagher smashing watermelons. That’s funny stuff. Highbrow.

  2. The RNC video should play very well on Main Street.

  3. Starless said

    Joey Joe-Joe Junior Shabadoo Biden is by far the worst VP in my lifetime–a list which includes Spiro Agnew and Dan Quayle (though at least Quayle always got a worse rap than he deserved)–and his manic phase bipolar act has only served to reinforce that fact.

  4. Some pundits (don’t recall who) were saying that Biden’s debating style was a trial balloon for O’s next 2 debates, but I just don’t see O. Can’t wait for that.

  5. yep. your quick prediction nailed it. care to make any predictions for the next presidential debate?


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  7. We’re already seeing it, King.

    Indy’s are leaving the Democrats like it’s the final scene from ‘Exodus’, with only the hard-Left Dems/Media (same thing) over the moon about Biden’s guffaw-fest.

    But after watching even the Sunday morning shows, if I were Barack & Biden, I’d be worried….

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  10. bunkerville said

    No problems…the fix is in for Tuesday debate. Candy said it was. Thanks candy..time for another do-over face job.

  11. KingShamus said

    Bunker: Hahahaaa, you’re mean. ;-p

    JTR: Me too. By the way, I added you to my blogroll.

    No-1: Hehehhheeh, thank you.

    Edge: Yeah, I don’t think Obama could “out-Biden” Biden.

    Starless: Agreed.

    CoF: Agreed.

    Infidel: Hahahahaaaa!

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