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If Mitt Romney Wins…

Posted by KingShamus on October 24, 2012

…the Left is going to make the 2000 recount, and their subsequent 8 year tantrum, look like a breezy pillow-fight.

Why do I say this?  Because they are setting themselves up for the mother of all emotional letdowns.  Watch as featured Daily Kossack propagandist Jed Lewison spins Obama’s sinking poll numbers.

Bottom line: Yes, this is a close race. Yes, the first debate appears to have given Romney a boost, but it wasn’t a big enough boost to put him ahead in the electoral math and there’s no evidence to suggest that he continues to have any forward momentum. Even if the national popular vote were a tossup, Obama has a real edge in the states that matter. The race is by no means over, but for Romney to win, he needs to shift the electoral map in his favor. So far, he hasn’t been able to do it.

(By the way–no linkie love for Kook Fringe jag-offs.  Find it for yourself if you must.)

Meanwhile, Real Clear Politics’ electoral map looks like this.


If you’ve been paying attention to the electoral maps, you’ll recall that Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania used to lean Obama just a month ago.  Check out where they are now.  Notice that North Carolina and Missouri have both–finally–fallen into the Romney orbit.  Wrap your mind around New Hampshire trending towards the GOP presidential ticket.

In other words, Romney’s momentum has put formerly Obama states back in the toss-up column and moved other states into the Republican orbit.  Meanwhile, Obama has not made inroads into Romney’s safe or leaning states.  Obama now has to defend his firewall from serious Republican inroads, while Mitt hasn’t had to defend traditional GOP strongholds.

According to the statists, all that means St. Barry is a lead pipe lock.


Even worse, Team Bamster isn’t waiting for the President to lose on Election Day to pass around rifle rounds for their circular firing squad.  Take a guess who’s taking a trip under Premier Barry’s bus.

[Matt] Bai’s choice for the person who steered the president wrong this year is none other than former President Bill Clinton, who has widely been credited for having helped produce a post-convention boost for the Democrats. Clinton’s speech on behalf of Obama was viewed, with good reason, as being far more effective than anything the president or anyone else said on his behalf this year. But Bai points to Clinton as the primary advocate within high Democratic circles for changing the party’s strategy from one of bashing Mitt Romney as an inauthentic flip-flopper to one that centered on trying to assert that he was a conservative monster. Given that Romney demolished that false image in one smashing debate performance in Denver that seems to have changed the arc of the election, Clinton’s advice seems ripe for second-guessing right now.

Lets be clear:  Bill Clinton has done more than any other prominent Democrat to carry Barack Obama’s sorry ass across the finish line.  Not Harry Reid.  Not Nancy Pelosi.  Not even Eva Longoria.

But now that pResident is about to shit the White House mattress, of course David Axelrod feeds Matt Bai the pre-emptive first strike on Slick Willy.

Amazing, really.

But the die-hard Outer Party hacks have no interest in reality.  They think Obama has this election in the bag.

So when Romney wins, watch out for much banging of spoons on high chairs.  But unlike the Republicans in 2008, the Democrats and their base will do no soul-searching.  There won’t be any ideological reassessment on the Left.

In the wake of an Obama defeat, the nutroots will take the easiest most emotionally gratifying path they know: An insane voter suppression conspiracy theory.  And just like in 2000 and 2004, the mainstream media will egg on every MoveOn.Org/DemocratUnderground charge.  The Leftwing Palace Guard, saddened by their Jesus figure’s electoral defeat, will do all they can to encourage a resurgent Occupy movement to shit on cop cars and scream in bug-eyed rage at Mitt Romney, Wall Street and conventional ideas about hygiene.


10 Responses to “If Mitt Romney Wins…”

  1. There is still a lot of undecided voters, and they typically go to the challenger. For O to be consistently below 50% at this point is very terribly bad — and Romney is breaking 50. It’s probably not even going to be a close race at the end.

  2. Worse case scenario: Obama never concedes and January 20th witnesses two separate inaugurations.

  3. Gregoryno6 said

    There may be enough of the Occupy movement left in the US to mount a resurgence, but here, it appears to be all surge… straight down the plughole.
    Oct 13 was supposed to be the day they brought themselves back to the world’s attention by banging saucepans together. Got SFA in terms of media coverage locally.
    But who knows? If there’s one thing that could bring the leftwits to boiling fury, it’s a rich white religious guy in the Oval Office.

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  5. bunkerville said

    There will be nothing like watching tingles and madcow dissolve. It was priceless in 2010. I will be glued to msnbc, just for the fun.

  6. ” tingles and madcow”
    Bunker, that is priceless! The King is dead. Long live the King!

  7. I’m hoping for a blowout November 6th for the R’s… This way we won’t have another 2000 all over again.

  8. KingShamus said

    Steve: For the good of the country, I hope so too. 2000 really did hurt the country in a profound way. Thanks, Algore, you spoiled nation-wrecking dickbag!

    CoF: Truth–Bunker is the man.

    Bunker: I will be glued–GLUED–to PMSLSD.

    Greg: I know! How dare Christians take their religious faith seriously!

    Infidel: Oh God….no.

    Edge: I think you’re right. It could turn into a Romney blowout very easily.

    Starless: Thanks for the link, amigo.

  9. I am so terribly thirsty for the tears of the left. Nov 7, where are you?

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