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#MyFirstTime–Best Political Ad…EVAH?

Posted by KingShamus on October 25, 2012

Courtesy of the greatest presidential campaign in the history of campaigns and campaigning.

You know what’s going to definitely win over undecided voters in Ohio?  Poorly delivered improv hipster jokes. “Look at me. I’m a sad meek little nerdlington with a double Master’s Degree in Gender Studies and Bong-Hits. Watch as I fop around obliquely mentioning Obama’s accomplishments while comparing the act of voting to losing your v-card to a corrupt lying politician.”

Or is the ad directed at comedy geeks?  The Sarah Silverman caucus is getting some serious fan-service here.  Somebody in Chicago thinks this is the big voting bloc that’ll put St. Barry over the top in this election.  Axelrod really needs to lay off ‘Funny or Die’.

By the way, I have no idea who Lena Dunham is.  Nor do I care.  If I’m not a fan of Rachel Maddow, why would I be stoked to watch her less-talented body double?

I guess Ms. Dunham is on some cable TV show.  That’s cool.  If she’s getting paid anything over minimum wage to be not-funny on tv, she’s guilty of theft.  Also I want to hire her obviously amazing super-agent.

Let’s get beyond the creepiness of the clip.  It was made by card-carrying members of the Left’s great religious movement.  One of the most important tenets of the faith is the hyper-sexualization of their Great Super Cocksman.  From Candy Crowley to Bill Maher, many progressives are dying to make babies with Barack Obama.  Lena Dunham is just the latest liberal to profess her love for the cutest widdle political puppy dog.

No, what’s really great about this clip is the undertone of sweaty desperation.  Team Barry spent time and money on a vulgar premise yawned out by a D-list television actress that nobody cares about because they thought it would move the needle towards Obama.  Let me repeat–this is an ad they believed would help convince a measurable quantity of the electorate to vote for the President.

Obama didn’t toot his horn over his stewardship of the economy or his handling of the Benghazi attack.  None of those  stellar presidential victories made the cut.  But half-assed ‘War On Women’ bullshit which fell flat with voters last March?  Lets roll with that.

Mitt Romney wants to talk about creating jobs, cutting the deficit and reigning in runaway entitlements.  Barack Obama wants to turn the polling booth into a Democrat Party boudoir.  Which one sounds reasonable and which one sounds repellent and intrusive?

RELATED:  Check out The Other McCain’s Virginia analysis.  Read the whole thing, then ask yourself if the Lena Dunham advertisement embarrassment is gonna change anybody’s mind in the Old Dominion.

13 Responses to “#MyFirstTime–Best Political Ad…EVAH?”

  1. bunkerville said

    A new low. As far as Virginia, he lost it with his crappy aircraft carrier bayonets snarkism remark during the debate.

  2. It’s a rehash of a Putin’s ad from earlier this year, except that Putin hired better looking models.

  3. She looks like she has a crush on Barack Obama, her being all giggly and all. That’s enough to make a person want to puke. Obama is one of the fugliest people I have ever seen. That ad stunk to high heaven.

  4. #myfirsttime Barack said “Trust me. I’m a President” and then his man thing was inside me and I cried.

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  6. Starless said

    Just spit-balling here but I think the appropriate response to this is, “Blow me”.

  7. KingShamus said

    Starless: Well, Lena Dunham has proven herself to be a ‘cheap date’, so to speak….

    Bunker: I think you’re right. No Navy guy is gonna like the President’s brand of dopey know-it-all patronization. A lot of non-Navy people–like me–don’t like it either. Thanks for the link too. I appreciate it. Glad you enjoyed my snarkage.

    Infidel: We all cried that day.

    Teresa: She really does look like she’s crushing on her boo, right?

    Edge: Wait, you don’t think the ‘lumpen boy-haircut nerd girl’ look is teh hawtness? ;-p

  8. I totally thought she looked like Maddow’s kid sister, too. LOL thanks for the laugh. great take down, Royal Highness.

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  10. Gregoryno6 said

    ‘Great Super Cocksman’? Some of us read blogs while we’re eating dinner, you thoughtless hound.

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  12. […] has worn off, the ad is refreshing in it’s morbid honesty.  Like the Lena Dunham/First Time campaign spot, the horny nihilists at the Center For Reproductive Rights are gleefully pandering to the lowest […]

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