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Lawrence O’Donnell Was For Secession Before It Was Cool!

Posted by KingShamus on November 27, 2012

Lawrence O’Donnell, seen here angrily yelling at Cathy Seipp for disagreeing with him.

Lawrence O’Donnell:  Brave years-ahead-of-the-curve trendsetter.

Liberal loudmouth Lawrence O’Donnell was born in Massachusetts and graduated Harvard. He was an aide to the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a New York Democrat. He is also the host of a popular show on MSNBC, “The Last Word.” Back in 2004, he advocated secession — for blue states that voted for John Kerry.

On “The McLaughlin Group” after George W. Bush’s re-election, O’Donnell said, “The big problem the country now has, which is going to produce a serious discussion of secession over the next 20 years, is that the segment of the country that pays for the federal government is now being governed by the people who don’t pay for the federal government.”

“Did you say secession?” fellow guest Tony Blankley asked incredulously. “Are you calling for civil war?”

“You can secede without firing a shot,” O’Donnell responded.

Read the rest of the article at the link.  So much ooey-gooey schadenfreude.

Oh, but I’ve been told by all the important lamestream media hand-wringers that being pro-secession meant being a toothless illiterate hillbilly from the deep red South.  


I am truly puzzled by this stunning development.  Why, it’s almost as if the MSM narrative is completely wrong or something.  This is a mystery may never be solved.

The Left is really good at projecting its weird pathologies on conservatives.  When this secession talk starting popping up in the post-election aftermath, I was fairly annoyed with some of my fellow righties.  It felt, and still does feel, like petulant foot-stamping.  I didn’t like seeing folks from my side act so unseemly, so childish, so…liberal.

Then it turned out I was more right than I realized.

But it’s okay that Lawrence O’Donnell had a separatist temper tantrum on a highly rated nationally syndicated Sunday news program.  He really didn’t mean anything by it when he got a skinned knee over Dubya’s re-election and told liberals that secession was a viable option.  He supports the Obama personality cult and free abortion pills and endless entitlement spending and gay marriage, so he gets a pass.

I snagged this link from Instapundit.  Muchas gracias

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If You Were Missing National Hockey League Action

Posted by KingShamus on November 26, 2012

Shop-Rite has a solution for all your NHL lock-out needs.

Here’s the problem the NHL has right now.

I’m a hockey fan.  I’ve been rooting for the Rangers since I was in middle school.  And I am slowly but surely getting used to not watching the NHL anymore.

I’ll be frank; I’ve got plenty of options besides ice hockey to fill my time.  The Giants are a first place team.  The Knicks are having a resurgent year.  The Yankees might sign Josh Hamilton.  My teams are bringing drama and excitement every day of the week.

Mind you, those are just the sports entertainments I’ve used to replace my hockey enthusiasm.  If we wanna get further afield than just professional athletics, there are many other things to watch, listen to, read, and play.  “The Walking Dead” is finally turning into the gripping drama critics thought it could be three years ago.  “Tale of The Tigers” is a great read from a terrific conservative blogger.  Black Ops II just might get me back to giving third eyes to hapless noobs; *CQBDevilGod999* could pwn again.

Like I said, I’m a long-time supporter of American hockey and I’m moving on in relatively painless fashion.  Think about the more casual fans out there.  The guys who don’t go see a ton of games live.  The people who don’t buy merchandise every five seconds.  Those soft hockey fans probably barely noticed that the NHL isn’t running games.  Worse, they might not come back once the league decides to end the lock-out.

I don’t know all the details of the work stoppage.  I don’t know everything that the players and owners are fighting over.  My gut tells me that the owners probably more at fault than the players, but I could be wrong.

But ultimately, all that is a moot point.  This is about the NHL bleeding fans who may never return once the lock-out is done.  Whatever short and medium term financial issues at stake have to pale in comparison to the long-term sustainability of the National Hockey League.  I mean, can the league continue to exist when the owners and players seem determined to alienate the people who support them?

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Good Thing We Got Mean Old Egyptian Dictator Hosni Mubarak To Relinquish Power

Posted by KingShamus on November 24, 2012

Because newly-minted Egyptian dictator Muhammad Morsi is totally not becoming the new dictator of Egypt.

With a constitutional assembly on the brink of collapse and protesters battling the police in the streets over the slow pace of change, President Mohamed Morsi issued a decree on Thursday granting himself broad powers above any court as the guardian of Egypt’s revolution, and used his new authority to order the retrial of Hosni Mubarak.

Mr. Morsi, an Islamist and Egypt’s first elected president, portrayed his decree as an attempt to fulfill popular demands for justice and protect the transition to a constitutional democracy. But the unexpected breadth of the powers he seized raised immediate fears that he might become a new strongman.

B-b-b-but…youth and revolution and Facebook and stuff.

This  #ArabSpringFail has been brought to you by President Barack Obama, who insisted that the relatively reliable American ally Hosni Mubarak get the hell out of Dodge.  Why?  Because he wasn’t down with the new-fangled 7th century Koran-thumper lingo those Islamofacist hep-cats are all jazzed up about these days.

But hey, maybe we should see how this Egyptian Dictatorship Version 2.0 thing works out before we judge it.  I mean, what democratic reform movement doesn’t start out with numerous charges of sexual assault carried out against women counter-protesters and end with legalized female circumcision?  That’s how George Washington did it when he wrote the Constitution all by himself back in 1492.  And if you dispute that fact, you hate the Founding Fathers.  Why are you chugging the anti-American haterade, hater?

I wonder what Mona Eltahawy, the brave defender of free speech when it lines up with her brand of delicate soft-focus socialism, thinks of the enlightened Egyptian autocrats sanctioning genital mutilation for Egyptian girls.  It’s sad that full-time PLO apologist and part-time Columbia University professor Edward Said isn’t alive today.  He could’ve written a beautiful 20,000 word propaganda piece about why the Muslim Brotherhood was completely justified in sending out the rape-squads to deal with those lippy female protesters at Tahrir Square.

At least President Barack Obama finally recognizes his error in supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and is now doing everything he can to stop the creation of a new dictatorship in a vital part of the Middle East.


UPDATE:  Linked by the great Bob Belvedere!  He asks a very good question:

How long will the pyramids last?

I’d say it all depends.  Does Not-Dictator Morsi value tourist dollars?  The only reason anybody outside the Middle East gives a shit about Egypt is the archaeology.  World opinion–and a lot of cold hard cash–would turn very heavily against the Muslim Bothering Brothers if they vaporized the Sphinx in a fit of Islamodouche pique.

On the other hand, the Taliban turned the Bamiyan Buddhas into piles of rubble.  Nobody cared.  Sure, there were some weak outcries and some concern troll pooh-poohing over the loss of priceless works of megalithic art.  But that was pretty much it. There are plenty of  wackos in the MB who want to finish the job of cleansing Egypt of it’s pre-Islamic history the same way the Taliban did in their country.

Egypt is more connected to the world than Afghanistan was or is today.  That means there might be enough relatively sane Islamists who know just how valuable the Pyramids are to the nation.  Hopefully that is enough to save Egypt’s national treasures.

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Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Posted by KingShamus on November 22, 2012

It may be said that mankind’s default emotional position is ingratitude.  The average human has a marvelous capacity to complain about his lot in life.  We spend a lot of time bitching about our broke-down car, our annoying neighbor, our woefully underperforming sports team, our crappy job, our idiotic boss and our ridiculous president.

This is why Thanksgiving may be the greatest of all holidays.  Make no mistake, I say that with the knowledge that other celebrations have much to recommend them.  Christmas gets high marks for the whole ‘getting stuff from other people’ thing.  New Years Eve is a brilliant excuse to kill all those highly overrated brain cells you weren’t using to cure halitosis anyway.  Fourth of July involves copious amounts of loud fiery explosions.  The much-beloved Arbor Day fills our hearts with glowing reverence for wood.

But no holiday really has the powerful emotional tug of Thanksgiving.  The gathering of family and friends from across the fruited plain is wonderful.  Being able to enjoy food and fellowship is one of the great pleasures of life. Watching football in a narcoleptic haze is pretty cool too.  But most of all, the traditions of the day remind you that while life isn’t always a breezy stroll through paradise, there are blessings to be grateful for if we just think on it for a spell.

Thanksgiving forces us to take a few steps back from our day-to-day grind and get some much-needed perspective.  The old jalopy just needs a tune-up and some detailing.  The guy next door has worked a week of double shifts, which might explain why he’s so crabby.  The Giants are still in first place despite playing like garbage for a month.  Work might stink but at least you’re still collecting a paycheck.  The office manager is demanding but he did let you skip out of work early a few times last month so you could go to the bar with your homies.  Barack Obama is capable of vast amounts of corruption, incompetence and hypocrisy but these are well-known factors of modern life, which makes our glorious Commander-In-The-Rear just little bit easier to endure.

Most importantly, we still live in the greatest country that history has ever known.

We are still Americans.

We still live in the most revolutionary society ever devised.

We are still children of the Enlightenment.

We are still children of a loving God.

With all those blessings, it’s a wonder every day isn’t Thanksgiving.

Personally, I’m blessed with the support and encouragement I get from my readers and fellow bloggers.  Without your comments and interest, this would be one helluva hard slog.  Thanks, Homies de KingShamus.  Thanks for laughing at my lame jokes.  Thanks for putting up with my goofy musical taste.  Thanks for just being cool as penguin poop.  I don’t get a million blog hits a nanosecond, but what I do get are smart, funny and informed readers.  That’s fairly great.

From this humble blogger’s perspective, the Conservosphere has much to be grateful for as well.  Talent is a blessing, and that’s something our side has in abundance.  Here’s a small sample.

Dean L over at Nonsensible Shoes notes the cognitive dissonance when Radical Islam meets up with Gay Rights…in Canada.

Isaiah Roberts over at Political Realities discusses the danger of losing our personal security.

Pundette talks about the corrosive effects of irony.

Libertarian Republcians want to “Go Dondero”.

MareZilla nails just what the stakes are in the Israeli-Hamas War.

Wyblog remembers when New Jersey still loved freedom.

GregoryNo6 looks ahead to 2016 and has some morale-boosting words of wisdom.

The Innocent Bystanders have an interesting Thanksgiving tableau.

Liberty At Stake has more news of the dearly-departed Twinkie.

Bob Belvedere explains why science and free will need to go hand in hand.

The RightHandMan at Sentry Journal discusses Israel and our Mid-East sorta-adventurism.

Steve at the MotorCity Times talks about how video games could shape the future of our armed forces.

Sitting On The Edge Of The Sandbox has a laugh at California college students.

We should give some shout-outs to NoOneOfAnyImport, who just won an award.

Manhattan Infidel reminds us that Kathleen Sebelius might not be a Vulcan double agent.

Donald Douglas discusses why even the best jock strap is still not enough.

The Daley Gator gives us five magical words to be thankful for this year.

The Mind-Numbed Robot isn’t so numbed that he doesn’t see what the Senate wants to do with your emails.

Matt over at the Conservative Hideout gives us a recipe for Twinkies.

Teresa Rice has notes on the sacraments.

Findalis at Maggie’s Notebook has Happy Thanksgiving wishes.

Jim Treacher is being a total buzzkill towards San Francisco nudists.

Innominatus loves him an episode of Jihady Doody.  Click that link for some laughs at Ayman al-Zawahiri’s expense.

Thankfulness is a habit.  So sayeth the great Smitty at the wonderful Other McCain.

Gary Jackson would like you to know that Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley is kind of a douche.

RD Brewer of Ace of Spades notes that the turkeys aren’t always friendly.  Could a full-fledged invasion be at hand?

Bunkerville’s Thanksgiving wishes are appreciated, but it’s his picture of life in North Korea that should really make you kiss American soil.

Bob Mack has dispatches from occupied America.

William Stout doesn’t think Benghazi will go away.

Sissy Willis examines how Obama marketed emotions during the election.

Dustbury has a terrific remembrance of Marilyn Monroe.

Patrick Carroll has a story about a veteran meeting up with a criminal.  Spolier Alert–It’s a very happy ending.

The Tree-Hugging Sister who makes up part of the Coalition of the Swilling catches the MSM doing something right for a change.

Citizen Tom notes that when you’re in a war, there are some things you must do to win it.

Conservatives On Fire gives us some reasons why the Right should remain engaged in the conversation.

Finally, the Amusing Bunni still needs some help.  She’s the ultimate happy warrior patriot.  If you have the means, please donate to help pay for her medical care.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

God bless you and yours on this blessed day.

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Jonah Goldberg: Obama Could Lead The Reconstruction Of Black Families

Posted by KingShamus on November 21, 2012

The decline of the black family is one of the great slow-motion tragedies of the last 60 years.  It’s also been one of the most public social disasters in American history.  Web-search ‘black family collapse’ and you’ll get a kajillion results. People make prolific careers out of studying the decline of two-parent households in the African-American community.  It’s such a momentous problem for our nation that it would take years and years of extremely expensive college education in order to dismiss it.

Who could possibly help restore the nuclear black family?  It’s a great question.  It’s one that has bedeviled casual observers, social scientists and policy experts for decades.  National Review’s Jonah Goldberg thinks the best guy for the job may be our current president.

Contrary to widespread perceptions, marriage is not all that popular among middle- and upper-class blacks either. Black women, Banks reports, long for traditional family structures, but black men — even college-educated black men — for a variety of complex reasons are more ambivalent about it.

As [Patrick] Moynihan learned, speaking honestly about the state of the black family is politically explosive, even when done with the best of intentions. But if there is one person in America with the moral and political standing to have a transformative and beneficial impact on that conversation, it’s Barack Obama, a dedicated father and the most successful black man in American history. Nixon went to China. Maybe Obama can go to black America for something more than votes every four years.

Which is exactly why the POTUS wants nothing to do with encouraging two-parent black families.

Goldberg has fallen victim to one of the classic blunders–the most famous of which is ‘never get involved in a land war in Asia’–but only slightly less well-known is this: ‘Never assume Barack Obama will act in good faith on anything. Ever.”

Sixty seven percent of unmarried women voted for Captain SugarDaddy O’BirthControl.  He and his caucus have a distinct electoral interest in keeping women from getting hitched.  So what if unmarried women are having kids by the bushel?  Who cares if many black women can’t or won’t marry the men who father their children?  The Democrats are doing big business with the single ladies, and the party is full of compassionate folks who don’t make war on women, so if you say the Democrats are spectacular hypocrites you’re a racist.  Stop being racist, you racist.

I know what you’re thinking.  It’s terribly cynical to believe Barack Obama doesn’t want to help the black family because it helps his party win votes.  Because when Team Barry called Mitt Romney a freakish alien cancer-causing murderer, that showed Obama’s commitment to starry-eyed idealism.

Every St. Barry promise comes with an expiration date.  Every Obama policy is designed to encourage dependency.  Most importantly, Obama is a spineless coward when it comes to speaking hard truths to his own community.  If something fails to garner votes for the Democrats–and most importantly, himself–the President will not do it.  If that something involves driving a wedge between himself and his most reliable voting bloc, it just isn’t happening

In theory, Jonah Goldberg is not wrong.  A person of Obama’s stature could talk with serious moral authority about the need to heal the black family.  It might then start a wonderful discussion which could lead to beneficial policy proposals and help spur a change in the culture.

The trouble is, you need to start with an honorable president to get that conversation started.

Since we don’t one of those ‘decent leader’ thingies, it looks like we’re shit out of luck.

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What Israel Faces

Posted by KingShamus on November 20, 2012

Maetenloch over at Ace of Spades gives us a little of that perspective stuff I keep hearing about these days.

I wonder how Perth Amboy, Hempstead, Mahwah or Manhattan would react if they had to live under the threat of 275 rockets and mortars in the five days since lead Hamas dirtbag Ahmed Jabari was given an unexpectedly awesome dirt nap.  Ponder the possible reaction of those sleepy little burgs if they had to deal with 451 separate rocket/mortar attacks in the last 8 months. Does anybody think there would be any talk of ‘proportionality’ if Americans were the ones getting explosive devices thrown at their homes and workplaces?

If it was happening in the States, Andrew Cuomo would be talking to his dad about getting some Bonnano crime family goombas to push a few buttons on the terrorists.  In an instant, Nurse Bloomberg could deploy his sign language interpreter to bore the shit out of Hamas.  It’d be fun to see Chris Christie waddle for the TV cameras in his action-man fleece bellowing for Obama to give him nuclear launch codes.

But instead, it’s Israel, so nobody cares.

In fact, the world eagerly awaits the opportunity to cluck it’s tongue and make concern-troll noises when and if Israel prepares to put boots on the ground in Gaza.


Easiest Prediction Ever:  The entire panoply of kleptocrats, military strongmen and anti-democratic monarchs in the Middle East will publicly condemn the Israelis if they invade Gaza, while in private many Arab regimes will wildly celebrate the violent de-fanging of the Iranian-backed, Turkey-supported Hamas.

Fuck the international hater’s chorus.  The bankrolled anti-Semites, the Islamo-Nazis and the thumbsucker Left all need a hefty dose of reality.  Do what has to be done, Israel.

Do it fast, do it effectively and finish it.

Once Hamas is gone, maybe then the Gazans will be ready for peace.  Perhaps then the Gazans see the stupidity of letting a terrorist group represent them.  Hopefully Muslim Brotherhood-controlled Egypt will see that it doesn’t stand a chance in a ground war with Israel and will face reality rather than indulge their idiotic United States of Islamic Caliphate fantasies.

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Personal Values, Political Choices

Posted by KingShamus on November 19, 2012

A personal observation taken from the post-election wreckage.

On Election Night, I sat in a coffee house reading Twitter and scanning the Fox News website for the vote tallies.  I couldn’t sit in my cold dark place without power.  I didn’t feel like just listening to the radio for the returns to come in.  So there I was, drinking a root beer and listening to cookie-cutter smooth jazz as Mitt Romney went down to ignominious defeat.

While making jokes to brighten my mood (Q–What do you call a guy who has $5 trillion dollars in debt, 8% unemployment and the Benghazi disaster? A–Mister President.) I overheard a conversation between two college girls.  It went something like this:

Lady A:  The election is tonight?

Lady B:  Yeah.

Lady A:  I kinda like Mitt Romney.

Lady B:  Yeah, but he wants to take away student loans.

Lady A:  Screw that shit.

Let me add:  These two young women didn’t seem like bad people.  Maybe not as clued-in as one might hope, but not many 19 year-olds are terribly invested in national politics.  They were just shooting the breeze at a coffee shop.  It was clear that Mitt Romney and Barack Obama did not loom large in their lives.  Which is pretty much how most Americans are disconnected from the daily political grind.

A few days later, I found myself at a gas station line waiting to fill some cans to feed my generator.  The guy working there looked like he was in his early twenties.  He must’ve seen the NRA sticker on my bumper because he asked me, “Is Obama really looking to end the right to keep and bear arms?  Because I’m concerned about that.”

Homeboy seemed like a nice enough dude.  While he probably wasn’t an Obama supporter, he didn’t seem like an overly political person.  He had a post-election worry regarding the newly re-elected President, but other than that he appeared like the sort of man who didn’t engage himself in partisan bickering very often.

Both of these encounters struck me as amazing in their own ways.

It’s important to note something sorta obvious:  we live in an enormously diverse country.  The opinions of the citizenry range from wide left to far right, from the lowest grubby obsessions to the highest spiritual aspirations.  Because we are surrounded by this massive continent-spanning society, it’s easy to forget just how dynamic our culture really is.  Even our most wretched debased theories are vaguely interesting, if only because of the scope of the awfulness involved.  On the other hand, our grandest and greatest ideas are so transcendent that they expand human freedom and perspective in previously unimaginable ways.

It’s mind-blowing to think that two very different expressions of ideology–“Mitt wants to snatch my college money”/”Barack wants to confiscate my guns”–can happily coexist.  Yet they do, in a more or less peaceful way.  Our elections are bitterly contested, but for the most part actual wide-spread violence hasn’t visited our political disputes for a long time.

What we learned on Elections Day–and this, sadly, is a lesson some of us will have to re-learn a few times now–is that our politics flows out from the vast American culture.  Politicians are a reflection of our religious values, our social norms, our manners, our entertainments and even our petty diversions.  As of November 2012, the result of our grand national partisan argument makes it unclear whether America really is the center-right country some of us have assumed it was.

Don’t get it twisted.  There are at least 59 million people who are at least sorta sympathetic to a right-of-center political vision.  More people are reading conservative-ish books than liberal screeds.  More people call themselves conservative than identify as left-wing.  These are very large numbers.  They indicate that there is still a sizable electoral minority and perhaps a broad plurality that comes to the ballot box with a traditionalist background.

Having said that, it appears that there are more Americans who believe that college loans (along with a whole host of things) should be doled out by the feds.  At the very least, more lefty-sympathetic citizens than right-of-center folks can be motivated to vote.  Do left-of-center people believe in big government because their politicians tell them to?  Or do they come to the voting booth with progressive ideas already entrenched in their worldview and are simply looking for parties and politicians who can make liberal policies a reality?

I’d also argue that those who choose liberalism and buy it’s wares are much like other consumers in our society.  Social conservatives lament that American pop culture is full of filth and decadence and arrogance and stupidity.  Free-market conservatives often respond that pop culture is merely producing what the market demands.

The same thing goes for American politics.  Conservatives are often annoyed that so many people consume so much of the liberal kultursmog; the Washington Post, the Daily Kos, the English Department of Montclair State University and almost anything financed by Harvey Weinstein or written by Aaron Sorkin.  Maybe people consume progressive media because it’s the only one readily available.  Most people will choose a debased culture rather than no culture at all.

Even worse, after another mortifying Election Night loss, righties scratch their heads and wonder why they got buried.

Seeing just how much cultural ground the Right has given up, along with how many delivery mechanisms the Left just flat-out owns, it’s astounding that Republicans are able to squeak out any victories at all.

What the traditionalists, free-marketeers, social cons and defense hawks must get through their heads ASAFP is that they’re never going to score decisive electoral victories without first scoring some major cultural victories first.  They’ve already ceded so much ground to the vast left-wing idiocracy.  It’s well past time for conservatives to start taking American civilization back from the degenerates, racists, whiners and liars that currently run the show.

Only then will the Right start to reverse both their electoral fortunes and the decline of the greatest country in the history of humanity.

UPDATE:  Linked by Starless over at The Conservative Commune.  Thanks, mi amigo.

Here’s a sample:

Yes, we need to appeal to Youth Voters and include them in the political process but there comes a time when we have to help them avoid behaving irresponsibly. When we are obligated — evenmorally obligated — to save them from themselves. We can’t do that if we continue to try to pander to their every petty whim and precious ideal.


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The Great Amusing Bunni Needs Help

Posted by KingShamus on November 13, 2012

Here’s Bob Belvedere:

When you need a smile, when things are getting you down, you can always head over to Bunni’s blog for some easing of your worried mind.

Now, it’s Bunni whose mind needs easing…

I’m not going to sugarcoat this: Bunni has inoperable, terminal liver cancer that has metastasized and has been given but a few more months to live.

As she put it in an e-mail to Zilla:

So, I’m terminal. There are so many tumors in my abdomen, and the liver is enlarged very much, they can’t operate, the tumors and blood vessels are too much and too close, they can’t do chemo, or NOTHING, so I just will be seeing palliative care Dr.’s for medicine adjustments to help with the pain, and then just get my affairs in order and wait to die.

Zilla, God Bless Her, has been speaking with Bunni and convinced her to go public about her situation.

As I said over at Bob’s place:  Damn you, cancer.

There was a while there when I lost track of Bunni.  She took a forced hiatus from from blogging (see Zilla’s post for more details), then I got bombarded with real-life work and we didn’t really reconnect.  That’s my fault, and one of the reasons I kinda suck at teh internetz.

Back to the business at hand.

It is said that blogging brings out a writer’s true nature.  Bunni’s blog is a sugar rush of sunny cheer.  All she wants to do is bombard you with laughs and hope.  Conservative writing can often mean reading heaping doses of dour pessimism, but Bunni is always ready to lift your spirits.

Bunni is facing tough times.  She could really use her bloggers-in-arms to help shoulder some of the burden.  If you have the means, please consider donating to her medical treatment fund.

Positive thoughts and humble prayers are in order as well.

God bless the Bunni.

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No Mr. Romney, Barack Obama is still not a nice guy

Posted by KingShamus on November 13, 2012

In retrospect, what annoyed me the most about Team Romney’s campaign against Obama wasn’t the crappy voter turnout machinery or the listless September campaign or the anything else.

What has rankled me for a while is this piece of rhetoric from the Mittens Campaign:

“Obama is a nice guy, but he’s in over his head.”

I really don’t know why Romney decided to go this route.

Before you even start, don’t give me the “Mitt is just too decent to be mean” defense.  I’m not saying that Romney is a bad dude.  Romney is a good man, especially if judged by the standards of American Politician Behavior Circa Early 21st Century.

But let’s not get weepy and sentimental about the guy simply because he just took a good old-fashioned passionate ass-whoopin’.  Romney had no problem slamming his primary opponents.  None of them were ‘good folks’.  Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain and Rick Santorum all felt the heat from Romney’s air and ground game.  Every one of Mitt’s serious competitors got swamped by negative campaigning.

On the other hand, President Obama didn’t get the same kind of treatment from the Romney camp.  Obambi was never demonized.  He was always just ‘wrong’.

Now, it’s nice that Mitt was willing to call Obama mistaken about the issues of the day.  At least Romney was good enough to help us out on that.

Typical Voter: ‘Wait, Obama’s policies are not cool? Oh okay  Thanks for the heads-up, Mitt.”

That person then promptly went to the ballot box and picked President Downgrade McMassiveUnemployment.

So why did Romney take it easy on Saint Barry?

It’s the likability factor,” said Spencer, a Romney supporter. “Many people think that Obama hasn’t delivered, but they still like him. I’d rather have a beer with him than Romney. Wouldn’t you?”

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Post-Presidential Election 2012: Splitting Headache Edition

Posted by KingShamus on November 12, 2012

Okay, I was wrong.

Terribly, miserably and utterly wrong.

For what its worth, I am very sorry.

For my all ten of my readers, I apologize if I gave you false hope.

If it makes you feel better, I think I gave myself a lot more false hope than I gave you.  I knew it was going to be tighter than I predicted, but I let some of the data sway me.  More, I let aspirations triumph over experience.  My bad.  I’ll try not to let it happen again.

In any event, here’s my loosely organized thoughts on Mitt Romney’s defeat:

1-How long have liberals dominated the education establishment, from pre-school to grad school, in this country?  Since the late 60’s or early 70’s is probably  a good guess.  A constitutional republican order would have a hard time surviving one generation exposed to constant socialist indoctrination.  In America, we’ve decided to let roughly two or three generations of kids grow up with a teaching community whose ideology is often antithetical to the traditional American ideals of limited government, a sovereign citizenry and property rights.

How many people in America have a bachelor’s degree?  Over thirty percent.  This means that almost a third of our country has been subjected to four years of leftist propaganda, with seventy-two percent of college lecturers describe themselves as  liberal.  Knowing this, ponder just how much time the average college kid spends being marinated in a campus culture where most, if not all, the socio-political assumptions are Marxist.  Knowing this, it’s more shocking that anyone escapes their university years not completely indoctrinated in  socialist theory.

2-How much money do American media corporations donate to left-wing candidates? It was a multi-million dollar figure this year.  By itself, that isn’t all that surprising.  A lot of people understand that the media is very biased against conservatism and right-of-center political figures.

What makes the MSM so powerful isn’t their money.  They are formidable because they are both a Democrat Party piggy bank and a dominant shaper of American culture.  The money they pump into the statist caucus is massive, but it can be seen and measured and countered.  What cannot be quantified, because it is so diffuse, are the biases they broadcast into society.

Study the last twelve years of media behavior.  Look at the vastly different treatments given by the MSM to the last two US presidents.

Hypothetical–What if George Bush had presided over the Benghazi tragedy?  Can you imagine Candy Crowley shielding Dubya from criticism during a presidential debate?  Would the commentariat be doing a media blackout to protect Premier Booosh from a major foreign policy disaster that he created?  Would Bush  be able to get away with not answering questions about the debacle?

Of course, none of that would’ve happened.

George Bush was a Republican.  And he was rich.  And he was tough on Muslim terrorists.  And his vice-president was Halliburton.  And he stole the 2000 election.  So yeah, George Dumbya had to be torn down.

And that’s just the news media.

Look at all the movies Hollywood made trashing George Bush.  Now think about the hagiographic film La-La Land is making for Barack Obama.  Notice a difference?

If that’s too blatantly partisan for your tastes, do a quick mental scroll through the last five first-run major studio movies you’ve watched.  Can you think of any that celebrated–not in a namby-pamby sotto-voce manner, but in a loud ‘n proud way–things like the nuclear family, gun rights, the pro-life position or free-market capitalism?  Or were there numerous parts of those last five flicks that clashed with your political beliefs?  My guess is that your experiences probably ran closer to the latter than the former.

In short, the entertainment industry routinely makes films specifically designed to denigrate right-of-center values and pump up the socialist volume.  The major pop-culture players aren’t just left-wingers.  They are proselytizers of the only religion progressives actually believe in–big intrusive government.

I keep hearing how the MSM is dying.  Lots of folks on the Right insist that the power of the print/broadcast/motion picture/music business is waning.  I want to believe that.  I still kinda do.

But at least for the short term, and maybe even the medium term, the media-industrial complex is gonna keep being the Left’s ace in the hole.

3-But even with all that going against the Republican Party and conservatism in general, Mitt Romney still had a decent chance to win the contest.  Lots of people, including silly ol’ me, thought the former Massachusetts governor was going to score a victory.  So what happened on Election Day?

In a word, Mitt Romney’s get-out-the-vote operation was a disaster.  This in turn helped contribute to an election where Obama was re-elected with less votes than he scored in 2008, but the GOP lost by about 400,000 votes across four key states.

The bad part is that the mechanical breakdowns on the part of Team Romney led to their candidate’s defeat.

The good part is this is one area where Republicans can immediately improve.

The really bad part is this is the only area where Republicans can immediately improve.

4-Twenty seven percent of Latinos voted for Romney.  Mitt got a whole whopping six percent of the black vote.  Asian voters were so enthused over the prospect of a President Romney they gave him twenty-six percent of their vote.

Demographics are simply not on the side of the GOP.

Here’s a pithy name for Election 2012:  “Ted Kennedy’s Last Triumph”.  It was Senator Chappaquiddick, along with many other liberals, who were most enthusiastic about the 1965 immigration reform.  That act shifted how many immigrants America imported into itself.  Instead of taking in mostly Europeans, the US has opened it’s doors to vast numbers of people from Latin America, Asia and Africa.  This has had a profound effect on our politics and will continue to do so for decades.

Put simply, if you’re unhappy with an electorate, if you don’t like their policy preferences, their religious beliefs or their social mores, a good way to deal with that is to simply change the composition of the electorate until you get the citizenry you desire.

Knowing this, look at how brilliantly the Democrats have positioned themselves.  They are the party of massive government services.  What population group uses massive government services–like welfare–in proportionally far greater numbers than almost anybody else in America?  Immigrants.

One couldn’t have drawn up the play any better.  The Donkey-Punchers have run the equivalent of Phil Jackson’s triangle offense on the American population.  The Republicans have been too stupid to realize it.

5-Put it all together: A population that has been propagandized more than it has been educated.  A popular culture that largely despises traditional American values.  An immigration policy that imports huge numbers of voters who are sympathetic to progressive Democrat Party policies.  A campaign that couldn’t get out of it’s own way enough to activate it’s base in a winnable election.

The only good thing about this loss is that it might be so painful, even the GOP leadership along the rank-n-file will wake up. Maybe.  Possibly.  If we’re lucky.

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Music Monday Thank You To Veterans – “Let ‘Em Win Or Bring ‘Em Home” by The Charlie Daniels Band

Posted by KingShamus on November 12, 2012

Happy Veterans Day.

Charlie Daniels pretty much sums it all up.

It’s strange how a country singer talks more sense than three quarters of our political class.

You wanna know the best way to honor our warriors?

Turning them loose and letting them score an unadulterated victory over the forces that want to kill them…and us.

If there are any military men and women reading this, know that your country is eternally grateful for the sacrifices you’ve made to keep us free.  God bless you and yours on this day and every day.

I snagged the Charlie Daniels song from the great Frugal Cafe Blog.  Check out the rest of Vicki’s post; it’s strong.

Totally Unrelated:  I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a week.  I didn’t get power back till this past weekend.  Running a generator is like feeding an angry football team.  Keeping a lit kerosene heater going is like feeding a very fickle and slightly kooky mistress.  Since I got juice back, clean-up and reorganizing things have taken up most of my time.  Now that things are getting back to normal, I’ll be around a little more frequently.

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Election Day 2012

Posted by KingShamus on November 6, 2012

Alright, America.

You know what to do.

If you want Barack Obama to take his rightful place as the local has-been at Pebble Beach’s 19th Hole Bar and Grill, you must vote for Mitt Romney.

Not Gary Johnson.

Not Ron Paul.

Not Jill Stein.

Not Roseanne Barr.

Mitt Romney.

It’s really that simple.

Mitt Romney is the only candidate who can stop Barack Obama’s profligate spending, deleterious energy policies, divisive racialism and international bungling.  If these things concern you, you have a clear choice.  If Mister Obama’s record makes you nervous about the future of your country, you can do something about it.

Vote Mitt Romney.

Now, on to some links and commentary.

Here’s a good reminder from Ace.

…remember in 2000, all the networks, even Fox, called Florida before polls there were even closed.

The Republican-heavy Panhandle could vote until 8 PM Eastern, but the genius networks didn’t know that, and insisted the polls shut down at 7 PM Eastern– telling Republican voters in a densely-populated area of the state to not vote.

And then they compounded that by calling the state for Gore.

Telling Republicans the polls were closed when they were still open for another hour was one of the biggest dirty tricks played in the history of politics, and probably turned Florida from a clean Bush win into a very, very narrow, intensely disputed one.

In addition, claiming Bush had lost the election by 7 PM eastern undoubtedly poisoned the spirits of Republicans in more westerly states. And remember, that year, New Mexico was lost by Bush by something like a thousand total votes.

Wisconsin was also not called until the day after the election. People forget that. I did. I only know this because I spent last night reviewing the coverage of Election Night 2000.

Read the rest.

Think about it this way.  Back in 2000, the MSM was willing to risk it’s credibility to give a big helping hand to the idiot nepot Al Gore.  If they were willing to play those kinds of dirty tricks for him, what won’t they do for their own Personal Jesus?

This isn’t just another presidential election.  This is the lamestream media’s Armageddon.  This is the culmination of their massive cold war against flyover country.  They want Obama to win just so he can put all the stubborn bitter-clingers and evil reich-wingers in their rightful place.

Conservatives and traditionalists–ignore the media today.  They are not your ally.  In fact, they never have been.  Furthermore, they do not have your best interests, or your country’s best interests, at heart.  They are just another wing of the progressive movement, a movement dedicated to fundamentally transforming this country into a worker’s paradise.

The press ardently pines for your depression and apathy.  They don’t want you to vote.  They want you to think Obama has this thing in the bag.

Again, put these craven leftist hacks in your rear-view mirror and forget about them.

Read Robert Stacy McCain’s on-site reportage from Ohio.  Check out Meep’s awesome charts and graphs.  Ponder the Sentry Journal’s sage advice.  Shake your head at the New Black Panthers pulling their same old song and dance in Philadelphia.

Focus on what you have to do today.  Don’t get demoralized by the media’s epic douchebaggery.  We can win this.  In fact, we will win it, if we turn out.

Which brings me to my prediction.

Why am I doing this?  Why am I putting myself out on a ledge?  Besides being a glutton for punishment?  I dunno.

Here’s the thing.  If the GOP’s Get-out-the-Vote efforts are even just ‘sorta good’, this race will be over tonight.  Forget about Ohio.  I know they’ve all but guaranteed a recount with their wacky voting nonsense.

No, Mitt Romney will win Ohio.  Ironically, he won’t need it.  Because his map will look like something like this:

Romney will take somewhere in the neighborhood of 315 electoral votes to Obama’s 223.  Even if Team Barry disputes the hell out of the Ohio vote count, it won’t matter.  He can litigate the results till Antarctica continental-drifts itself into a tropical paradise.  Mitt will flip Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Iowa.

Furthermore, I think Romney will put a scare into Minnesota Democrats.  He’ll get a big turnout in the Michigan burbs and hinterlands before Detroit’s insane liberal voting bloc puts Obama over the top there.   While the Romney/Ryan ticket won’t win in those two states, he’ll do well enough to shock many in the leftist commentariat.

Will the Donkey-Punchers have inflated numbers due to massive voter fraud turnout?  Certainly.  Will it be enough to change the outcome?  No.

The only way Obama scores a victory today is if he is somehow able to keep it close enough in Ohio, Iowa and Wisconsin so that the big city voter fraud operations can carry him over the finish line.  The Bamster can only win a squeaker.  But that scenario is only operational if the conservatives and Republicans don’t turn out to vote.

Which they will.

Again, ya’all know what to do.  Swamp the cheaters.  Outvote the statists.  Perplex the progs.  Beat Obama.

By midnight tonight, we will have a new president.

And then the work of turning this great and glorious country around will have just begun.

I’ll be on Twitter, rocking out.

Shoot me a line so we can laugh at Chris Matthews shitting his pants on national television.

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Mayor Mike Bloomberg: “The NYC Marathon is on; let the boroughs eat running shoes” (Update!)

Posted by KingShamus on November 2, 2012

Gutsy call.

Fresh off his “climate disruption”-driven endorsement of President Obama, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has chosen to divert critical food supplies and power generators from desperate residents of Staten Island to Sunday’s New York City Marathon. Gothamist reports:

[T]hose urging the city to halt the run believe that the thousands of Marathon volunteers could direct their efforts towards post-Sandy relief and cleanup, “and they also argue that the event will divert thousands of police from important hurricane-related duties.” But despite petitions circulating, work started up again yesterday on the Marathon route.

A tipster, who wishes to remain anonymous, told us there were lots of workers in and out of the park today, who had “started before the storm and then came back starting yesterday.” Trailers are lined up from around 71st to 66th Streets on Central Park West, a food truck was set up today, and “generators have been sitting there at least a week.” The tents that were taken down prior to the storm have also been set back up, and there is a stage set up near 73rd Street.

Considering all the volunteer help and NYPD attention that’s already being diverted to the Marathon, the added sight of generators and food being channeled to the event is probably going to strike some New Yorkers as a little misplaced—we’re thinking of the ones who are currently lined up waiting for the National Guard to ration out MREs and bottles of water.

Because that’s just what people who have no electricity, food, running water or homes really need at this moment.  I’m sure most New Yorkers are gonna be super-stoked to see this road race;  mind you, without televisions or a way to get to the race, so they’ll have to watch the contest using the power of their  imaginations.  In the aftermath of a huge natural disaster, it’s a proven scientific fact that humans clamor to witness a clusterfuck of professional joggers realizing their lifelong dream of having a runner’s high climaxing with 40,000 other dudes in skin tight shorts.  Hey Manhattanites–Even though you haven’t had a hot shower in a week, get out to the race and hand some anonymous runners you’ve never heard of bottles of Dasani.

But of course the marathon isn’t diverting any resources away from rescue, recovery and repair efforts.

Without looking it up pretty much everything brought to bear to organize the marathon could be useful:

  • food
  • water
  • those insulated blankets they give to the runners after the finish line
  • generators
  • tents (the material could be useful, even if you’re not going to be camping outside)
  • hotel rooms
  • cops

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s just off the top of my head.  People could actually use that stuff, especially given we’re having a cold spell and possibly another nor’easter come our way.

So yeah, no desperately needed truly vital resources are being diverted for this mass jogging exercise.

Naturally, I tried to offer suggestion and encouragement to Mike Bloomberg via Twitter.

* Hi @mikebloomberg! Nice nanny-state! You think Staten Island might need generators more than your precious foot race?

* Hi @mikebloomberg! Sweet 3 terms! Also, what fuels the generators the Marathon will use? The spirit of competition?

@mikebloomberg pats himself on the back for being compassionate w/your money, then uses much-needed generators for the NYC Marathon. #3terms

* Just remember NYC: If it’s a choice between restoring city services and running a footrace, @mikebloomberg chooses a footrace over you.

* Nurse @mikebloomberg is so compassionate he wants to make sure runners are nice & comfy during the NYC Marathon. Staten Island residents? Eh

@MikeBloomberg‘s 4th term slogan: “Limited Soft Drinks For New Yorkers, Unlimited Facilities For Out-of-Town Marathoners”

* I for one think its great that @MikeBloomberg is running the NYC Marathon. It shows just how much he cares about NYC residents.#NotAtAll

* Shorter @MikeBloomberg: “Yeah, Sandy was a drag, but we can’t let the destruction stop me from impressing rich foreigners.”#Compassion

* Shorter @MikeBloomberg: “Gas up those generators for the NYC Marathon. There isn’t a severe crippling fuel shortage in the tri-state area.”

* Shorter @MikeBloomberg: “I’m gonna make sure lower Manhattan is safe…but first let’s go run a road-race through the scenic devastation.”

Surprisingly, Mister Mayor refrained from thanking me for my kind sentiments.

Pray for New York City, ladies and gentlemen.

It’s being led by a greedy heartless scumfuck who puts ING’s interests above the needs of the city he supposedly represents.

UPDATE:  As soon as I posted this, they announced the race was off.

Perfect timing as usual.

I know a lot of people want to to give Mayor Bloomberg credit; ‘Well, at least he got it right in the end’.

Yeah, only after getting screamed at for three days.


Huzzah for Mike Bloomberg, who makes the proper decision when an entire city has to bark at the man to come to his senses.

Remember how thoughtless and bungling Mike Bloomberg has shown himself to be in the wake of the New York City Marathon when this sawed-off cockbag wants to buy himself a Presidency in 2016.

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Conservative Bloggers Unite To Defeat Obama

Posted by KingShamus on November 1, 2012

Barack Obama must not be allowed another four years in the White House.  If you’ve read my blog in the past, you know how adamant I am about this.  It is for this reason why I am joining a coalition of the awesome.  Here are six bloggers with very good reasons why Mitt Romney must defeat Barack Obama.  I will add my two cents at the end.  Please reblog this and share it with your friends and family.


Do you know someone who is planning to vote for Obama? Here are some arguments you can use to try to change their minds. A half-dozen conservative bloggers have united and will all have the same post on their blogs today in an effort to help defeat President Obama. Please read this post in its entirety and be sure to go visit each bloggers site via the links. I would also encourage anyone to reblog or link this post to get the word out to as many people as possible. Romney may not be the first choice for some of these contributors, but we can all agree that Obama must go so help us spread the word! Join us to help the undecided vote to stop the destruction of America!


“Why bankruptcy is preferable to bailouts” by Spellchek

President Obama has been on a chest-thumping tour touting the success of the bailouts both in the auto industry as well as the financial industry.Supporters and critics alike have focused upon what constitutes a success.Some will calculate the cost to the taxpayers.Others will focus on the jobs saved.It is these glass half-empty/half-full arguments that highlight the crux of the problem.Bailouts v. bankruptcy is not an apples to apples comparison.

A bailout by its very nature is the epitome of a reward for past indiscretions.The idea is how best to cushion the blow and alleviate the pain.The fear card plays a big role here as witnessed a full-fledged campaign to warn us of the disaster awaiting should we decline to bailout a failing company/industry.Then to make it worse,we saw government picking the winners and losers in the fallout.

A bankruptcy is intended as a poison pill as much as a legal recourse to alleviate a failing business model.It’s called moral hazard.It is painful by design so it will have a preventative effect.The path chosen by Obama eliminates this.Companies/industries know they can operate with high risk or inefficient practices when an implied guarantee of a bailout is always awaiting.

The key difference is that implied guarantee.It enables risky behavior and distorts the free market.And why not? When you know there is reward as opposed to pain available,who wouldn’t engage in high risk/high reward practices? Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac enabled the housing bubble accordingly. AIG and the other players in the banking sector engaged in the derivatives market with our 401(k)s and pensions as monopoly money.

Bailouts encourage and enable bad business practices.Bankruptcy penalizes it.So when you question whether or not Obama succeeded with his bailouts,you should instead be asking why he engages in a policy that promotes risky investments and inefficient business practices that will eventually require you the taxpayer to pay for it.

“The Libyan Scandal” by What Would The Founders Think

Politicians lie. There is nothing that is earth-shattering about this statement. Presidents are politicians and they generally adhere to the stereotype.

There have been exceptions to the rule, but Presidents like Washington and Garfield are few and far between.

Sometimes presidents lie with the best of intentions. More often than not they lie to protect themselves and their careers.

But while the reasons presidents lie are probably as numerous as the lies that they tell, the depth of mendacity demonstrated by President Obama is unique in American political history. It is not merely that he will do or say anything to remain in office, but the reason he will do or say anything to remain in power – his hatred of American pre-eminence on the world stage. We have never had a president who felt it his mission to reduce the nation to benefit other nations.

It is an established fact that Obama is a devotee of Saul Alinsky – a completely amoral – “ends justify any means” individual. Obama has learned his lessons well and seeks to bring America down a peg by any and all means necessary. Obama is apparently quite comfortable with Lenin’s adage, “You’ve got to break a few eggs to make an omelet.”

It is only when one understands Obama’s motivations and complete lack of morality, that one can understand how this callous president could refer to the death of an American ambassador and other Americans in Libya as “bumps in the road.” One has to wonder, where does that road lead?

“Barack Hussein Obama & The Race Card” by Mind Numbed Robot

Barack Hussein Obama was swept into office by a wave of voters willing to give the new guy a shot. He offered a chance to redeem America from its original sin and at the same time promised to end the bi-partisan bickering of politics as usual in the DC beltway. He was a relative unknown on the national scene and took every advantage of that fact. After all, when a candidate doesn’t have a record to campaign on, it’s much easier to paint himself as the elixir for the times.

Four years later, we know a lot more about the man at the helm of our ship of state and it should be clear that Obama was either not ready for the task he was given or his prescriptions did not work as advertised. In fact, if they were meant to heal a nation of its economic malaise and draw the political parties together in some magical union of left and right then the cure was worse than the disease. The patient should switch doctors, stat.

Too many also, voted for Obama under the premise that he would close the supposed divide between the races, a flag his surrogates in the media fly on his behalf but one he seldom raises himself, as if to stay above the fray. Indeed, the subject of Obama’s race is ever in play by the media and that too has had the opposite effect than what Americans were promised, namely, more division, not less.

Sooner or later Barack Hussein Obama must lose his pigment to be judged by actions and results. That time is now. Americans must look at the man without the rainbow goggles and flowery rhetoric to discern what he and his party have accomplished in 4 years. We must decide if we are pleased with the results of Obama’s Transformational Vision for America:

An America that believes the Constitution is flawed and must be remade or flat-out ignored.

An America that owes the world an endless apology.

An America that is not the last bastion if freedom in the world, not that shining city on the hill, but just another third world ghetto.

My friends, America deserves and demands better than Barack Hussein Obama’s dismal vision for our future. We must make that message crystal clear on November 6th in numbers that cannot be denied or ignored.

“US Relations With Islamic Countries _ Another Reason To Vote For Romney” from Conservatives on Fire

Obama came into office with zero experience in anything useful. But, narcissist that he is, he was sure that because his middle name was Hussein and because he went to a Muslim school in Indonesia when he was a child and because he had dreams from his Kenyan father that he could single-handedly resolve all the problems between the Muslim nations of the world and America.

Mitt Romney, of course, has no foreign affairs experience. But, we know that he has been a very successful businessman. So, we can expect him, like a good businessman, to surround himself with the most capable people in foreign affairs that he can find. He would never nominate a woman to be Secretary of State whose only claim to fame was that she married a sexual predator who was once President of the United States. We know that a President Romney would never make a trip to Cairo to apologize for Americas past actions in the area nor would he bow to a Saudi king. A president Romney would not have ended the war in Iraq without maintaining a large air base we had there for strategic reason just because the Iraqi government, that we helped to bring about, didn’t want us there. A president Romney would never have announced two years in advance our withdrawal from Afghanistan giving the Taliban no reason to seek peace. A President Romney would have supported rebels in Iran in 2009. He would never have permitted his Secretary of State to train young Arabs from North Africa on how to organize protests against their governments. There never would have been an Arab Spring and there would still be the tenuous stability in the Middle-East held for the last forty years. Our embassies would not have been left unprotected and we would not have a dead ambassador and three of his staff in Libya. And, if there had been attacks on our people in that region, a president Romney would not have tried to place the blame on some stupid You Tube video when it was obviously a well planned terrorist attack. And, following some such attack, a president Romney would not have gone before the UN General Assembly and, at first defend our constitutionally protected right of free speech, only to turn around and say that we can’t let the world be won by those who insult Islam. And, a President Romney would not be seeking emergency aid for Egypt just after their Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi, stood in front of the UN General Assembly and told America where they could stuff it.

A President Romney may not be able to bring peace to the Muslim nations, not after the mess Barack Obama has made of our relations there; but we can know that he would deal with those nations from a position of strength and not of weakness, as Obama has done. Because of Obama, the Muslim world is a more dangerous place. Ask yourself, if trouble breaks out in that region, who would you rather have as the US president?

On November 6, 2012, vote for Mitt Romney!

“Supreme Court is Another Reason to Vote Romney This November” by

I didn’t support Romney in the primaries. However, after it became clear that he was going to become our nominee, I had an offline discussion with a smart and passionate Ron Paul supporter.

We discussed the wisdom of voting for, what amounts to, my second choice candidate. We bantered back and forth a few times then I said “no matter how bad you think Romney is, he would never nominate a left-wing lunatic like Elena Kagan or Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court.” And I added, “Justice Kennedy has announced he plans to retire sometime after the 2012 election and Ginsberg is no spring chicken.”

What is worse, I said this to my passionate Libertarian friend before Justice Roberts flipped his vote in the ObamaCare debacle underscoring the urgency of getting more Constitutionalist Justices on the Court.

Intellectually, I understand why some passionate Libertarians and Conservatives want to sit out the upcoming elections. They are tired of holding their noses while voting for ‘the lesser of two evils.’

However, the prospect of Obama getting TWO MORE Supreme Court appointments, shifting the court even further to the left should frighten all freedom loving Americans into action.

Imagine four Obama Supreme Court Appointees blocking conservative reforms while rubber stamping every left-wing agenda item for the next 25 years.

If this happens, Obama will have succeeded in fundamentally transforming America.

“America’s Need for Energy” by WyBlog

President Obama calls his energy strategy “all of the above”. That’s actually a good description, because he’s gung-ho for everything that’s above the earth and absolutely opposed to using anything found below ground.

Coal? Not in his plans. And he’s shuttering coal power plants as fast as he can, putting thousands of Americans out of work in the process. When he said he’d bankrupt the coal industry, he meant it.

Oil? Sorry, we can’t drill for it, and we surely can’t build pipelines to deliver it.

Natural Gas? Only if it magically rises to the surface without drilling or fracking.

Nuclear? He’s instituted a moratorium on uranium mining. Harry Reid has ensured there’s no place to store nuclear waste. And so there are no new plants on the horizon.

But solar power is the future! Just so long as you don’t put all those solar panels anywhere near an endangered species or pristine wetland. And wind turbines are all the rage, unless they’d block the Kennedy clan’s view or make too much noise near Barbra Streisand’s house.

The real danger with all these changes to the power grid is instability. Those coal plants provide a valuable service, keeping the flow of electricity constant in the face of varying demand. Solar cells can’t do that at night (or in the rain). And wind turbines don’t spin without wind. So you can’t flick a switch and expect them to work on a moment’s notice. We’d better get used to the idea of brownouts, and probably rolling blackouts too.

Just imagine the next hot summer day when you go to switch on your air conditioner only to discover that Obama’s “Smart Grid” has decided you’re not on the list for extra electricity today. Because that’s what’s coming if we don’t replace the 36,000 megawatts of generating capacity Obama has mothballed in the cause of saving the planet.

Strangely though President Obama insists everyone should drive an electric car. I suspect he’s unclear on exactly where the electricity comes from, because as the EPA shuts down many of our existing power plants the supply of electricity keeps shrinking. Hanging solar panels on lampposts won’t take up the slack either.

Yet if the price of gasoline keeps going up we may have no choice. California’s environmental regulations are generally held up as a model for the nation. And thanks to those regulations California leads the way in gas prices, topping $5 per gallon. They’re well on their way to fulfilling Steven Chu’s dream.

So what’s a concerned citizen to do? The good news is Governor Romney plans to take a more practical approach to energy policy if he’s elected president. Drilling for oil and gas is not incompatible with protecting the environment. American ingenuity and engineering know-how is the best in the world. We can make our nation energy independent, create good jobs, and do it safely and efficiently.

When it comes to energy the choice is clear. President Obama will ensure that we freeze in the dark. Mitt Romney can keep America working, with a balanced approach that recognizes the value in coal, oil, gas, nuclear, and yes green technologies too.

“My Life With The Obama Kill-Joy Kult” by KingShamus

“…this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal…” Barack Obama, June 3 2008.

Never has a presidential campaign began with such a breathtaking promise.  But then again, Barack Obama has never been content with understatement when it comes to himself.   As the junior US senator from Illinois Obama finally secured the Democrat Party’s nomination on that early June day, his words declared in no uncertain terms that his would be no ordinary political candidacy.

Mr. Obama wasn’t running to be the leader of a mere country.  Instead, he was striving to be the Commander-in-Chief of Heaven.  Since Obama’s Election Day ’08 win, the United States has been suffering with the consequences of electing a messianic president.

We no longer have a national leader, at least in America’s historically understood tradition.  What we have is the head of a cult of personality.  Obama doesn’t meet with his Cabinet.  Obama can’t be bothered to caucus with his jobs council.  Obama won’t meet with foreign leaders.  Obama has even alienated dyed-in-the-wool statist hacks like Nancy Pelosi with his haughty demeanor.  In short, Barack Obama just isn’t that into anybody except himself.

When the president has transcended the grubby day-to-day grind of politics, he doesn’t have to do the lowly things that other leaders have to do.  Like get congressional approval for a war.  Like using the legislative process to determine immigration policy.  Like passing a budget.

No, the current occupant of the White House doesn’t believe that America’s rules apply to him.

To be fair, more than a few US presidents have pushed at and toppled over their Constitutionally defined limits.  Obama isn’t the first to egregiously abuse his power.  What makes Obama so dangerous is not just his constant self-exemptions from traditional limits.  It is the fact that at no time in our nation’s history has the professional media done so much to aid and abet the machinations of a leader with imperial ambitions.

Even worse, it’s not just the press that enables Mr. Obama.  The celebrity class is nearly unanimous in its canine devotion to this President.  Between slavish videos pledging undying fealty and the massive campaign contributions given by the entertainment community to Obama, the current administration has enjoyed the sort of criticism-free treatment no other American leader has ever been granted.

If one was to take them separately Obama’s recklessness, the media’s bias and Hollywood’s brainless hero-worship would be troubling.

Put all of these factors together and you have the makings of a national cult.

This is a dangerous moment in our history.  The American republic is being distorted beyond recognition.  There is a sizable and influential percentage of the US population that would be perfectly happy replacing respect for the Presidency with unbridled hero worship.

This process cannot be allowed to continue.  Sadly, at the present time, there is only one way that we can stop this slide into soft despotism.  The one method you have at your disposal to stop the rise of an American god-king cult is to vote for Mitt Romney.

Is Mitt Romney perfect?  No.  He is a candidate with obvious strengths and glaring deficits.  Then again, America has had quite enough of ‘perfect’ leadership.  Our country cannot stand another four years of messianic rule.

A vote for Mitt Romney is an affirmative vote for many tangible and beneficial things.  As Spellcheck notes, stopping the culture of too-big-to-fail bailouts will return some sanity to our economy.  The blog What Would The Founders Think believes the Benghazi disaster and cover-up is indicative of Obama’s inherent amorality.  A Romney Administration would eschew that kind of barren reductive foreign policy.  The Mind-Numbed Robot believes that Obama’s racial politics is poisonous.  As a candidate, Mitt Romney has worked hard to embrace Martin Luther King’s color-blind ideals.  As Conservatives On Fire asserts, Romney would deal with the Islamic sphere from a position of strength and certitude, not hand-wringing and appeasement.  The Supreme Court hangs in the balance and Steve over at MotorCityTimes notes that Romney’s commitment to originalist judges will help ensure proper Constitutional limits on government are maintained.    Wyblog believes that America’s dependence on foreign energy can be greatly ameliorated by Mitt Romney’s policy proposals.

All of these are to be celebrated and encouraged.  All of them things deserve our support at the ballot box.

Moreover, a vote for Mitt Romney is a vote against Obama’s personality Cult.  A Romney Administration will be led by a man.  Not a glittering Celebrity-in-Chief.  Not a flawless symbol of gaseous hope and nebulous change.  Not a petulant monarch who cannot be criticized for fear of public ostracism.

No, if Mister Romney is elected, the president will be a man worthy of respect not unthinking deference.  The president’s actions and policies will be judged not on the basis of insane trumped-up expectations but from the standpoint of actual results.  There will be no blinkered worship of the commander-in-chief.

Instead, we will get a mortal to lead us.  Whether he succeeds or fails will be up to his political acumen, his ability to rally people to his cause and the whims of fortune. Free people should be governed by men and women.  Sovereign citizens have no need for secular messiahs.

Voting for Mitt Romney may not stop natural disasters.  Voting for Mitt Romney may not create a heaven on Earth. However, voting for Mitt Romney will do much to re-calibrate our political system away from messianic rulers.  That should be good enough for our republic.

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