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Post-Presidential Election 2012: Splitting Headache Edition

Posted by KingShamus on November 12, 2012

Okay, I was wrong.

Terribly, miserably and utterly wrong.

For what its worth, I am very sorry.

For my all ten of my readers, I apologize if I gave you false hope.

If it makes you feel better, I think I gave myself a lot more false hope than I gave you.  I knew it was going to be tighter than I predicted, but I let some of the data sway me.  More, I let aspirations triumph over experience.  My bad.  I’ll try not to let it happen again.

In any event, here’s my loosely organized thoughts on Mitt Romney’s defeat:

1-How long have liberals dominated the education establishment, from pre-school to grad school, in this country?  Since the late 60’s or early 70’s is probably  a good guess.  A constitutional republican order would have a hard time surviving one generation exposed to constant socialist indoctrination.  In America, we’ve decided to let roughly two or three generations of kids grow up with a teaching community whose ideology is often antithetical to the traditional American ideals of limited government, a sovereign citizenry and property rights.

How many people in America have a bachelor’s degree?  Over thirty percent.  This means that almost a third of our country has been subjected to four years of leftist propaganda, with seventy-two percent of college lecturers describe themselves as  liberal.  Knowing this, ponder just how much time the average college kid spends being marinated in a campus culture where most, if not all, the socio-political assumptions are Marxist.  Knowing this, it’s more shocking that anyone escapes their university years not completely indoctrinated in  socialist theory.

2-How much money do American media corporations donate to left-wing candidates? It was a multi-million dollar figure this year.  By itself, that isn’t all that surprising.  A lot of people understand that the media is very biased against conservatism and right-of-center political figures.

What makes the MSM so powerful isn’t their money.  They are formidable because they are both a Democrat Party piggy bank and a dominant shaper of American culture.  The money they pump into the statist caucus is massive, but it can be seen and measured and countered.  What cannot be quantified, because it is so diffuse, are the biases they broadcast into society.

Study the last twelve years of media behavior.  Look at the vastly different treatments given by the MSM to the last two US presidents.

Hypothetical–What if George Bush had presided over the Benghazi tragedy?  Can you imagine Candy Crowley shielding Dubya from criticism during a presidential debate?  Would the commentariat be doing a media blackout to protect Premier Booosh from a major foreign policy disaster that he created?  Would Bush  be able to get away with not answering questions about the debacle?

Of course, none of that would’ve happened.

George Bush was a Republican.  And he was rich.  And he was tough on Muslim terrorists.  And his vice-president was Halliburton.  And he stole the 2000 election.  So yeah, George Dumbya had to be torn down.

And that’s just the news media.

Look at all the movies Hollywood made trashing George Bush.  Now think about the hagiographic film La-La Land is making for Barack Obama.  Notice a difference?

If that’s too blatantly partisan for your tastes, do a quick mental scroll through the last five first-run major studio movies you’ve watched.  Can you think of any that celebrated–not in a namby-pamby sotto-voce manner, but in a loud ‘n proud way–things like the nuclear family, gun rights, the pro-life position or free-market capitalism?  Or were there numerous parts of those last five flicks that clashed with your political beliefs?  My guess is that your experiences probably ran closer to the latter than the former.

In short, the entertainment industry routinely makes films specifically designed to denigrate right-of-center values and pump up the socialist volume.  The major pop-culture players aren’t just left-wingers.  They are proselytizers of the only religion progressives actually believe in–big intrusive government.

I keep hearing how the MSM is dying.  Lots of folks on the Right insist that the power of the print/broadcast/motion picture/music business is waning.  I want to believe that.  I still kinda do.

But at least for the short term, and maybe even the medium term, the media-industrial complex is gonna keep being the Left’s ace in the hole.

3-But even with all that going against the Republican Party and conservatism in general, Mitt Romney still had a decent chance to win the contest.  Lots of people, including silly ol’ me, thought the former Massachusetts governor was going to score a victory.  So what happened on Election Day?

In a word, Mitt Romney’s get-out-the-vote operation was a disaster.  This in turn helped contribute to an election where Obama was re-elected with less votes than he scored in 2008, but the GOP lost by about 400,000 votes across four key states.

The bad part is that the mechanical breakdowns on the part of Team Romney led to their candidate’s defeat.

The good part is this is one area where Republicans can immediately improve.

The really bad part is this is the only area where Republicans can immediately improve.

4-Twenty seven percent of Latinos voted for Romney.  Mitt got a whole whopping six percent of the black vote.  Asian voters were so enthused over the prospect of a President Romney they gave him twenty-six percent of their vote.

Demographics are simply not on the side of the GOP.

Here’s a pithy name for Election 2012:  “Ted Kennedy’s Last Triumph”.  It was Senator Chappaquiddick, along with many other liberals, who were most enthusiastic about the 1965 immigration reform.  That act shifted how many immigrants America imported into itself.  Instead of taking in mostly Europeans, the US has opened it’s doors to vast numbers of people from Latin America, Asia and Africa.  This has had a profound effect on our politics and will continue to do so for decades.

Put simply, if you’re unhappy with an electorate, if you don’t like their policy preferences, their religious beliefs or their social mores, a good way to deal with that is to simply change the composition of the electorate until you get the citizenry you desire.

Knowing this, look at how brilliantly the Democrats have positioned themselves.  They are the party of massive government services.  What population group uses massive government services–like welfare–in proportionally far greater numbers than almost anybody else in America?  Immigrants.

One couldn’t have drawn up the play any better.  The Donkey-Punchers have run the equivalent of Phil Jackson’s triangle offense on the American population.  The Republicans have been too stupid to realize it.

5-Put it all together: A population that has been propagandized more than it has been educated.  A popular culture that largely despises traditional American values.  An immigration policy that imports huge numbers of voters who are sympathetic to progressive Democrat Party policies.  A campaign that couldn’t get out of it’s own way enough to activate it’s base in a winnable election.

The only good thing about this loss is that it might be so painful, even the GOP leadership along the rank-n-file will wake up. Maybe.  Possibly.  If we’re lucky.

9 Responses to “Post-Presidential Election 2012: Splitting Headache Edition”

  1. Starless said

    I don’t think you have anything to apologize for because I don’t think we were unreasonably optimistic. What’s really starting to irritate the crap out of me is all of this talk about a “Conservative Echo Chamber”–the Mittmentum wasn’t echo chamber-y. He was doing fairly well against a sitting president with an appalling record but a very capable GOTV effort.

    Personally, I’m starting to think that the GOP’s standard president-as-CEO sales pitch is what’s not working. I have a feeling that when many voters thought of Mitt, they pictured these guys.

  2. We are guilty of what we always accused to left of doing.

    1. We talk in a vacuum only to ourselves.

    2. We keep saying “Romney wasn’t a good communicator.” Well, maybe it’s the message itself.

    Limited government? Fiscal restraint. These are not easy sells in any circumstance.

    3. Immigration? I live in a predominantly Dominican neighborhood in Manhattan. Hispanics are natural socialists. They come from poor, corrupt, socialist shitholes in Central and South America and once here they try to turn America into a mirror image of the shithole they left.

    It used to be people came to America for a better life and to get away from government. Now they come here for a better quality of free stuff.

  3. don’t be so hard on yourself, KS. You weren’t alone with those projections. Consider this. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the inteligence of the average American voter? …. Now, understamd that half of all American voters are below average. You can’t fix stupid, my friend.

  4. bunkerville said

    Romney getting less votes than McCain tells it all.

  5. Or we need to talk to each other more. D turn out was down significantly, as anticipated. But 3 mil Repub voters stayed at home when we thought the turn out will be up.

  6. aw, heck I’m not too sure if political strategy makes much difference anymore. I don’t mean to be too fatalistic, but you are right. Folks are just so ignorant of the gov’t and their own history now. And even the ones that aren’t ignorant, are so cynical that they still figure, what’s the point. I’m not sure any strategy exists to counter that, really.


  7. I like the way this guy says it:

    “The question is whether any alternative candidate or Republican message could have overcome the Obama army of persuasion. The answer isn’t obvious.”

    Maybe it doesn’t matter whether the GOP gets wise. Not until we can properly educate enough of our kids to make a viable voting bloc, anyway . . .


  8. Gregoryno6 said

    I read that Obama scored nine million fewer votes this time than in 2008.
    On the upside, that means nine million people looked at his record over four years and said No More.
    On the downside he’s also the first president to win a second term with a smaller vote than his first.
    2012 will be remembered as the year that the incumbent broke through the glass basement.

  9. […] Post-Presidential Election 2012: Splitting Headache Edition […]

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