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No Mr. Romney, Barack Obama is still not a nice guy

Posted by KingShamus on November 13, 2012

In retrospect, what annoyed me the most about Team Romney’s campaign against Obama wasn’t the crappy voter turnout machinery or the listless September campaign or the anything else.

What has rankled me for a while is this piece of rhetoric from the Mittens Campaign:

“Obama is a nice guy, but he’s in over his head.”

I really don’t know why Romney decided to go this route.

Before you even start, don’t give me the “Mitt is just too decent to be mean” defense.  I’m not saying that Romney is a bad dude.  Romney is a good man, especially if judged by the standards of American Politician Behavior Circa Early 21st Century.

But let’s not get weepy and sentimental about the guy simply because he just took a good old-fashioned passionate ass-whoopin’.  Romney had no problem slamming his primary opponents.  None of them were ‘good folks’.  Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain and Rick Santorum all felt the heat from Romney’s air and ground game.  Every one of Mitt’s serious competitors got swamped by negative campaigning.

On the other hand, President Obama didn’t get the same kind of treatment from the Romney camp.  Obambi was never demonized.  He was always just ‘wrong’.

Now, it’s nice that Mitt was willing to call Obama mistaken about the issues of the day.  At least Romney was good enough to help us out on that.

Typical Voter: ‘Wait, Obama’s policies are not cool? Oh okay  Thanks for the heads-up, Mitt.”

That person then promptly went to the ballot box and picked President Downgrade McMassiveUnemployment.

So why did Romney take it easy on Saint Barry?

It’s the likability factor,” said Spencer, a Romney supporter. “Many people think that Obama hasn’t delivered, but they still like him. I’d rather have a beer with him than Romney. Wouldn’t you?”

7 Responses to “No Mr. Romney, Barack Obama is still not a nice guy”

  1. Starless said

    There’s all this talk about all of the factors involved in the loss. That Mitt shouldn’t be blamed. That he’s a good man. That he ran the best campaign that he could. I would even agree that compared to McCain–as a campaigner–he was head-and-shoulders above, but Mitt was the candidate and the loss was his and as time passes we’re starting to see why (ORCA, “Obama is a nice guy”). I think we all need to realize that before surrendering on every single issue.

    “Many people think that Obama hasn’t delivered, but they still like him. I’d rather have a beer with him than Romney. Wouldn’t you?”

    Maybe they would, but that just means they’re ignoring the fact that Obama would bogart all the beer, send you out for more, and when you returned you’d find your place trashed because he lost at Wii Golf while you were gone.

  2. Don’t underestimate the Bloomberg maneuver. I wouldn’t put it past President Happy pants.

  3. Romney was criticized many times about his amatuer campaign staff and he never listened.

  4. We’ll have a better crop of candidates in 2016, and they will probably run very different kind of campaigns.

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  6. KingShamus said

    LAS: Truth.

    Edge: Hopefully. Although the GOP can always find a screw up elections.

    CoF: If that’s true, then I don’t even know what to say. Mitt really was playing Little League against the All-Stars.

    Starless: As I said when Mitt won the nomination, “Win and it’s all good, but if you lose, I don’t want to hear about you ever again.” He lost, so get the hell out.

    Steve/MotorCity: Thanks for the linkage.

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