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Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Posted by KingShamus on November 22, 2012

It may be said that mankind’s default emotional position is ingratitude.  The average human has a marvelous capacity to complain about his lot in life.  We spend a lot of time bitching about our broke-down car, our annoying neighbor, our woefully underperforming sports team, our crappy job, our idiotic boss and our ridiculous president.

This is why Thanksgiving may be the greatest of all holidays.  Make no mistake, I say that with the knowledge that other celebrations have much to recommend them.  Christmas gets high marks for the whole ‘getting stuff from other people’ thing.  New Years Eve is a brilliant excuse to kill all those highly overrated brain cells you weren’t using to cure halitosis anyway.  Fourth of July involves copious amounts of loud fiery explosions.  The much-beloved Arbor Day fills our hearts with glowing reverence for wood.

But no holiday really has the powerful emotional tug of Thanksgiving.  The gathering of family and friends from across the fruited plain is wonderful.  Being able to enjoy food and fellowship is one of the great pleasures of life. Watching football in a narcoleptic haze is pretty cool too.  But most of all, the traditions of the day remind you that while life isn’t always a breezy stroll through paradise, there are blessings to be grateful for if we just think on it for a spell.

Thanksgiving forces us to take a few steps back from our day-to-day grind and get some much-needed perspective.  The old jalopy just needs a tune-up and some detailing.  The guy next door has worked a week of double shifts, which might explain why he’s so crabby.  The Giants are still in first place despite playing like garbage for a month.  Work might stink but at least you’re still collecting a paycheck.  The office manager is demanding but he did let you skip out of work early a few times last month so you could go to the bar with your homies.  Barack Obama is capable of vast amounts of corruption, incompetence and hypocrisy but these are well-known factors of modern life, which makes our glorious Commander-In-The-Rear just little bit easier to endure.

Most importantly, we still live in the greatest country that history has ever known.

We are still Americans.

We still live in the most revolutionary society ever devised.

We are still children of the Enlightenment.

We are still children of a loving God.

With all those blessings, it’s a wonder every day isn’t Thanksgiving.

Personally, I’m blessed with the support and encouragement I get from my readers and fellow bloggers.  Without your comments and interest, this would be one helluva hard slog.  Thanks, Homies de KingShamus.  Thanks for laughing at my lame jokes.  Thanks for putting up with my goofy musical taste.  Thanks for just being cool as penguin poop.  I don’t get a million blog hits a nanosecond, but what I do get are smart, funny and informed readers.  That’s fairly great.

From this humble blogger’s perspective, the Conservosphere has much to be grateful for as well.  Talent is a blessing, and that’s something our side has in abundance.  Here’s a small sample.

Dean L over at Nonsensible Shoes notes the cognitive dissonance when Radical Islam meets up with Gay Rights…in Canada.

Isaiah Roberts over at Political Realities discusses the danger of losing our personal security.

Pundette talks about the corrosive effects of irony.

Libertarian Republcians want to “Go Dondero”.

MareZilla nails just what the stakes are in the Israeli-Hamas War.

Wyblog remembers when New Jersey still loved freedom.

GregoryNo6 looks ahead to 2016 and has some morale-boosting words of wisdom.

The Innocent Bystanders have an interesting Thanksgiving tableau.

Liberty At Stake has more news of the dearly-departed Twinkie.

Bob Belvedere explains why science and free will need to go hand in hand.

The RightHandMan at Sentry Journal discusses Israel and our Mid-East sorta-adventurism.

Steve at the MotorCity Times talks about how video games could shape the future of our armed forces.

Sitting On The Edge Of The Sandbox has a laugh at California college students.

We should give some shout-outs to NoOneOfAnyImport, who just won an award.

Manhattan Infidel reminds us that Kathleen Sebelius might not be a Vulcan double agent.

Donald Douglas discusses why even the best jock strap is still not enough.

The Daley Gator gives us five magical words to be thankful for this year.

The Mind-Numbed Robot isn’t so numbed that he doesn’t see what the Senate wants to do with your emails.

Matt over at the Conservative Hideout gives us a recipe for Twinkies.

Teresa Rice has notes on the sacraments.

Findalis at Maggie’s Notebook has Happy Thanksgiving wishes.

Jim Treacher is being a total buzzkill towards San Francisco nudists.

Innominatus loves him an episode of Jihady Doody.  Click that link for some laughs at Ayman al-Zawahiri’s expense.

Thankfulness is a habit.  So sayeth the great Smitty at the wonderful Other McCain.

Gary Jackson would like you to know that Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley is kind of a douche.

RD Brewer of Ace of Spades notes that the turkeys aren’t always friendly.  Could a full-fledged invasion be at hand?

Bunkerville’s Thanksgiving wishes are appreciated, but it’s his picture of life in North Korea that should really make you kiss American soil.

Bob Mack has dispatches from occupied America.

William Stout doesn’t think Benghazi will go away.

Sissy Willis examines how Obama marketed emotions during the election.

Dustbury has a terrific remembrance of Marilyn Monroe.

Patrick Carroll has a story about a veteran meeting up with a criminal.  Spolier Alert–It’s a very happy ending.

The Tree-Hugging Sister who makes up part of the Coalition of the Swilling catches the MSM doing something right for a change.

Citizen Tom notes that when you’re in a war, there are some things you must do to win it.

Conservatives On Fire gives us some reasons why the Right should remain engaged in the conversation.

Finally, the Amusing Bunni still needs some help.  She’s the ultimate happy warrior patriot.  If you have the means, please donate to help pay for her medical care.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

God bless you and yours on this blessed day.

15 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving 2012”

  1. Gary P Jackson said

    Thanks for the shout out!

  2. You hit a homerun with your Thanksgiving message, my friend. All of our problems will still be there tommorrow. So, take time to count your blessing and we will attack those problems again tomorrow.

  3. Giving Thanks for this wonderful post. A King you are, my friend. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  4. Thanks for the link. Great post!

  5. Thank you for the link. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Thanks for the mention. Enjoy your holiday and remember: Every time you eat meat, Sir Paul McCartney has sex with a one-legged gold digger.

  7. Hey! Thanks for the linkage and hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  8. Thank you, Shamus, I hope you had a nice holiday!

  9. […] post is linked at KingShamus. Thanks, […]

  10. Starless said

    You said “wood”…uh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh…

  11. There really is no place like home for the holidays — especially at Thanksgiving, when so many families manage to get together to celebrate the bounty that most Americans certainly have.

  12. bunni1 said

    Shamus! You so eloquently described exactly why Thanksgiving is a great holiday! I’ve always liked it the best too! We have lot’s to be thankful for. I’m especially thankful to have a great blogging buddy like you!
    Much appreciated you linked to me, and keeping my plight out there.
    Thanks for your kindness and support! That’s also a super round-up link fest of all the great blogs!

    I hope you have the best Thanksgiving ever! I went to dinner with friends, and it was great fun, but a bit tiring. Had the hospice nurse over today, and now I better go lie down. Have a Super Saturday & Sunday, and stay safe shopping, it’s a madhouse out there.

  13. Wonderfully put, Your Majesty.

    I am honored that Your Grace rewarded me with the Royal Linky Love.

  14. KingShamus said

    Bob: Great post, dude. I had to nick it.

    Bunni: God bless you and yours, Bunni. Thank you for the kind words.

    AoW: Very true, my friend.

    Starless: I was hoping somebody would notice that. Uhhh huhuhuhhuhuhhuhhuhhh.

    Zilla: Right back at you, homegirl. Thanks for the linkage too.

    Steve: Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you got stuffed with food and fellowship.

    Infidel: Hahahaha!

    Teresa: Thanks for writing your post. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Tom: Your post was very strong. Thanks.

    MNR: I may be a king, but you are a robot. Hope you had a great celebration.

    CoF: Wise words, mi amigo. Wise words.

    Gary: Happy to link back to a great post. Thanks!

  15. thanks, King Shamus. you rock. you have really gotten back in the swing of things; not even a hurricane stops you! hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

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