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Lawrence O’Donnell Was For Secession Before It Was Cool!

Posted by KingShamus on November 27, 2012

Lawrence O’Donnell, seen here angrily yelling at Cathy Seipp for disagreeing with him.

Lawrence O’Donnell:  Brave years-ahead-of-the-curve trendsetter.

Liberal loudmouth Lawrence O’Donnell was born in Massachusetts and graduated Harvard. He was an aide to the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a New York Democrat. He is also the host of a popular show on MSNBC, “The Last Word.” Back in 2004, he advocated secession — for blue states that voted for John Kerry.

On “The McLaughlin Group” after George W. Bush’s re-election, O’Donnell said, “The big problem the country now has, which is going to produce a serious discussion of secession over the next 20 years, is that the segment of the country that pays for the federal government is now being governed by the people who don’t pay for the federal government.”

“Did you say secession?” fellow guest Tony Blankley asked incredulously. “Are you calling for civil war?”

“You can secede without firing a shot,” O’Donnell responded.

Read the rest of the article at the link.  So much ooey-gooey schadenfreude.

Oh, but I’ve been told by all the important lamestream media hand-wringers that being pro-secession meant being a toothless illiterate hillbilly from the deep red South.  


I am truly puzzled by this stunning development.  Why, it’s almost as if the MSM narrative is completely wrong or something.  This is a mystery may never be solved.

The Left is really good at projecting its weird pathologies on conservatives.  When this secession talk starting popping up in the post-election aftermath, I was fairly annoyed with some of my fellow righties.  It felt, and still does feel, like petulant foot-stamping.  I didn’t like seeing folks from my side act so unseemly, so childish, so…liberal.

Then it turned out I was more right than I realized.

But it’s okay that Lawrence O’Donnell had a separatist temper tantrum on a highly rated nationally syndicated Sunday news program.  He really didn’t mean anything by it when he got a skinned knee over Dubya’s re-election and told liberals that secession was a viable option.  He supports the Obama personality cult and free abortion pills and endless entitlement spending and gay marriage, so he gets a pass.

I snagged this link from Instapundit.  Muchas gracias

6 Responses to “Lawrence O’Donnell Was For Secession Before It Was Cool!”

  1. I, like you, find myself troubled, outraged and shocked by Lawrence O’Donnell’s avocation of secession. Shocked!

    I’m frankly so shocked I think I’ll grab a beer. Yes I know it’s only 10:30 in the morning but I’m a blogger dammit! You’re lucky I’m wearing pants.

    No wait, I’m not wearing pants.

    To recap: Shocked! Outraged!! No pants!

  2. IIRC after the 04 election Michael Moore posted some sort of map of North America with United States of Canada and Jesusland. I suspect in 2012 Canada wouldn’t want to take the US.

  3. the whole lamestream media is like that guy Tom Hanks used to play on SNL, Mr. Short Term Memory: “Hey! You’re Tony Randall!” over and over. Abandon logic, and you have to abandon your memory, I reckon.

    Have a great weekend, your Royal Highness!

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  5. The day may not be far away wgen the red states may want to secede.

    Please help make thid video on those who died in Benghazi go viral.

  6. […] Lawrence O’Donnell Was For Secession Before It Was Cool! […]

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