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The #Newtown Atrocity, Children and America’s Priorities

Posted by KingShamus on December 15, 2012

By now, you know that monstrous evil has visited Newtown, Connecticut.

After killing his mother in her Newtown home, 20-year-old Adam Lanza drove her car to Sandy Hook Elementary, where officials said she taught, and gunned down 20 children and six adults before killing himself.

Most of the dead were found in two first-grade classrooms, police said.

Students described being ushered from their classrooms hand-in-hand, with their eyes closed, to the safety of a nearby fire station as police converged on the school. Anguished parents rushed to the scene.

State police sources told The Courant that Lanza had his brother Ryan Lanza’s identification, which initially led to confusion about his identity, police said. He was dressed in black fatigues, police said.

His motives are unknown.

We may never know what made the shooter commit such a heinous crime. From our current information, we do know that he turned the gun on himself.  The last act of a monstrous fiend, who murdered innocent children for some insane reason, was to take the coward’s way out.

Sickly appropriate.

While the rest of America was still trying to sort through this heinous crime, the American progressive movement rushed to take advantage of a crisis.  We’ve heard the Hollywood Left bleat out their usual cliched stupidity.  David Frum and the rest of the news media vultures have thoroughly beclowned themselves.  They’re playing the same tired old gun control song and dance that they always do.

Why do these folks carry on like this?  Because they’re stupid.  Gleefully stupid, in fact.  The ever-present race for gun control can only be explained by the foolishness of the people making the argument.  They’re uninformed idiots who react to everything using their dopey emotion-rich logic-deficient ideology.

So let’s not fall into their trap.

If we really want to do something to prevent gun violence at schools, ponder a glaring inconsistency in our society.  The citizens of the United States are very comfortable hiring armed men and women to guard places like banks and credit unions.  This is seen as a reasonable deterrent to thieves who try to steal our property.

So as a nation, we’ve made the decision to guard our money with armed security officers.  Great.  At the same time, when Americans send their children to school, what guards them?  School secretaries.  Video cameras.  Metal detectors.  Gun-Free zones.

In other words, nothing.

Parents routinely drop their children off at schools that cannot deal with a mad man determined to bring death on a large scale.  They do this because we cannot imagine that this kind of isolated incident will happen in our communities.  For whatever reason, Americans think that it can’t happen to them.

Then a malignant human cancer comes along and violently shatters our delusions.

If this country really loves its kids, we’d better start protecting them at least as well as we protect our cash.

9 Responses to “The #Newtown Atrocity, Children and America’s Priorities”

  1. I can only imagine how terrible it must be for the parents to have to wait to hear if they children survived.

    None of this matters to the fascists on the left or the propaganda wing in the media.

    The next few days will be fun as cries of “ban guns” get louder and louder. Already Herr Bloomberg has joined the chorus.

    And we have to put up with a few days of wall-to-wall coverage. Of what? We already know what happened. Stop glorifying these psychos.

    The only winners will be the composers for the network news who get a change to compose new “sad, tragedy” music for the wall-to-wall coverage.

    Oh, and the “grief counselors.” They are the other winners. Grief counselors? Good lord.

  2. bunkerville said

    I am sure zero will find a way to issue an executive order ” regardless of politics” otherwise known as bypassing congress.

    • KingShamus said

      That’s his best bet. He knows Congressional Democrats have no stomach for a gun control battle. So why not just make up an executive order and ‘solve’ the problem. An executive order is just like passing a law, right?

  3. Did everyone see their “grief counselor” today?

    Good god. These self-righteous “pity orgies” the left wants us to take part in get bigger and bigger every time.

  4. Our district superintendent left per-recorded message that they take tragedies like this seriously, and that they have an evacuation plan, etc. Pathetic. I doubt anything like that massacre will happen in our school, but every principal should have a gun, and a few more people should too.

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  7. well said, King Shamus. well said.

  8. Of course our children should have armed seccurity protecting them. We also better have an honest converstation about mental health care in this country.

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