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#WhyIsMyPaycheckLessThisWeek–Helping Soothe Liberal Hurt Feelings

Posted by KingShamus on January 4, 2013

Turns out lefties are freaked out about paying their fair share.

I mean, PAYING THEIR FAIR SHARE!!!!111111!!!111!!!!

Earlier this week, many Americans realized the “fair share” fiscal cliff deal didn’t seem so fair. One Democratic Underground commenter was a little behind yesterday and was shocked — shocked! — to learn that the fiscal cliff crapwich didn’t extend the payroll tax holiday. (They don’t call ‘em DUmmies for nothing.)

“What happened?” he asked. “My paycheck just went down by an amount that I don’t feel comfortable with. I guarantee this decrease will hurt me more than the increase in income taxes will hurt those making over $400,000.”

Forgive me gentle readers, but let me address this emotionally distraught person directly.

Dear Mister Why Is My Paycheck Less This Week,

I see that you are surprised to note that your paycheck is less than it was back in 2012.  Let me first say that I too mourn for your lost revenue.  It is money that you will most likely never see again, what with the annual trillion dollar deficits our government–completely dominated as it is by the US House Republicans I must add–just keeps running up.  

But do not worry.  There is a bulwark against the GOP’s destructive maddening destructiveness.  President Obama, with his bountiful business experience as a community organizer, adjunct part-time college lecturer, lawyer and Chicago politician, knows best how to use your cash better than you ever could.  In the glorious future ahead of us, we can all look forward to more great job-creating wage-raising successes like Solyndra, Abound Solar and A123 Systems.  

As a good Democrat, you’ll be happy to know your President is using your money for many other important investments.  Such as the Guantanamo Bay detention center.  And drone strikes.  And giving guns to Mexican freedom fighters or something.  So feel comfortable knowing that while revenues have been raised from you and many other kind-hearted liberals like you, these funds are being well spent on things that you truly agree with.

Now, there will be those outside of the totally mainstream Democratic Underground message board who will disagree with this obvious wisdom.  They will tell you that by voting for President Obama, you have in fact chosen to pay higher taxes and thus you should not be surprised to see a lighter paycheck.  They’ll assert, while smoking a cigar and kicking a puppy no doubt, that our President actually wants higher taxes.  The fascist wreckers in our society believe Obama sought out a higher payroll tax as part of the fiscal cliff deal.  

This is obviously not true, as I have succinctly pointed out to you.

Now rest your head, friend.  I’m sure this is a lot of information for you to process.  I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself.  Just know that smartersavvier people than you have it all taken care of.  

17 Responses to “#WhyIsMyPaycheckLessThisWeek–Helping Soothe Liberal Hurt Feelings”

  1. Nice letter, King.
    You’re gonna need to print a LOT of copies, though.

    My favorite Tweets about this:
    —“Smaller paycheck thanks to social security that I will never see…. #awesome”
    —“Obama promised not to increase taxes on families making less than $250,000. Why do I have $30 less in my paycheck Mr. President?”

    Oh, the poor disillusioned Progs…
    They’re so cute at that age.

  2. Guvner said

    Nice letter explaining it to the kool aid drinking section… I will post a link to your blog on our Views Forum at Very nicely written..

    Views is way down.. We’re a metal detecting website.. but a very big one.. :)

  3. Guvner said

    Just a side note. I run the Views Forum (and Find’s Treasure Forums) I already posted about. Since the election our group of retarded liberals have basically come out and admitted they were much more socialistic then they previously admitted to being and in fact thought Marxism was quite OK. They all bragged that we were outnumbered and finished. After the election I was wondering if it was possible that there were more voters on the government teet then there were us out there working ourselves or employing other people.

    I do feel that the voters did choose socialism but forgot they didn’t have the keys to the safe and will fail badly to get the rich peoples money as there is a reason they got where they got for the most part. All they did was make sure their jobs are likely to be made part time to defeat their efforts to get free healthcare and have the employers pop for it.They’ll just shudder the building and keep what they have and await better times. (The next election.)

    • KingShamus said

      Guv: I find it hilarious when the Left uses demographic arguments to beat conservatives. Which side is more likely to abort their babies? It certainly isn’t conservatives or traditionalists. If the Right is finished, then the Left has already assumed room temperature. They’re the ones who won’t be around in twenty years, simply because they don’t make enough of themselves to keep up with the Right–who generally hate the Malthusian ghouls who run Planned Parenthood.

      As for the socialists, well…they are like the poor, in that they shall always be with us. Also, you have an advantage in any future arguments. The burden of proof is on the Obama voter. Their savior promised us a wondrous future. Where is it? All you have to do is point out the numerous failures that have already piled up like cord wood, then laugh at the suckers who voted for Captain SnakeOil. This little crying jag among the Obamabots is just the beginning of their painful and hilarious disillusionment. There will be more of this in the months and years to come. Continue to highlight just how different Barry’s promises stack up against our darker, colder, less wealthy reality.

      Again, thanks for stopping by. Thanks also for posting my piece on your forum. The Left is relentless, but you are smarter and there are more of us then them. Good luck and come back anytime.

  4. KingShamus said

    Guvner: Thank you for the link. I appreciate it very much. More than anything, it’s great that you liked the post. I hope your people enjoy it too. Welcome to my bloggerino. Come back any time.

    JTR: The problem with libs is that they believe anything Obama says. You could probably feed them my post word for word and half of them wouldn’t get it at all.

    • King,

      I was raised in Liberal-Land: they truly do NOT understand the point-of-views that run counter to theirs. In their defense, they rarely need to.

      It’s not as if they will be asked to defend their POV to a teacher or professor. Their local news anchor parrots the USA Today and the NYTimes 90% of the time.
      So why should they understand anything about taxes/income/revenue? How could they?

      Whereas if you’re a CONSERVATIVE: you are arguing your ideology daily: throughout school, often at work and certainly among your friends.

      The Libs back in the 60s were Rocket Scientists compared to the crew we have today……which is waaay scarier the more you think about it.

  5. Starless said

    I’m sure you’ve seen DrewM complaining that voters are being protected from the consequences of the election. Well, there ya go.

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  7. KingShamus said

    Starless: I think there is much more of this coming. Like I said to the Guv, this is only the beginning of the schadenfreude. These sad pathetic Obama voters wished for their Government Jesus to bring rainbow skies and gumdrop smiles. Let them choke on the ashes of the President’s miserable failures for a while. Maybe then they’ll wake up.

    At the same time, the Right has to figure out if the GOP is truly dead or if it can be rehabbed from the Romney/Boehner/McConnell Axis of Douchedrinker Moderate Stupidity. If the Republicans can’t be fixed it’s time for the Tea Party to take over. This country needs an actual working conservative partisan caucus.

    • Starless said

      It seems like the MFM is less willing to cover for their boyfriend and more willing to share real numbers about the economy. As the shitty numbers pile up, there will be more regret and, hopefully, more scrutiny of the MFM’s role in reelecting the worst president in my lifetime. And there’s still Benghazi hanging around. BTW, I hope State and the Secret Service have made sure Hillary!’s got LifeAlert now.

      I don’t even know what to think about the GOP right now. They certainly seem to be going out of their way to look like colossal dumbshits.

  8. LOL

    awesome letter dude.

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  10. Gregoryno6 said

    Excellent letter, Your Majesty.
    Poor “My paycheck just went down by an amount that I don’t feel comfortable with” person. You can tell that he/she was just about to scream FILTHY THEEEEEVING BASTIDS – and then remembered it was their team who won the election.

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