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Why Does Anybody Need An Assault Rifle?

Posted by KingShamus on January 9, 2013

No seriously, why?

This dude has the answer.

Like, I’m trying to find something to quibble with–But…I…Just…Can’t….Do…It.

I’ll just add this from a technical perspective:  The AR-15, one of the premier semi-auto rifles on the planet, makes for an amazingly adaptable platform.  This NYShooters forum thread lays out just a few of the calibers you can get an AR chambered in.  Basically, an AR can be made to do everything from plinking tin cans to defending a house from intruders to taking down a moose.  It’s basically the firearms equivalent of buying a Mini Cooper car and being able to turn it into a Dodge Grand Caravan, Ford F-350 Super Duty pick-up truck and a Lamborghini Gallardo.

Mr. Colion Noir’s vids are pretty rockin’.  He’s a less-schticky more practical-minded FPS Russia, but he throws in some pop-culture stuff too.  Most of all, dude makes so much sense that he deserves another clip.

How many of these apply to you?

I scored a solid 15.

Post your scores in the comments.

I snagged the video links from CBD at Ace’s sidebar thingy.

8 Responses to “Why Does Anybody Need An Assault Rifle?”

  1. Starless said

    I’m going to go into broken record mode here: an AR15 is not an “assault rifle”. It doesn’t help when pro-gun people participate in the assault rifle/semi-automatic confusion.

    As to why does anyone “need” a semiautomatic: well, why does anyone “need” to smoke pot?

  2. What’s my score? I’m partial to the Scores on the west side. Nice strippers.

  3. The man is correct in his positions, but he missed the most important part. The second amendment exists to safeguard the public from a tyrannical government. To that end, the public must be allowed access to purchase and own AR-15’s, AK-47’s, etc. so long as they are semi-automatic and high capacity magazines to boot. Otherwise, what’s the point of using a .22 against armed troops? The founders had just gotten done with fighting a shooting war to secure individual liberty and they wanted to make certain that the public could do so again.

    Self defense, the defense of others, sporting and hunting purposes were secondary to that consideration.

  4. Didn’t do to well on the “you know you are a gun nut” part, but I like the videos.

    William, the second amendment is important. And yes, it is about fighting armed troops. Unfortunately, we have a bunch of people in this country ignorant of history. What they know they learned in a government-run school.

  5. excellent find, your Highness. thanks for sharing it. I’m not even gonna bother with the gun nut test, as I know I’m still just a big wimp about them . ..

  6. KingShamus said

    No-1: I’m such a wuss-bag I target shoot with both eyes closed.

    Tom: Good point. I think we have to talk to people and address their concerns.

    William: I don’t disagree. Truth is, the government could become tyrannical. It has happened in the past. It’ll happen again. Best to be prepared for that possibility.

    Infidel: Scores? What’s that? ;-p Also, BABA-BOOEY!

    Starless: You said ‘pot’….huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh.

  7. […] Why Does Anybody Need An Assault Rifle? […]

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