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The Sexxxiest Pro-Abortion Ad You’ll See This Month (With Update)

Posted by KingShamus on January 23, 2013

I mean, who isn’t turned on by a dude grunting weird sexual innuendos about a Supreme Court case that allows people to terminate their pregnancies?

So it’s weird when Clint Eastwood talks to an empty chair, but it’s totally rad when a man breaks the fourth wall and moans at an empty cradle. Got it.

For those of you without a program to refer to, the actor playing the randiest abortion provider ever is Mechad Brooks.  He’s some really famous guy in that show that’s on one of those channels you watch when you’re fighting off a hangover and an eight hour Law & Order-Criminals With SUV And Trials marathons is running or whatever.  As you can imagine, filming a pro-abortion propaganda video is a big step up for Mr. Brooks’ career.  If this Roe v Wade anniversary tribute thingy takes off, he’ll get a fifteen second cameo in the next Lady Gaga video and a free season pass to Knott’s Berry Farm.

It’s also funny how they got a guy to celebrate legalized baby killing.  Consequence-free sex has been a leftist dream ever since Margaret Sanger was invited to her first KKK rally, but it’s men that have the most to gain from ready access to abortion.  They get all the fun and none of the messy medical complications or the increased risk of suicide  Just don’t accuse them of not caring for women’s health.

After the creepiness has worn off, the ad is refreshing in it’s morbid honesty.  Like the Lena Dunham/First Time campaign spot, the horny nihilists at the Center For Reproductive Rights are gleefully pandering to the lowest common denominator: “Let’s have sex then get rid of the inconvenient kid that results.”

We get no sob stories about women denied access to ‘vital’ ‘health care’.  The pro-abortionists don’t gin up some statistically negligible scenarios to tug at our heart strings.  Nope.  Instead we get the inhuman bump-and-grind brutality at the core of the state-sanctioned baby killer movement delivered to us straight.

The pro-lifers are disappointed that Roe v Wade is still operational.  It’s ugly that such an unconstitutional and immoral ruling still stands.  But there is one thing the anti-abortion activists can take solace in.  Never before has the febrile murderous heart of the abortion rights mob been so visible.  This means those who value human life will no longer have to fight against the shadowy obfuscations formerly used by the pro-‘choice’ movement.

UPDATE:  Matt over at Conservative Hideout did a post on this clip too.  Check it out.

The video is made by a joint called Draw the Line.  They apparently think that $9.00 a month birth control is a “luxury item” that only the wealthy can afford.

The weirdest thing about the last year’s War on Women dance craze was the idea that spending the same money as two McDonald’s meal deals was a serious financial burden.  But Obama won on that bullshit, so I guess it was all just the opening gambit.  Since our government is now breaking the Catholic Church over it’s knee and making them pay for everybody’s rubbers, it’s only a matter of time before the country gets inured to taxpayer-sponsored abortion.

That’s the hope of pro-abortion groups, anyway.

16 Responses to “The Sexxxiest Pro-Abortion Ad You’ll See This Month (With Update)”

  1. Matt said

    Thanks for the linkage sir. This video has more weird and failure per second that most.

  2. I can’t wait for the Lifetime extra special TV movie of this ad. It’ll the most important thing liberals can masturbate to. Evah! EVAH!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Starless said

    As you can imagine, filming a pro-abortion propaganda video is a big step up for Mr. Brooks’ career.

    Judging by the frequency with which I’m now seeing the pasty, homely face and flabby arms of the previously obscure Lena Dunham (I’m such a horrible lookist!) after her public display of auto-eroticism over His Narcissism, Barack Hussein the First, that’s actually probably true.

  4. bunni1 said

    This is creepy and sickening. Celebrating murder, those dems are such Godless murdering scummy heathens.

  5. James over at BILTRIX had this video, too, and I’m just as flummoxed now after watching it a 2nd time.

    Who responds to this?

    I can usually put myself into the shoes of a Lib. Granted, they’re smelly and usually made of hemp, but still…
    I can normally see their point. It’s usually 100% provably wrong, but at least it’s there.

    THIS? This makes no sense. It’s not funny, it’s not witty.
    It’s creepy and oddly unsettling.
    I’m guessing even a rapist or serial pedophile would watch this and remark: “WHOA! That guy gives me the creeps…”.

    I’ve been in Professional Sales my entire career, and for the life of me I simply can’t see the target market of this video.

    • Starless said

      I’ve been in Professional Sales my entire career, and for the life of me I simply can’t see the target market of this video.

      • Well, that’d make this a ‘niche’ marketing effort, then.
        And in THAT case, sure, almost ANYthing could be said to appeal to SOMEone, no matter how unsettling it is.

        But, …
        There seems to be a disconnect in this, though. Even in niche marketing you’re always aware that you don’t want to damage your brand. There are people seeing this (look at the comments on YouTube) who are ostensibly “pro-choice”, yet will agree QUICKLY that it made them very, very uncomfortable.

        At this point, I’m as curious about the target demo for this ad as much as anything….

        • Starless said

          Seriously, I think the target demo for this is the same as the target demo for the Lena Dunham Obama deflowering video. It’s supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, snarky and hipster ironic-yet-serious. That doesn’t mean that it worked, but I think that’s what they were going for. I think to understand it you have to be able to accept that these people really, really, really believe that unfettered access is the most important civil rights issue ever. That even if the hard reality of abortion is that a child dies, that doesn’t change their conviction that a woman’s “choice” is of paramount importance. And after Sandra Fluke and Obama’s re-election, they now think that the country agrees with them.

          IMO, this is why they fail to understand that they only damage their cause with something like this.

          • Could very well be, Starless; I didn’t entirely get that ad, either.

            However, I could even see the potential to tap THAT particular demo more easily than I could this one.
            This is SO over the top, it makes the Dunham “Your 1st Time” vid look almost cute in comparison.

            Having been raised in-&-around an environment that held those beliefs as sacrosanct, I can usually at least detect where they’re coming from.
            This one just seemed so totally tone deaf, so bereft of self-awareness, it was jarring.

            • Starless said

              so totally tone deaf, so bereft of self-awareness

              That’s where they’re at, post-election. They Won and now they’re going to start laying their cards on the table and implementing their socialist fantasyland, and if you Cro Magnon Reich-wingers don’t like it, then too bad! Of course, there’s the little problem mid-terms but that’s like so…next year.

  6. It doesn’t get more weird then this one. We indeed live in an alternative universe.

  7. that video is so. gross. and the overuse of the term “baby” is beyond ironic.

    “Never before has the febrile murderous heart of the abortion rights mob been so visible.” I think you’ve hit it on the head here. Did you see where MKH caught someone at Salon being brutally honest about the “right” they are defending?

    I hope to see more and more of this honesty on the abortion issue. The more medically advanced we become, the more they’ll have to, perhaps.


  8. […] Fluke and Lena Dunham, a pro-abortion position is treated as the sine qua non for women voters, and Roe v. Wade is an object of light amusement, it's clear that solving the problem of fatherlessness is far down on the list of priorities. […]

  9. KingShamus said

    No-1: Me too. No more vague euphemisms, pro-abortionists. Please keep embracing sterile death.

    Bunkerville: It’s bizarre, man.

    Bunni: It certainly doesn’t make them humanitarians.

    Starless: What’s a “Lena Dunham”?

    Infidel: It’ll be on OWN, right after the Lance Armstrong interview gets repeated 800 times.

    Matt: Thanks for writing your piece in the first place.

  10. aw look, they must have finally noticed the video backfiring on them:

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