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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Budget Surplus Is Soooooo Big

Posted by KingShamus on January 25, 2013


How big is it?

Wisconsin’s budget picture brightened Thursday, with new estimates that show a surplus will grow to $484 million, giving Republicans and Gov. Scott Walker even more room to pursue their tax cutting agenda.

The estimate from the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau was nearly $137 million better than one Walker’s administration released in November. The numbers will be used by Walker as he puts the final touches on his two-year spending plan, which he’s set to unveil on Feb. 20.

But surely this is not a accomplishment worthy of our adulation. We shouldn’t be impressed by such a meager feat. Governor Walker was just building off a previous budget surplus, right?

In 2011, Walker took office facing a roughly $3 billion budget shortfall…



Look, I know it’s a stretch to make this comparison, but can you imagine if the federal government did anything like what Scott Walker has done? Is it even possible to picture a world where we–and I realize how crazy this sounds–lowered the debt ceiling? Neither Obama or the Congressional GOPers talk about getting to a surplus these days. The fight in Washington is over whether the debt should be unimaginably immense or just insanely massive. Spending less than what you take in is seen as a hopeless anachronism that doesn’t make sense in our enlightened new age.

Yet here’s Scott Walker, scourge of progressives from Berkley to Georgetown, actually getting his state in line with ancient unfeasible common sense.

Hey, conservatives, you wanted a winning right-wing governing model? Walker’s only been serving it you fresh out of the oven for two years straight, surviving a brutal recall election in the process. If that’s not bad-ass enough to at least merit a sniff from the Republican talent scouts, I don’t know what is.

I snagged this link from Ann Althouse’s blog. Thanks.

10 Responses to “Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Budget Surplus Is Soooooo Big”

  1. And I could hear Gene Rayburn’s voice ask your headline question, too, with the studio audience answering him back, “How Big Was it??”…

    Or does that reference date me too badly?

    Anyway, good post, King: Wisconsin WAS one of the primary reasons Conservatives were so jazzed going into the election. Everything worked there, hurdles were overcome, and the good guys prevailed.
    Heck, it’s STILL working.

    What’s obvious is that the Romney Repubs refused to learn enough lessons from the “What Obviously Works” book, and instead operated far too much from the “Ehhh, …It Could work, I guess…” manual of suspect strategies.

    I swear, they earn the Stupid Party nickname more every year.

  2. Starless said

    “Republican talent scouts”

  3. Cutting spending? Government surplus? That’s just crazy talk. Or as I like to call it, “Biden” talk.

  4. Anyone who attempts to be fiscally responsible and stay within a budget is trying to be a dictator who wants to panic Americans, create chaos, and likely eats puppies… so said Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in 2011 (uh, except for the puppies part).

  5. […] ahead of the Hillary narrative the left is trying to peddle BdKS: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Budget Surplus Is Soooooo Big Bunker: FBI Director- I have to check to see if Obama can kill citizens on U.S. soil Asylum […]

  6. KingShamus said

    Vicki: Wasserman-Scultz is a true American genius. Also, get the lady some conditioner–STAT.

    Infidel: The only thing Biden cuts is the cheese.

    Starless: Which one is Reince?

    JTR: Truth. The GOP in DC doesn’t get it. Enough of them. Time to get behind people who are actually making a positive change in their constituents’ lives.

  7. Gregoryno6 said

    Walker’s opponents suffered a massive own goal when that woman did her ‘Hit the road Scott’ song and dance routine.
    Whatever happened to her, anyway? Did she ever make it on to American Idol?

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