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If The Democrats Can Be Rehabbed, Then So Can The GOP

Posted by KingShamus on March 29, 2013

People, listen to Bob Belvedere:

Perhaps the number of people supporting our fight to restore our freedoms and liberties [which is all The Founders wished to do in the 1770’s] is less this time than a third of the citizens of The United States.  Perhaps, as it dawns on more and more people that the Left In America is overthrowing The Republic, more of our fellow citizens will join our cause.  I don’t really care because I don’t think it matters.

What matters, what’s really important, is that we few, we blessed few, keeping fighting those who are waging war on everything America stands for because it is the right thing to do.

We are the good guys, the white hats.  We are the warriors for freedom and liberty, the defenders of tradition, morality, and Free Will — all that is good and decent and honest and true.

Since we represent what is Right, our numbers don’t matter.  Our cause is just.  We are on the side of the Timeless Truth.

Read The Entire Thing.  It’s rousing.

Bob’s post got me thinking about the nature of our political parties and how they fit in the modern American experiment.

The Democrat Party should not exist in 2013.  Look at its history.  This is a group that supported the enslavement of millions of Africans.  When abolitionists had the temerity to question why America was neck-deep in the slavery business, it was the Democrats who pitched a fit and started the Civil War.  During that conflict, many northern Democrats became little more than wily agitators against the Union.  In the post-war period Democrats created and aided the most vicious domestic terrorist organization in US history, the Ku Klux Klan.  When they weren’t busy organizing lynch mobs, Democrats were gleefully enacting Jim Crow laws to make sure black people were completely subjugated.

Lest you think the modern Democrat Party has somehow reformed itself, ponder this:  Which partisan outfit is totally stoked about abortion, a practice that has killed nearly 55 million people?  Which side of the political aisle has more to gain from our broken discriminatory immigration system?  Which party supports the modern bigotry of affirmative action?

In a more just world, the Democrat Party would be little more than a vague memory, like the Whigs or the Federalists.  That the Democrats still thrive despite the malfeasance they’ve perpetrated says some very ugly things about the American political process.  At the very least, the Democrats continued existence is an example of the painfully short memory of the voting public.

But the Democrat’s inexplicable longevity also means there is hope for the Republican Party as well.

The Donkey Punchers carry some of the most awful political baggage in American partisan life.  Yet somehow they’ve managed to reinvent themselves as an effective Leftist platform.  If the Democrats can overcome their support of slavery, segregation, ghettoization, tribalism and mass baby-killing then the GOP can put the failures of George Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney behind them too.

And if it’s possible that the GOP can become a winning party again, it can also be refashioned into a potent force for conservatives.  One could argue that the only way to rehabilitate the Republican Party is for it to move to the right.  It will not be an easy process; for every Reagan, there seems to be a thousand feckless Karl Rove clones.  Nonetheless making the GOP the true representative of American traditionalism can be done, if the Right is motivated to do some heavy lifting.

Hey, it could by that conservatism is fighting a losing battle against statism.  That doesn’t mean right-wingers must give up their principles just to accommodate the evil empire of socialism.  There is no honor in giving in to every single infantile proggtard whim.

More importantly, lets not have it come to that.  The Democrats have thrown their hideous past down the memory hole.  It’s been so successful that today their are very few people who recognize the abhorrent history of the Democrat Party.  The GOP has comparatively few skeletons in their closet.  All this suggests that the Republicans can win and become the political voice of conservatism again.

10 Responses to “If The Democrats Can Be Rehabbed, Then So Can The GOP”

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  2. -Thanks for the link and kind words.

    -I will continue to hope that you’re right and that conservatives can takeover the GOP [it would be a first, since they’ve never had full control], but I fear the old elephant is so riddled with diseases that it’s terminal – end stage.

    I have come to believe that the national government certainly is certainly at that stage – every nook and cranny of it has been inflitrated by the Left. Any hope we have for restoring our freedoms and liberties lies, I think, in the Several States. It seems to me we should concentrate on a cluster of them and mounting our offensive from them. Perhaps if this comes to past, we stand a chance of gaining full control of the local GOP organizations.

  3. nick012000 said

    Hell, the Democrats were so effective at reforming their image that now a lot of people think that it was the *Republicans* that were the racists!

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  5. I hate to disagree but their is no hope for the RINO party. Get rid of them and form a new one.

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  8. Hello. I was cruising through the intertubes looking for photos of Olivia Wilde and was told this blog might have some. I see I was lied to. Damn that Al Gore!

  9. Gregoryno6 said

    Like you we elected ourselves a government of lefties in the name of change. We quickly learnt that they were incompetent, but we are still plumbing the depths of their corruption.
    AWPME, also known as Jooolya, has made one blunder after another. She attempts to paint herself as a strong leader who can ignore the crowd when tough decisions have to me made. But most of her stunts just leave her looking more and more idiotic. This is but one example.
    Come the dawn on September 15 Australia will be a different place. A better place. And the ALP will be dangling from the noose it put around its own neck.
    (On another note entirely, Shamus, whairthehellarya?)

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