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Sorry I’ve Been AWOL

Posted by KingShamus on February 15, 2013

Slacking Off Is Teh Roxxxor

I apologize for the extreme radio silence.  I wish I could say that I won the lottery or was on a tropical island vacation, but the only thing keeping me from blogging is work.  Since nobody has offered me six figures, two weeks vacation and generous health care benefits to crack poop jokes at President Obama’s expense–Hey Richard Mellon Scaife?  Hit me on Twitter, homie–I guess I gotta stick to the grind.

So I guess that means that I’ll be away for a little while longer until I get some things done.  I’ll still be tooling around the Twitterverse from time  to time.  In the meantime, listen to  Boris’ “Farewell” while you read these three great blog posts from people who are not me.

Robert Stacy McCain–Meet @BridgetteDunlap, Fordham’s Campus Commissar of ‘Human Rights’

Charles Hill–With friends like these

John over at The Sentry Journal–America out of scale: Rethinking the Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929

Great work all.

Hopefully, I can get back to actually blogging soon.

Stay sassy, peeps.

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KingShamus’ Best of 2012

Posted by KingShamus on December 31, 2012

Hey, here’s some of my old crap! If there’s any consolation, I picked two or three posts from each month.  That should limit the suckage.  I know, this is sorta lame, but if I Instapundit can do it, so can I.


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Music Monday Zep – ‘We’re Gonna Groove” by the mighty Led Zeppelin


Beer Review – Assorted Samuel Adams Winter Suds

Mike Bloomberg’s Very Busy Week

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Rick Santorum’s Exit


Wait, Faster Than Light Travel Isn’t Hip in Science Fiction Anymore?

Music Review – ‘Harmonicraft’ by Torche

DeWayne Wickham: Get Back On The Democrat Plantation, Gay Republicans!


Municipal Debt Bombs: The Other Source Of Fiscal Collapse

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The Shootings At Aurora-A Real Villain and Real Heroes

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Why Clint Eastwood’s Republican Convention Speech Worked

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Hey @MSNBC! Here Are All The Speeches You Didn’t Cover From Last Night’s #RNC.


NFL Replacement Refs Making The Game’s Faults All Too Obvious

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Who Could’ve Foreseen The Highly Unlikely Scenario Of Terrorism At The US Consulate In Benghazi?


#MyFirstTime–Best Political Ad…EVAH?

DVD Review–Prometheus


(Really, can’t we skip this month?  It was sorta yucky.)

Mayor Mike Bloomberg: “The NYC Marathon is on; let the boroughs eat running shoes” (Update!)

Post-Presidential Election 2012: Splitting Headache Edition

Personal Values, Political Choices

Lawrence O’Donnell Was For Secession Before It Was Cool!


Living And Breathing Left-Wing Politics

Guns Crime Facts, Gun Crime Feelings

Okay folks, there you have it.

BDKS 2012 is done.  On to the new year.  Thank God.

Also, thanks for stopping by Blog De KingShamus.  The readers and commenters are who make this place cool.  For that I am humbled and grateful.   Happy New Year and may your 2013 be full of happiness, success and a fully-stocked MRE bin.

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Merry Christmas 2012

Posted by KingShamus on December 25, 2012

Kris Kringle’s Good Behavior/Bad Behavior Surveillance Program went from “charming” to “Orwellian” overnight.


Santa Claus:  Just another liberal fascist?

More importantly…Dear BDKS homies, have a very Merry Christmas.

I hope jolly ole Saint Nick gives you everything on your wish list, without all the newfangled voyeuristic spying.

I also want to say thanks to all the readers who come to Blog De KingShamus.  You guys and gals rule.  Thanks for stopping by and making this goofy little webzone cool.  My posts always get intelligent commentary, often smarter than the actual posts themselves.  That’s pretty awesome and for that you have my eternal gratitude.

So Merry Christmas to you, Gentle Readers.  May you be blessed with faith and fellowship on this great holiday.  Stay safe in your travels.  Keep the reason for the season in your hearts.

Also, wearing a tin-foil hat to stop Santa’s mind-reading rays might not be a bad idea either.  ;-p

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Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Posted by KingShamus on November 22, 2012

It may be said that mankind’s default emotional position is ingratitude.  The average human has a marvelous capacity to complain about his lot in life.  We spend a lot of time bitching about our broke-down car, our annoying neighbor, our woefully underperforming sports team, our crappy job, our idiotic boss and our ridiculous president.

This is why Thanksgiving may be the greatest of all holidays.  Make no mistake, I say that with the knowledge that other celebrations have much to recommend them.  Christmas gets high marks for the whole ‘getting stuff from other people’ thing.  New Years Eve is a brilliant excuse to kill all those highly overrated brain cells you weren’t using to cure halitosis anyway.  Fourth of July involves copious amounts of loud fiery explosions.  The much-beloved Arbor Day fills our hearts with glowing reverence for wood.

But no holiday really has the powerful emotional tug of Thanksgiving.  The gathering of family and friends from across the fruited plain is wonderful.  Being able to enjoy food and fellowship is one of the great pleasures of life. Watching football in a narcoleptic haze is pretty cool too.  But most of all, the traditions of the day remind you that while life isn’t always a breezy stroll through paradise, there are blessings to be grateful for if we just think on it for a spell.

Thanksgiving forces us to take a few steps back from our day-to-day grind and get some much-needed perspective.  The old jalopy just needs a tune-up and some detailing.  The guy next door has worked a week of double shifts, which might explain why he’s so crabby.  The Giants are still in first place despite playing like garbage for a month.  Work might stink but at least you’re still collecting a paycheck.  The office manager is demanding but he did let you skip out of work early a few times last month so you could go to the bar with your homies.  Barack Obama is capable of vast amounts of corruption, incompetence and hypocrisy but these are well-known factors of modern life, which makes our glorious Commander-In-The-Rear just little bit easier to endure.

Most importantly, we still live in the greatest country that history has ever known.

We are still Americans.

We still live in the most revolutionary society ever devised.

We are still children of the Enlightenment.

We are still children of a loving God.

With all those blessings, it’s a wonder every day isn’t Thanksgiving.

Personally, I’m blessed with the support and encouragement I get from my readers and fellow bloggers.  Without your comments and interest, this would be one helluva hard slog.  Thanks, Homies de KingShamus.  Thanks for laughing at my lame jokes.  Thanks for putting up with my goofy musical taste.  Thanks for just being cool as penguin poop.  I don’t get a million blog hits a nanosecond, but what I do get are smart, funny and informed readers.  That’s fairly great.

From this humble blogger’s perspective, the Conservosphere has much to be grateful for as well.  Talent is a blessing, and that’s something our side has in abundance.  Here’s a small sample.

Dean L over at Nonsensible Shoes notes the cognitive dissonance when Radical Islam meets up with Gay Rights…in Canada.

Isaiah Roberts over at Political Realities discusses the danger of losing our personal security.

Pundette talks about the corrosive effects of irony.

Libertarian Republcians want to “Go Dondero”.

MareZilla nails just what the stakes are in the Israeli-Hamas War.

Wyblog remembers when New Jersey still loved freedom.

GregoryNo6 looks ahead to 2016 and has some morale-boosting words of wisdom.

The Innocent Bystanders have an interesting Thanksgiving tableau.

Liberty At Stake has more news of the dearly-departed Twinkie.

Bob Belvedere explains why science and free will need to go hand in hand.

The RightHandMan at Sentry Journal discusses Israel and our Mid-East sorta-adventurism.

Steve at the MotorCity Times talks about how video games could shape the future of our armed forces.

Sitting On The Edge Of The Sandbox has a laugh at California college students.

We should give some shout-outs to NoOneOfAnyImport, who just won an award.

Manhattan Infidel reminds us that Kathleen Sebelius might not be a Vulcan double agent.

Donald Douglas discusses why even the best jock strap is still not enough.

The Daley Gator gives us five magical words to be thankful for this year.

The Mind-Numbed Robot isn’t so numbed that he doesn’t see what the Senate wants to do with your emails.

Matt over at the Conservative Hideout gives us a recipe for Twinkies.

Teresa Rice has notes on the sacraments.

Findalis at Maggie’s Notebook has Happy Thanksgiving wishes.

Jim Treacher is being a total buzzkill towards San Francisco nudists.

Innominatus loves him an episode of Jihady Doody.  Click that link for some laughs at Ayman al-Zawahiri’s expense.

Thankfulness is a habit.  So sayeth the great Smitty at the wonderful Other McCain.

Gary Jackson would like you to know that Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley is kind of a douche.

RD Brewer of Ace of Spades notes that the turkeys aren’t always friendly.  Could a full-fledged invasion be at hand?

Bunkerville’s Thanksgiving wishes are appreciated, but it’s his picture of life in North Korea that should really make you kiss American soil.

Bob Mack has dispatches from occupied America.

William Stout doesn’t think Benghazi will go away.

Sissy Willis examines how Obama marketed emotions during the election.

Dustbury has a terrific remembrance of Marilyn Monroe.

Patrick Carroll has a story about a veteran meeting up with a criminal.  Spolier Alert–It’s a very happy ending.

The Tree-Hugging Sister who makes up part of the Coalition of the Swilling catches the MSM doing something right for a change.

Citizen Tom notes that when you’re in a war, there are some things you must do to win it.

Conservatives On Fire gives us some reasons why the Right should remain engaged in the conversation.

Finally, the Amusing Bunni still needs some help.  She’s the ultimate happy warrior patriot.  If you have the means, please donate to help pay for her medical care.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

God bless you and yours on this blessed day.

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Personal Values, Political Choices

Posted by KingShamus on November 19, 2012

A personal observation taken from the post-election wreckage.

On Election Night, I sat in a coffee house reading Twitter and scanning the Fox News website for the vote tallies.  I couldn’t sit in my cold dark place without power.  I didn’t feel like just listening to the radio for the returns to come in.  So there I was, drinking a root beer and listening to cookie-cutter smooth jazz as Mitt Romney went down to ignominious defeat.

While making jokes to brighten my mood (Q–What do you call a guy who has $5 trillion dollars in debt, 8% unemployment and the Benghazi disaster? A–Mister President.) I overheard a conversation between two college girls.  It went something like this:

Lady A:  The election is tonight?

Lady B:  Yeah.

Lady A:  I kinda like Mitt Romney.

Lady B:  Yeah, but he wants to take away student loans.

Lady A:  Screw that shit.

Let me add:  These two young women didn’t seem like bad people.  Maybe not as clued-in as one might hope, but not many 19 year-olds are terribly invested in national politics.  They were just shooting the breeze at a coffee shop.  It was clear that Mitt Romney and Barack Obama did not loom large in their lives.  Which is pretty much how most Americans are disconnected from the daily political grind.

A few days later, I found myself at a gas station line waiting to fill some cans to feed my generator.  The guy working there looked like he was in his early twenties.  He must’ve seen the NRA sticker on my bumper because he asked me, “Is Obama really looking to end the right to keep and bear arms?  Because I’m concerned about that.”

Homeboy seemed like a nice enough dude.  While he probably wasn’t an Obama supporter, he didn’t seem like an overly political person.  He had a post-election worry regarding the newly re-elected President, but other than that he appeared like the sort of man who didn’t engage himself in partisan bickering very often.

Both of these encounters struck me as amazing in their own ways.

It’s important to note something sorta obvious:  we live in an enormously diverse country.  The opinions of the citizenry range from wide left to far right, from the lowest grubby obsessions to the highest spiritual aspirations.  Because we are surrounded by this massive continent-spanning society, it’s easy to forget just how dynamic our culture really is.  Even our most wretched debased theories are vaguely interesting, if only because of the scope of the awfulness involved.  On the other hand, our grandest and greatest ideas are so transcendent that they expand human freedom and perspective in previously unimaginable ways.

It’s mind-blowing to think that two very different expressions of ideology–“Mitt wants to snatch my college money”/”Barack wants to confiscate my guns”–can happily coexist.  Yet they do, in a more or less peaceful way.  Our elections are bitterly contested, but for the most part actual wide-spread violence hasn’t visited our political disputes for a long time.

What we learned on Elections Day–and this, sadly, is a lesson some of us will have to re-learn a few times now–is that our politics flows out from the vast American culture.  Politicians are a reflection of our religious values, our social norms, our manners, our entertainments and even our petty diversions.  As of November 2012, the result of our grand national partisan argument makes it unclear whether America really is the center-right country some of us have assumed it was.

Don’t get it twisted.  There are at least 59 million people who are at least sorta sympathetic to a right-of-center political vision.  More people are reading conservative-ish books than liberal screeds.  More people call themselves conservative than identify as left-wing.  These are very large numbers.  They indicate that there is still a sizable electoral minority and perhaps a broad plurality that comes to the ballot box with a traditionalist background.

Having said that, it appears that there are more Americans who believe that college loans (along with a whole host of things) should be doled out by the feds.  At the very least, more lefty-sympathetic citizens than right-of-center folks can be motivated to vote.  Do left-of-center people believe in big government because their politicians tell them to?  Or do they come to the voting booth with progressive ideas already entrenched in their worldview and are simply looking for parties and politicians who can make liberal policies a reality?

I’d also argue that those who choose liberalism and buy it’s wares are much like other consumers in our society.  Social conservatives lament that American pop culture is full of filth and decadence and arrogance and stupidity.  Free-market conservatives often respond that pop culture is merely producing what the market demands.

The same thing goes for American politics.  Conservatives are often annoyed that so many people consume so much of the liberal kultursmog; the Washington Post, the Daily Kos, the English Department of Montclair State University and almost anything financed by Harvey Weinstein or written by Aaron Sorkin.  Maybe people consume progressive media because it’s the only one readily available.  Most people will choose a debased culture rather than no culture at all.

Even worse, after another mortifying Election Night loss, righties scratch their heads and wonder why they got buried.

Seeing just how much cultural ground the Right has given up, along with how many delivery mechanisms the Left just flat-out owns, it’s astounding that Republicans are able to squeak out any victories at all.

What the traditionalists, free-marketeers, social cons and defense hawks must get through their heads ASAFP is that they’re never going to score decisive electoral victories without first scoring some major cultural victories first.  They’ve already ceded so much ground to the vast left-wing idiocracy.  It’s well past time for conservatives to start taking American civilization back from the degenerates, racists, whiners and liars that currently run the show.

Only then will the Right start to reverse both their electoral fortunes and the decline of the greatest country in the history of humanity.

UPDATE:  Linked by Starless over at The Conservative Commune.  Thanks, mi amigo.

Here’s a sample:

Yes, we need to appeal to Youth Voters and include them in the political process but there comes a time when we have to help them avoid behaving irresponsibly. When we are obligated — evenmorally obligated — to save them from themselves. We can’t do that if we continue to try to pander to their every petty whim and precious ideal.


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The Great Amusing Bunni Needs Help

Posted by KingShamus on November 13, 2012

Here’s Bob Belvedere:

When you need a smile, when things are getting you down, you can always head over to Bunni’s blog for some easing of your worried mind.

Now, it’s Bunni whose mind needs easing…

I’m not going to sugarcoat this: Bunni has inoperable, terminal liver cancer that has metastasized and has been given but a few more months to live.

As she put it in an e-mail to Zilla:

So, I’m terminal. There are so many tumors in my abdomen, and the liver is enlarged very much, they can’t operate, the tumors and blood vessels are too much and too close, they can’t do chemo, or NOTHING, so I just will be seeing palliative care Dr.’s for medicine adjustments to help with the pain, and then just get my affairs in order and wait to die.

Zilla, God Bless Her, has been speaking with Bunni and convinced her to go public about her situation.

As I said over at Bob’s place:  Damn you, cancer.

There was a while there when I lost track of Bunni.  She took a forced hiatus from from blogging (see Zilla’s post for more details), then I got bombarded with real-life work and we didn’t really reconnect.  That’s my fault, and one of the reasons I kinda suck at teh internetz.

Back to the business at hand.

It is said that blogging brings out a writer’s true nature.  Bunni’s blog is a sugar rush of sunny cheer.  All she wants to do is bombard you with laughs and hope.  Conservative writing can often mean reading heaping doses of dour pessimism, but Bunni is always ready to lift your spirits.

Bunni is facing tough times.  She could really use her bloggers-in-arms to help shoulder some of the burden.  If you have the means, please consider donating to her medical treatment fund.

Positive thoughts and humble prayers are in order as well.

God bless the Bunni.

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Hurricane Sandy Aftermath (WITH TWO UPDATES!)

Posted by KingShamus on October 30, 2012

Alright folks, I can’t talk too long.

In brief,  I made it through the storm okay.

No power–not for a while, anyway–so I’m pirating my friend’s internets and power.

I gotta bust a move and start cleaning up the debris.  Luckily, Casa De KingShamus came through relatively unscathed.  Seeing some of the destruction in the neighborhood makes me very very grateful for my good fortune.

Keep me updated on how ya’all are doing.  I’ll be back tomorrow to check on everybody.  Stay safe, amigos.

Update:  Still no power, so posts might be a little spotty.

Some information you might be able to use–I invested in a kerosene heater before the storm hit.

Best decision I’ve made in a while.

I remember back when I was a kid, my dad would occasionally use a kerosene heater to augment the other heat sources in the house.  I forgot just how powerful these things are.  The heat is amazing.  My home is for the most part very comfortable.  Some rooms are a little chilled, but that’s me being really stupid and nit-picky.  Heat is not an issue, even as temperatures have dipped into the 30’s.

Also, I had the heater going at the lowest setting since Monday.  I’ve run it for maybe 10 hours off and on and it’s still not out of fuel.  So on top of being really warm, it’s really efficient.

It’s probably a little over-cautious, but I don’t let the heater run when I’m out or during the overnights when I’m asleep.  But If I give my place a good hour or so blast, the heat lasts long enough that I can doze off with a few blankets and be fine.  It’s not like flicking a thermostat up or down and getting comfortable, but with a little bit of care and planning, you can probably heat a decent-sized house with one or two kerosene heaters and be just fine.

Alright, I gotta go.  I have another post in the pipeline for the day, but I’ll try to get back tomorrow.  I’m still Kool and the Gang.

Pray for Manhattan, for Long Island and for the Jersey Shore.  They got roughed the hell up.

In fact, here’s the Salvation Army’s Donation Page.  If you have some money to spare, I’m sure they’ll do some folks a lot of good with your donation.

Peace out, homies.

UPDATE NUMERO DOS:    It only took me a day to keep a flashlight on my person at all times.  Tripping over crap in the dark gets really old very quick.  Also, buying a gajillion candles was a fairly smart move in retrospect.  Matches and lighters are a godsend too.

Allegedly, the power might come back in my neck of the woods this weekend.  In other news, Ayman al-Zawahiri has just been baptized as a Southern Baptist minister and will lead his choir in a rousing version of “Onward Christian Soldiers” after he delivers his first sermon ‘Jesus Is So Much Cooler Than Any Other Prophet Ever’ this  Sunday.

I’ll believe the power is back when I can fire up my TV and run that 10 hour “Patton” marathon I’ve been planning for a week.

Fingers crossed, ya’all.

Not to bring up a sore subject again, but there are those in my area that have really been devastated.  I piss and moan about not having power, but my predicament is nothing compared to those less fortunate.  Some people will never get back to normal.  Some people have lost everything they own.  Some people won’t be coming home.  The  Salvation Army could use some donations.

If you have any loose change, it would be appreciated.

Keep it real, ya’all.

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Burger King Contest Requires Identification, Blogger Notes The Irony

Posted by KingShamus on August 21, 2012

John over at the fantastic Sentry Journal has a tale of the strange.  I’m pretty much gonna steal his entire post, but it’s too good to edit.

Last week my wife and I decided to stop at Burger King for a quick bite to eat.  Burger King is currently running a promotional game called Family Food.  It’s a scratch game that ask you a question and gives you three possible answers.  You of course must select the correct answer in order to have an opportunity to win a prize.  The prizes range from food to cash.  We pulled the game piece off my large ice tea and she read the question to me.  I correctly answered the question and won a $25 dollar gift certificate.

We presented the winning game piece to the employee behind the counter and she informed my wife that we would have to mail the game piece into Burger King in a blue envelop she handed to us.  In order to redeem the prize you must provide your social security number to prove you’re are U.S. citizens.  When my wife informed the employee that she wasn’t comfortable writing her social security number down on an envelop and sending to people she didn’t know, the employee told her it was the only way we could prove citizenship in order to redeem the prize.  The point of the story is if you can’t even redeem cash prizes from Burger King’s Family Food Game without proof of U.S. citizenship, then what’s the big deal about providing some form of ID to prove who you are at the polling stations on election day.  I wonder why we don’t hear the cries from the left on how Burger King is disenfranchising non U.S. citizens with their Family Food game.

The mind reels.

We live in a schizophrenic country.  To be fair, most of the time America does a good job of hiding it’s wackiness.  In fact us Yanks are probably the best at keeping our various neuroses out of public view.  Hell, there are nations that parade their insanity on a global stage.  Compared to that, the US is a model of restraint.

But every once in a while, we get confronted with our own mind-wrenching goofiness.  This is one of those times.

Ponder the situation:  Burger King, a fast food chain, runs a contest.  If you win one of these BK prizes, you must  present a form of identification to the company in order to claim your winnings.  If John wants that $25, he has to, in effect, show his papers.

These kinds of rules seem to be fairly common; most US companies that run contests like this stipulate that only American citizens are eligible to win prizes in the United States.  Further, these sorts of contest bylaws don’t raise any hackles in the Bedwetter Community.  Nobody whines about ‘discrimination’ or ‘lack of access’.  Citizenship as a requirement for eligibility in a company’s promotional game  is one of those unquestioned parts of American life.

Say, you know what part of American life the thumbsucker caucus questions over and over and over and over again?  This whole crazy mixed-up terribly-cliched old-fogie ‘citizenship’ dealie.  Why should citizenship confer any privileges?  What’s so special about the US and A anyhow?  Why shouldn’t anyone be able to walk into a voting booth without getting hassled by some stuffy government bureaucrat who has a wacky hang-up about ‘rules’ or ‘citizenship status’ or ‘laws’ or ‘Constitutional requirements’?

Remember what I said about schizophrenia?

The open-borders crowd, ethnic grievance groups and the Left–but I repeat myself three times–have helped create a situation where a person winning a $25 prize from a burger joint has to prove he’s a US citizen, but a person voting for President does not.

That, my friends, should be the textbook definition of insanity, at least when it comes to national policy.

More importantly, it cannot be allowed to stand.

Either we give a shit about who votes in our elections or we don’t.  Either citizenship confers real tangible benefits to the people who have it or it doesn’t.  If the only thing being a citizen gets you is a Burger King crown, being American has become meaningless.

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Lets Look At The Ladies of The Expendables 2

Posted by KingShamus on August 14, 2012

I know I haven’t been good about posting lately.  Some have complained about the lack of posts.  Some have been horrified by the Hill-Dawg gif I put into the last post.

I get it.

I done wrong.

Let me make it up to you.

Say, you know what’s coming out soon?

“The Expendables 2″, naturally.

Hows about we watch the trailer?


Amazing stuff.  I realize trailers can be deceptive, but hear me out.  I think this will be the ‘Quirky Wes Anderson-inspired story with a lot of talking and emotional depth’ installment in the Expendables franchise.

Not really.

I think this flick is going to win the coveted “Most Explosions in A Non-Michael Bay Film” and “Highest Body Count” Academy Awards.

Which means it’s going to be awesome.

But let’s not just focus on the testosterone-fueled carnage, the hyperdrive fisticuffs or the severe lack of gun control in “Expendables 2″.  Perhaps we can get in touch with this action movie’s softer side.  I say we take a look at the ladies of this here motion picture.


Nan Yu








Nikolette Noel









And last, but certainly not least, Charisma Carpenter.







Well, I know I feel a lot better.


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Taylor Swift Is Dating a Kennedy–What Could Go Wrong?

Posted by KingShamus on August 5, 2012

This is forever.

Over the Fourth of July,Taylor Swift was photographed hugging Patrick Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver’s son. But now it appears that Conor Kennedy, the son of Robert Kennedy Jr. and the late Mary Kennedy, is actually Taylor’s love interest. He is pictured just to the right of Swift in the same photo – and the two have been spending lots of time together.

I for one think it’s nice  that Taylor Swift has decided to stoop down to hook up with a member of the woefully overlooked ‘scrawny trust fund jerkweed’ demographic.  That’s very sweet of her.  If this relationship gets greater media attention, ‘TayCon’ will be the new ‘Bennifer’.

But at least one man sees trouble a-brewin’ with this new celebrity couple.  Bob Belvedere, take it away.

Miss Swift: I am not a fan of your music, but what few songs I have heard seem rather entertaining. You’re a young woman with a great future ahead of you because you obviously have talent, good looks, and, by all accounts, a crackerjack personality. There’s so much you can accomplish creatively and, one hopes, spiritually. So please give a listen to an aging man who has lived in New England all his life where he has been surrounded by Kennedys since, literally, he was born in 1961:

Gather all of your things and RUN AWAY — get the Hell out of the Kennedy’s reach. Do it before they embrace you and subject you to the soul-crushing experience dozens of women before you have endured.

Read the whole thing.  Right now.

In the 21st century, what exactly is the appeal of Clan Kennedy?

I dunno if I’m speaking out of school here, but it’s not 1958.  Everybody should understand by now that the Kennedy men have a deep abiding family tradition of using women like old gym socks.  We have scads of books, interviews, documentaries and websites devoted to the subject.  It’s as much a part of our collective historical and cultural knowledge as Elvis Presley’s drug use or Michael Jackson’s intense weirdness or Jay-Z’s massive ego.  It’s a very known thing.

Yet even with all that, there are still women who tempt fate and date Kennedy dudes.

One could make the argument that chicks flock to America’s self-styled royal family because of the money and influence.  Despite the fact that a lot of the luster has worn off the Kennedy name, it’s still associated with wealth and political power by many people in the States.  Even at this late date, being connected to the Kennedys grants a person access to the upper echelons of American life.

But knowing all that doesn’t really excuse the women who hook up with Kennedy males.  Even though Barack Obama has done his damnedest to weed out the evil 1 percenters from our land, there are still plenty of super-wealthy men in America to choose from.  A lot of these guys have social and political connections that rival the Kennedy’s power base.  If you’re a gal and you want to date rich dudes, you’re not exactly limited to rammy alcoholic blowhard Irishmen from Taxachuessetts.

Hey, I could be way off here.  This might just be a casual fling for Taylor Swift.  Or the country music songbird and the son of Hyaniss Port aristocracy could live happily ever after.  Or it could be a big nothingburger with a side order of rumor mill trimmings and half-truth special sauce.

Whatever.  The Kennedy men are still prone to extreme dickbaggery when it comes to their female companions.  Canoodle at your own risk, Taylor.

Oh yeah–here is the meme:

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Hey Everybody! ‘The Obama Effect’ Is Coming Out Today!

Posted by KingShamus on July 13, 2012

Hey, this flick might not be perfect but I am totally convinced that ‘The Obama Effect” won’t be a complete St. Barry propaganda job.

See, what did I tell you?  Completely non-partisan.

But just for shits and giggles, let’s break this trailer down.

Way down.

:14–Roc insists that America can’t handle another 4 more years of Republicans in power.  I guess that means we’ve gone back in time to the barren wasteland of  2008.

Fuckin’ bummer, yo.  Unemployment was a soul-crushing 6.7% that November.  Unlike our glorious present day employment figures.

:16–Roc ain’t feeling so hot.  Being that he’s a good soldier, I’m sure he’ll be the first to volunteer for the death panels.  IPAB will make it quick and painless, sport!

:21–Roc’s wife is totally shocked her dude had a heart attack.  Really, sweetheart?  Guy is pushing four hundred pounds, his lunch consists of pork-fried bacon with a side of Crisco-infused veal and it looks like he loses his breath if he turns his head too fast.

:31–Roc needs advice.  About getting on a path.  Or falling off a path.  Or taking the right path.  Or blazing a path.  Or staying on a path.  Or catching the PATH.

:39–Roc is watching an Obama speech.  In wonderment.  Naturally.  I’m surprised he didn’t faint.

Uh-oh.  I think Roc found his bike path.

:40–Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.


:43–So Roc has decided to go full retard Obama-drone.  Because this doesn’t look insane at all.

:49–Roc’s wife is juuuuuuuuuuuust a little freaked out because Roc is going gay for a presidential candidate.  She just doesn’t understand the power of Roc’s new flaming bikepath of life.

:53–Roc wants to spread his message of Obama everywhere.  Including hair salons in the hood.  He’s really diving ass first into the lion’s den of ultra right-wing Republican strongholds.

1:01–I have a sign just like this one.  True story.

1:08–Roc is quitting his job.  To prostelytize for the Obama campaign.  Of course, the rich white boss man has no idea why he tendered his resignation.  How could he know?  He’s never heard an Obama speech ever.

I predict this will end well.  I’m positive his wife will be on board right from the jump.

1:09–See, Mrs. Roc is totally stoked.  She’s so happy she’s using a cute nickname to describe her husband.  That’s sweeeeet.

Put yourself in her shoes.  The man in her life just had his ticker go kabloooey.  Can’t you see how this would be the perfect time to stop getting a steady paycheck and medical benefits?

1:17–Adidas jumpsuit emblazened with ‘Hope’?  Check.  Obama-branded red white and blue hat?  Check.  Cluelessness?  Check and mate.

1:27–You know who I think of when I picture a ‘black Republican’?  Allen West.  Thomas Sowell.  Clarence Thomas.  Herman Cain.  Baldilocks.  Angela McGlowan.  Amy Holmes.  Star Parker. And Katt Williams.  Yep.  Katt Williams.

1:45–Zab Judah, everyone.  Zab Judah.

Here we can see this talented young actor expressing the full gamut of human emotions, from ‘Sad yet hopeful’ to ‘Hopeful yet sad’.

1:46–“Anybody who’s with the Obama campaign is gonna be alright.”  Paging Peggy Joseph; Peggy Joseph to the front desk.

1:53–“I’ll work for free.”  Of course he will.  He too has seen Roc’s bikepath of awesomeness.

1:55–I think Cee-Lo’s Crazaay/I think Cee-Lo’s Crazaaay/I think Cee-Lo’s Crazaaaaay/For putting his name on this joke of a movieeeeee!

2:02–Katt Williams’ refractory time gets a workout.  Cool, I guess.

By the way, what is “The Obama Effect” telling the audience here?  All we see the Democrats doing in this picture is looking wistfully at Obama pictures and mooning like prepubescent Ke$ha fans over Hope-N-Change.  Meanwhile, the one GOPer the flick shows us is nailing babes with extreme awesomeness.

According to this movie Democrats quit their jobs, have uncontrollable man-crushes on their presidential candidates and annoy their neighbors.  In the meantime, Republicans get to be rich and have a lot of sex.   Was the script written by Ralph Nader?

2:15–According to the movie, black slavery in America ended in…oh…right around 1983.  With pockets of human bondage frequently popping up during the Pappy Bush and Dubya era.

2:20–Roc is crying in voting booth.  Buddy, I think a lot of us were crying in the voting booth in 2008.  Holy shit, do I really have to vote for John McCain? Fuck you GOP.  Fuck you sideways.  Fuck you for making me even think about voting for this useless assclown RINO.

2:23–Roc gets to meet the new President (sorta).  I don’t think the director of “The Obama Effect” meant to do this, but I think this part of the flick looks pretty realistic.  The St. Barry Acolyte is in the midst of gushing himself to death over Obama winning the presidency.  The new President looks on, with a haughty look on his face, thinking, “What a fucking rube.”  That’s pretty much how that kind of meet-n-greet would turn out in real life.

Conclusion:  What is the point of “The Obama Effect”?  Seriously, what story is this flick supposed to tell?  I think everybody knows Obama won the 2008 election.  We needed a feature length motion picture to fill us in on that?

But let’s ignore all that for a second.  For Hollywood and the American Left (sorry, I repeated myself there), it’s probably very comforting to relive the 2008 campaign.  There are a lot of black folks who would like to be reminded of the thrill they got when they  helped elect a black man to the presidency.  Hope and Change had not yet morphed into the pain of, you know, actually governing the country.  For many people “The Obama Effect” is an emotionally gratifying victory lap.

The trouble is, the movie has bigger problems than the overall plot.  Roc’s character arc is more like a short flat line.  In the beginning of the film, he’s an Obama supporter.  At the end of the picture, he’s…an even bigger Obama supporter.  The heart attack that was supposed to teach him about the importance of the goodness of the key to staying on the footpath after losing the bikepath in your life or some bullshit really doesn’t change anything all that much.  Unless the movie is saying that it was Roc’s tireless efforts that allowed Obama to pick up those key swing states, then the movie’s main character really didn’t do anything that wasn’t going to happen anyway.

I know this is just a trailer.  It’s 2.5 minutes of 85 minute movie.  But if the preview is showing us the basic elements of the story, then it’s hard to see why this film was put together, except as blatant propaganda.

Now propaganda has it’s place in a healthy entertainment diet.  Partisans can’t live on dry facts and research alone.  They need red meat too.  But in the end, it’s still propaganda

Apparently “The Obama Effect” means people should sacrifice their time, money and livelihood so that their dreamy puppy-dog crush can live in a nice house and rule over us all in an imperious fashion.

If that’s the case, then we’ve all been living The Obama effect for the last three years, whether we wanted to or not.

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I picked a bad week to try to be a blogger…

Posted by KingShamus on July 12, 2012


I’ve basically spent the last 18 days trying to get a semi-big project done. It wasn’t brutal, but there were a lot of moving parts and ancillary things that made it a little rough.  Even when the day was done, there was always some other stuff to do.

In other words, #FirstWorldProblems.

The real concern I had is that I really didn’t have the time to hit my homies’ blogs.  I really wanted to tee off on Bunkerville’s Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s Swiss Bank hypocrisy post.  I loved Dustbury’s piece on A123’s electric car battery troubles.  John’s ‘cut your losses’ post was pretty insightful.  Innominatus continued his fine tradition of making me and a whole lot of other people laugh.  Manhattan Infidel continued his fine tradition of getting the most amazing interviews.   Tree Hugging Sis was annoyed at the GOP’s craptastic go-along get along attitude about the LOST treaty.  Bob Belvedere did an awesome job slamming the GOP for doing something very stupid (again).  PJMom over at Political Junkie Mom has welcomed a new baby to the world.  Edge of the Sandbox took an interesting look at Soviet propaganda paintings.

Lots of great stuff.  But I kinda missed it.  But just because I stink doesn’t mean ya’all have to.  Check out those blog posts.

There’s gold in them thar links, I tells ya!  Gold!

MORE:  Posted just because it’s great.

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Fourth of July 2012–Ronald Reagan Firing An Uzi While Riding A Velociraptor

Posted by KingShamus on July 4, 2012

with a missile launcher as a back-up.

Happy Fourth of July, homies.

You know how you know this is a great country?  Try putting Angela Merkel, David Cameron or Hu Jintao on that velociraptor.  Yeah, you could slap them on a dinosaur, but it would look absurd.  Reagan is so bad-ass that it works.

In any event, thanks for stopping by the ol’ bloggerino on the best day of the year.  Enjoy this Independence Day.  Celebrate! I hope you eat lots of great food, drink lots of delicious beer and watch awesome explosions.

Great work by Sharpwriter over at DeviantArt.  Also big-time shout out to the one and only Snarky Basterd for the tip.  Thanks, brother.

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Because Fashion Is A Passion For The With-It And Hip

Posted by KingShamus on June 18, 2012

Even as the with-it and hip turn out to be self-destructive weirdos being led around by an icy unlikable shrew.

Last week, President Obama made headlines by enlisting two relatively unknown New York City residents–Hollywood film star Sarah Jessica Parker and Vogue edidictatorette Anna Wintour –to host a big-ticket fundraiser for his 2012 reelection campaign.  Naturally the fifty guests who coughed up $40,000 to dine with the President made it a great success, even if SJP’s house didn’t quite meet Ms. Wintour’s exacting standards.

Anyhoo, the confab got blogger-homie Edge of The Sandbox thinking about Ms. Wintour’s place in the fashion industry.

[Anna] Wintour became the Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue in 1988, when supermodels ruled the catwalk.  They were gorgeous and skinny, but had some sort of curve on their improbably thin and long bones.  Cindy Crawford recalls that back in her days models wore the US size 6; they are now zero or 2.  Very few women can have the kind of bodies and the faces that grace the covers of fashion magazines because these covers represented an unattainable ideal.  I know that, and I’m not raving mad because I don’t look like Cindy Crawford.  This is not to suggest that there were no anorexic models in the 80s, but the causes of anorexia nervosa are complicated, and the 80s supermodels were valid as a female ideal.  There were no mistaking them for underdeveloped girls, and no doubt that they turned heads.

Shortly after Wintour assumed the Vogue leadership, the fashion industry elevated a mousy junkie Kate Moss to the status of a fashion icon.  Heroin chic became all the rage, and Moss’s reputation for hard partying solidified her hold on the industry.  Moss did at least six US Vogue covers — far less than the UK and France editions, but still a formidable number.  Last year, Anna Wintour dedicated the cover of her September issue to the wedding of Kate Moss.  Makes me wonder how much space she will devote to her divorce.

It’s a great post, so make sure to clickie that linkie and read the rest of it.

Lots of folks decry the impact that fashion magazines have on women.  The critiques usually go something like this:  The glossy spreads devoted to high-end clothes and pricey beauty creates almost unreachable heights of glamour.  Moreover, the low single digit–or no digit–size of the models are held up as a standard of feminine beauty that almost no woman can live up to except through drugs and/or eating disorders.

Let’s repeat a line of questioning Robert Stacy McCain has asked before:  Who edits the fashion magazines?  Who designs the clothes?  Who hires the models?  Who runs the modelling agencies?

Oh…that’s right.  Bitchy queens and plain old bitches.

Who buys the magazines that create all these problems we love to complain about?  By and large, its women and gay dudes.  Besides George Costanza, straight men don’t read or purchase glossies like Vogue.

Finally, who are the consumers of the clothes in the fashion rags?  It’s women.  To be fair, heterosexual males will pay the $900 it takes to buy a size 2 Dolce & Gabbana dress for their wives or girlfriends.  But they don’t pay much attention to the fashionista trends that make their women want the piece in the first place.  The only reason they’re picking up the D&G swag, as opposed to the girly-cut New York Giants jersey or the lady-fit camo coveralls, is because their chicks dig the frilly dress.

We can with some justification bemoan the influence a nasty hag like Anna Wintour has over our sense of beauty and fashion.  The people who made throwing up after every meal and snorting Hefty bags coke a prerequisite of style are decadent ghouls.  They are to be avoided, not emulated or encouraged.

The problem is that many people–both men and women–have become enablers of these monsters by throwing so much money at the designers and propagandists who push this wacked out standard of beauty.  If we really think heroin chic is gross, why don’t women stop trying to be a size 0?  If we actually like the classic feminine hourglass shape, how come we don’t see guys encouraging their women to double up on the Death By Chocolate cheesecake every once in a while?

In short, Anna Wintour’s aesthetic sensibilities would not be in vogue…or in Vogue for that matter…if we didn’t buy into it.  Anorexia as a dramatic charming fashion statement, as opposed to a life threatening medical condition, is our own fault.  Until we recognize that, we’ll never actually deal with the problem we keep insisting we must address.

More:  I really do mean it when I say that guys have to shoulder some of the blame for the uber-gaunt look that dominates fashion.  Men have girlfriends and wives.  That fact presupposes that dudes will have at least some influence over the women in their lives.  If they really don’t want their lady friends to be shaped like match-sticks, they should say so–in vociferous ways if necessary.

On the other hand, I hear a lot of women hate on the metrosexual look on men.  Yet here we are in 2012, and there are still guys who engage in elaborate manscaping rituals.  Ladies, if you don’t want the man in your life to look like an 11-year-old girl, you’re gonna have to stop taking him for mani-pedis at your nail salon.  You like your fellow to have a hairy chest?  Refrain from telling him about the great waxing place you heard about downtown.  Are you sick of your husband spending 3 hours a day doing crunches to make sure his abs are perfectly toned?  Stock the fridge with a case of Guinness Asphalt and cancel his gym membership, STAT.

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Wait, Faster Than Light Travel Isn’t Hip in Science Fiction Anymore?

Posted by KingShamus on May 29, 2012

Dustbury alerts me–and thus all of you–to this very unexpected trend.

You might think that science fiction that disallows such counterfactual stuff as faster-than-light travel is more scientifically rigorous, therefore better for us, in basically the same sense that wheat germ is better for us than a Wendy’s Double. Lynn has a problem with that — the SF convention, I mean:

One thing I have a problem with is the “no hyperspace” rule. I don’t think science fiction necessarily needs to be 100 percent plausible. Was Star Trek 100 percent plausible? Hardly. But it inspired a generation to support space exploration and invent things like cell phones. FTL ships are vehicles for the imagination and it saddens me that many writers have abandoned them and consider themselves smarter for doing so. To me that’s just another brand of pessimism.

I can appreciate Neal Stephenson’s objections to this sort of thing — rigid adherence to stock SF tropes is a really effective way to produce stiff-sounding stories that no one likes — but I’m not about to declare myself unalterably opposed to FTL.

There are a lot of different sorts of science fiction, so having a story where faster than light travel is impossible can make sense in the right context.  Much of the bleak paranoid atmosphere in “2001” (both the book and movie for that matter) was grounded in the idea that the astronauts couldn’t just warp over to Jupiter.  Because the Discovery was basically a conventional rocket-propelled ship, it took a long time for the crew to reach the alien monolith.

The sense of isolation and dread would’ve been lost if Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke opted to make their vessel travel beyond the speed of light.  In the movie, the distances the astronauts travelled would be considered immense if taken at rocket speeds, but miniscule if the Discovery were able to go faster than light.  It could be argued that in the film version of “2001”, the most memorable character was all those millions of miles that separated Dave Bowman and Franke Poole from the safety of Earth.  That huge distance, which required such long periods of time to cross, was a wordless but constant presence within the film.

There are all kinds of speculative fiction stories–even ones that involve space travel–that can be made without faster than light travel.  As “2001” shows, a space travel tale that uses slower than light speeds can be ground-breaking and very effective.  But if you’re doing Star Wars/Star Trek type of stuff, I dunno how you can make that work if the characters don’t have access to some kind of faster than light travel.  If you’re a writer and you’re sending your character across the galaxy, what kind of distances are we dealing with about here?

The Power Of Tens–made back in the 70’s–gives us a pretty good idea.

Tha Milky Way is approximately 120,000 light years across.  That means that a beam of light that starts at one end of the galaxy would take about 120,000 years to cross over to the opposite side.  A ship that even came close to the speed of light would still take over four years just to reach a relatively close star like Proxima Centauri.  Getting much beyond our stellar neighborhood would take decades or even centuries.  That doesn’t even take into account things like cosmic radiation, bone loss and a lot of the serious negative effects that happen when the human body is in space for extended periods of time.

Not allowing faster than light travel in a piece of science fiction might be more realistic, but then again its science fiction we’re talking about here.  Lightsabers, the weirding way and Daleks are all really cool.  None of them exist in the real world.  In fact, most of those things are theoretically impossible except within the confines of the most exotic scientific theories.

We tend to put up with the trappings and tropes of the genre–pulse rifles, flying cars, powered armor exoskeletons and yes, faster than light travel–because the creators of speculative fiction have made them plausible in the context of the particular fictional universe they’ve created.  When done well, audiences and readers will  fill in the blanks with some handy-dandy suspension of disbelief.  Mix it all together and presto–a totally unrealistic chunk of the story is basically accepted by the folks reading the book or watching the show.  Why faster than light travel is doesn’t make sense when people put up with all the other whacked-out goofy and just plain stupid crap in science fiction is a mystery to me.

More:  Just for shits and giggles, here’s the Power of Tens, set to music.

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Out of Gas; No Posts For The Evening

Posted by KingShamus on May 17, 2012

Sorry guys.

Rough week at work, haven’t gotten a lot of sleep, using sentence fragments to express myself.

Yeah, I’m kinda shot.

I might be on teh Twitterz for a bit, but then I’m calling it a day.

I’ll also do better visiting my homies on their sites.  Like I said, it’s been a little taxing these past few days.

Okay, since I suck today I may as well post something cool.  Here’s one of the best Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes ever.

“If the first ten minutes are any indication, this movie’s gonna blow!”

Nighty-night, homies.  See you later.

UPDATE:  Folks, this week just will not end.  I’ve got a lot of work to do, so I’ll have to catch up with ya’all later.

Sorry I suck at this blogging.

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The Exclusive Doctor ObamaCare Interview

Posted by KingShamus on May 15, 2012

You’ve seen “The Sick Cents”  movie trailer.

You’ve seen “The Sick Cents” movie poster

Before you watch the flick, starring the lovely and talented Melody Tally, why not read the e-mail interview I did with the movie’s creator, Mr. Glenn Troy Morton?  Mr. Morton just wants to make some minor reforms to the American health care system, like obliterating the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and replacing it with something that actually works.

Sounds like a plan to me.

When not portraying the nefarious Dr. ObamaCare, Mr. Morton is actually a mild-mannered guy with a lot of insights into the mess we’ve gotten into, as well as some ideas about how to get back to some kind of sanity when it comes to our medical care.

KingShamus:  First of all, how did you get THE Herman Cain to get struck by lightning and turned into a crispy skeleton?

Glenn Troy Morton:  He was speaking at a Tea Party Rally in public. He didn’t pose for it or anything :o)

He saw me when I was there. Pointed to me and nodded in my direction. That was such an awesome day. We got mobbed while we were there, and the reaction was mostly positive, even though The Gateway Pundit thought we were nutty. Everyone saw Dr. Obamacare with the film crew: a filmmaker AND guy from the Occupy movement holding up a 4ft. x5ft. sign with Dr. Obamacare’s face on it. No one knew Mr. Cain was down to his last 9-9-9 :o).

KS:  Hey, a fortuitous bit of good luck is never a bad thing.  What was your initial inspiration for Doctor Obamacare?  What made you go to the horror movie route?

GTM:  Honestly? God. Sounds corny, I know. But the idea came to me in a way that felt alive, and right., and powerful…so I didn’t question it. I just followed my faith and put trust in God that it would work.

I have been trying to get attention from politicians and media for over a year to let them know there is a better way than Obamacare. Over 600 media outlets, gave a packet to 5 different Republican Presidential candidates, and even handed my book to a White House employee after trying to contact the White house 4 different times. Squadoosh!
I thought, initially, that Obamacare was just a bad attempt with good intentions; I learned throughout this process WHY that’s not true. So many politicians are surrounded by people who want to leverage power for personal gain that elected officials never get told the truth, and there is no way for an average citizen with a better idea to break through.

Remember the Mortgage crisis? So many said “Why were those BAD brokers writing no-documentation loans. They are all greedy and evil”. Now that I’ve been trying so hard, for so long, I know why: there is no room for real people to have influence in politics except by being in large movements and, when they are, there are still agendas to overcome. I tried, and I tried harder than anyone I know. I still am, because this is bigger than me.

Most don’t really want better solutions; they want ABSOLUTION. Winning the argument, instead of winning their freedom. Thank GOD for Citizens United…

KS:  See, I don’t think it’s corny at all.  I think using the vibe of a horror movie makes a lot of sense given how awful O-Care is gonna be.  As much as you clearly dislike ObamaCare, were you an Obama supporter in 2008?

GTM:  Voted for Obama in 2008, and Clinton before that. In fact, though I was registered independent my whole life until Obamacare (which changed me into a Republican forever. Every Republican in Congress stood to the side and elected not to commandeer your money, and they deserve support from all of us for standing by our side), I was a pretty reliable Democratic vote.

Except Ron Paul, of course. He is still the only Presidential candidate I’ve ever given a dollar.

That’s why I’m glad it’s me trying to do this. Republican and Democratic CITIZENS really aren’t far apart politically; it’s the people who make money by dramatizing differences who keep us from working together.

As a combat veteran, I approached this like a military operation: planning, strategy, reconnaissance, intel gathering, etc. What I noticed is a disconnect between what we see online and on TV and how we live our lives in the real world. No one calls their gay co-worker names, or their conservative friend racist, in person.

I thought I could be a bridge. That’s why the SuperPAC is named Occupy Obamacare: both terms were made popular by opposite sides of our political spectrum. We likely have the only campaign commercial in existence featured on both Breitbart AND Occupythe99%. How great is that? It is by design.

No one wants Obamacare; they just haven’t heard yet how to reduce costs and increase access to care. When they read Passing Obamacare, they will know how and that it’s easy to do. I only used 120 pages, and a third of that is bad jokes :o)

Well…and a make-out session between me, Obama, Michelle Bachmann, and Sarah Palin. Creative license :o)

KS:  Hottest.  Creative Licence. Ever.

Also–120 pages?  So you’re saying you don’t need an unreadable doorstop to reform health care?  How can this be?  ;-p

You mentioned before about Citizens United.  Why is that Supreme Court decision so important?


GTM:  1) If I had known about you before…you could have been the 5th. Or holding the camera. So many possibilities ;o)

2) The reason our health care costs are so high is because the Patient/Insured and the paying customer are not the same. Doctors are paid by insurance companies, and charge for every single thing no matter how insignificant (like filling out your forms. Yes, they charge for that. Procedure code 99201, if I recall). Employers pay for insurance, and employees don’t have a choice except the one given by employers.

 Because both providers and insurance taps into large pots of money, they charge too much for what they do. Every business in America is has a natural limit: the ability of it’s customers to afford products/services. If they exceed that limit, they go out of business. That’s a big reason why Obamacare is so bad: it allows insurance companies to exceed it by giving them use of the IRS to TAKE money from people who could not AFFORD what they sell, and each penalty is indexed to an accelerator, so will increase forever. Who can say “no” to the IRS? That’s why giving free money to the insurance “pool” increases costs, not reduces them. Since Obamacare, increases higher than in our history. Premiums are now set to double in 7 years.

 3) Citizens United did a very important thing: it removed the monopoly politicians had on campaign contributions. In fact, as a SuperPAC, I can collect MORE money, from MORE sources, than they can. All I need is the mic (donations), and the politicians who voted for Obamacare will run for the exits. They can’t hold a debate with me on health insurance; I’ve been feeding my family by knowing more about insurance than my competitors for over 15 years. if they’d like to try…I’ll make time ;o)

 That’s why they try to make Citizens United out to be a bad thing. Yes, corporations can put their money where they want and drive the onversation. SO CAN WE, and we have more money than they do collectively.

We always said that citizens should have more influence than corporations to our political system. Now we do, if we don’t screw it up. Aptly named: Citizens United.


KS:  Would It be fair to say that the Citizens United has given you a greater ability to make things like “Sick Cents”?


GTM:  Theoretically, but this is the first time it’s had a role, so people aren’t used to it yet.


When a politician asks for money, we give it because we want that person to take a job that will benefit us. However, I’m not asking for a job; I’m asking for your attention so you can reduce how much you pay for insurance by thousands a year and increase access to medical care. It’s a bigger goal than 1 person getting elected, so getting people to believe it’s possible is the highest hurdle.

 Our goal is to reduce every politician who voted for Obamacare 10% in the polls by November. The fact that they are all Democrats makes it much easier to identify those who turned so sharply against the American people. If we do that, we can pass a constitutional amendment, which is the only thing that can overturn a Supreme Court decision.


The other reason to do that is to demonstrate power and control to our elected officials, so they never do anything like this again. We have to remember that Obamacare, in the womb, was a Republican idea. Gives a different flavor to the pro-life movement, huh? LOL.

 If we only vote for PEOPLE, and not LEGISLATION, they will never act in our best interest because communication has changed, and we must change with it.

When I was a kid, the news was at 5, 6, and 11, and followed the same format: bad news, bad news, bad news…weather, sports…good news. Now Obama is telling me that Republicans are evil and against women, blacks, and gays on the phone in my pocket. And, by the way, can I give him $3 :o)

 No average person can keep track of it all, so it’s easy to obscure the truth when it comes time to vote. Remember Obamacare was supposed to reduce the deficit, cost of insurance, and let you keep the plan you have? They still say that now, and it sounds stupid considering the MOUNTAIN of evidence to the contrary. Yet, look how many still believe it. Even Harvard grads still say it’s true :o)

If we really want to take our country back, instead of protesting forever and losing rights all along the way, we should create SuperPAC’s around every area where we know the government is not acting in our best interest, and attack until they do what the American people want.


It’s in our hands now if we just believe we can do it. There is nothing in our way at all thanks to Citizens United.

KS:  What did you learn about the creative process from making “Sick Cents”?

GTM:  Trust God and your gut. I’ve never written a book, given a speech, written and produced videos…anything…before taking on this mission. Never even tried. How they turn out is really not known to me until it happens. The Herman Cain video? Came to me in about 5 seconds; I just went with it.   I feel like an observer sometimes, just with better tickets :o) And to see the outcome, and to be so inspired by it, is just amazing. I wish I could say I was some kind of latent creative mind or something…but I must give all credit to God. There is really no other way to explain it that sounds true to me.

But, if you try to do something with all your might, and you trust God to help you overcome obstacles and show you a way to win, you will. Not to say we’ve won anything yet; most people still don’t know what a better solution to Obamacare is and why it’s better, but out path is clear now. As long as people donate, we will produce videos every 2-3 weeks between now and Halloween (and THAT video is gonna change the game forever. I never wanted it to be Halloween so bad :o), and each one will educate the public on WHY Obamacare is so bad, who voted for it, or what a better solution would be. We will drive the narrative, and use current Democratic talking points and turn them against Obamacare. Wait until you see how the “war on women” is portrayed in “The Sick Cents”!

I got the idea from School House Rock commercials from the 70’s…it’s how I learned to brush my teeth, about conjunctions, and how a bill becomes a law. I was a latchkey kid :o)

The videos will also follow 3 rules:

1) Verifiable TRUTH only, 2) never say anything bad about any person, 3) Reference to God in everything.

If we keep to that formula, and can maintain funding until Halloween, America will win a better healthcare solution, and more respect from our elected officials than we’ve ever had. Halloween is only 1 week before the election (which was another reason for Dr. Obamacare, BTW), and everyone will know who voted for Obamacare on that day. Until then, there will be about 12 more videos after this one, with each one being more and more sinister :o). The intent is to develop a following (I can’t wait for the next episode of True Blood, for example). Using TV strategy for campaign commercial purposes.

 KS:  After all the work that you’ve put into “The Sick Cents”, do you see yourself as a filmmaker or are you an activist?   

GTM:  Well, I enjoy film, but the real talent behind what you see is Dan Cortes of Mosaiah Entertainment. I provide ideas, direction, script writing, and nuance. He turns all that into magic, and the outcome is always better than I imagined. I wish I knew what he knows :o) Finding him was an answer to a prayer: I had tried another filmmaker before him, it didn’t work out, and I was at an impasse. I put an ad on Craigslist, he was the first one that responded, and was much more in line with the vision I had for Dr. Obamacare.  Wonderful how that turned out :o) 

I’m only an activist because the Democrats passed Obamacare, putting in jeopardy the earnings capability of my children and future grandchildren forever. You mess with my kids, and I’m coming after you…and to WIN, not  just prove a point. That’s why politicians should have more respect for the American people. I’ve met tons of guys/gals JUST LIKE ME on this journey. Many of them read your blog, I’m sure :o) 

I’m the same as most everyone else, except for one thing: I’m committed. I have to be if we are to win a better solution.

KS:  If you had to guess, do you think the Supreme Court is going to strike down ObamaCare or are the Republicans going to have to put in the work and repeal it?

GTM:  I think so, but a court is only a referee calling balls and strikes. They aren’t playing the game, so can’t affect a better solution. Right now, Congress is trying to figure out CONSTITUTIONAL ways to give insurance companies more of our money. They can just tax more, after all. Without actually solving the problem, more people will become bankrupt (number 1 cause of bankruptcy in America? Medical bills.) and die prematurely due to lack of access to affordable health care.  They have no vision. When there is no vision in government, the rights of the people perish. 

KS:   How important was it for you to not just criticize ObamaCare, but to have a health care reform plan of your own?


GTM:  If I only disagreed with Obamacare, but had nothing better to offer, I would be a fool for putting so much of my personal savings, time, and relationships on the line. If you only knew how hard it is to make big changes in your life like that. Almost all of my friends and family lean liberal and, when you create a character that looks like a Zombie version of Obama, they assume you’ve gone mad or been brainwashed by right-wing racist crazy people who want to destroy America :o)  I’m sure they are planning an intervention as we speak, and I’m not kidding…

 If you understand insurance and how it affects the health care marketplace, you’ll know exactly why Obamacare doesn’t work and how to fix the problem. When you read Passing Obamacare, 90 minutes later you will be like “WHY didn’t we hear about this kind of solution before?” It’s so easy a caveman could do it, and it does reduce premiums substantially and increase access to healthcare. The only reason we haven’t heard about it is that only high-level executive opinions are considered worthy by our government. No one who works in the kitchen where the meal is prepared is ever consulted except when they ask for money or a vote. Hopefully that will change through our efforts. 

KS:  Can you foresee a time when independent filmmakers can simply bypass Hollywood, make their flicks through alternative funding and use the internet to distribute their movies? 

GTM:  Yes. Easily. Once the average person can go online on their giant screen TV’s, with the same picture/sound quality…game over :o) 3-5 years tops, though going to the movies is still a unique experience that will likely survive. Even the best song download doesn’t compare to a concert.
KS:  Of all the aspects of this project–writing, acting, casting, art direction, scheduling, etc–which was the biggest challenge?
GTM:  Getting people to believe that the average person can force our government to behave. BY FAR the hardest part; creating has been easy. So many people buy the notion that we are not powerful or important as individuals. I’ve heard so many times: “Who are you? No one cares about what you think! How can a lowly person like you fix such a complicated problem?” So many lack faith in themselves and what they are capable of with God’s support. 
It’s the same reason normal people don’t enter politics. Think about it: had I tweeted my junk in a previous life (ummm….nevermind :o), or even had bad credit once, I would be painted as NOT GOOD ENOUGH to be in politics. Of course, those people know what it’s like in the real world, where people fall and get back up. The kind of people who might have said “Government being able to commandeer our money? HELL NO!”…LOL. When we stop looking for perfection, or someone who has to be BETTER THAN US to win in politics…and start looking for passion, integrity,  and intelligence, then we will get the representation we deserve. 

Until then, we get people who are excellent at obscuring the truth about themselves and, by extension, about everything else.


KS: You’ve nailed the subject of socialized medicine.  When this is all said and done, do you think you’d take on another political film project? 

GTM:  After this? I’m going to take a nice, long vacation. This is, by far, the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do, and I would love to wake up one day and not think “Must…STOP….OBAMACARE!!!” LOL! Actually, I love everything I’ve done during this project. Filming, writing, giving speeches…creating. I never knew I could do any of it, so I think I’ll keep my options open and see what happens. I will say that I’ve heard from a TON of conservative filmmakers that Hollywood shuts them out. If I can help there, I would be honored. There should not be a political litmus test for a great idea. Maybe instead of Hollywood being the center of the film making universe, a southern city with glitz and glamour like Miami can step up to the plate and fill the void. Lord knows, there are enough people there who want to be in front of the camera!

KS:  Big thanks to the one and only Dr. ObamaCare aka Glenn Troy Morton for giving me some of his time.
 You can watch “The Sick Cents” either by going here or by going here.  Also, keep watching his stuff.  As Mr. Morton mentioned, he’s gonna keep rolling out episodes all year long till Election Day. 
So yeah, go check it out.  Citizen-driven activism and a horror movie?  Admit it, you’d totally see this flick.  

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The “Sick Cents”/Anti-ObamaCare Movie Poster

Posted by KingShamus on May 10, 2012

Check it out, ya’all.

Notice who got the blurb.  Heheh.

I’m in the midst of interviewing Glenn Morton, the creator of the sinister Dr. Obamacare.  I’ll be rolling out our conversation before the premier of “The Sick Cents” next Tuesday.  Mr. Morton has a lot of insights and a few surprises too.

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Updated: How Bad Do I Suck?

Posted by KingShamus on May 10, 2012

I apologize for the post making fun of Gerard Butler. 

I deleted the whole thing.

Gerard Butler has a problem that I shouldn’t have made light of.   

From what I’ve heard, he’s not an evil dude.  He’s not any more spoiled or out of touch than anybody else in Hollyweird.  It doesn’t seem like he’s an America-hater or a complete douchenozzle.  But even if he was, that doesn’t excuse me cracking on him.

Hell, I liked him in “300”.  I thought he did a great job as Leonidas.  It wouldn’t have been a great film without his work, which means the dude is talented.

So for what it’s worth I apologize.  I was wrong and I will try to do better in the future.  More importantly, I hope Gerard Butler gets help and gets clean soon.  He’s a gifted actor who will hopefully make more cool movies in the future. 

But I’m not gonna stop making fun of Mariah Carey

Do something about your wifey’s clothes Nick Cannon.  Don’t you guys have stylists?  Or mirrors in your house?  C’mon, man.

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Conservative Ghettos, Liberal Beachheads

Posted by KingShamus on May 4, 2012

Let’s let the terrific Smitty_One_Each over at The Other McCain fill us all in on the latest leftist dirty tricks on the internet.

Insty points to Treacher going on about the latest shenanigans at Wikipedia. It seems that it’s OK to have a page about Seamus the Dog, of Romney family fame, but no one need be bothered with talk of Obama’s dog consumption. Even though the dog munching is in one of Obama’s biographies, the dog may have been a composite of several species of small furry animals gathered together in a pot and grooving to world music. Wikipedia is great for scientific stuff, but goes high and to the left whenever a political topic emerges. This comes on the heels of Chris Loesch getting tooled on Twitter for offending the powers-that-delete.

Read the whole thing.

Smitty advocates using conservative alternatives to liberal-dominated crap.  Like, swap out your old and busted bookmarked Wikipedia for a fresh new Conservapedia one; that kind of thing.  Not to toot my own boycott, but some of us have been avoiding WikiLiberalpedia for a while now.

The thing I have an issue with is conservative self-ghettoization.  Don’t get me wrong.  I think some right-wing hedgehogging is understandable.  When much of the  the US media culture is full of closed-minded Bolsheviks, the temptation is to tell them to go fuck off and then start something self-consciously and proudly traditionalist.

However–why should the Right concede so much ground to the Left?  Liberals remain America’s minority political caucus.  It seems really counter-productive to let them create areas of public life where their ideology is the only one that gets a hearing, especially when they’re the ones who are most often outside of the mainstream of American political thought.

More than that, it’s about dealing with the larger culture.  Most people are just not strongly political.  That means they don’t really get a lot of the nuanced partisan hackery that goes into censoring Chris Loesch on Twitter or rigging Wiki pages to hide the overwhelming evidence against Algore’s climate change suicide cult.

What that also means is that most people will continue to use the most easily accessible and most popular social media/internet resources/world wide web thingamabobs that are available, regardless of political leanings.  If Twitter is the most popular social media out there, then by God that’s where the people are going to go.  Therefore, that’s where conservative people should be too.

I could see how a conservative version of Twitter might be nice to have.  It would be cool if right-of-center folks didn’t get arbitrarily singled out for their political views.  But then again, who would we be talking to?  Pretty much just us.  Meanwhile, while the Right is busy creating their iteration of whatever the latest hip social media comes out, the Left will simply gobble up the space conservatives leave behind.

Think about it this way:  If the ‘normal’ social website is Twitter, and everybody but Republicans are on it, who looks strange in that scenario?

That doesn’t mean conservatives shouldn’t try to create stuff for themselves.  Hell, right-wing blogs (like the one you’re reading right now) were made in large part as a reaction to the reflexive mainstream media leftism.  So places like Conservapedia and other traditionalist sites are very valuable in combating the socialist menace.

But I think conservatives should always look to use their resources as a springboard back into the larger American conversation.  Rather than get pigeonholed into a narrow political niche, the Right needs to engage with the Left and–more importantly–the unaffiliated low-information people that make up the majority of our culture.

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