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Foreign Policy Debate Wrap-Up

Posted by KingShamus on October 23, 2012

A couple of things to digest from last night’s Boca Boxstep.

First, here’s Rasmussen’s latest swing state poll:

In the 11 swing states, Mitt Romney earns 50% of the vote to Obama’s 45%. Two percent (2%) like another candidate in the race, and four percent (4%) are undecided.

This is now the third time Romney has hit the 50% mark in the combined swing states in the past four days and is the biggest lead either candidate has held in nearly three weeks. This survey is conducted on a rolling seven-day basis, and as a result, virtually all of the interviews for today’s update were completed before the end of last night’s presidential debate. Romney has now held a modest lead for 12 of the last 15 days; Obama was ahead twice, and the candidates ran even once.

Does anybody think Mitt Romney did so poorly in the foreign policy debate that he lost his five point national lead over Obama?

In addition-look at the interviews CBS did with Ohio undecided voters right after the debate.  If that’s an even sorta-accurate summation of the sentiments of Buckeye State voters, the President is in very deep trouble.

A lot of observers were struck by the snippy posture Obama chose to take in this debate.  Robert Stacy McCain takes note of the raging Obamatuer in action.

The morning shows and cable-news networks are sure to spend a lot of time today replaying the weirdest moment of the debate, when Romney said — quite accurately — that the U.S. Navy “is smaller now than at any time since 1917,” with fewer ships than the Navy says it needs. To this, Obama replied: “Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military’s changed. We have these things called aircraft carriers, where planes land on them. We have these ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines. And so the question is not a game of Battleship, where we’re counting ships. ”

What in the name of John Paul Jones was this? Did the president sincerely think Romney needed to be told what submarines and aircraft carriers are? Fact-checkers were quick to point out that the Marine Corps still trains with bayonets, but the implication of Obama’s remark — that naval ships are as obsolete as 19th-century horse cavalry and bayonet charges — was certainly not likely to win him many votes in such swing-state Navy towns as Norfolk, Virginia, and Pensacola, Florida.

Go ahead and read the rest, as The Other McCain is in a cautiously optimistic mood.

Back to the Snarkist-In-Chief:  Why would Death Stare Barry make such a douchey pedantic quip like this?  If you wanted a self-inflicted net-loser for Obama, this is damn near perfect.  It isn’t very Presidential, it kills his likability among undecideds and he ends up looking like a dickbag bar stool know-it-all in mid-rant.

Obama deployed the jerkweed maneuver…over and over again…because he knows the DailyKos crowd will reliably pop a massive prog-boner for this stuff.  It’s emotionally cathartic for the Left’s Jesus-Man throw cheap shots at their latest Two Minutes Hate figure.  Obama wasn’t playing for the last remaining fence-sitting voters.  He was playing for Rachel Maddow’s glowing approval.

Conveniently, being a sorehead shit-heel is also Obama’s default emotional position.  The fact that he so often went to the happy place in his rhetorical reservoir is a pretty good indication that he realizes he could easily lose this race.  But as gratifying as it was for the President to trash-talk his opponent, it cannot help with anyone but his base.

In a contest where both sides need to appeal to undecided voters, Obama’s petulance might’ve just cost him the Presidency.

MORE:  Check out Starless’ great visual summation of the debate.

EVEN MORE:  Manhattan Infidel somehow got a hold of Obama’s debate notepad.  Here’s a few gems.

Governor Romney, the math doesn’t work.  Just like my half-brother in Kenya.

I’ll be very quick… I said to Michelle last night.

How do we keep the Muslim Brotherhood out of power?  I’m sending the Black Panthers to Egypt to suppress the vote.

Important:  Make eye contact with George Clooney. Hey, where the hell is George Clooney?

Read the rest.

STILL MORE:  John over at the Sentry Journal hits on a possible reason why Romney didn’t press the Benghazi issue.

I know a lot of people were waiting for Romney to go on the attack over the Benghazi tragedy.  Republican Senators and Representatives talked about it all weekend,  But things changed over the weekend when the CIA basically bailed the President out by saying they did brief that it was a spontaneous attack even though they watched it via a live video feed.  I believe the President was ready for this because he tried to steer the conversation back to Libya and Romney did not take the bait.  Instead he decided that the President’s actions or–lack of–will play out in the court of public opinion.

I was wondering why Romney sorta let it go.  I thought Benghazi was basically teed up for Mitt.  Instead, he decided to steer the conversation back to economic issues whenever he could.  I think that was probably Mitt’s best move as it hit Obama at his weakest point.

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