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What Israel Faces

Posted by KingShamus on November 20, 2012

Maetenloch over at Ace of Spades gives us a little of that perspective stuff I keep hearing about these days.

I wonder how Perth Amboy, Hempstead, Mahwah or Manhattan would react if they had to live under the threat of 275 rockets and mortars in the five days since lead Hamas dirtbag Ahmed Jabari was given an unexpectedly awesome dirt nap.  Ponder the possible reaction of those sleepy little burgs if they had to deal with 451 separate rocket/mortar attacks in the last 8 months. Does anybody think there would be any talk of ‘proportionality’ if Americans were the ones getting explosive devices thrown at their homes and workplaces?

If it was happening in the States, Andrew Cuomo would be talking to his dad about getting some Bonnano crime family goombas to push a few buttons on the terrorists.  In an instant, Nurse Bloomberg could deploy his sign language interpreter to bore the shit out of Hamas.  It’d be fun to see Chris Christie waddle for the TV cameras in his action-man fleece bellowing for Obama to give him nuclear launch codes.

But instead, it’s Israel, so nobody cares.

In fact, the world eagerly awaits the opportunity to cluck it’s tongue and make concern-troll noises when and if Israel prepares to put boots on the ground in Gaza.


Easiest Prediction Ever:  The entire panoply of kleptocrats, military strongmen and anti-democratic monarchs in the Middle East will publicly condemn the Israelis if they invade Gaza, while in private many Arab regimes will wildly celebrate the violent de-fanging of the Iranian-backed, Turkey-supported Hamas.

Fuck the international hater’s chorus.  The bankrolled anti-Semites, the Islamo-Nazis and the thumbsucker Left all need a hefty dose of reality.  Do what has to be done, Israel.

Do it fast, do it effectively and finish it.

Once Hamas is gone, maybe then the Gazans will be ready for peace.  Perhaps then the Gazans see the stupidity of letting a terrorist group represent them.  Hopefully Muslim Brotherhood-controlled Egypt will see that it doesn’t stand a chance in a ground war with Israel and will face reality rather than indulge their idiotic United States of Islamic Caliphate fantasies.

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More Fun With The Flotilla!

Posted by KingShamus on June 4, 2010

We Con The World.

I snagged this from Roger Simon’s Twitter feed.

Yes, I’m on Twitter.  That doesn’t make me a horrible person.

Does it?

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Turkey, Israel, Gaza: Who Needs A Big Hug Here?

Posted by KingShamus on June 3, 2010

Hey Turkey, thanks for playing along. Here’s your consolation prize.

Turkey’s Islamist government, not known for its compassion to, say, Kurds in Turkey, has been shedding crocodile tears over Gaza for several years now, and helped instigate the flotilla fiasco. So I have a modest proposal: if Turkey is so concerned with the welfare of Gazans, why not let Turkey run the place. Israel doesn’t want it, and never has; it tried to give it back to Egypt several times, but Egypt doesn’t want it, either. Meanwhile, Gaza is controlled by a terrorist government that is both cruel and incompetent; and Israel is not going to lift its siege to long as Hamas is in charge.

The Muslim/Arab states have spent the last sixty-two years leveraging the Palestinians against Israel. Meanwhile, no Middle Eastern nations (with the exception of Jordan) have done anything concrete to ameliorate the plight of the Palestinians. The actions of the ME states suggest that they feel the Palestinians are better off used as a club to beat Israel over the head with from time to time.

Of course, Bernstein knows his scenario will never fly. Why? Because Turkey…and the rest of the Middle East…likes the Palestinians right where they are: Exploited by the terror-mongers and kleptocrats that surround them.

When will the Palestinians get the fact that they’re being used like a box of kleenex by every dickbag regime in their neighborhood? As I said before, it’s only been six decades. You’d think they’d figure it out by now.

As for Israel, they’re pretty much where they’ve always been-fucked over and hated by the world. The only difference is that nowadays, the US president couldn’t care less about the Israelis and they know it. What does Israel do now? What they always do-fight off their enemies under the microscope of world opinion that despises them and try to soldier on.

Good luck, homies.

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