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The Ongoing Problem With Karl Rove

Posted by KingShamus on February 26, 2013

The Turd Blossom In His Most Natural Position

Why do I bring him up now?

Because Hugh Hewitt said this the other day on Twitter:

Still waiting for critics of Rove to nominate best GOP strategist…for most it is like hating your starting QB but having no back-up.

Hewitt’s statement got my dander up a bit and then I sorta went on a rant.


Allow me me sorta clean up my tweets for human consumption.

First, I have no other GOP strategerist to replace Karl Rove, so I’ll concede Hewitt a well-earned point.  If I absolutely had to pick someone to run the 2016 Republican ticket, I’d hire the person who ran either Scott Walker’s or Bobby Jindal’s campaigns and then hope for the best.  At least those folks have had success in the last four years.

Like every other facet of the GOP panoply, it’s very tough to have confidence in politicos based in Washington DC.  Choosing somebody outside the Beltway might be the only viable option.

But here’s something I’ve been wondering.  How come nobody–not the slick consultants, the overpriced underperforming tech gurus, or the high-powered campaign honchos–could figure out just how stupid and self-defeating Mitt Romney’s pro-life positioning was?

Think about the journey Romney took to become an anti-abortion presidential candidate.  Homeboy was pro-abortion for most of his public life.  He only started making vaguely pro-life noises in 2005.  He then tried to assure the GOP faithful that he was pro-life.

There were several problems with Mitt’s messaging.  Most pro-lifers were very skeptical of Romney’s rather recent and not completely convincing conversion.  That alone probably depressed social conservative turnout and hurt Romney’s chances on Election Day.

However, Mitt being perceived as an insincere opportunist wasn’t his biggest problem.  Romney never used his pro-life position for anything except winning the GOP nomination.  Once he got that, being anti-abortion was more or less forgotten by the campaign and the candidate.

Funny thing is, Obamaton propaganda ministers David Plouffe and Jim Messina didn’t forget. While Romney was trying and failing to make the election about the national debt going supernova and the sputtering American economy, Obama succeeded in making 2012 about Mitt being a misogynistic piece of dogshit.  Naturally, Team Barry used Romney’s pro-life stance as the convenient hook to slam the former Massachusetts governor as a vagina-hating douchecanoe.  Romney never defended being anti-abortion except in the weakest most mewling ways.  Even worse, the GOP standard bearer never employed his pro-life stance as a club to beat up Obama at all.

For God’s sake, Obama voted against the Born Alive Act when he was an Illinois muckety-muck.  He gave (and continues to give) lots of federal tax dollar love to Planned Parenthood, the same organization that was cool with giving abortions to what it thought were underage sex slaves.  There was plenty of anti-life extremism in Obama’s curriculum vitae that could’ve been exploited by the Romney camp.  But they just couldn’t bring themselves to do it.

So why did Mitt Romney even bother going through the motions to become a pro-lifer in the first place?  His position on the abortion issue didn’t energize evangelical Christians and other components of the social conservative movement.  It didn’t expand the party’s base by getting significant chunks of the Latino vote, a constituency I keep hearing is full of natural Republican voters.  Further, Mitt never employed his pro-life stance as a pivot to attack Barack Obama’s shockingly radical anti-life actions.  Once the primaries were over, being pro-life didn’t help Romney in any way.  It can be credibly argued that being a squishy half-assed pro-lifer hurt Romney because it gave Obama an opening to create the War On Women narrative against the GOP standard-bearer.

This should be an iron-clad rule in politics:  If your ideological positions are not helping you, they will be used by your opponent to hurt you.  This is especially true when it comes to abortion, which is far more emotional and polarizing then an issue like energy independence or entitlement reform.  Mitt and his team forgot this law of partisan warfare and it cost them dearly.

I’ll admit that this post is a lot of gussied-up Monday morning quarterbacking.  On the other hand, the Republican Party consultant class gets paid to figure this out before the election and they still don’t know how to play the game.  If you listen to Karl Rove and his ilk, they still think the GOP’s problems are caused by being too right-wing.  They’ve had just as much time as I’ve had to do a post-game analysis of the November debacle.  Their strongest recommendations involve letting Obama get his way on everything, then lather-rinse-repeat until 2016.

To be fair, Karl Rove won two presidential elections in the last decade, so its not like he’s got no game.  The problem is that he doesn’t understand why Mitt Romney got his ass beat two and a half months ago.  Nor does anybody else who runs anything in the Republican Party seem to get it either.  If Turd Blossom is the best the GOP can do, then they deserve to perish because they suck at politics.

RELATED:  I don’t wanna belabor the point, but I’m going to anyway.

Politics–like life itself–is often not about what you say, but how you say it.  If Barack Obama stated, “I’m going to raise your taxes because I think you’re too stupid to know what to do with all your money”, he’d win 10 states, tops.  If the President declared, “I’m going to obliterate the Second Amendment and incrementally take away your guns because I don’t trust you, the great unwashed bitter clingers”, his approval rating would hover just above herpes.  If Two-Pack Attack Barry admitted that ObamaCare was going to feature death panels to determine who gets what kinds of medical treatment, Romney would’ve won the 2012 election with seventy percent of the popular vote.

But of course, Obama doesn’t do that.  The Duffer-in-Chief believes all those things in his heart, but he never says them out loud.  Instead, he always couches his ideology in nicey-nice pablum:  “balanced approach”, “common sense gun laws”, “Obama does care”.  Even better?  As he describes his own campus Marxism as true-blue Americana,  he’s turns the Republicans into the Ku Klux Klan, the Taliban and the Nazis all rolled into one big slimy ball of extremism.

It doesn’t help matters when prominent candidates on the Republican side completely lose the plot and play into his hands.  The problem with the GOP isn’t that Todd Akin misspoke on the life issue.  It’s that Todd Akin was never taught how to speak credibly and effectively about his political views in the first place.

To stick with the abortion issue, being pro-life isn’t enough for a political candidate.  Being extremely pro-life isn’t enough.  Being pro-life and then turning your position into a cudgel to beat up your opponent is what has to happen if you want to win.  Allowing yourself to get bogged down in some weird rhetorical side street will only get you in trouble.  If you’re not on offense, you’re on defense.  That means you’re getting your ass kicked.

This is true of every political issue.  Why take a stand on any topic if it cannot be weaponized and deployed against an opponent?

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Obama’s Gameplan and Republican Options

Posted by KingShamus on July 12, 2011

Remember when President Obama said this?

The top congressional leaders from both parties gathered at the White House for a working discussion over the shape and size of President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus plan. The meeting was designed to promote bipartisanship.

But Obama showed that in an ideological debate, he’s not averse to using a jab.

Challenged by one Republican senator over the contents of the package, the new president, according to participants, replied: “I won.”

As a statement of fact, the Bamster was of course correct.  He did win the 2008 presidential election in very handy fashion.  John McCain was a lousy candidate, but that doesn’t change the fact that 52% of the public pulled the HopeyChangey lever.

As it relates to the contemporary fight over the debt ceiling, Obama’s 2009 triumphalism represents just how badly the President misread the circumstances that swept him into power.  Candidate Barry ran as an aspirational post-partisan Lightbringer.  He was going to reverse the country’s imperial posture on the world stage and reverse the damage done to the US’s reputation by the American warlord Premier Bush.  International intellectual elites, formerly hostile governments, hardcore terrorists; all would fall for Barack Obama’s apologies for past American misbehavior and his sophisticated charisma.  

On the home front, an Obama presidency was advertised as an even-keeled moderate administration that would stand athwart the ideological poles of American politics cooing, “Let’s Be Nice.”  President Pantscrease (thanks again, David Brooks!) wasn’t going to give in to the extremes of the Republican Party hacks of course, but he also wasn’t going to let Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi define his political agenda either.  Sure, there would be some new spending, but nothing crazy.  Yes, there were going to be some tax hikes, but only on the really rich people.

A conciliatory anti-Dubya abroad and a pragmatic centrist in the domestic sphere: this is the Barack Obama many Americans voted for in 2008. 

In 2011 we find ourselves sifting through the wreckage of Obama’s presidency. All the ridiculous spending with absolutely nothing to show for it, all the bloated Leviathan government programs passed against the public’s will, all the ludicrous domestic decisions that have damn near annihilated the private sector, all the random wars started with little public explanation and even fewer plans for victory; all of these things and more were borne out of Barack Obama’s self-delusion. This arrogant ideologically-blinkered talentless achievement-free hack of a man, with decades of politically correct college campus leftism crammed into his thick Ivy League skull, actually thought that just because he snookered some folks into believing his factless self-description he could govern like the Marxoid rabble-rouser he actually is.

Better still, Barack Obama wants John Boehner and the rest of the GOP–you know, the folks who won last November–to make the exact same mistake he did back in 2009.  In the budget ceiling battle going on, the President needs Speaker Boehner far more than he probably ever thought he would.  In fact, Obama’s chances for pulling a victory out of this (and saving his re-election bacon) rest on John Boehner’s forgetting the reason why people voted for the GOP in the midterm elections.

Related:  Let’s look at the grand agreement that Obama wants and needs Boehner to approve.  The Democrats get the Republicans to stop hammering them about profligate spending.  In exchange for that, the GOP gets what exactly?

 …the president and his allies are playing a familiar card. It’s not that they are against entitlement “reform,” they say, it’s just that they want to protect the beneficiaries from any financial sacrifice. And so we learn in recent days (see here and here) that Democrats are willing to put sizeable Medicare and Medicaid “cuts” on the table. Among the changes that are reportedly under consideration are further reductions in what providers of services and products are paid, trims in Medicare’s support of hospital-based physician-training programs, and importation of Medicaid’s pharmaceutical-rebate scheme into the Medicare prescription-drug benefit for the so-called “dually eligible” (that is, the elderly who are enrolled in both programs). And apparently some Republicans are willing to play along.

These kinds of changes in Medicare and Medicaid are nothing new. Various versions of them have been included in every budget deal going back 30 years, and most especially in the bipartisan deals of 1990 and 1997. They do not constitute genuine entitlement reform. They will not fix Medicare and Medicaid. And they will not solve the nation’s budget problem.

Yes, on paper, the Congressional Budget Office will say they save money, perhaps even a lot of money. But CBO has said that every time a budget deal in the past has included similar provisions. As the years go by, the savings always vanish in the regulatory complexity of the programs, and entitlement spending continues to rise just as it always has. Moreover, arbitrary across-the-board payment cuts are actually damaging to the efficient operation of the health system. They lead to cost shifting, and they drive willing suppliers of services out of the marketplace. In the end, price controls do nothing to change the underlying reasons for cost growth.

So…the Republicans would get nothing.  And a whole lot of it.

Excuse my Frogtalk, but why the fuck should the GOP cave in on this?  Because some dick-smack grandees over at the Washington Post are crying about it?  Newsflash:  The mainstream media hates Republicans and conservatives the way Roman Polanski hates statutory rape laws.  They lie and lie and lie some more, all in the hopes of convincing enough people of the progressive-approved narratives. 

More than a few people got their knickers in a twist when Rush Limbaugh said he hoped Barack Obama would fail.  Very few people, even those on the Right, ever mention the countless magazine articles, newspaper op-eds and television pieces the MSM produces every goddamn day that practically begs the Lord for the Republicans to fall down a sinkhole and vanish from the political scene.

What about the Mitch McConnell horrible train wreck compromise, you ask?  ‘Demoralizing’ would be a grotesque understatement.  Imagine if in World War II the Allies spent months planning the D-Day invasion of Normandy, executed the landing, suffered horrendous casualties and successfully secured a beachhead in France…then turned around and went back to England on June 7th.  That’s the kind of insanity Senator McConnell is proposing here. 

The Republicans have gone too far to stop now.  If they do some sort of preemptive surrender where they end up with no real spending cuts while giving their imprimatur to Obama’s liberalism, the GOP will all but guarantee the formation of a third party. That in turn will probably mean an Obama win in 2012.  The stakes are that high.

Still More:  Jim from the terrific Conservatives On Fire blog has a slightly different take on the issue.

So, how should the Republicans play their hand? That, I suppose, depends on if the Republicans believe that since the “Great Awakening” of 2008, they have the ability to sell the American people the truth. Last night I reported on Sen. McConnell’s plan to just let the President do whatever he wants with the debt ceiling, which would allow the Republicans to put all the blame for raising the debt on Obama. A few minutes ago I received a comment on that post from John Galt of the Robbing America blog. John makes a very solid argument for supporting McConnell’s plan. The gist of John’s argument is that sometimes in battle the best strategy is to retreat and regroup to fight another day. He is right, in tha, there are times when this is the best strategy. However, history has shown that there are times in battle when you are grossly out numbered by the enemy, the best thing to is to go on the attack.

I’m with Jim.  Retreat in this case equals death.  The GOP needs to go full steam ahead, making sure they get their side of the argument out early and often before the August 2nd deadline.

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Huckabee (Probably) Isn’t Running In 2012

Posted by KingShamus on February 24, 2011

One Republican–likely–down for the count before the fight begins.

“In order to run for president last time, I cashed in my life insurance, my annuities, I pretty much went through everything that I ever had as an asset that I thought I might someday live on. One thing I committed to myself, to my wife and God, was that if I do this I’m hopefully going to be in a position that I’m not so completely destitute at the end of it, that I have no idea what to do if I get sick.”

Can I get two cheers for inflation?

Cubachi thinks this signals Huckabee’s lack of seriousness about 2012.  I think she’s right.  But then again, has Huckabee ever been a serious candidate in the next presidential election?  The only reason anybody paid him any attention in 2008 was because the GOP field was so weak. 

Besides that, what’s his campaign narrative supposed to be in 2012?  I really don’t think America–and the GOP in particular–will be in the market for spend-happy compassionate conservative. 

Don’t get it twisted.  I think Huckabee’s heart is in the right place on a lot of issues.  So was George W. Bush’s.  Dubya was right about guns, abortion and–broadly–terrorism.  But his lack of discipline about spending (and his poor performance in 2004-2006 Iraq) soiled the GOP brand and helped usher in President Obama.  In similar ways, Huckabee’s compassionate conservatism very well could be just the thing to help re-elect St. Barry of the Sacred Union Payoff.

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You want a perfect summation of the RINO?

Posted by KingShamus on November 29, 2010

Here it is, courtesy of Bob Belvedere.

Here before us is another reason we, the outsiders, the TEA Party folks in action and spirit, must show no quarter towards the GOP Establishment.  Besides living in a collegial and congenial past that no longer is [call it what you will, the Gerald Ford or Bob Michael Era], the GOP and conservative Elites have a track record that is strewn with utter and abysmal failures.  In fact, historians not yet born will label them as the Useful Idiots of the Left who, by their weaknesses and naiveté, help bring about the lamentable situation we now find ourselves in.

Bingo.  Read the rest of his post; Bob’s got some good stuff in there.

This is what kills me when people talk about the Republican establishment and their fetishization of electability.  It’s one thing to acknowledge that RINO’s and moderates can often get elected easier (in certain states/districts/campaigns) than a rock-ribbed across-the-board right winger.  This is a fact that we shouldn’t simply dismiss out of hand.  For instance:  Looking back on the particular circumstances of the race, Mike Castle probably had a better chance of winning the Senate election in Delaware than Christine O’Donnell.

However, what would we–actual factual conservatives–have gained by getting Castle into the Senate?  He would’ve voted for Cap-n-Tax in a potential dead duck congressional session.  He was still going to be pro-choice and anti-Second Amendment.  Knowing his record, his first term in the US Senate would’ve been marked by ArlenSpecterian hands-across-the-aisle moments of capitulation to various facets of the liberal nanny-state agenda.  A hug for Obama would not have been completely out of the question.

Would a guy like Mike Castle, a classic go along to get along DC establishmentarian, have the stomach for repealing Obama-Care?  What makes anybody think Castle would be capable of defunding the utterly wretched NPR or abolishing  the utterly useless Department of Energy?  In what possible scenario would a guy like Mike Castle vote against immigration amnesty?  Could Mike Castle, famous for his chummy clubby attitude towards Democrats, actually go along with his own party on something substantive like real free-market entitlement reforms?  Many signs point to an emphatic ‘no’.

Not only would a potential Senator Mike Castle be a thorn in the side of conservatives, he’d be doing everything he can to damage the already-tarnished Republican brand.  While he was busy building a media-backed Fiefdom of Royal RINOLand, he’d also happily throw monkey wrenches into GOP-backed fiscal discipline measures.  

So conservatives would get lots of drawbacks and almost no benefits from a Senator Mike Castle.  But the Tea Party and it’s allies were supposed to forget all that because Mike Castle happened to have a weak ‘R’ behind his name?  Really?

(Cross-Posted at the great Baldilocks.  As always, thank you Juliette.)

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Black Folks-Come Back Home

Posted by KingShamus on October 31, 2010

A rad find by the great Smitty of the awesome Other McCain fame.

Because, let’s be honest here–the Democrats haven’t exactly handed African-Americans the keys to the kingdom.

Democrat Party economic ideas under President Barack Obama have lead to a 19% unemployment rate for black males.  Not only that, but the Donks seem to suggest that this utterly unacceptable situation is the new normal for Americans in general, and black males in particular.  ‘Just grin and bear it, brotha’  is the mantra coming out of the Obama Administration.  That’s some stone cold comfort right there.

The Democrat Party has been in bed with Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry for decades.  Ponder the murderous irony of African-Americans aligning themselves with a political party that prays at the altar of Planned Parenthood, a group founded on the vile bigoted population control policies of Margaret Sanger.  Somebody in the Democrat Party needs to explain how a racist eugenicist organization that promotes racist eugenicist policies is going to fight discrimination and help black people get ahead in America.  It’s going to be exceedingly hard for African-Americans to have any kind of future if they’re five times as likely as white people to kill their babies.  

Even worse, the Democrats have not only taken advantage of the black vote on the federal level.  From statehouses to city councils, Democrats have feasted on near unanimous black voter support to ram through a nasty paternalistic agenda.  Case in point:  While urban crime has gone down on a national level, many cities are still cesspools of the criminal element.  Detroit, Camden, East St. Louis; just a few of the most unsafe places in America.  So what do many big-city mayors and councils do?  They impose anti-Second Amendment laws that make it impossible for city dwellers–many of them black–from defending themselves from murderers, rapists and violent gangs.

Consider the back-breaking trade off made by black folks living in cities dominated by gun-grabbing Democrat politicians.  African-Americans fought for decades to get the Voting Rights Act enacted.  That’s great.  However, if you’re black and you want to live in a city, why should you have to throw away your constitutionally guaranteed right to self-defense?  Because some nanny-state Democrat politician thinks he can keep you safe better than you can?  How’s that worked out?      

This is just a small part of the cancerous legacy of black people voting in lockstep for Democrats:  Jobless, neutered and defenseless.

Come back home, black folks.

UPDATE:  Welcome NewsRealBlog Readers!  Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the intertubes.  You’re welcome to roam about the blog freely.

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Saturday’s Jon Runyan GOTV Effort: Reactions

Posted by KingShamus on October 25, 2010

On Saturday I went out to Tom’s River NJ to do some get-out-the-vote work for the Jon Runyan. Runyan is running against Jon Adler, a typical douchey Democrat who wants to save the freakin’ world with your money. In covering the race from afar, it seemed like I should get a glove and get in the game.

Ace of Spades organized the event. Tagging along were Mr. Bingley  (who blogs at the terrifically titled Coalition of the Swilling), ThisHeavenlyHell (a frequent commenter at Ace’s place) and several other members of the Moron-Sphere (who forgot to e-mail or text me back with their handles).  We all met at Runyan’s campaign headquarters. At first I thought I’d be doing phone work, but instead the campaign coordinator dude asked us to do some voter canvassing of the district. It was beautiful Indian summer day for walking around the neighborhood, so I was stoked to get out of the HQ and see what the area was all about.

Toms River is actually much bigger than I had previously thought. Socio-economically speaking, it seemed fairly diverse as well. In getting to the neighborhood I was going to canvass, I drove past million dollar McMansions and worse-for-wear 1950’s ranch homes, often within a few blocks of each other.  The area we were canvassing was a middle/working class neighborhood.  Nice homes, but nothing particularly massive or gaudy. 

Better still, the people we talked to were overwhelmingly friendly.  Beyond the very occasional rude jerk, squirrelly weirdo or overscheduled dude on their way out the door, it was all good in the hood.  Granted, the way our canvassing lists were compiled, we were dealing with ‘soft’ Republicans for the most part.  Even with that ideological semi-advantage, I still thought almost everybody was fairly rad to chat with for a few minutes.  Many of these supposedly weak GOPers were not at all weak about expressing their intense dislike for President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  Often times, all we’d have to say to a person was “Jon Runyan is against Obama” and that would be good enough for them.

Afterwards we all gathered back at a local watering hole, scarfed down some tasty grub and quaffed a few hearty adult beverages.  Discussions were made, predictions of Republican congressional gains were bandied about, jokes at Michelle Obama’s expense were tossed around and a good time was had by all.  Ace and the Morons are a great bunch of conversationalists and it was nice to geek out to some in-depth political inside baseball type stuff with all-around cool folks. 

As far as the actual GOTV work, I gotta say it was really easy to do.  I’m a grade-A doofus and if I can do it, anybody can.  I didn’t get on the phones, but it seemed like it would be fairly simple to grasp.  I’d say walking the neighborhood was probably easier than making calls.  You get to talk to people, throw a quick candidate biography/political position list at them and then remind them to vote on Election Day.  QED.

So now you really have no excuse not to do this.  If you’re any sort of interested in conservative politics, you’re 9/10’s of the way to mastering canvassing/phone calls.  The other 1/10 involves you just showing up.  The GOTV link is here again, but if you don’t want to do that just find a candidate you like, call up his or her campaign HQ (it’ll be on the candidate’s webpage) and ask what they need you to do.  They’ll be stoked that you volunteered for the cause and you’ll be amped up from playing a small but vital role in kicking back the statist menace that threatens to kill the closest thing to paradise the Earth has ever seen.

Hey, there are way worse things you could be doing with your spare time.  

Anyhoo, I might be doing some GOTV shizzznit in Pennsylvania this weekend or I may stay very local.  I gotta do some research first, but in any case I’ll let you know.  If any of my vast blog audience (all 26 of you) wants to join me, e-mail me at the KingShamus addy and we’ll rock out.

Be The Wave, fellow conservatives.


Cross-Posted at the great Baldilocks.  Thank you, Juliette.

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El Té Fiesta-Hispanic Conservatives

Posted by KingShamus on October 18, 2010

Picked this up over the weekend at Instapundit’s place.

My half-assed habla Espanol is…half-assed…but a loose translation would read it as something like ‘Socialism is against prosperity. Small government and low taxes create prosperity.’

Hey Democrats:  How much shit would ya’all be in if Hispanics–you know, the minority that was supposed to be your ticket to permanent electoral heaven–rejected your racial scare tactics and patronizing politics?

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